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Small Business




  • Anatomy of a business plan: a step-by-step guide to starting smart, building the business and securing your company’s future. Linda Pinson. 658.401 PIN
  • The art of the start: the time-tested, battle-hardened guide for anyone starting anything. Guy Kawasaki. 658.11 KAW
  • Big vision, small business: 4 keys to success without growing big. Jamie S. Walters. 658.022 WAL
  • Business for beginners: from research and business plans to money, marketing and the law. Frances McGuckin. 658.11 MACG
  • The business of bliss: how to profit from doing what you love658.11 ALL
  • Business plans for dummies. Paul Tiffany, Steven D. Peterson. 658.401 TIF
  • The complete book of business plans. Joseph A. Covello, Brian J. Hazelgren. 658.401 COV
  • The complete guide to home business. Robert Spiegel. 658.041 SPI
  • The complete guide to running and growing your business. Andrew J. Sherman. 658.022 SHE
  • The elements of small business: a lay person’s guide to the financial terms, marketing concepts and legal forms that every entrepreneur needs. John Thaler. 658.022 THA
  • Franchise opportunities handbook: a complete guide for people who want to start their own franchise. LaVerne L. Ludden. 658.87 LUD
  • Free agent nation: the future of working for yourself. Daniel H. Pink. 331.25 PIN
  • Greening your small business: how to improve your bottom line, grow your brand, satisfy your customers–and save the planet. Jennifer Kaplan. 658.4083 KAP
  • Home-based business for dummies. Paul & Sarah Edwards, Peter Economy. 658.041 EDW
  • Honey, I want to start my own business: a planning guide for couples. Azriela Jaffe. 658.041 JAF
  • How to buy a franchise. James A. Meaney. 658.87 MEA
  • How to form your own Indiana corporation before the inc. dries! Phillip G. Williams. 346.066 WIL
  • How to set up your own small business. Kris Solie-Johnson. 658.11 SOL
  • How to start a business in Indiana658.11 HOW
  • How to succeed in business without working so damn hard: rethinking the rules, reinventing the game. Robert J. Kriegel. 650.1 KRI
  • How to write a business plan. Mike McKeever. 658.15 MACK
  • Inventing made easy: the entrepreneur’s indispensable guide to creating, patenting, and profiting from inventions. Tom & Roger Bellavance. 608 BEL
  • Millionaire women next door: the many journeys of successful American businesswomen. Thomas J. Stanley. 305.523 STA
  • Mompreneurs: a mother’s practical step-by-step guide to work-at-home success. Ellen H. Parlapiano, Patricia Cobe. 658.041 PAR
  • MothersWork: how a young mother started a business on a shoestring and built it into a multi-million dollar company. Rebecca Matthias. 658.8 MAT
  • Multiple streams of income. Robert G. Allen. 332.024 ALL, CD 332.024 ALL
  • 101 best weekend businesses. Dan Ramsey. 658.11 RAM
  • The one minute millionaire: the enlightened way to wealth. Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen. 650.12 HAN
  • 1101 businesses you can start from home. Daryl Allen Hall. 658.041 HAL
  • Opportunities in your own service business. Robert McKay. 338.4 MACK
  • Parting company: innovative strategies to plan for succession, manage the transition, sell or tranfer your business. Andrew J. Sherman. 658.16 SHE
  • The present: the gift that makes you happy and successful at work and in life. Spencer Johnson. 158.1 JOH
  • Profitable growth is everyone’s business: 10 tools you can use Monday morning. Ram Charan. 658.406 CHA
  • The 7 greatest truths about successful women: how you can achieve financial independence, professional freedom, and personal joy. Marion Luna Brem. 650.1 BRE
  • The small business troubleshooter. Roger Fritz. 658.022 FRI
  • The smart woman’s guide to starting a business. Vickie L. Montgomery. 658.11 MON
  • SmartStart your Indiana business658.11 SMA
  • Start small, finish big: fifteen key lessons to start–and run–your own successful business. Fred DeLuca. 658.041 DEL
  • Steps to small business start-up: everything you need to know to turn your idea into a successful business. Linda Pinson, Jerry Jinnett. 658.11 PIN
  • Thinking for a change: 11 ways highly successful people approach life and work. John C. Maxwell. 650.1 MAX
  • What losing taught me about winning: the ultimate guide for success in small and home-based businesses. Fran Tarkenton. 658.022 TAR
  • What no one ever tells you about starting your own business: real life start-up advice from 101 successful entrepreneurs. Jan Norman. 658.11 NOR
  • The young entrepreneur’s guide to starting and running a business. Steve Mariotti. Y 658.11 MAR


  • Borrowing to build your business: getting your bankertosay“yes”. George M. Dawson. 658.152 DAW
  • Finance for non-financial managers and small business owners. Lawrence W. Tuller. 658.15 TUL
  • Keeping the books: basic recordkeeping and accounting for the successful small business. Linda Pinson. 657.2 PIN
  • Money-smart secrets for the self-employed. Linda Stern. 658.15 STE
  • SBA loans: a step-by-step guide. Patrick D. O’Hara. 658.15 OHA
  • Thesmallbusinessmoneyguide:howtogetit,use it, keep it. Terri Lonier, Lisa M. Aldisert. 658.1592 LON
  • Step-by-step bookkeeping. Robert C. Ragan. 657.2 RAG
  • Tax savvy for small business: year-round tax strategies to save you money. Frederick W. Daily. 343.052 DAI
  • Tax smarts for small business. James O. Parker. 343.052 PAR


