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Flag Day

Flag Day

  • Flag: an American biography. Marc Leepson. 929.9 LEE
  • Flags of our fathers. James Bradley. 940.54 BRA
  • Uncommon valor, common virtue: Iwo Jima and the photograph that captured America. Hal Buell. 940.5425 BUE


  • Battle cry of freedom. Robert Shaw Chorale. CD C SHAW BCF S-42
  • Proud to be AmericanCD H COLL PBA T-42


  • The American flag. Lynda Sorensen. E 929.9 SOR
  • Betsy Ross: patriot of Philadelphia. Judith St. George. JB Ross
  • By the dawn’s early light: the story of the Star Spangled Banner. Steven Kroll. JB Key
  • Flag Day. Kelly Bennett. E 394.26 BEN
  • The flag maker. Susan Campbell Bartoletti. E 973.52 BAR
  • The flag with fifty-six stars: a gift from the survivors of Mauthausen. Susan Goldman Rubin. J 940.531 RUB
  • Flags. Jason Cooper. J 973 COO
  • Flags: facts, things to make, activities. Chris Oxlade. J 929.9 OXL
  • Francis Scott Key and “The star-spangled banner”. Lynea Bowdish. E 973.52 BOW
  • I pledge allegiance: the Pledge of AllegianceE 323.6 IPL
  • Keep on sewing, Betsy Ross!: a fun song about the first American flag. Michael Dahl. J 973.3 DAH
  • Red, white, blue, and Uncle who?: the stories behind some of America’s patriotic symbols. Teresa Bateman. J 929.9 BAT
  • The Star-spangled banner. Deborah Kent. J 973.52 KEN


  • La bandera que amamos. Pam Muñoz Ryan. Sp. Lang. E 929.9 RYA