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Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2011

Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2011

Richard D. “Dick” Winters 1/21/1918—1/2/2011

  • Beyond Band of Brothers: the war memoirs of Major Dick Winters. 940.5421 WIN, Large Type 940.5421 WIN

Anne Francis 9/16/1930—1/2/2011

  • Bad day at Black Rock. VIDEO Western
  • Blackboard jungle. DVD Drama B
  • Forbidden planet. DVD Sci. Fic F
  • Funny girl. DVD Musical F, VIDEO Musical F

Pete Postlethwaite 2/7/1946—1/2/2011

  • Animal farm. DVD Drama A
  • Dragonheart. DVD Sci. Fic D
  • The lost world Jurassic Park. DVD Action Adv.

Jill Haworth 8/15/1945—1/3/2011

  • The Cardinal. DVD Drama C
  • Exodus. DVD Action Adv. E
  • In harm’s way. VIDEO Action Adv.

Dick King-Smith 3/27/1922—1/4/2011

  • Ace: the very important pig. J Paperback
  • All pigs are beautiful. E 636.4 KIN
  • Babe: the gallant pig. J KIN, DVD Children B, VIDEO Children B
  • The catlady. J KIN
  • Clever duck. J KIN
  • Clever Lollipop. J KIN
  • The cuckoo child. J KIN
  • Dick King-Smith’s Alphabeasts. J KIN
  • Dick King-Smith’s animal friends: thirty-one true life stories. J KIN
  • George speaks. J KIN
  • The golden goose. J KIN
  • Harriet’s hare. J KIN
  • Harry’s Mad. J KIN
  • Hogsel and Gruntel and other animal stories. J KIN
  • Huge Red Riding Hood. J KIN
  • I love guinea pigs. E 636.9 KIN
  • The invisible dog. J Paperback
  • Jenius: the amazing guinea pig. J KIN
  • Lady Lollipop. J KIN
  • Magnus Powermouse. J KIN
  • Martin’s mice. J KIN
  • A mouse called Wolf. J KIN
  • Mr. Ape. J KIN
  • Mr. Potter’s pet. J KIN
  • The nine lives of Aristotle. J KIN
  • Paddy’s pot of gold. J KIN
  • Pretty Polly. J KIN
  • Smasher. J Paperback
  • Sophie’s snail. J KIN
  • The spotty pig. Pic KIN
  • The stray. J KIN
  • Three terrible trins. J KIN
  • The toby man. J KIN
  • The water horse. J KIN, DVD Sci. Fic W

Ruth Cavin 10/?/1918—1/9/2011

  • Trolleys: riding and remembering the electric interurban railways. 388.4 CAV

Peter Yates 7/24/1928—1/9/2011

  • Krull. DVD Sci. Fic K

Joe Gores 12/25/1931—1/10/2011

  • Contract null & void. Mystery GOR
  • Spade & Archer: the prequel to Dashiell Hammett’s The maltese falcon. Mystery GOR

John Dye 1/31/1963—1/10/2011

  • Touched by an angel. DVD Drama T

David Nelson 10/24/1936—1/11/2011

  • The Nelson family presents the best of the adventures of Ozzie & Harriet. DVD Comedy O

Paul Picerni 12/1/1922—1/12/2011

  • House of wax. DVD Classic H

Kay Mills 2/4/1941—1/13/2011

  • From Pocahontas to power suits: everything you need to know about women’s history in America. 305.4 MIL

Susannah York 1/9/1939—1/15/2011

  • The Battle of Britain. DVD Action Adv. B
  • A Christmas carol. DVD Drama C
  • A man for all seasons. DVD Drama M
  • St. Patrick the Irish legend. DVD Drama S
  • Superman, the movie. DVD Action Adv. S, VIDEO Action Adv. S
  • Superman II. DVD Action Adv. S
  • They shoot horses don’t they? DVD Drama T

Sargent Shriver 11/9/1915—1/18/2011

  • Sarge: the life and times of Sargent Shriver. Scott Stossel. B Shriver

Wilfred Sheed 12/27/30—1/19/2011

  • The boys of winter. Fic SHE
  • Frank and Maisie: a memoir with parents. B Sheed
  • The house that George built: with a little help from Irving, Cole, and a crew of about fifty. 782.4216 SHE

Reynolds Price 2/1/1933—1/20/2011

  • The collected poems. 811 PRI
  • Good hearts. Large Type Fic PRI
  • The good priest’s son. Fic PRI
  • Kate Vaiden. Fic PRI
  • Letter to a godchild: concerning faith. 230 PRI
  • Roxanna Slade. Fic PRI, Large Type Fic PRI
  • A serious way of wondering: the ethics of Jesus imagined. 241 PRI
  • The three Gospels. 226.3 BIB
  • A whole new life. B Price