  • The complete partnership book. Edward A. Haman. 346.0682 HAM
  • Corporations step-by-step. David Minars. 346.066 MIN
  • Employees’ rights: your practical handbook to workplace law. Richard C. Busse. 344.01 BUS
  • Employer’s rights: your legal handbook from hiring to termination and everything in between. Charles H. Fleischer. 344.01 FLE
  • The entrepreneur’s legal guide: strategies for starting, managing, and making your business profitable. D.-M. Boulay. 658.11 BOU
  • How to form a nonprofit corporation. Anthony Mancuso. 346.064 MAN
  • Incorporate your business. Anthony Mancuso. 346.066 MAN
  • Legal forms for starting & running a small business. Fred Steingold. 346.065 STE
  • Legal guide for starting & running a small business. Fred S. Steingold. 346.065 STE
  • Technology law: what every business (and business-minded person) needs to know. Mark Grossman. 343.099 GRO
  • Unemployment compensation handbook. Wm. Michael Schiff. 344.024 SCH


  • The advertising kit: a complete guide for small businesses. Jeanette Smith. 659.1 SMI
  • Great customer service for your small business.  Richard F. Gerson. 658.812 GER
  • Guerrilla advertising: cost-effective techniques for small-business success. Jay Conrad Levinson. 659.1 LEV
  • Sales for the self-employed. Martin Edic. 658.85 EDI
  • Start up marketing: an entrepreneur’s guide to advertising, marketing, and promoting your business. Philip R. Nulman. 658.8 NUL
  • Zingerman’s guide to giving great service. Ari Weinzweig. 658.812 WEI


  • Backyard market gardening: the entrepreneur’s guide to selling what you grow. Andrew W. Lee. 635 LEE
  • Career success with pets: how to get started, get going, get ahead. Kim Barber. 636.088 BAR
  • Cash and finance in construction contracting. Gene Fessenbecker. 692 FES
  • How to own and operate your own home day care business successfully without going nuts! Terri Simmons. 362.712 SIM
  • How to show & sell your crafts: the crafter’s complete guide on how to display work at shows and make profitable sales. Kathryn Caputo. 745.506 CAP
  • How to start a home-based antiques business. Jacquelyn Peake. 745.106 PEA
  • How to start a home-based craft business. Kenn Oberrecht. 745.506 OBE
  • Record keeping for construction contractors. Gene Fessenbecker. 657.2 FES
  • The restaurant start-up guide: a 12-month plan for successfully starting a restaurant. Peter Rainsford, David H. Bangs, Jr. 647.95 RAI
  • A shop of one’s own658.11 EPS
  • Start and run a profitable home cleaning business. Susan Bewsey. 648.5 BEW
  • Start and run a profitable mail order business: your step-by-step business plan. Robert W. Bly. 658.872 BLY
  • Start your own bed & breakfast: your step-by-step guide to success. Terry & Rob Adams. 647.94 ADA
  • Start your own medical claims billing service: your step-by-step guide to success. Rob and Terry Adams. 368.382 ADA
  • Start your own resume writing business658.11 STA
  • Starting an e-Bay business for dummies. Marsha Collier. 381.177 COL


  • Indiana business review
  • Tribune business weekly


  • All states tax handbookR 343.043 ALL
  • Business: the ultimate resourceR 658 BUS
  • Elkhart County manufacturers directoryR 380 ELK 2003-2004
  • Goshen Chamber of Commerce 2002 business directoryandareaprofileInd. Coll. R 917.728 GOS
  • Indiana business directoryBusiness Table R 380.02 IND
  • Indiana guide to preventing workplace harassment. Charles B. Baldwin. R 344.02 BAL
  • Safety & health guide for Indiana businessR 613.62 SAF


  • The Business plan, your road map for successVIDEO 658.401
  • Home-based business, a winning blueprint. VIDEO 658.041
  • Kiplinger’s guide to small business growth. VIDEO 658.022
  • Marketing, winning customers with a “workable” planVIDEO 658.802
  • Promotion, solving the puzzleVIDEO 658.8
  • Virtual offices and alternative workplaces: learn how you can run your small business even betterVIDEO 651.8


  • Como arrancar tu propio negocio: lo que debes hacer en el lanzamiento de tu empresa para tener exito. David H. Bangs. Spanish Lang. 658.11 BAN
  • Como empezar un daycare en su hogar. L.M. Gil. Spanish Lang. 362.712 GIL
  • Como iniciar su propio negocio. Mark Warda. Spanish Lang. 346.065 WAR
  • 10 negocios que puede empezar con menos de $500. Maria Jose Viera-Gallo. Spanish Lang. 658.041 VIE
  • Un mensaje de Garcia: si, puedes triunfar. Charles Patrick Garcia. Spanish Lang. 650.1 GAR
  • Tengo una excelente idea: como saber si tendra exito como negocio? David H. Bangs, Jr. Spanish Lang. 658.041 BAN
  • 20 pasos para desarrollar tu negocio: comience hoy un solido futuro. Linda Pinson, Jerry Jinnett. Spanish Lang. 658.11 PIN