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Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2012

Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2012

Mary C. Henderson 7/16/1928—1/3/2012

  • Theater in America: 200 years of plays, players, and productions. 792.097 HEN

Charles W. Bailey 4/28/1929—1/3/2012

  • Seven days in May. DVD Action Adv. S

Joaquín Martínez 11/5/1930—1/3/2012

  • The stalking moon. DVD Western S

Eve Arnold 4/21/1912—1/4/2012

  • Eve Arnold’s people. 779.2 ARN
  • In America. 917.3 ARN
  • In China. 915.1 ARN

John Charles Pollock 10/9/1923—1/6/2012

  • The apostle: a life of Paul. 225.92 POL
  • A foreign devil in China; the story of Dr. L. Nelson Bell, an American surgeon in China. B Bell
  • George Whitefield and the Great Awakening. B Whitefield
  • Hudson Taylor and Maria; pioneers in China. B Taylor

Tony Blankley 1/21/1948—1/7/2012

  • The West’s last chance: will we win the clash of civilizations? 909.098 BLA
  • Swing vote. DVD Comedy S

Richard M. Ketchum 3/15/1922—1/12/2012

  • The world of George Washington. Oversize B Washington

Reginald Hill 4/3/1936—1/12/2012

  • An advancement of learning. Mystery HIL
  • Arms and the women: an elliad. Mystery HIL
  • Asking for the moon: four Dalziel and Pascoe adventures. Mystery HIL
  • Blood sympathy: a Joe Sixsmith novel. Mystery HIL
  • Born guilty. Mystery HIL
  • Death comes for the Fat Man. Mystery HIL
  • Death’s jest-book. Mystery HIL
  • Dialogues of the dead or paronomania! Mystery HIL
  • Killing the lawyers. Mystery HIL
  • Midnight fugue: a Dalziel and Pascoe mystery. Mystery HIL
  • No man’s land. Fic HIL
  • On Beulah Height. Mystery HIL
  • Pictures of perfection: a Dalziel/Pascoe mystery in five volumes. Mystery HIL
  • The price of butcher’s meat. Mystery HIL
  • Recalled to life: a Dalziel-Pascoe mystery. Mystery HIL, Large Type Fic HIL
  • Ruling passion. Mystery HIL
  • Singing the sadness: a private eye Joe Sixsmith mystery. Mystery HIL
  • The stranger house. Mystery HIL
  • Underworld. Mystery HIL
  • The wood beyond: a Dalziel/Pascoe mystery. Mystery HIL
  • The woodcutter. Mystery HIL

Jenny Tomasin 11/30/1936—1/12/2012

  • Upstairs downstairs. DVD Drama U

Gustav Leonhardt 5/30/1928—1/16/2012

  • Concerto no. 1 in D minor, BWV 1052. CD EC BACH P-1 L-88

Carolyn Reeder 11/16/1937—1/20/2012

  • Across the lines. J REE
  • Foster’s war. J REE
  • Shades of gray. J REE

Etta James 1/25/1938—1/20/2012

  • At last! CD MR JAME AT J-14
  • Blue gardenia. CD MJ JAME BG J-02
  • Blues to the bone. CD MJ JAME BB J-42
  • The dreamer. CD MJ JAME DRE J-02
  • Love songs. CD MA JAME LS J-82

Emmanuel Cooper 12/12/1938—1/21/2012

  • A history of world pottery. 738.09 COO

Joe Paterno 12/21/1926—1/22/2012

  • Paterno. Joe Posnanski. B Paterno
  • Pride of the Lions: the biography of Joe Paterno. Frank Fitzpatrick. B Paterno

Maurice Meisner 11/17/1931—1/23/2012

  • Mao’s China and after: a history of the People’s Republic. 951.05 MEI

Charla Krupp 1/29/1953—1/23/2012

  • How not to look old: fast and effortless ways to look 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter, 10 times better. 646.704 KRU
  • How to never look fat again: over 1,000 ways to dress thinner–without dieting! 646.704 KRU

James Farentino 2/24/1938—1/24/2012

  • Death of a salesman. DVD Drama D
  • The final countdown. DVD Sci. Fic. F
  • Her alibi. DVD Comedy H
  • Jesus of Nazareth. DVD Drama J

Ian Abercrombie 9/11/1934—1/26/2012

  • Garfield. A tail of two kitties. DVD Comedy G
  • Star wars. The clone wars. DVD Sci. Fic S

Robert Hegyes 5/7/1951—1/26/2012

  • Welcome back, Kotter. DVD Comedy W

John H. Davis 6/14/1929—1/29/2012

  • The Bouviers: from Waterloo to the Kennedys and beyond. B Bouvier
  • Jacqueline Bouvier: an intimate memoir. B Onassis
  • Mafia dynasty: the rise and fall of the Gambino crime family. 364.106 DAV

Frederick Treves 3/29/1935—1/30/2012

  • A certain justice. DVD Mystery C
  • The silent world of Nicholas Quinn. DVD Mystery I, VIDEO Mystery

Bill Wallace 8/1/1947—1/30/2012

  • Beauty. J WAL
  • The biggest klutz in fifth grade. J WAL
  • Blackwater Swamp. J WAL Mystery
  • Buffalo gal. J WAL
  • The Christmas spurs. J WAL Christmas
  • Coyote autumn. J WAL
  • Danger in Quicksand Swamp. J WAL
  • A dog called Kitty. J WAL, J AUDIO Cassette WAL
  • Eye of the great bear. J WAL
  • Ferret in the bedroom, lizards in the fridge. J Paperback
  • Goosed! J WAL
  • Journey into terror. J WAL
  • The legend of Thunderfoot. J WAL
  • The meanest hound around. J WAL
  • Never say quit. J WAL
  • No dogs allowed! J WAL
  • Red dog. J WAL
  • Snot stew. J WAL
  • Totally disgusting! J WAL
  • Upchuck and the Rotten Willy: the great escape. J WAL

Tristram P. Coffin 2/13/1922—1/31/2012

  • The book of Christmas folklore. 394.26 COF
  • The Folklore of American holidays. R 394.269 FOL

Wislawa Szymborska 7/2/1923—2/1/2012

  • Monologue of a dog: new poems. 891.85 SZY

Dorothy Gilman 6/25/1923—2/2/2012

  • The amazing Mrs. Pollifax. Fic GIL, CD Fic GIL
  • Caravan. Fic GIL, Large Type Fic GIL
  • The clairvoyant countess. Fic GIL, Large Type Fic GIL
  • The elusive Mrs. Pollifax. Fic GIL, Large Type Fic GIL
  • Incident at Badamya. Fic GIL, Large Type Fic GIL
  • Kaleidoscope: a Countess Karitska novel. Fic GIL, Large Type Fic GIL
  • Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle. Fic GIL, Large Type Fic GIL, Audio Fic GIL
  • Mrs. Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha. Fic GIL, Large Type Fic GIL
  • Mrs. Pollifax and the lion killer. Fic GIL, Large Type Fic GIL, CD Fic GIL
  • Mrs. Pollifax and the second thief. Fic GIL, Audio Fic GIL
  • Mrs. Pollifax and the whirling dervish. Fic GIL
  • Mrs. Pollifax, innocent tourist. Fic GIL, Audio Fic GIL
  • Mrs. Pollifax on safari. Fic GIL, Large Type Fic GIL, Audio Fic GIL
  • Mrs. Pollifax on the China station. Fic GIL
  • Mrs. Pollifax pursued. Fic GIL, Audio Fic GIL
  • Mrs. Pollifax unveiled. Fic GIL
  • A nun in the closet. Fic GIL, Large Type Fic GIL
  • A palm for Mrs. Pollifax. Fic GIL, Audio Fic GIL
  • Thale’s Folly. Fic GIL
  • The tightrope walker. Fic GIL, Large Type Fic GIL
  • The unexpected Mrs. Pollifax. Fic GIL, Audio Fic GIL
  • The maze in the heart of the castle. J GIL

John Christopher 4/16/1922—2/3/2012

  • Beyond the burning lands. Sci. Fic CHR
  • A bride for Bedivere. Fic FOR (as Hilary Ford)
  • The city of gold and lead. Y Fic CHR, J CHR
  • No blade of grass. Fic CHR
  • The pool of fire. Y Fic CHR, J CHR
  • The prince in waiting. Sci. Fic CHR
  • The sword of the spirits. Sci. Fic CHR
  • The White Mountains. Y Fic CHR, J CHR

Ben Gazzara 8/28/1930—2/3/2012

  • Anatomy of a murder. DVD Mystery A
  • Brian’s song. DVD Drama B
  • The Spanish prisoner. DVD Mystery S

Sam Coppola 7/31/1935—2/5/2012

  • Saturday night fever. DVD Drama S

Peter Breck 3/13/1929—2/6/2012

  • Benji. DVD Children B
  • The big valley. DVD Western B

Ronald Fraser 12/9/1930—2/10/2012

  • Blood of Spain: an oral history of the Spanish Civil War. 946.081 FRA

James Riordan 10/10/1936—2/10/2012

  • The twelve labors of Hercules. J 292.2 RIO

Jeffrey Zaslow 10/6/1958—2/10/2012

  • The girls from Ames: a story of women and a forty-year friendship. 305.4 ZAS
  • The magic room: a story about the love we wish for our daughters. 306.874 ZAS

 Whitney Houston 8/9/1963—2/11/2012

  • The Whitney I knew. BeBe Winans. B Houston
  • The Bodyguard original soundtrack album. CD L BODY BOD H-92
  • I will always love you: the best of Whitney Houston. CD MR HOUS IWA H-32
  • Whitney: the greatest hits. CD MR HOUS WHI H-62
  • Cinderella. DVD Musical C
  • The preacher’s wife. DVD Drama P
  • Sparkle. DVD Drama S, CD L SPAR SPA R-62

