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National Book Critics Circle Award Winners



2018. Milkman. Anna Burns. Fic BUR, Large Type Fic BUR, EAudiobook
2017. Improvement. Joan Silber. Fic SIL, Ebook
2016. LaRose. Louise Erdrich. Fic ERD, Ebook
2015. The sellout. Paul Beatty. Fic BEA
2014. Lila. Marilynne Robinson. Fic ROB, Large Type Fic ROB, CD Fic ROB
2013. Americanah. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Fic ADI, Large Type Fic ADI
2012. Billy Lynn’s long halftime walk. Ben Fountain. Fic FOU
2011. Binocular vision: new & selected stories. Edith Pearlman. Fic PEA
2010. A visit from the Goon Squad. Jennifer Egan. Fic EGA
2009. Wolf Hall. Hilary Mantel. Fic MAN, Large Type Fic MAN
2008. 2666. Roberto Bolaño. Fic BOL, CD Fic BOL
2007. The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao. Junot Diaz. Fic DIA, CD Fic DIA, Spanish Lang. Fic DIA
2006. The inheritance of loss. Kiran Desai. Fic DES, Large Type Fic DES
2005. The march. E.L. Doctorow. Fic DOC, CD Fic DOC
2004. Gilead. Marilynne Robinson. Fic ROB, Large Type Fic ROB, CD Fic ROB
2003. The known world. Edward P. Jones. Fic JON, Spanish Lang. Fic JON, CD Fic JON
2002. Atonement. Ian McEwan. Fic MACE, Large Type Fic MACE, Audio Fic MACE
2001. Austerlitz. W.G. Sebald. Fic SEB
2000. Being dead. Jim Crace. Fic CRA
1998. The love of a good woman: stories. Alice Munro. Fic MUN
1997. The blue flower. Penelope Fitzgerald. Fic FIT
1995. Mrs. Ted Bliss. Stanley Elkin. Fic ELK
1994. The stone diaries. Carol Shields. Fic SHI
1993. A lesson before dying. Ernest J. Gaines. Fic GAI, DVD
1992. All the pretty horses. Cormac McCarthy. Fic MACC, CD Fic MACC, DVD Drama
1991. A thousand acres. Jane Smiley. Fic SMI, Large Type Fic SMI, CD Fic SMI, Audio Fic SMI
1990. Rabbit at rest. John Updike. Fic UPD
1989. Billy Bathgate. E.L. Doctorow. Fic DOC
1988. The middleman and other stories. Bharati Mukherjee. Fic MUK
1987. The counterlife. Philip Roth. Fic ROT
1986. A summons to Memphis. Peter Taylor. Fic TAY
1985. The accidental tourist. Anne Tyler. Fic TYL, Large Type Fic TYL, Spanish Lang. Fic TYL, CD Fic TYL, DVD Drama A
1984. Love medicine. Louise Erdrich. Fic ERD
1983. Ironweed. William Kennedy. Fic KEN
1981. Rabbit is rich. John Updike. Fic UPD
1980. The transit of Venus. Shirley Hazzard. Fic HAZ
1978. The stories of John Cheever. Fic CHE
1977. Song of Solomon. Toni Morrison. Fic MOR
1975. Ragtime. E. L. Doctorow. Fic DOC


2019. Say nothing: a true story of murder and memory in Northern Ireland. Patrick Radden Keefe. 364.1523 KEE, Ebook
2018. Directorate S: the C.I.A. and America’s secret wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Steve Coll. 958.1047 COL
2017. The Evangelicals: the struggle to shape America. Frances FitzGerald. 261.7 FIT
2016. Evicted: poverty and profit in the American city. Matthew Desmond. 339.46 DES
2015. Dreamland: the true tale of America’s opiate epidemic. Sam Quinones. 362.293 QUI
2014. The problem of slavery in the age of emancipation. David Brion Davis. 306.362 DAV
2013. Five days at Memorial: life and death in a storm-ravaged hospital. Sheri Fink. 362.1109 FIN
2012. Far from the tree: parents, children, and the search for identity. Andrew Solomon. 306.874 SOL
2011. Liberty‘s exiles: American loyalists in the revolutionary world. Maya Jasanoff. 973.314 JAS
2010. The warmth of other suns: the epic story of America’s great migration. Isabel Wilkerson. 973.0496 WIL, CD 973.0496 WIL
2009. The age of wonder: how the romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science. Richard Holmes. 509.41 HOL
2008. The forever war. Dexter Filkins. 956.7044 FIL
2007. Medical apartheid. Harriet A. Washington. 174.28 HAR
2006. Rough crossings: Britain, the slaves, and the American Revolution. Simon Schama. 973.31 SCH, CD 973.31 SCH
2005. Voices from Chernobyl. Svetlana Alexievich. 363.1799 ALE
2003. Sons of Mississippi. Paul Hendrickson. 976.206 HEN
2002. A problem from hell: America and the age of genocide. Samantha Power. 304.663 POW
2001. Double fold: libraries and the assault on paper. Nicholson Baker. 025.28 BAK
2000. Newjack: guarding Sing Sing. Ted Conover. 365.92 CON
1999. Time, love, memory: a great biologist and his quest for the origins of behavior. Jonathan Weiner. 591.5 WEI
1997. The spirit catches you and you fall down. Anne Fadiman. 306.461 FAD
1996. Bad land. Jonathan Raban. 978 RAB
1995. A civil action. Jonathan Harr. 346.038 HAR
1994. The rape of Europa : the fate of Europe’s treasures in the Third Reich and the Second World War. Lynn Nicholas. 709 NIC, DVD 940.5412
1993. The land where the blues began. Alan Lomax. 781.643 LOM
1992. Young men & fire. Norman Maclean. 634.96 MACL, Audio 634.96 MACL
1991. Backlash: the undeclared war against American women. Susan Faludi. 305.42 FAL
1990. The years of Lyndon Johnson: means of ascent. Robert A. Caro. B Johnson
1989. The broken cord. Michael Dorris. 362.292 DOR
1988. Parting the waters. Taylor Branch. 973.0496 BRA
1986. Arctic dreams. Barry Lopez. 508.9 LOP
1982. The path to power. Robert A. Caro. B Johnson
1976. The woman warrior. Maxine Hong Kingston. B Kingston


