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Experience Passes

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Use our online reservation system to check out a free pass to a nearby museum or park! Each pass is valid only for the day listed on the pass. No more than 2 active reservations are allowed at a time, and they must be for 2 different destinations. If you need to cancel a reservation, please call the GPL Reference Desk at (574) 533-9531 or send us a message.

To reserve a pass, you need to have a valid Goshen Public Library Adult resident or non-resident card.  A pass can be reserved up to 30 days in advance. 

How to get an Experience Pass:

  1. Check if a pass is available on our web page or visit the Reference Desk at the library.
  2. When reserving a pass, cardholders will get a pass with a timed receipt. This can either be printed out or presented digitally on a phone at the museum or park. One exception is the Ox Bow Park Pass. You can reserve the Ox Bow Park Pass online, but the Pass to enter the park needs to be picked up at the library. The Ox Bow Park Pass has a 3 day loan period.
  3. When a pass expires, it cannot be used further. The date of use is listed on the receipt. The Ox Bow Park Pass must be returned to the library on the due date.
  4. Library cardholders may be asked to present an ID with the pass when visiting, and IDs must match the name on the pass.
Available Passes:

If you have any questions please call the GPL Reference Desk at (574) 533-9531 or send us a message.