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Pearl Harbor Day

Pearl Harbor Day

  • “And I was there”: Pearl Harbor and Midway–breaking the secrets. Edwin T. Layton. 940.54 LAY
  • At dawn we slept: the untold story of Pearl Harbor. Gordon W. Prange. 940.5426 PRA, CD 940.54 PRA
  • Day of deceit: the truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor. Robert B. Stinnett. 940.54 STI
  • Lightning strike: the secret mission to kill Admiral Yamamoto and avenge Pearl Harbor. Donald A. Davis. 940.5426 DAV
  • Pearl Harbor: final judgement. Henry C. Clausen, Bruce Lee. 940.54 CLA


  • Days of infamy. Harry Turtledove. Fic TUR
  • December 6. Martin Cruz Smith. Fic SMI, Large Type Fic SMI, Audio Fic SMI
  • Murder at Pearl Harbor: a novel. Jim Walker. Rel. Fic WAL
  • Somewhere a song. Judith Pella. Rel. Fic PEL


  • December 7, 1941. Gordon W. Prange. CD 940.54 PRA
  • Pearl Harbor. Gordon W. Prange. CD 940.54 PRA
  • Pearl Harbor. Randall Wallace. CD Fic WAL


  • AdmiralChesterNimitz:thunderofthePacificVIDEO 940.54
  • America unprepared: World War II beginsVIDEO 940.54
  • CarrierVIDEO 940.54
  • I’ll remember AprilDVD Drama I
  • In harm’s wayVIDEO Action Adv.
  • Into the MaelstromVIDEO Drama
  • Japanese blitzkrieg: Pacific theatre, 1939-42VIDEO 940.54
  • 1941-42, the first 1000 daysVIDEO 940.54
  • Pearl HarborDVD Drama P, VIDEO Spanish Lang.
  • Pearl Harbor: legacy of attackDVD 940.5426, VIDEO
  • Target– Pearl HarborVIDEO 940.54
  • Tora! Tora! Tora! VIDEO Action Adv.


  • Aloha means come back: the story of a World War II girl. Thomas and Dorothy Hoobler. J HOO
  • The attack on Pearl Harbor. Jane Sutcliffe. J 940.5426 SUT
  • A boy at war: a novel of Pearl Harbor. Harry Mazer. J MAZ
  • A boy no more. Harry Mazer. J MAZ
  • Pearl Harbor! Wallace B. Black. J 940.54 BLA
  • Pearl Harbor is burning!: a story of World War II. Kathleen V. Kudlinski. J KUD
  • The personal correspondence of Catherine Clark and Meredith Lyons: Pearl Harbor, 1941. Nancy LeSourd. J LES
  • Remember Pearl Harbor: American and Japanese survivors tell their stories. Thomas B. Allen. J 940.54 ALL
  • Under the blood-red sun. Graham Salisbury. J SAL
  • The USS Arizona. R. Conrad Stein. J 940.54 STE