2019. The Queen: the forgotten life behind an American myth. Josh Levin. 364.163 LEV
2018. Flash: the making of Weegee the Famous. Christopher Bonanos. 770.92 BON
2017. Prairie fires: the American dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Caroline Fraser. B Wilder, Ebook
2016. Shirley Jackson: a rather haunted life. Ruth Franklin. B Jackson, E Audiobook
2015. Romantic outlaws: the extraordinary lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughter Mary Shelley. Charlotte Gordon. 828.6 GOR
2014. Tennessee Williams: mad pilgrimage of the flesh. John Lahr. B Williams
2013. Jonathan Swift: his life and his world. Leo Damrosch. B Swift
2012. The passage of power. Robert A. Caro. B Johnson
2011. George F. Kennan: an American life. John Lewis Gaddis. B Kennan
2010. How to live: or, A life of Montaigne, in one question and twenty attempts at an answer. Sarah Bakewell. B Montaigne, CD B Montaigne
2009. Cheever: a life. Blake Bailey. B Cheever
2007. Stanley: the impossible life of Africa’s greatest explorer. Tim Jeal. B Stanley
2006. James Tiptree, Jr.: the double life of Alice B. Sheldon. Julie Phillips. B Tiptree
2005. American Prometheus: the triumph and tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Kai Bird. B Oppenheimer, CD B Oppenheimer
2004. De Kooning. Mark Stevens. B De Kooning
2003. Khrushchev. William Taubman. B Khrushchev
2002. Charles Darwin. Janet Browne. B Darwin
2000. Hirohito and the making of modern Japan. Herbert P. Bix. B Hirohito
1999. The Hairstons. Henry Wiencek. 929.2 WIE
1998. A beautiful mind. Sylvia Nasar. B Nash, DVD Drama
1996. Angela’s ashes. Frank McCourt. B McCourt, Large Type B McCourt, Spanish Lang. B McCourt, CD B McCourt, Audio B McCourt
1991. Patrimony: a true story. Philip Roth. B Roth
1987. Chaucer. Donald R. Howard. B Chaucer


2019. Know my name: a memoir. Chanel Miller. 364.1532 MIL, Ebook, EAudiobook
2018. Belonging: a German reckons with home and history. Nora Krug. Graphic B Krug
2016. Lab girl. Hope Jahren. 570.92 JAH
2015. Negroland: a memoir. Margo Jefferson. B Jefferson
2014. Can’t we talk about something more pleasant? Roz Chast. Graphic B Chast
2013. Farewell, Fred Voodoo: a letter from Haiti. Amy Wilentz. 972.9407 WIL
2011. The memory palace. Mira Bartok. 362.2085 BAR
2007. Brother, I’m dying. Edwidge Danticat. B Danticat, CD B Danticat
2006. The lost. Daniel Mendelsohn. 940.5318 MEN


2018. Feel free: essays. Zadie Smith. 824 SMI, CD 824 SMI
2016. White rage: the unspoken truth of our racial divide. Carol Anderson. 305.896 AND
2011. Otherwise known as the human condition: selected essays and reviews, 1989-2010. Geoff Dyer. 824 DYE
2009. Notes from no man’s land. Eula Biss. 814 BIS
2008. Children’s literature: a reader’s history, from Aesop to Harry Potter. Seth Lerer. 809.892 LER
2007. The rest is noise. Alex Ross. 780.9 ROS
1999. Selected nonfictions. Jorge Luis Borges. 864 BOR
1992. Lincoln at Gettysburg. Garry Wills. 973.7 WIL
1979. The gnostic Gospels. Elaine Pagels. 273.1 PAG, CD
1976. The uses of enchantment. Bruno Bettelheim. 398.4 BET


2019. Magical negro: poems. Morgan Parker. 811.6 PAR
2018. The carrying: poems. Ada Limón. 811.6 LIM
2017. Whereas. Layli Long Soldier. 811.6 LON
2016. House of lords and commons: poems. Ishion Hutchinson. 811.6 HUT
2015. Catalog of unabashed gratitude. Ross Gay. 811.6 GAY
2014. Citizen: an American lyric. Claudia Rankine. 811.54 RAN
2013. Metaphysical dog. Frank Bidart. 811 BID
2012. Useless landscape, or, A guide for boys. D.A. Powell. 811 POW
2011. Space, in chains. Laura Kasischke. 811 KAS
2010. One with others: a little book of her days. C.D. Wright. 811 WRI
2009. Versed. Rae Armantrout. 811 ARM
2008. Sleeping it off in Rapid City. August Kleinzahler. 811 KLE
2007. Elegy: poems. Mary Jo Bang. 811 BAN
2006. Tom Thomson in purgatory. Troy Jollimore. 811 JOL
2002. Early occult memory systems of the lower Midwest. B.H. Fairchild. Y 811 FAI
1979. Ashes: poems new & old. Philip Levine. 811 LEV
7 years from somewhere: poems. Philip Levine. 811 LEV
1977. Day by day. Robert Lowell. 811 LOW

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