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  • American theocracy: the peril and politics of radical religion, oil, and borrowed money in the 21st century. Kevin Phillips. 973.931 PHI, Large Type 973.931 PHI, CD 973.931 PHI
  • The cost of rights: why liberty depends on taxes. Stephen Holmes and Cass R. Sunstein. 323 HOL
  • The FairTax book: saying goodbye to the income tax and the IRS. Neal Boortz & John Linder. 336.2 BOO
  • FairTax: the truth: answering the critics. Neal Boortz & John Linder. 336.2 BOO
  • Free lunch: how the wealthiest Americans enrich themselves at government expense (and stick you with the bill). David Cay Johnston. 338.973 JOH
  • The greedy hand: how taxes drive Americans crazy and what to do about it. Amity Shlaes. 336.2 SHL
  • The Internal Revenue Service. Jack Taylor. 353.0072 TAY
  • The IRS problem solver: from audits to assessments– how to solve our tax problems and keep the IRS off your back. Daniel J. Pilla. 343.04 PIL
  • J.K. Lasser’s homeowner’s tax breaks: your complete guide to finding hidden gold in your home. Gerald J. Robinson. 343.052 ROB
  • J.K. Lasser’s new rules for estate and tax planning. Harold Apolinsky, Stewart Welch III. Large Type 343.053 APO
  • Many unhappy returns: one man’s quest to turn around the most unpopular organization in America. Charles O. Rossotti. 352.44 ROS
  • Perfectly legal: the covert campaign to rig our tax system to benefit the super rich– and cheat everybody else. David Cay Johnson. 336.2 JOH
  • Running on empty: how the Democratic and Republican parties are bankrupting our future and what Americans can do about it. Peter G. Peterson. 330.973 PET
  • The Social Security answer book: practical answers to over 200 questions on Social Security. Stanley A. Tomkiel III. 344.023 TOM
  • Stand up to the IRS. Frederick W. Daily. 343.04 DAI
  • Tax power for the self-employed: straightforward advice from an expert. James O. Parker. 343.052 PAR
  • Tax savvy for small business: year-round tax strategies to save you money. Frederick W. Daily. 343.052 DAI
  • Tax smarts for small business. James O. Parker. 343.052 PAR
  • The truth about the national debt: five myths and one reality. Francis X. Cavanaugh. 336.34 CAV
  • Wealth and our commonwealth: why America should tax accumulated fortunes. William H. Gates, Sr., and Chuck Collins. 336.27 GAT


  • J.K. Lasser’s your income taxR 336.24 JKL



  • Taxation: paying for government. Charles Hirsch. J 336.2 HIR