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📚🖥️Unleash Your Digital Potential with Our In-House New Laptop Lending Service🎉📚

📚🖥️Unleash your digital potential with our new in-house Laptop Lending Service!🎉📚

Are you ready to take your library experience to the next level? We have some incredible news to share with you! We are thrilled to introduce our brand new Laptop Lending Service, where you can borrow laptops for in-house use and unlock a world of possibilities right here at the library.

🖥️💡Why should you be excited about our in-house Laptop Lending Service? Here are a few reasons:

✅Stay Connected: Whether you need to browse the internet, connect with friends and family, or stay on top of your emails, our laptops will keep you connected to the digital world. Stay in touch with what matters most while enjoying the comfortable and welcoming environment of our library.

✅Empower Your Learning: With our laptops, you’ll have the tools you need to dive deep into research, complete assignments, or expand your knowledge through online courses and educational resources. Unleash your curiosity and broaden your horizons with the wealth of information available at your fingertips.

📝Here’s how the in-house Laptop Lending Service works:

1️⃣ Have an eligible library card in good standing with less than $10 in fees and less than 10 overdue items. Eligible library cards include: Goshen Public Library Adult Resident, Goshen Public Library Adult Non-Resident, Elkhart Public Library Resident, Elkhart Public Library Non-Resident, Goshen College ID. Be 18 years of age or older and have a current photo ID.

2️⃣ Visit the library during our regular hours and head over to the Front Desk. Sign a GPL Laptop Lending Agreement and leave a photo ID at the Front Desk while using the laptop.

3️⃣ Present your library card and valid ID to our friendly staff, who will guide you through the laptop borrowing process.

4️⃣ Find a cozy spot in the library and enjoy uninterrupted access to technology, resources, and a world of knowledge for 2 hours.

5️⃣ Once you’re done, simply return the laptop to the Front Desk, and our staff will take care of the rest.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Goshen Public Library and dive into the exciting world of our in-house Laptop Lending Service. Discover new possibilities, connect with others, and embark on a journey of learning and creativity like never before. Together, let’s embrace the power of technology and knowledge for more information, visit https://bit.ly/3PmvmkB. Happy exploring!

American Rescue Plan funding by the City of Goshen supported the addition of laptops to Goshen Public Library’s essential services.