David Kelly 7/11/1929—2/12/2012

  • Charlie and the chocolate factory. DVD Sci. Fic C
  • Waking Ned Devine. DVD Comedy W

Charles Anthony 7/15/1929—2/15/2012

  • Il barbiere di Siviglia. DVD 782.1

Dick Anthony Williams 8/9/1938—2/16/2012

  • A woman called Moses. DVD Drama W

Gary Carter 4/8/1954—2/16/2012

  • The gamer. 796.357 CAR

Anthony Shadid 9/26/1968—2/16/2012

  • House of stone: a memoir of home, family, and a lost Middle East. B Shadid
  • Night draws near: Iraq’s people in the shadow of America’s war. 956.7044 SHA

Malcolm Carrick 6/23/1945—2/21/2012

  • Happy Jack: a folktale. E 398.2 CAR
  • The wise men of Gotham. J 398.2 CAR

Benedict Freedman 12/19/1919—2/24/2012

  • Mrs. Mike; the story of Katherine Mary Flannigan. Fic FRE, CD Fic FRE 02 30c 12/12
  • This and no more. Fic FRE

Jan Berenstain 7/26/1923—2/24/2012

  • The Bear detectives: the case of the missing pumpkin. E BER, DVD Children B
  • The bears’ Christmas. E BER Christmas
  • Bears in the night. E BER
  • The bears’ nature guide. J 500.9 BER
  • Bears on wheels. E BER
  • The bears’ vacation. E BER
  • The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the stinky milk mystery. E BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears accept no substitutes. E BER
  • The Berenstain bears: all aboard! E BER
  • The Berenstain bears and the bad dream. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain bears and the bad habit. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears and the bad influence. Pic BER
  • The Berenstain bears and the big road race. E BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears and the big spelling bee. Pic BER
  • The Berenstain Bears and the homework hassle. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears and the prize pumpkin. Pic BER Thanksgiving, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears and the sitter. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears and the trouble with chores. Pic BER
  • The Berenstain Bears and the trouble with commercials. Pic BER
  • The Berenstain Bears and the wishing star. E BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain bears and too much birthday. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears and too much car trip. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain bears and too much vacation. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears blaze a trail. E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears clean house. E BER
  • The Berenstain bears don’t pollute (anymore). Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears down on the farm. E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears get the don’t haftas. Pic BER
  • The Berenstain Bears give thanks. Pic BER Thanksgiving
  • The Berenstain Bears go on vacation. Pic BER
  • The Berenstain Bears go to the doctor. Pic BERDVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears gotta dance! E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears hug and make up. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears in the wax museum. E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears: kindness counts. Pic BER
  • The Berenstain Bears learn about strangers. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears’ media madness. E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears’ moving day. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears’ new baby. Pic BER
  • The Berenstain Bears’ new kitten. E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears’ new pup. E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears: no girls allowed. Pic BER
  • The Berenstain bears on the moon. E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears out West. E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears play t-ball. E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears ready, get set, go! E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears’ really big pet show. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears’ report card trouble. Pic BER
  • The Berenstain Bears ride the Thunderbolt. E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears safe and sound! Pic BER
  • The Berenstain Bears say please and thank you. Pic BER, , DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears sick days. Pic BER
  • The Berenstain Bears’ sleepover. E BER
  • The Berenstain Bears storybook treasury. Pic BER
  • The Berenstain Bears trick or treat. Pic BER Halloween, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears’ trouble at school. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears’ trouble with pets. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain bears visit the dentist. Pic BER, DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain kids: I [love] colors. E BER
  • Berenstains’ A book. E BER
  • The Berenstains’ B book. E BER
  • The big honey hunt. E BER
  • The bike lesson. E BER
  • The birds, the bees, and the Berenstain Bears. Pic BER
  • The day of the dinosaur. E 567.9 BER
  • God loves you. Pic BER, Sp. Lang. Pic BER
  • Inside, outside, upside down. E BER
  • We like kites. E BER
  • The Berenstains. Julie Berg. EB Berenstain
  • Down a sunny dirt road: an autobiography. JB Berenstain
  • Dios te ama! = God loves you. Sp. Lang. Pic BER
  • What your parents never told you about being a mom or dad. Audio 649.1 BER
  • Adventure & fun for everyone. DVD Children B
  • Always look on the bright side! DVD Children B
  • Bears get a babysitter! DVD Children B
  • Bears mind their manners! DVD Children B
  • Bears out and about. DVD Children B
  • Bears take a car trip! DVD Children B
  • Bears team up! DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears discover school! DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears get organized! DVD Children B
  • The Berenstain Bears. Spooky stories. DVD Children B
  • Christmas tree. DVD Children B
  • Family and friendship. DVD Children B
  • Fun family adventures. DVD Children B
  • Fun lessons to learn. DVD Children B
  • Halloween treats. DVD Children B
  • Kindness, caring & sharing. DVD Children B
  • Springtime surprises. DVD Children B

James Trager 5/27/1925—2/29/2012

  • The food chronology: a food lover’s compendium of events and anecdotes from prehistory to the present. 641.09 TRA
  • The people’s chronology: a year-by-year record of human events from prehistory to the present. R 902.02 TRA

William Gay 10/27/1941—2/23/2012

  • That evening sun. DVD Drama T

Davy Jones 12/30/1945—2/29/2012

  • The best of the Monkees. CD MR MONK BM M-75
  • The Monkees. CD MR MONK MON M-90
  • The Monkees greatest hits. CD MA MONK GH M-13
  • The Brady bunch movie. DVD Comedy B
  • Head. DVD Comedy H
  • Treasure Island. DVD Children T

Andrew Breitbart 2/1/1969—3/1/2012

  • Righteous indignation: excuse me while I save the world! 302.23 BRE
  • The undefeated. DVD B Palin

Rushworth M. Kidder 5/8/1944—3/5/2012

  • Good kids, tough choices: how parents can help their children do the right thing. 649.64 KID
  • Moral courage. 179.6 KID 05 5c 1/06

Florence Howitt 8/11/1915—3/6/2012

  • The red leather diary: reclaiming a life through the pages of a lost journal. Lily Koppel. B Howitt

Robert B. Sherman 12/19/1925—3/6/2012

  • Walt’s time: from before to beyond. 781.63 SHE
  • Mary Poppins: an original Walt Disney Records soundtrack. CD L MARY MP W-27

Thomas Locker 6/26/1937—3/9/2012

  • Cloud dance. Pic LOC
  • John Muir, America’s naturalist. EB Muir
  • Miranda’s smile. Pic LOC
  • Sky tree: seeing science through art. E 582.16 LOC
  • Walking with Henry: based on the life and works of Henry David Thoreau. EB Thoreau
  • Water dance. Pic LOC

Paul S. Boyer 8/2/1935—3/17/2012

  • Purity in print: book censorship in America from the Gilded Age to the Computer Age. 363.31 BOY

Gene DeWeese 1/31/1934—3/19/2012

  • Firestorm. J DEW

Norman Mark 9/6/1939—3/19/2012

  • Norman Mark’s Chicago: walking, bicycling & driving tours of the city. 917.731 MAR

Bert Randolph Sugar 6/7/1936—3/25/2012

  • The pictorial history of wrestling: the good, the bad, and the ugly. 796.812 SUG

Warren Stevens 11/2/1919—3/27/2012

  • The barefoot contessa. DVD Drama B
  • Forbidden planet. DVD Sci. Fic F

Adrienne Rich 5/16/1929—3/27/2012

  • Blood, bread, and poetry: selected prose, 1979-1985. 814 RIC
  • The fact of a doorframe: poems selected and new, 1950-1984. 811 RIC
  • Diving into the wreck; poems, 1971-1972. 811 RIC
  • Tonight no poetry will serve: poems, 2007-2010. 811 RIC
  • The language of life. DVD 808.1

Earl Scruggs 1/6/1924—3/28/2012

  • Earl Scruggs and friends. CD MC SCRU FRI S-92
  • Best of the Flatt & Scruggs TV show: classic bluegrass from 1956 to 1962. DVD 781.642
  • The three pickers: legends of American music. DVD 781.642

Luke Askew 3/26/1932—3/29/2012

  • The Green Berets. DVD Action Adv. G
  • The Newton boys. DVD Action Adv. N

Giorgio Chinaglia 1/24/1947—4/1/2012

  • Once in a lifetime: the extraordinary story of the New York Cosmos. DVD 796.334

Elizabeth Catlett 4/15/1915—4/2/2012

  • Lift every voice and sing. J 782.42 JOH

 Katherine Russell Rich 11/17/1955—4/3/2012

  • Dreaming in Hindi: coming awake in another language. 954.05 RIC 09 25c 11/12

Patricia Maloney Markun 1924—4/6/2012

  • The Panama Canal. J 917.287 MAR

Thomas Kinkade 1/19/1958—4/6/2012

  • Beside still waters. 242 KIN
  • Cape Light. Fic KIN
  • Christ, the light of the world: a devotional. 242.3 KIN
  • The Christmas angel: a Cape Light novel. Fic KIN
  • A Christmas promise: a Cape Light novel. Fic KIN
  • A Christmas star: a Cape Light novel. Fic KIN
  • A Christmas to remember: a Cape Light novel. Fic KIN
  • Christmas treasures: a Cape Light novel. Fic KIN
  • A Christmas visitor: a Cape Light novel. Fic KIN
  • Garden of friendship: celebrating the blessings of loved ones. 177.6 KIN
  • A gathering place: a Cape Light novel. Fic KIN
  • Home is where the heart is. 759.13 KIN
  • Home song: a Cape Light novel. Fic KIN
  • The inn at Angel Island: an Angel Island novel. Fic KIN, Large Type Fic KIN
  • A new leaf: a Cape Light novel. Fic KIN
  • On Christmas eve: a Cape Light novel. Fic KIN
  • Perfect rest and peace. 242 KIN
  • Points of light: a celebration of the American spirit of giving. 361.37 GOO
  • Promises of light: selected scriptures with reflections. 242 KIN
  • A season of angels. Fic KIN
  • Simpler times. 179.9 KIN
  • A village Christmas: personal family memories. 394.26 KIN
  • A wandering heart: an Angel Island novel. Fic KIN
  • The wedding promise: an Angel Island novel. Fic KIN, Large Type Fic KIN
  • A wish for Christmas: a Cape Light novel. Fic KIN
  • Thomas Kinkade: masterworks of light. Wendy J. Katz. 759.13 KAT
  • Animals. Board Book KIN
  • A child’s garden of prayers: a collection of classic prayers & timeless blessings. J 242.8 CHI
  • A child’s garden of verses. J 811.008 CHI
  • Colors. Board Book KIN
  • Christmas lodge. DVD Drama C
  • A mile in his shoes. DVD Drama M

