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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

  • The anorexia diaries: a mother and daughter’s triumph over teen-age eating disorders. Linda M. Rio, Tara M. Rio. 616.8526 RIO
  • Appetites:whywomenwant. Caroline Knapp. 616.8526KNA
  • The eating disorder sourcebook: a comprehensive guide to the causes, treatments, and prevention of eating disorders. Carolyn Costin. 616.8526 COS
  • Gaining: the truth about life after eating disorders. Aimee Liu. 616.8526 LIU
  • If your adolescent has an eating disorder: an essential resource for parents. B. Timothy Walsh, V.L. Cameron. 618.9285 WAL
  • I’m, like, SO fat!: helping your teen make healthy choices about eating and exercise in a weight-obsessed world. Dianne Neumark-Sztainer. 613.0433 NEU
  • Inside out: portrait of an eating disorder. Nadia Shivack. Y 616.8526 SHI
  • Perfect girls, starving daughters: the frightening new normalcy of hating your body. Courtney E. Martin. 616.8526 MAR
  • Roomtogrow:anappetiteforlife. Tracey Gold. Y927.91GOL
  • Stick figure: a diary of my former self. Lori Gottlieb. Y 616.8526 GOT
  • The unofficial guide to managing eating disorders. Sara Dulaney Gilbert. 616.8526 GIL
  • A very hungry girl: how I filled up on life– and how you can, too! Jessica Weiner. 616.8526 WEI
  • You remind me of you: a poetry memoir. Eireann Corrigan. Y 811 COR


  • Balancing act. Shirley Brinkerhoff. Y Fic BRI
  • Faded denim: color me trapped. Melody Carlson. Y Fic CAR
  • Feeling for bones. Bethany Pierce. Rel. Fic PIE
  • Girls under pressure. Jacqueline Wilson. Y Fic WIL
  • Half-moon scar. Allison Green. Fic GRE
  • How I live now. Meg Rosoff. Y Fic ROS, Large Type Fic ROS, Y AUDIO CD ROS
  • Life in the fat lane. Cherie Bennett. Y Fic BEN, Large Type Fic BEN
  • Love sick. Jake Coburn. Y Fic COB
  • Skin. Adrienne Maria Vrettos. Y Fic VRE


  • Weight in America: obesity, eating disorders, and other health risks. Barbara Wexler. R 300.7 INF


  • A dance of sisters. Tracey Porter. J POR
  • Food fight: a guide to eating disorders for preteens and their parents. Janet Bode. J 618.92 BOD


  • Dying to be thinVIDEO 616.8526


  • Abzurdah. Cielo Latini. Spanish Lang. 616.8526 LAT
  • Alguien me esta devorando! Andrea Rodriguez VidalSp. Lang. J ROD
  • Anorexia: superar los problemas con la alimentacion. Jose Francisco Gonzalez Ramirez. Spanish Lang. 616.8526 GON
  • Rosas blancas para Claudia. Carlos Puerto. Spanish Lang. Fic PUE