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Community Stories – Kristin

Community Stories: Life During COVID-19

Kristin’s Story

Here is Fables Books owner and GPL patron Kristin Saner’s story:

I’m Kristin Saner and my husband and I, with our three kids, moved to Goshen 10 years ago. My husband Mark grew up here and has family still in Goshen. One of the first things I did when I moved to Goshen was to find the library and start attending storytime with my boys. Over the years, the library has been a place for us to read, explore new topics, and find music and movies. My family lives in Kansas, and we make the trip out twice a year. Before a trip, we always visit the library for audiobooks, movies, and reading material. Even once we helped open Fables Books, we often visited the library before the shelter-in-place orders. The kids enjoyed being able to walk to pick up new books or movies since we live just a few blocks away. My oldest enjoyed the teen programs when he wasn’t busy with sport or school activities. Even now, the kids enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks from Libby or Overdrive. Life is very different amid this pandemic. We are all reading more (or listening to more audiobooks). I miss seeing everyone, my friends and family, my customers at Fables Books, and the community from when I would be out and about. I am enjoying a slightly slower pace to life, even if no less stressful. And I’m reminded how wonderful the people of Goshen are, as we come together to support each other, support our local businesses, and support this community. While I’ll be grateful to gather together to enjoy events and programs both at the library and in the community, I hope to hold onto some of the peace I’ve found while sheltering in place. I hope to remember to read, spend time with the kids, and enjoy life together.

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