Miss Read (Dora Saint) 4/17/1913—4/7/2012

  • Affairs at Thrush Green. Fic REA
  • At home in Thrush Green. Fic REA
  • Battles at Thrush Green. Large Type Fic SAI
  • Changes at Fairacre. Fic REA, CD Fic REA
  • The Christmas mouse. Fic REA
  • The Fairacre Festival. Fic REA
  • Farewell to Fairacre. Fic REA
  • Farther afield. Fic REA
  • A fortunate grandchild. Large Type B Read
  • Fresh from the country. Fic REA
  • The Howards of Caxley. Fic REA
  • The market square. Fic REA
  • Miss Read’s Christmas book. 820.803 MIS
  • Mrs. Pringle. Fic REA
  • News from Thrush Green. Fic REA, Large Type Fic REA
  • No holly for Miss Quinn. Fic REA
  • Over the gate. Fic REA
  • A peaceful retirement. Fic REA
  • The school at Thrush Green. Fic REA
  • Storm in the village. Fic REA
  • Summer at Fairacre. Fic REA
  • Thrush green. Fic REA, Large Type Fic REA
  • Time remembered. B Read
  • Village centenary. Fic REA
  • Village diary. Fic REA
  • Village school. Fic REA
  • The white robin. Fic REA
  • Winter in Thrush Green. Fic REA, CD Fic REA
  • The world of Thrush Green. Fic REA
  • The year at Thrush Green. Fic REA

Mike Wallace 5/9/1918—4/7/2012

  • Between you and me: a memoir. 070.92 WAL, Large Type 070.92 WAL
  • Mike Wallace: a life. Peter Rader. B Wallace
  • The best of See it now. DVD 791.457
  • This reporter. DVD 070.433
  • 20th century. Politics & presidents. DVD 973.9

Barry Cahill 5/28/1921—4/9/2012

  • Sweet bird of youth. DVD Drama S

Nick Webb 1/10/1949—4/10/2012

  • Wish you were here: the official biography of Douglas Adams. B Adams

Jonathan Frid 12/2/1924—4/13/2012

  • Dark shadows. DVD Classic D

Lewis Nordan 8/23/1939—4/13/2012

  • Boy with loaded gun: a memoir. B Nordan

Jane Schaberg ?—4/17/2012

  • Mary Magdalene understood. 226.092 SCH

 Dick Clark 11/30/1929—4/18/2012

  • Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. 791.457 CLA
  • Rock, roll & remember. B Clark
  • American Bandstand: Dick Clark and the making of a rock ‘n’ roll empire. John A. Jackson. 791.457 JAC
  • This is your life: the ultimate collection. DVD 791.457

Levon Helm 5/26/1940—4/19/2012

  • Dirt farmer. CD MR HELM DF H-42
  • Electric dirt. CD MR HELM ED H-12
  • Rock of ages. CD MR BAND RA B-22
  • Coal miner’s daughter. DVD Drama C
  • The last waltz. DVD 782.421

Charles “Chuck” Colson 10/16/1931—4/21/2012

  • Against the night: living in the new dark ages. 248.4 COL
  • The body. 262.7 COL
  • Born again. 248.2 COL
  • A dance with deception: revealing the truth behind the headlines. 261 COL
  • The faith: what Christians believe, why they believe it, and why it matters. 230 COL
  • God and government: an insider’s view on the boundaries between faith & politics. 261.7 COL
  • The good life. 248.4 COL, Spanish Lang. 248.4 COL
  • How now shall we live? 261 COL
  • Justice that restores. 364 COL
  • Loving God. 248.4 COL
  • Why America doesn’t work. 306.3613 COL
  • Chuck Colson. W. Terry Whalin. JB Colson

Charles Higham 2/18/1931—4/21/2012

  • Audrey: the life of Audrey Hepburn. B Hepburn
  • Brando: the unauthorized biography. B Brando
  • The Duchess of Windsor: the secret life. B Windsor
  • Elizabeth and Philip: the untold story of the Queen of England and her Prince. B Elizabeth II
  • Lucy: the life of Lucille Ball. B Ball
  • Orson Welles, the rise and fall of an American genius. B Welles

Doris Betts 6/4/1932—4/21/2012

  • Heading west. Fic BET
  • The sharp teeth of love. Fic BET
  • Souls raised from the dead. Fic BET

Bill Granger 6/1/1941—4/22/2012

  • Lords of the last machine: the story of politics in Chicago. 977.311 GRA
  • There are no spies. Fic GRA
  • The Zurich numbers. Fic GRA

Patricia Medina 7/19/1919—4/28/2012

  • The adventures of Francis the talking mule. DVD Comedy A
  • Walt Disney’s Zorro. DVD Action Adv. Z

Pierre Magnan 9/19/1922—4/28/2012

  • Death in the truffle wood. Mystery MAG
  • The messengers of death: a mystery in Provence. Mystery MAG
  • The murdered house. Mystery MAG

Tomas Borge 8/12/1930—4/30/2012

  • The patient impatience: from boyhood to guerilla: a personal narrative of Nicaragua’s struggle for liberation. 972.85 BOR

George Lindsey 12/17/1928—5/6/2012

  • The Andy Griffith show. DVD Comedy A
  • The Hee haw collection. DVD Comedy H
  • When I find the ocean. DVD Drama W

Maurice Sendak 6/10/1928—5/8/2012

  • The art of Maurice Sendak. Selma G. Lanes. Oversize B Sendak
  • The art of Maurice Sendak: 1980 to the present. Tony Kushner. 741.6 KUS
  • Alligators all around, an alphabet. Pic SEN
  • Chicken soup with rice: a book of months. Pic SEN
  • In the night kitchen. Pic SEN, Sp. Lang. Pic SEN, DVD Children W
  • Maurice Sendak’s Really Rosie starring the Nutshell Kids. J 791.45 SEN, DVD Children W
  • One was Johnny: a counting book. Pic SEN
  • Outside over there. Pic SEN
  • Pierre: a cautionary tale in five chapters and a prologue. Pic SEN
  • Some swell pup, or, Are you sure you want a dog? Pic SEN
  • Very far away. Pic SEN
  • We are all in the dumps with Jack and Guy: two nursery rhymes with pictures. J 398.8 SEN
  • Where the wild things are. Pic SEN Caldecott, DVD Children W, DVD Sci. Fic W, DVD 792.5
  • Maurice Sendak. Julie Berg. EB Sendak
  • Fresh air: writers speak with Terry Gross. CD 791.4472 FRE
  • Tell them anything you want: a portrait of Maurice Sendak. DVD B Sendak

C. David Heymann 1/14/1945—5/9/2012

  • American legacy: the story of John & Caroline Kennedy. B Kennedy
  • Poor little rich girl: the life and legend of Barbara Hutton. B Hutton
  • RFK: a candid biography of Robert F. Kennedy. B Kennedy

Joyce Redman 12/9/1918—5/10/2012

  • Les miserables. DVD Drama L
  • Othello. DVD 822.33

Grant R. Jeffrey 10/5/1948—5/11/2012

  • By dawn’s early light. Fic JEF
  • Flee the darkness. Fic JEF
  • The scroll. Large Type Fic JEF

Donald “Duck” Dunn 11/24/1941—5/13/2012

  • Born under a bad sign. CD MJ KING BUB K-62
  • The very best of Booker T. & the MGs. CD MA BOOK VBB S-93

Henry Denker 11/25/1912—5/15/2012

  • Error of judgment. Fic DEN
  • A gift of life. Fic DEN
  • Judge Spencer dissents. Fic DEN
  • Labyrinth. Fic DEN
  • Mrs. Washington and Horowitz, too. Fic DEN
  • Outrage. Fic DEN
  • The physicians; a novel of malpractice. Fic DEN
  • A place for Kathy. Fic DEN
  • This child is mine. Fic DEN
  • To Marcy with love. Fic DEN

Carlos Fuentes 11/11/1928—5/15/2012

  • The buried mirror: reflections on Spain and the New World. 946.02 FUE
  • Destiny and desire. Fic FUE, Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • Distant relations. Fic FUE
  • Inez. Fic FUE
  • The old gringo. Fic FUE, Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • Adan en Eden. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • Aura. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • Contra Bush. Spanish Lang. 973.931 FUE
  • Cristobal nonato. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • Cuentos sobrenaturales. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • Diana, o, La cazadora solitaria. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • En esto creo. Spanish Lang. 864 FUE
  • La frontera de cristal: una novela en nueve cuentos. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • Gringo viejo. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • Inquieta compañia. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • La muerte de Artemio Cruz. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • Los 68: Paris-Praga-Mexico. Spanish Lang. 909.826 FUE
  • La silla del aguila. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • Todas las familias felices. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • Vlad. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE
  • La voluntad y la fortuna. Spanish Lang. Fic FUE

