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Internet & Computers

Internet workstations

Nine workstations are available for Internet access. All the workstations are also equipped with the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher). Anyone 16 years of age or older can use the Internet workstations – with or without a library card. Details about printing are below.

Research workstations

Two workstations are available for researching various online resources that the library provides access to. Some of these resources are only available from within the building.


Five laptops available to borrow for in-library use. The laptops have Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher), Zoom and wireless Internet access. For further details, refer to the laptop checkout procedures and requirements.


There is a printing fee of 10 cents/page for B&W copies, 25 cents/page for color copies.

Printing from a phone, laptop or from home is also available. Read about our cloud printing service for more information.

Assistive Devices

A computer with adaptive software for those with special needs has the ability to magnify the screen in addition to other features.

Public Wireless Access at the Goshen Public Library

Any use of the library’s network (wired or wireless) must be in accordance with the library’s Internet Use Policy (see below).

Library staff are not able to provide technical assistance beyond that presented here.

Wireless Connection Information:

  1. Wireless access is currently available 24/7, though there is no guarantee that the signal will reach outside of the building.
  2. There are multiple other wireless access points located throughout the building including on the lower level; however, signal strength varies.
  3. The wireless network is: goshenpl
  4. There is currently no password on the wireless network.

Please note
The library’s wireless network is not secure (i.e., it is not encrypted using WEP, WPA, etc.). Unless you take additional precautions, information sent to or from your laptop/phone/etc. can be intercepted by a third party that has the appropriate hardware/software and is within range of the network. (For more information about this issue, please see Tips for Using Public Wi-Fi Networks.)

Internet Use Policy

Goshen Public Library Internet Use Policy