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  • The ball is round: a global history of soccer. David Goldblatt. 796.334 GOL
  • The Beckham experiment: how the world’s most famous athlete tried to conquer America. Grant Wahl. 796.334 WAH
  • Chasing the game: America and the quest for the World Cup. Filip Bondy. 796.334 BON
  • Coaching girls’ soccer successfully. Debra LaPrath. 796.334 LAP
  • Coaching kids’ soccer: fun, safe and positive soccer for all ages. Stuart Page. 796.334 PAG
  • A history of the World Cup: 1930-2006. Clemente Angelo Lisi. 796.3346 LIS
  • The official rules of soccer796.334 OFF
  • Outcasts united: a refugee soccer team, an American town. Warren St. John. 796.334 STJ
  • Pele:soccersuperstar. Laurie Collier Hillstrom. 796.334HIL
  • The soccer book: The sport– the teams– the tactics– the cups. David Goldblatt, Johnny Acton. 796.334 GOL


  • Last chance for first. Tom Hazuka. Y Fic HAZ


  • David Beckham: born to play. B.A. Roth. JB Beckham
  • The Kingfisher soccer encyclopedia. Clive Gifford. J 796.334 GIF
  • Let’s play soccer. Patricia J. Murphy. E MUR
  • Pele. James Buckley Jr. J 796.334 BUC
  • Ronaldo. Tamra Orr. EB Ronaldo
  • Soccer scoop. Matt Christopher. J CHR
  • Soccer starsJ 796.334 SOC
  • Soccer step-by-step. Madeleine Jennings. J 796.334 JEN


  • Advancing the skillsDVD 796.334
  • The art of soccerDVD 796.334
  • The cupDVD Foreign C
  • Dare to dream: the story of the U.S. women’s soccer teamDVD 796.334
  • GracieDVD Drama G
  • The miracle matchDVD Drama M
  • OffsideDVD Foreign O
  • The2006FIFAWorldCupfilm:thegrandfinaleDVD796.334
  • The year my parents went on vacationDVD Foreign Y


  • Futbolistas: el club de los 100 latinos. Monica Maristain, Andrea Staccioli. Spanish Lang. 796.334 MAR
  • 1000 futbolistas: los mejores jugadores de todos los tiempos. Michael Nordmann. Spanish Lang. 796.334 NOR
  • Goool!: el sueno se inicia. Robert Rigby. Spanish Lang. Fic RIG
  • Saque de meta: trazos, patadas y balonazosSpanish Lang. Graphic Fic SAQ
  • El partido del año. Frauke Nahrgang. Sp. Lang. J NAH
  • Pele, king of soccer = Pele, el rey del futbol. Monica Brown. Sp. Lang. JB Pele
  • Un regate habilidoso. Frauke Nahrgang. Sp. Lang. J NAH