Jean Craighead George

  • Arctic son. Pic GEO
  • The buffalo are back. J 599.643 GEO
  • The case of the missing cutthroats: an ecological mystery. J GEO
  • Dear Katie, the volcano is a girl. Pic GEO
  • Dear Rebecca, winter is here. Pic GEO
  • Everglades. E 975.9 GEO
  • The fire bug connection: an ecological mystery. J GEO
  • Firestorm. Pic GEO
  • The first Thanksgiving. J 974.402 GEO
  • Frightful’s daughter. Pic GEO
  • Frightful’s mountain. J GEO, J AUDIO CD GEO
  • Giraffe trouble. Pic GEO
  • Goose and Duck. E GEO
  • How to talk to your cat. J 636.8 GEO
  • How to talk to your dog. J 636.7 GEO
  • Julie. J GEO, J AUDIO CD GEO
  • Julie of the wolves. J GEO Newbery, Sp. Lang. J GEO, J AUDIO CD GEO Newbery
  • Julie’s wolf pack. J GEO
  • Look to the north: a wolf pup diary. Pic GEO
  • Luck. Pic GEO
  • The moon of the alligators. J 597.98 GEO
  • The moon of the deer. J 599.65 GEO
  • The moon of the monarch butterflies. J 595.78 GEO
  • The moon of the mountain lions. J 599.752 GEO
  • The moon of the owls. J 598.9 GEO
  • The moon of the salamanders. J 597 GEO
  • The moon of the winter bird. J 598.2 GEO
  • Morning, noon, and night. Pic GEO
  • My side of the mountain. J GEO, Sp. Lang. J GEO, J AUDIO CD GEO, DVD Children M
  • Nutik, the wolf pup. Pic GEO
  • On the far side of the mountain. J GEO, J AUDIO CD GEO
  • One day in the tropical rain forest. J 574.5 GEO
  • Rhino romp. Pic GEO
  • Snow Bear. Pic GEO
  • Snowboard twist. Pic GEO
  • Spring moon. J 591.4 GEO
  • Summer moon. J 599.7 GEO
  • The talking earth. J GEO
  • The tarantula in my purse: and 172 other wild pets. J 639.9 GEO
  • There’s an owl in the shower. J GEO
  • To climb a waterfall. Pic GEO
  • The wolves are back. J 599.773 GEO
  • The wounded wolf. Pic GEO
  • Ratas de rio, S.A. Sp. Lang. J GEO
  • Tree castle island. J AUDIO CD GEO
  • Jean Craighead George. Alice Cary. JB George

 Donna Summer 12/31/1948—5/17/2012

  • Ordinary girl: the journey. B Summer
  • Once upon a time. CD MR SUMM OUT S-21

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau 5/28/1925—5/18/2012

  • Carmina Burana [cantiones profanae]. CD C ORFF CB J-72
  • Die Zauberflote = The magic flute = La flute enchantee = Il flauto magico. CD B MOZA ZAU L-92
  • Lieder. CD D SCHU LIE F-26
  • Matthaus-Passion = Passion selon St. Matthieu: BWV 244 St. Matthew Passion. CD C BACH SMP S-82

Robin Gibb 12/22/1949—5/20/2012

  • The Titanic requiem. CD C GIBB TR F-28
  • One night only. DVD 781.66
  • Saturday night fever. DVD Drama S

Paul Fussell 3/22/1924—5/23/2012

  • The boys’ crusade: the American infantry in Northwestern Europe, 1944-1945. 940.5421 FUS
  • Doing battle: the making of a skeptic. B Fussell

William L Rathje 7/1/1945—5/24/2012

  • Rubbish!: the archaeology of garbage. 363.728 RAT

Leo Dillon 3/2/1933-5/26/2012

  • Jazz on a Saturday night. Pic DIL, J Book and CD DIL
  • Mother Goose numbers on the loose. Pic DIL
  • Rap a tap tap: here’s Bojangles– think of that! Pic DIL

William Lee Miller 4/21/1926—5/26/2012

  • Arguing about slavery: the great battle in the United States Congress. 973.5 MIL
  • Two Americans: Truman, Eisenhower, and a dangerous world. 973.099 MIL

Ellen Levine 3/9/1939—5/26/2012

  • Darkness over Denmark: the Danish resistance and the rescue of the Jews. 940.531 LEV
  • Freedom’s children: young civil rights activists tell their own stories. J 973.92 LEV
  • Henry’s freedom box. EB Brown
  • –If you lived at the time of Martin Luther King. J 973.92 LEV
  • –If you lived at the time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake. J 904 LEV
  • –If you traveled on the underground railroad. E 973.71 LEV
  • –If you traveled West in a covered wagon. E 978 LEV
  • —If your name was changed at Ellis Island. J 325.73 LEV
  • The journal of Jedediah Barstow: an emigrant on the Oregon Trail. J LEV

Earl Shorris 6/25/1936—5/27/2012

  • Latinos: a biography of the people. 973.0468 SHO
  • The life and times of Mexico. 972 SHO
  • New American blues: a journey through poverty to democracy. 362.5 SHO
  • The politics of heaven: America in fearful times. 973.93 SHO

Doc Watson 3/3/1923—5/29/2012

  • Doc Watson sings songs for little pickers – live! CD ZM WATS SSL A-05
  • Legacy. CD P WATS LEG W-58
  • The three pickers: legends of American music. DVD 781.642

Paul Sussman 7/11/1966—5/31/2012

  • The hidden oasis. Fic SUS
  • The last secret of the temple. Fic SUS

Richard Dawson 11/20/1932—6/2/2012

  • Treasure Island. DVD Children T

Rosa Guy 9/1/1922—6/3/2012

  • The sun, the sea, a touch of the wind. Fic GUY

Herb Reed 8/7/1928—6/4/2012

  • The Platters. CD MA PLAT PLA P-14

Ray Bradbury 8/22/1920—6/5/2012

  • The best of Ray Bradbury: the graphic novel. Y 741.5 BES
  • Bradbury speaks: too soon from the cave, too far from the stars. 814 BRA
  • Bradbury stories: 100 of his most celebrated tales. Y Fic BRA
  • Dandelion wine. Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA
  • Death is a lonely business. Large Type Fic BRA
  • Driving blind. Fic BRA
  • Fahrenheit 451. Fic BRA, Y Fic BRA, Graphic Fic HAM, Spanish Lang. Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA, Y AUDIO CD BRA, Audio Fic BRA, DVD Drama F
  • Farewell summer. Fic BRA
  • From the dust returned: a family remembrance. Fic BRA
  • The golden apples of the sun, and other stories. Sci. Fic BRA
  • A graveyard for lunatics: another tale of two cities. Mystery BRA
  • I sing the body electric! Stories. Sci. Fic BRA
  • The illustrated man. Sci. Fic BRA, Y Fic BRA, DVD Sci. Fic I
  • Let’s all kill Constance. Mystery BRA
  • Long after midnight. Sci. Fic BRA
  • The Martian chronicles. Sci. Fic BRA, Y Fic BRA, Graphic Fic CAL, CD Fic BRA, Y AUDIO Playaway BRA, DVD Sci. Fic M
  • A medicine for melancholy. Fic BRA
  • Now and forever: somewhere a band is playing & Leviathan ’99. Sci. Fic BRA
  • The October country. Y Fic BRA
  • Quicker than the eye. Fic BRA
  • R is for rocket. Sci. Fic BRA
  • S is for space. Sci. Fic BRA
  • Something wicked this way comes. Y Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA, DVD Sci. Fic S, VIDEO Sci. Fic S
  • The Toynbee convector. Fic BRA
  • The Halloween tree. J BRA, CD Fic BRA, DVD Sci. Fic H
  • Bradbury thirteen. Y AUDIO Playaway BRA
  • One more for the road. Audio Fic BRA
  • Ray Bradbury himself reads 19 complete stories. Audio Fic BRA
  • Any friend of Nicholas Nickleby is a friend of mine. DVD Drama A
  • The Electric grandmother. VIDEO Children E
  • The Ray Bradbury Theater. DVD Sci. Fic R
  • The wonderful ice cream suit. VIDEO Comedy W

Barry Unsworth 8/10/1930—6/5/2012

  • Crete. 949.59 UNS
  • Land of marvels. Fic UNS
  • Morality play. Fic UNS
  • The quality of mercy. Fic UNS
  • Sacred hunger. Fic UNS
  • Stone virgin. Fic UNS

Frank Cady 9/8/1915—6/8/2012

  • A Christmas wish. DVD Drama C
  • The Nelson family presents the best of the adventures of Ozzie & Harriet. DVD Comedy O
  • When worlds collide. DVD Sci. Fic W

Ann Rutherford 11/2/1917—6/11/2012

  • Love finds Andy Hardy. DVD Drama L
  • Orchestra wives. DVD Drama O
  • Pride and prejudice. DVD Drama P
  • The secret life of Walter Mitty. VIDEO Comedy

Henry Hill 6/11/1943—6/12/2012

  • Gangsters and goodfellas: the mob, witness protection, and life on the run. 364.106 HIL
  • On the run: a Mafia childhood. Gregg Hill, Gina Hill. 364.106 HIL
  • Wiseguy: life in a Mafia family. Nicholas Pileggi. 364.106 PIL

Gitta Sereny 3/13/1921—6/14/2012

  • Cries unheard: why children kill: the story of Mary Bell. 364.1523 SER

Susan Tyrell 3/18/1945—6/16/2012

  • The Christmas star. DVD Drama C
  • Cry-Baby. DVD Comedy C

Judith S. Wallerstein 12/27/1921—6/18/2012

  • The good marriage: how and why love lasts. 306.81 WAL
  • Second chances: men, women, and children a decade after divorce. 306.89 WAL
  • The unexpected legacy of divorce: a 25 year landmark study. 306.89 WAL
  • What about the kids?: raising your children before, during, and after divorce. 306.89 WAL

Victor Spinetti 9/2/1929—6/18/2012

  • A hard day’s night. DVD 782.421
  • Help! DVD Comedy H
  • The princess and the goblin. DVD Children P
  • Start the revolution without me. DVD Comedy S
  • The taming of the shrew. DVD 822.33

Anthony Bate 8/31/1927—6/19/2012

  • Crime & punishment. DVD Drama C
  • Prime suspect 4. DVD Mystery P
  • Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy. DVD Action Adv. T

LeRoy Neiman 6/8/1921—6/20/2012

  • Monte Carlo chase. 759.13 NEI

Juan Luis Galiardo 3/2/1940—6/22/2012

  • Tango. DVD Foreign T

James Grout 10/22/1927—6/24/2012

  • Inspector Morse. DVD Mystery I
  • Mrs. Warren’s profession. DVD Drama M

Doris Singleton 9/28/1919—6/26/2012

  • I love Lucy. DVD Comedy I

Nora Ephron 5/19/1941—6/26/2012

  • Heartburn. Fic EPH
  • I feel bad about my neck: and other thoughts on being a woman. 814 EPH, CD 814 EPH
  • I remember nothing: and other reflections. 814 EPH, Large Type 814 EPH
  • Julie & Julia. DVD Drama J
  • Sleepless in Seattle. DVD Drama SLE
  • You’ve got mail. DVD Comedy Y

Evelyn Lear 1/8/1926—7/1/2012

  • Johannes-passion BWV 245. CD C BACH SJP L-72
  • Die Zauberflote = The magic flute = La flute enchantee = Il flauto magico. CD B MOZA ZAU L-92

Andy Griffith 6/1/1926—7/3/2012

  • The Andy Griffith show. Richard Kelly. 791.457 KEL
  • The wit & wisdom of Andy Griffith. CD S GRIF WWA G-28
  • The Andy Griffith show. DVD Comedy A
  • Centennial. DVD Drama C
  • A face in the crowd. DVD Drama F
  • Frosty’s winter wonderland. DVD Children F
  • No time for sergeants. DVD Comedy N, VIDEO Comedy
  • Roots, the next generations. DVD Drama R
  • Waitress. DVD Comedy W

Eric Sykes 5/4/1923—7/4/2012

  • The others. DVD Drama O
  • Those magnificent men in their flying machines. DVD Comedy T

Ernest Borgnine 1/24/1917—7/8/2012

  • An all dogs Christmas carol. DVD Children A
  • All dogs go to heaven 2. DVD Children A
  • All quiet on the western front. DVD Drama A
  • Bad day at Black Rock. VIDEO Western
  • Barabbas. DVD Drama B
  • The black hole. DVD Sci. Fic. B
  • Convoy. DVD Action Adv. C
  • Demetrius and the gladiators. DVD Drama D
  • The dirty dozen. DVD Action Adv. D
  • Emperor of the North. DVD Action Adv. E
  • The flight of the Phoenix. DVD Action Adv. F
  • From here to eternity. DVD Drama F
  • Gattaca. DVD Sci. Fic G
  • The Genesis code. DVD Drama G
  • A grandpa for Christmas. DVD Drama G
  • Ice Station Zebra. DVD Action Adv. I
  • Jesus of Nazareth. DVD Drama J
  • Jubal. DVD Western J
  • Lion of Judah: the lamb that saved the world. DVD Drama L
  • The Lord is my shepherd. VIDEO Children L
  • The lost treasure of Sawtooth Island. DVD Action Adv. L
  • Love’s Christmas journey. DVD Drama L
  • Marty. DVD Drama M
  • The Poseidon adventure. DVD Action Adv. P, VIDEO Action Adv. P
  • Red. DVD Action Adv. R
  • Suppose they gave a war and nobody came? DVD Comedy S
  • The Vikings. DVD Action Adv. V
  • The wild bunch. DVD Western W

Philip Fradkin 2/28/1935—7/8/2012

  • The great earthquake and firestorms of 1906: how San Francisco nearly destroyed itself. 979.461 FRA

Isuzu Yamada 2/5/1917—7/9/2012

  • Throne of blood. DVD Foreign T

Marion Cunningham 2/11/1922—7/11/2012

  • Learning to cook with Marion Cunningham. 641.5 CUN
  • Lost recipes: meals to share with friends and family. 641.597 CUN

Donald J. Sobol 10/4/1924—7/11/2012

  • Encyclopedia Brown and the case of Pablo’s nose. J SOB Mystery
  • Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the midnight visitor. J SOB Mystery
  • Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the mysterious handprints. J SOB Mystery
  • Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the sleeping dog. J SOB Mystery
  • Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the two spies. J SOB Mystery
  • Encyclopedia Brown, boy detective. J SOB Mystery
  • Encyclopedia Brown saves the day. J SOB Mystery
  • Encyclopedia Brown sets the pace. J SOB Mystery
  • Encyclopedia Brown takes the cake!: a cook and case book. J SOB Mystery
  • Encyclopedia Brown takes the case. J SOB Mystery
  • Encyclopedia Brown’s book of strange but true crimes. J 364.1 SOB
  • Encyclopedia Brown’s book of wacky cars. J 629.2 SOB
  • Encyclopedia Brown finds the clues. J AUDIO CD SOB
  • Encyclopedia Brown mysteries. Volume 1. J AUDIO CD SOB
  • Encyclopedia Brown, the boy detective, in One minute mysteries. VIDEO Children
  • Encyclopedia Brown, the boy detective, in the case of the amazing race car. VIDEO Children E

Else Holmelund Minarik 9/13/1920—7/12/2012

  • Adventures of Little Bear. E MIN
  • Cat and dog. E MIN First Grade
  • Father Bear comes home. E MIN, Sp. Lang. E MIN
  • A kiss for Little Bear. E MIN First Grade
  • Little Bear. E MIN, Sp. Lang. E MIN
  • Little Bear’s friend. E MIN First Grade
  • Little Bear’s loose tooth. E MIN First Grade
  • Little Bear’s valentine. Pic MIN Valentine’s Day
  • Little Bear’s visit. E MIN First Grade
  • Feel better Little Bear. DVD Children L
  • The little bear movie. DVD Children L

Ginny Tyler 8/8/1923—7/13/2012

  • The sword in the stone. DVD Children S

Sage Stallone 5/5/1976—7/13/2012

  • Rocky V. DVD Drama R

Celeste Holm 4/29/1919—7/15/2012

  • All about Eve. DVD Drama A
  • Backstairs at the White House. DVD Drama B
  • Come to the stable. VIDEO Drama
  • Gentleman’s agreement. DVD Drama G
  • High society. DVD Musical H
  • Polly. DVD Children P
  • The snake pit. DVD Drama S
  • The tender trap. DVD Comedy T
  • Tom Sawyer. DVD Musical T

Stephen R. Covey 10/24/1932—7/16/2012

  • The 8th habit: from effectiveness to greatness. 650.1 COV
  • Everyday greatness: inspiration for a meaningful life. 170.44 COV, Spanish Lang. 170.44 COV
  • First things first: to live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy. 158.1 COV, Audio 158.1 COV
  • Living the 7 habits: stories of courage and inspiration. 158 COV
  • The 7 habits of highly effective families: building a beautiful family culture in a turbulent world. 649.1 COV, Spanish Lang. 649.1 COV
  • The seven habits of highly effective people: restoring the character ethic. 650.1 COV, CD 650.1 COV
  • The 3rd alternative: solving life’s most difficult problems. 158 COV, Spanish Lang. 158 COV
  • Los 7 habitos para gerentes. Spanish Lang. CD 658.4 COV

Jon Lord 6/9/1941—7/16/2012

  • Deep Purple phoenix rising. DVD 781.66

Robert W. Creamer 7/14/1922—7/18/2012

  • Stengel: his life and times. Large Type B Stengel

E. V. Thompson 1931—7/19/2012

  • Chase the wind. Fic THO
  • Harvest of the sun. Fic THO

Simon Ward 10/16/1941—7/20/2012

  • All creatures great and small. VIDEO Drama
  • Dracula. DVD Drama D
  • The four feathers. DVD Action Adv. F
  • Frankenstein must be destroyed. DVD Classic F
  • Wuthering Heights. DVD Drama W
  • Zulu dawn. DVD Action Adv. Z

Susanne Lothar 11/15/1960—7/21/2012

  • The castle. DVD Foreign C

Margaret Mahy 3/21/1936—7/23/2012

  • The blood-and-thunder adventure on Hurricane Peak. J MAH
  • Boom, Baby, boom, boom! Pic MAH
  • Bubble trouble. Pic MAH
  • Clancy’s cabin. J MAH
  • Dashing dog! Pic MAH
  • Down the back of the chair. Pic MAH
  • Down the dragon’s tongue. Pic MAH
  • The dragon of an ordinary family. Pic MAH
  • The great white man-eating shark: a cautionary tale. Pic MAH, DVD Children P
  • The haunting. J MAH, VIDEO Children H
  • The horribly haunted school. J MAH
  • Keeping house. Pic MAH, DVD Children T
  • Maddigan’s Fantasia. J MAH
  • Making friends. Pic MAH
  • Nonstop nonsense. J 820 MAH
  • The pumpkin man and the crafty creeper. Pic MAH
  • The rattlebang picnic. Pic MAH
  • The seven Chinese brothers. E 398.2 MAH
  • 17 kings and 42 elephants. E Paperback
  • Simply delicious! Pic MAH
  • A summery Saturday morning. Pic MAH
  • Tick tock tales: stories to read around the clock. Pic MAH
  • The underrunners. J MAH
  • When the king rides by. Big Books MAH

Sally Ride 5/26/1951—7/23/2012

  • Exploring our solar system. J 523.2 RID
  • The third planet: exploring the Earth from space. J 525 RID
  • To space & back. J 629.45 RID
  • Sally Ride: a space biography. Barbara Kramer. JB Ride
  • Sally Ride, astronaut: an American first. June Behrens. JB Ride
  • A salute to heroes. VIDEO Drama T

Sherman Hemsley 2/1/1938—7/24/2012

  • The Jeffersons. DVD Comedy J

Gene Smith 5/9/1929—7/25/2012

  • American gothic: the story of America’s legendary theatrical family, Junius, Edwin, and John Wilkes Booth. B Booth
  • When the cheering stopped; the last years of Woodrow Wilson. B Wilson

Lupe Ontiveros 9/17/1942—7/26/2012

  • Beverly Hills chihuahua 2. DVD Children B
  • Real women have curves. DVD Drama R
  • Selena. DVD Drama S

Mary Tamm 3/22/1950—7/26/2012

  • Doctor Who. DVD Sci. Fic D
  • The Odessa file. DVD Drama O

Tony Martin 12/25/1913—7/27/2012

  • Go West [and] The big store. DVD Comedy G

R. G. Armstrong 4/7/1917—7/27/2012

  • The ballad of Cable Hogue. DVD Western B
  • Justin Morgan had a horse. DVD Children J
  • Major Dundee. DVD Western M
  • My name is Nobody. DVD Western M

Norman Alden 9/13/1924—7/27/2012

  • The sword in the stone. DVD Children S

Geoffrey Hughes 2/2/1944—7/27/2012

  • Keeping up appearances. DVD Comedy K
  • Yellow submarine. DVD Musical Y

John Finnegan 8/18/1926—7/29/2012

  • An American tail. DVD Children A

Héctor Tizón 10/21/1929—7/30/2012

  • El hombre que llego a un pueblo. Spanish Lang. Fic TIZ

Maeve Binchy 5/28/1940—7/30/2012

  • The copper beech. Fic BIN, Large Type Fic BIN
  • Echoes. Fic BIN
  • Evening class. Fic BIN, Audio Fic BIN
  • Firefly summer. Fic BIN
  • The glass lake. Fic BIN, Audio Fic BIN
  • Heart and soul. Fic BIN, Large Type Fic BIN, CD Fic BIN
  • Light a penny candle. Fic BIN
  • The lilac bus: stories. Large Type Fic BIN
  • London transports. Large Type Fic BIN
  • The Maeve Binchy Writers’ Club. 808.02 BIN
  • Minding Frankie. Fic BIN, Large Type Fic BIN, CD Fic BIN
  • Nights of rain and stars. Fic BIN, Large Type Fic BIN, CD Fic BIN
  • Quentins. Fic BIN, Large Type Fic BIN, Audio Fic BIN
  • The return journey. Fic BIN
  • Scarlet Feather. Fic BIN
  • Silver wedding. Fic BIN
  • Tara Road. Fic BIN, Large Type Fic BIN
  • This year it will be different and other stories: a Christmas treasury. Fic BIN
  • Whitethorn Woods. Fic BIN, Large Type Fic BIN, CD Fic BIN
  • Circle of friends. DVD Drama

Mollie Hunter 6/30/1922—7/31/2012

  • The king’s swift rider: a novel on Robert the Bruce. Y Fic HUN
  • Day of the unicorn. J HUN
  • The mermaid summer. J HUN

Gore Vidal 10/3/1925—7/31/2012

  • 1876. Fic VID
  • Burr. Fic VID
  • The city and the pillar: and seven early stories. Fic VID
  • Creation. Fic VID
  • Duluth. Fic VID
  • Empire. Fic VID
  • The golden age. Fic VID
  • Hollywood. Fic VID
  • Imperial America: reflections on the United States of Amnesia. 973.931 VID
  • Inventing a nation: Washington, Adams, Jefferson. 973.409 VID
  • Kalki. Fic VID
  • Lincoln. Fic VID, DVD Drama L
  • Live from Golgotha. Fic VID
  • Palimpsest: a memoir. B Vidal
  • Perpetual war for perpetual peace: how we got to be so hated. 814 VID
  • The selected essays of Gore Vidal. 814 VID
  • The Smithsonian Institution. Fic VID
  • Washington, D.C. Fic VID
  • Point to point navigation: a memoir. CD B Vidal
  • Gattaca. DVD Sci. Fic G
  • Lincoln. DVD B Lincoln

Jean Merrill 1/27/1923—8/2/2012

  • The girl who loved caterpillars: a twelfth-century tale from Japan. Pic MER

John Keegan 5/15/1934—8/2/2012

  • The American Civil War: a military history. 973.7 KEE
  • The face of battle. 355.48 KEE
  • Fields of battle: the wars for North America. 355.47 KEE
  • The First World War. 940.3 KEE
  • Intelligence in war: knowledge of the enemy from Napoleon to Al-Qaeda. 355.343 KEE
  • The Iraq war. 956.7044 KEE
  • Winston Churchill. B Churchill
  • The Times atlas of the Second World War. R 911 TIM

Robert Hughes 7/28/1938—8/6/2012

  • Barcelona. 946.72 HUG
  • Culture of complaint: the fraying of America. 917.3 HUG
  • The fatal shore. 994 HUG
  • Goya. 759.6 HUG
  • Rome: a cultural, visual, and personal history. 945.63 HUG
  • Things I didn’t know: a memoir. B Hughes

Marvin Hamlisch 6/2/1944—8/6/2012

  • Anatomy of peace. CD EA HAML AP M-00
  • A chorus line. CD K CHOR CL P-81
  • Every little step: the journey of “A chorus line”. DVD 792.6

Mark O’Donnell 7/19/1954—8/6/2012

  • Getting over Homer. Fic ODO
  • Hairspray: the roots. 782.14 HAI
  • Hairspray. DVD Musical H, CD K HAIR HAI S-08

Al Freeman, Jr. 3/21/1934—8/9/2012

  • Down in the Delta. DVD Drama D
  • Malcolm X. DVD Drama M
  • Roots, the next generations. DVD Drama R

David Rakoff 11/27/1964—8/9/2012

  • Don’t get too comfortable. 814 RAK
  • Half empty. 814 RAK

Joe Kubert 9/18/1926—8/12/2012

  • Yossel, April 19, 1943: a story of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Graphic 940.5318 KUB

Gregory Powell ?—8/12/2012

  • The onion field. Joseph Wambaugh. 364.1523 WAM

Johnny Pesky 9/27/1919—8/13/2012

  • The teammates. David Halberstam. 796.357 HAL

Phyllis Thaxter 11/20/1919—8/14/2012

  • Superman, the movie. DVD Action Adv. S, VIDEO Action Adv. S
  • Thirty seconds over Tokyo. DVD Action Adv. T
  • Three sovereigns for Sarah. DVD 133.4309

Remy Charlip 1/10/1929—8/14/2012

  • Arm in arm: a collection of connections, endless tales, reiterations, and other echolalia. J 808.87 CHA
  • Fortunately. Pic CHA
  • Handtalk; an ABC of finger spelling & sign language. J 419 CHA
  • Hooray for me! Pic CHA
  • Little Old Big Beard and Big Young Little Beard: a short and tall tale. Pic CHA

Ron Palillo 4/2/1949—8/14/2012

  • Welcome back, Kotter. DVD Comedy W

Harry Harrison 3/12/1925—8/15/2012

  • The adventures of the stainless steel rat. Sci. Fic HAR, CD Fic HAR
  • The deathworld trilogy: three novels. Sci. Fic HAR
  • The hammer and the cross. Fic HAR
  • King and emperor. Fic HAR
  • Make room! Make room! Sci. Fic HAR, DVD Sci. Fic S
  • One king’s way. Fic HAR
  • Return to Eden. Sci. Fic HAR
  • The stainless steel rat for president. Sci. Fic HAR
  • The stainless steel rat gets drafted. Sci. Fic HAR
  • A Stainless Steel Rat is born. Sci. Fic HAR
  • The stainless steel rat saves the world. Sci. Fic HAR
  • The stainless steel rat wants you. Sci. Fic HAR
  • The stainless steel rat’s revenge. Sci. Fic HAR
  • Stars & stripes triumphant. Sci. Fic HAR
  • The technicolor time machine. Sci. Fic HAR
  • West of Eden. Sci. Fic HAR
  • Winter in Eden. Sci. Fic HAR

William Windom 9/28/1923—8/16/2012

  • The Americanization of Emily. DVD Comedy A
  • Escape from the planet of the apes. DVD Sci. Fic P
  • The homecoming: a Christmas story. DVD Drama H
  • Hot-air Henry. DVD Children R
  • Lady in waiting [and] Short fuse. DVD Mystery C
  • Murder, she wrote. DVD Mystery M
  • Now you see him, now you don’t. DVD Children N
  • The twilight zone (1959-1964). DVD Sci. Fic T

Marvin W. Meyer 4/16/1948—8/16/2012

  • The Gnostic discoveries: the impact of the Nag Hammadi library. 299.932 MEY
  • Judas: the definitive collection of gospels and legends about the infamous Apostle of Jesus. 226.092 MEY

Phyllis Diller 7/17/1917—8/20/2012

  • The joys of aging–and how to avoid them: can sex keep you young? And other silly questions. 817 DIL
  • Phyllis Diller’s marriage manual. 817 DIL
  • A bug’s life. DVD Children B, BLU Children B
  • Casper‘s scare school. DVD Children C
  • Mad monster party. DVD Children M
  • The nutcracker prince. DVD Children N
  • The nuttiest nutcracker. DVD Children N

Nina Bawden 1/19/1925—8/22/2012

  • Family money. Large Type Fic BAW
  • Granny the Pag. J BAW
  • Carrie’s war. DVD Drama C

Jerry Nelson 7/10/1934—8/23/2012

  • Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. DVD Children S
  • Elmo visits the doctor. DVD Children S
  • Fraggle Rock. DVD Children F
  • The Muppet Christmas carol. DVD Children M
  • The Muppet movie. DVD Children M
  • The Muppet show. DVD Children M
  • The Muppets take Manhattan. DVD Children M
  • A musical celebration! DVD Children S
  • Sleepytime songs & stories. DVD Children S

Josepha Sherman 12/12/1946—8/23/2012

  • Mythology for storytellers: themes and tales from around the world. R 291.13 SHE
  • The ear: learning how we hear. J 612.85 SHE
  • Fossil fuel power. J 333.82 SHE
  • Geothermal power. J 333.88 SHE
  • Hydroelectric power. J 333.914 SHE
  • Nuclear power. J 333.792 SHE
  • Rachel the clever, and other Jewish folktales. J 398.2 SHE
  • Solar power. J 333.792 SHE
  • Told tales: nine folktales from around the world. J 398.2 SHE
  • The upper limbs: learning how we use our arms, elbows, forearms, and hands. J 611.97 SHE
  • Wind power. J 333.92 SHE

Roger Fisher 5/28/1922—8/25/2012

  • Getting it done: how to lead when you’re not in charge. 650.13 FIS
  • Getting to yes: negotiating agreement without giving in. 158.5 FIS, Spanish Lang. 158.5 FIS
  • Getting together: building a relationship that gets to yes. 158.5 FIS

Neil Armstrong 8/5/1930—8/25/2012

  • First man: the life of Neil A. Armstrong. James R. Hansen. B Armstrong
  • First on the moon. A voyage with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins [and] Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. 629.454 ARM
  • One giant leap: Neil Armstrong’s stellar American journey. Leon Wagener. B Armstrong
  • Neil Armstrong. Dana Meachen Rau. EB Armstrong
  • Neil Armstrong: a space biography. Carmen Bredeson. JB Armstrong
  • One giant leap: the story of Neil Armstrong. Don Brown. EB Armstrong
  • Who is Neil Armstrong? Roberta Edwards. JB Armstrong
  • Kitty Hawk: the Wright brothers’ journey of invention. DVD 629.1309

Malcolm W. Browne 4/17/1931—8/27/2012

  • Muddy boots and red socks: a reporter’s life. B Browne

Eva Figes 4/15/1932—8/28/2012

  • Little Eden: a child at war. B Figes
  • Nelly’s version. Fic FIG

Dennis B. Fradin 12/20/1945—8/29/2012

  • Fight on!: Mary Church Terrell’s battle for integration. Y 323.092 FRA
  • Jane Addams: champion of democracy. Y 920.72 FRA
  • My family shall be free!: the life of Peter Still. Y 973.0496 FRA
  • Alabama. J 976.1 FRA
  • Alaska. J 979.8 FRA
  • Arizona. J 979.1 FRA
  • Arkansas. J 976.7 FRA
  • Bound for the North Star: true stories of fugitive slaves. J 973.711 FRA
  • Cancer. E 616.99 FRA
  • Colorado. J 978.8 FRA
  • Connecticut. J 974.6 FRA
  • The Declaration of Independence. E 973.3 FRA
  • Delaware J 975.1 FRA
  • The Delaware Colony. J 975.1 FRA
  • Duel!: Burr and Hamilton’s deadly war of words. J 973.46 FRA
  • The flag of the United States. E 929.9 FRA
  • Florida. J 975.9 FRA
  • The founders: the 39 stories behind the U.S. Constitution. J 973.3 FRA
  • The Georgia colony. J 975.8 FRA
  • Hawaii. J 996.9 FRA
  • Ida B. Wells: mother of the civil rights movement. JB Wells-Barnett
  • Idaho. J 979.6 FRA
  • Illinois. J 977.3 FRA
  • Indiana. J 977.2 FRA
  • Iowa. J 977.7 FRA
  • Kansas. J 978.1 FRA
  • Kentucky. J 976.9 FRA
  • Let it begin here!: Lexington & Concord: first battles of the American Revolution. E 973.3 FRA
  • Louisiana. J 976.3 FRA
  • Maine. J 974.1 FRA
  • Maria de Sautuola: the bulls in the cave. J 936.6 FRA
  • Maryland J 975.2 FRA
  • The Maryland Colony. J 975.2 FRA
  • Massachusetts. J 974.4 FRA
  • Michigan. J 977.4 FRA
  • Minnesota. J 977.6 FRA
  • Mississippi. J 976.2 FRA
  • Missouri. J 977.8 FRA
  • Montana. J 978.6 FRA
  • Nebraska. J 978.2 FRA
  • Nevada. J 979.3 FRA
  • New Hampshire. J 974.2 FRA
  • The New Hampshire colony. J 974.2 FRA
  • New Jersey. J 974.9 FRA
  • New York. J 974.7 FRA
  • The New York Colony. J 974.7 FRA
  • North Carolina. J 975.6 FRA
  • The North Carolina Colony. J 975.6 FRA
  • North Dakota. J 978.4 FRA
  • Ohio. J 977.1 FRA
  • Oklahoma. J 976.6 FRA
  • Oregon. J 979.5 FRA
  • Pennsylvania. J 974.8 FRA
  • The Pennsylvania colony. J 974.8 FRA
  • The planet hunters: the search for other worlds. J 523.4 FRA
  • Puerto Rico. J 972.95 FRA
  • Rhode Island. J 974.5 FRA
  • Samuel Adams: the father of American Independence. JB Adams
  • Searching for alien life: is anyone out there? J 576.8 FRA
  • The Shoshoni. E 979.5 FRA
  • The signers: the fifty-six stories behind the Declaration of Independence. J 973.3 FRA
  • South Carolina. J 975.7 FRA
  • The South Carolina colony. J 975.7 FRA
  • South Dakota. J 978.3 FRA
  • Tennessee. J 976.8 FRA
  • Texas. J 976.4 FRA
  • The Thirteen Colonies. E 973.2 FRA
  • Utah. J 979.2 FRA
  • Vermont. J 974.3 FRA
  • Virginia. J 975.5 FRA
  • The Virginia Colony. J 975.5 FRA
  • Volcanoes: witness to disaster. J 551.21 FRA
  • Voting and elections. E 324.9 FRA
  • Washington. J 979.7 FRA
  • Washington, D.C. J 975.3 FRA
  • West Virginia. J 975.4 FRA
  • Who was Ben Franklin? JB Franklin
  • Who was Sacagawea? JB Sacagawea
  • Who was Thomas Jefferson? JB Jefferson
  • Wisconsin. J 977.5 FRA
  • Wyoming. J 978.7 FRA

Don Richard Riso ?—8/30/2012

  • Discovering your personality type: the essential introduction to the enneagram. 155.26 RIS

Hal David 5/25/1921—9/1/2012

  • The Bacharach and David song book. 784.5 BAC
  • I say a little prayer for you. Pic BAC

Michael Clarke Duncan 12/10/1957—9/3/2012

  • Air buddies. DVD Comedy A
  • Brother Bear. DVD Children B
  • Cats & dogs. DVD Comedy C
  • Delgo. DVD Sci. Fic D, BLU Sci. Fic D
  • George and the dragon. DVD Action Adv. G
  • George of the jungle 2. DVD Comedy G
  • The Golden Blaze. DVD Children G
  • The green mile. DVD Drama G
  • Kung fu panda. DVD Action Adv. K, BLU Action Adv. K
  • The land before time. XI, Invasion of the tinysauruses. DVD Children L
  • The last Mimzy. DVD Sci. Fic L
  • Planet of the apes. DVD Sci. Fic P
  • Racing stripes. DVD Comedy R
  • The scorpion king. DVD Action Adv. S

Edwin P. Wilson 5/3/1928—9/10/2012

  • Manhunt. Peter Maas. 364.131 MAA

Louis Simpson 3/27/1923—9/14/2012

  • The owner of the house: new collected poems, 1940-2001. 811 SIM 
  • Spoon River anthology: a poetic portrait gallery. VIDEO 811.008

John Ingle 5/7/1928—9/16/2012

  • The land before time. DVD Children L

Gerard I. Nierenberg 7/27/1923—9/19/2012

  • How to read a person like a book: observing body language to know what people are thinking. 153.69 NIE
  • The complete negotiator: the definitive audio handbook from the father of contemporary negotiating. CD 658.4 NIE

Irving Adler 4/27/1913—9/22/2012

  • Math puzzles. J 793.7 ADL

Andy Williams 12/3/1927—9/25/2012

  • Moon River and me: a memoir. B Williams
  • Andy Williams live Christmas treasures. CD R WILL CT W-12
  • Greatest songs of Christmas. CD R WILL GSC W-50
  • Moon river and other great movie themes. CD L WILL-A MRO W-09
  • 16 biggest hits. CD MA WILL SBH W-63

Eugene Genovese 5/19/1930—9/26/2012

  • Roll, Jordan, roll; the world the slaves made. 975 GEN

Herbert Lom 1/9/1917—9/27/2012

  • Blake Edwards’ Trail of the Pink Panther. VIDEO Comedy
  • Curse of the Pink Panther. DVD Comedy C
  • El Cid. DVD Drama E
  • Hopscotch. DVD Comedy H
  • Mysterious island. DVD Sci. Fic M
  • The Pink Panther strikes again. DVD Comedy P
  • The return of the Pink Panther. DVD Comedy R
  • Revenge of the Pink Panther. DVD Comedy P
  • A shot in the dark. DVD Comedy P
  • Son of the Pink Panther. DVD Comedy S
  • Trail of the Pink Panther. DVD Comedy P

Michael O’Hare 5/6/1952—9/28/2012

  • Babylon 5. DVD Sci. Fic B

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger 2/5/1926—9/29/2012

  • The trust: the private and powerful family behind the New York Times. Susan E. Tifft, Alex S. Jones. B Ochs

Eric Lomax 5/30/1919—10/8/2012

  • The railway man: a pow’s searing account of war, brutality and forgiveness. 940.54 LOM

Ken Sansom 4/2/1927—10/8/2012

  • Piglet’s big movie. DVD Children P
  • Pooh’s grand adventure: the search for Christopher Robin. DVD Children P
  • Pooh’s heffalump movie. DVD Children P
  • Springtime with Roo. DVD Children W
  • Super sleuth Christmas movie. DVD Children S
  • The Tigger movie. DVD Children T

Alex Karras 7/15/1935—10/10/2012

  • Centennial. DVD Drama C
  • Goldilocks and the three bears. DVD Comedy G
  • Victor/Victoria. DVD Comedy V

Gary Collins 4/30/1938—10/13/2012

  • Roots. DVD Drama

John Clive 1/6/1933—10/14/2012

  • KG 200. Fic GIL
  • Yellow submarine. DVD Musical Y

George McGovern 7/19/1922—10/21/2012

  • Abraham Lincoln. 973.7092 MACG
  • Out of Iraq: a practical plan for withdrawal now.  956.7044 MACG
  • Terry: my daughter’s life-and-death struggle with alcoholism. B McGovern
  • The wild blue: the men and boys who flew the B-24s over Germany. Stephen E. Ambrose. 940.544 AMB, Audio 940.54 AMB                     

Russell Means 11/10/1939—10/22/2012

  • Where white men fear to tread: the autobiography of Russell Means. B Means
  • The last of the Mohicans. DVD Action Adv. L
  • Pocahontas and, Pocahontas II: journey to a new world. DVD Children P
  • The song of Hiawatha. DVD Drama S
  • Wind River. VIDEO Western W
  • Windrunner: a spirited journey. DVD Children W

Jacques Barzun 11/30/1907—10/25/2012

  • From dawn to decadence: 500 years of Western cultural life, 1500 to the present. 909.098 BAR

Susan Murphy-Milano ?—10/28/2012

  • Defending our lives: getting away from domestic violence and staying safe. 362.8292 MUR

Letitia Baldrige 2/9/1926—10/29/2012

  • In the Kennedy style: magical evenings in the Kennedy White House. 642.4 BAL
  • A lady, first: my life in the Kennedy White House and the American embassies of Paris and Rome. B Baldrige
  • Letitia Baldrige’s more than manners!: raising today’s kids to have kind manners & good hearts. 649.7 BAL
  • Letitia Baldrige’s new manners for new times: a complete guide to etiquette. R 395 BAL

Han Suyin ?—11/2/2012

  • Birdless summer; China: autobiography, history. B Han
  • The crippled tree: China, biography, history, autobiography. B Han
  • The enchantress. Fic HAN
  • A mortal flower; China: autobiography, history. B Han
  • Love is a many-splendored thing. DVD Drama L

Jane Holtz Kay 7/7/1938—11/5/2012

  • Asphalt nation: how the automobile took over America, and how we can take it back. 303.4832 KAY

Ellen Douglas 7/12/1921—11/7/2012

  • Truth: four stories I am finally old enough to tell. B Douglas
  • The magic carpet and other tales. J 398.2 DOU

Lucille Bliss 3/31/1916—11/8/2012

  • Cinderella. DVD Children C
  • Robots. DVD Comedy R
  • The Smurfs. DVD Children S

Roger Hammond 3/21/1936—11/8/2012

  • A good woman. DVD Drama G

Jack Gilbert 2/17/1925—11/13/2012

  • Collected poems. 811 GIL

David Oliver Relin 12/12/1962—11/15/2012

  • Three cups of tea. 954.91 MOR, Large Type 954.91 MOR, Spanish Lang. 954.91 MOR, J 954.91 MOR, CD 954.91 MOR

Margaret Yorke 1/30/1924—11/17/2012

  • Speak for the dead. Mystery YOR

Art “Mr. Food” Ginsburg 1931—11/21/2012

  • 15-minute favorites. 641.555 GIN
  • Comida rapida y facil para personas con diabetes: mas de 150 recetas que a todos les encantaran. Spanish Lang. 641.5631 GIN

Deborah Raffin 3/13/1953—11/21/2012

  • Sparkling cyanide. DVD Mystery S

Bryce Courtenay 8/14/1933—11/22/2012

  • Brother Fish. CD Fic COU
  • The power of one. Fic COU, CD Fic COU, DVD Drama P, VIDEO Drama P
  • The story of Danny Dunn. CD Fic COU

Larry Hagman 9/21/1931—11/23/2012

  • Hello darlin’: tall (and absolutely true) tales about my life. B Hagman
  • Fail-safe. DVD Action Adv. F

Frank Pittman 7/11/1935—11/24/2012

  • Man enough: fathers, sons, and the search for masculinity. 155.332 PIT

Dinah Sheridan 9/17/1920—11/25/2012

  • The railway children. DVD Children R

Zig Ziglar 11/6/1926—11/28/2012

  • Courtship after marriage. 646.78 ZIG
  • Raising positive kids in a negative world. 649.1 ZIG
  • See you at the top. 158.1 ZIG
  • Staying up, up, up in a down, down world. 248.4 ZIG, CD 248.4 ZIG
  • Top performance. 658.409 ZIG
  • Zig: the autobiography of Zig Ziglar. B Zigler
  • Ziglar on selling. 658.85 ZIG
  • Better than good: creating a life you can’t wait to live. CD 158.1 ZIG
  • Conversations with my dog. CD 636.7 ZIG
  • Embrace the struggle: living life on life’s terms. CD 248.86 ZIG
  • Goals: setting and achieving them on schedule. CD 158.1 ZIG

Rick Majerus 2/17/1948—12/1/2012

  • My life on a napkin: pillow mints, playground dreams, and coaching the Runnin’ Utes. 796.323 MAJ

Dave Brubeck 12/6/1920—12/5/2012

  • The essential Dave Brubeck. CD MJ BRUB EDB B-93
  • In their own sweet way. CD MJ BRUB ITO B-55
  • Time out. CD MJ BRUB TO B-85

Patricia Kennedy 3/17/1917—12/10/2012

  • My brilliant career. DVD Drama M

Lisa Della Casa 2/2/1919—12/10/2012

  • Le nozze di Figaro. Mozart. CD B MOZA MF D-92

Ravi Shankar 4/7/1920—12/11/2012

  • Best of Ravi Shankar. CD Q INDIA SHAN S-26

Robert Bork 3/1/1927—12/19/2012

  • Slouching towards Gomorrah: modern liberalism and American decline. 306.09 BOR

Jean Harris 4/27/1923—12/23/2012

  • Very much a lady: the untold story of Jean Harris and Dr. Herman Tarnower. Shana Alexander. B Harris
  • Mrs. Harris. DVD Drama M

Jack Klugman 4/27/1922—12/24/2012

  • Tony and me: a story of friendship. 792.028 KLU
  • Days of wine and roses. DVD Drama D
  • Goodbye Columbus. DVD Comedy G
  • I could go on singing. DVD Musical I
  • Quincy, M.E. DVD Mystery Q
  • 12 angry men. DVD Drama T

Charles Durning 2/28/1923—12/24/2012

  • Breakheart Pass. DVD Western B
  • Captains and the kings: an American dynasty. DVD Drama C
  • Death of a salesman. DVD Drama D, VIDEO Drama
  • Dick Tracy. DVD Action Adv. D, VIDEO Action Adv. D
  • The final countdown. DVD Sci. Fic. F
  • Gettysburg the unknown Civil War series. DVD 973.7349
  • The golden boys. DVD Comedy G
  • The grass harp. VIDEO Drama G
  • The Hindenburg. DVD Action Adv. H
  • Home for the holidays. DVD Comedy H
  • I.Q. VIDEO Comedy
  • The land before time IV: journey through the mists. DVD Children L
  • The legend of Sleepy Hollow. DVD Children S
  • The man with one red shoe. VIDEO Comedy M
  • Mrs. Santa Claus. VIDEO Children M
  • The Muppet movie. DVD Children M
  • O brother, where art thou? DVD Comedy O
  • One fine day. DVD Comedy O, VIDEO Comedy O
  • River’s end. DVD Western R
  • The sting. DVD Comedy
  • Tootsie. DVD Comedy T, VIDEO Comedy T

Gerry Anderson 4/14/1929—12/26/2012

  • Thunderbirds are go. DVD Children T

Harry Carey Jr. 5/16/1921—12/27/2012

  • Adventures of Spin & Marty. DVD Children A
  • Cahill: United States marshal. DVD Western C
  • Mask. DVD Drama M
  • Mister Roberts. DVD Comedy M
  • Red River. DVD Western R
  • Rio Grande. DVD Western R
  • She wore a yellow ribbon. DVD Western S, VIDEO Western S
  • 3 godfathers. DVD Western T
  • Wagon master. DVD Western W

Norman Schwartzkopf 8/22/1934—12/27/2012

  • In the eye of the storm: the life of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf. Roger Cohen, Claudio Gatti. B Schwarzkopf
  • It doesn’t take a hero: General H. Norman Schwarzkopf: the autobiography. B Schwarzkopf, Large Type B Schwarzkopf
  • General H. Norman Schwarzkopf. Bob Italia. JB Schwarzkopf
  • Norman Schwarzkopf: hero with a heart. Libby Hughes. JB Schwarzkopf

Carl Woese 7/15/1928—12/30/2012

  • Bold science: seven scientists who are changing our world. Ted Anton. 509 ANT