Poppa Neutrino 10/15/1933—1/23/2011

  • The happiest man in the world: an account of the life of Poppa Neutrino. Alec Wilkinson. B Neutrino

Leisha Kelly 7/1/1963—1/25/2011

  • Emma’s gift. Rel. Fic KEL
  • The house on Malcolm Street. Rel. Fic KEL
  • Julia’s hope. Rel. Fic KEL
  • Katie’s dream. Rel. Fic KEL
  • Rachel’s prayer. Rel. Fic KEL
  • Rorey’s secret. Rel. Fic KEL
  • Sarah’s promise. Rel. Fic KEL
  • Till morning is nigh: a Wortham family Christmas novella. Rel. Fic KEL

Charlie Louvin 7/7/1927—1/26/2011

  • Livin’, lovin’, losin’ songs of the Louvin Brothers. CD MC LOUV LLL L-02
  • 20 greatest gospel hits. CD MG LOUV TWE L-07

Peggy Teeters 2/8/1918—1/27/2011

  • Jules Verne: the man who invented tomorrow. JB Verne

Diana Norman (Ariana Franklin)    8/25/33—1/27/11

  • City of shadows. Mystery FRA
  • Grave goods. Mystery FRA, CD Fic FRA
  • Mistress of the art of death. Mystery FRA, CD Fic FRA
  • A murderous procession. Mystery FRA
  • The serpent’s tale. Mystery FRA

Michael Van Rooy 1968—1/27/2011

  • Your friendly neighborhood criminal. Mystery VAN

John Barry 11/3/1933—1/30/2011

  • Dances with wolves: original motion picture soundtrack. CD L DANC DWW B-82
  • Out of Africa: music from the motion picture soundtrack. CD L OUTO OA B-58

Maria Schneider 3/27/1952—2/3/2011

  • The passenger. DVD Drama P

Brian Jacques 6/15/1939—2/5/2011

  • The angel’s command: a tale from the castaways of the Flying Dutchman. Y Fic JAC, J JAC, CD Fic JAC
  • The Bellmaker. J JAC, CD Fic JAC
  • Castaways of the Flying Dutchman. Y Fic JAC, J JAC, CD Fic JAC
  • Doomwyte. J JAC
  • Eulalia! J JAC, J AUDIO CD JAC
  • The great Redwall feast. J JAC
  • High Rhulain. Fic JAC, CD Fic JAC
  • The legend of Luke. Large Type Fic JAC, J JAC
  • Loamhedge. Fic JAC, J JAC, CD Fic JAC
  • The long patrol. Fic JAC, J JAC
  • Lord Brocktree. Fic JAC, J JAC
  • Mariel of Redwall. Fic JAC, J JAC, CD Fic JAC
  • Marlfox. Fic JAC, J JAC
  • Martin the Warrior. Fic JAC, J JAC
  • Mattimeo. Fic JAC, J JAC, CD Fic JAC
  • Mossflower. J JAC, CD Fic JAC, Audio Fic JAC
  • The outcast of Redwall. Fic JAC, J JAC, Audio Fic JAC
  • Pearls of Lutra. Fic JAC, J JAC
  • Rakkety Tam. Fic JAC, J JAC, CD Fic JAC
  • Redwall. Large Type Fic JAC, J JAC, CD Fic JAC, Audio Fic JAC
  • The Rogue Crew. J JAC
  • The Sable Quean. J JAC
  • Salamandastron. Fic JAC, J JAC, CD Fic JAC
  • Taggerung. Fic JAC, J JAC, CD Fic JAC
  • The tale of Urso Brunov: Little Father of All Bears. Pic JAC
  • The tribes of Redwall: Badgers. J JAC
  • The tribes of Redwall: Mice. J JAC
  • The tribes of Redwall: Otters. J JAC
  • Triss. Fic JAC, Large Type Fic JAC, J JAC, CD Fic JAC
  • Voyage of slaves: a tale from the castaways of the Flying Dutchman. Y Fic JAC, J JAC, CD Fic JAC
  • Redwall: friends and foes. DVD Action Adv. R
  • Redwall: the siege. DVD Action Adv. R

George Edward Stanley 7/15/1942—2/7/2011

  • Writing short stories for young people. 808.068 STA
  • The cobweb confession. J STA Mystery
  • The mystery of the hairy tomatoes. J STA Mystery
  • Pope John Paul II: young man of the Church. JB John Paul II
  • Snake camp. J STA

Elaine Crowley 1927—2/8/2011?

  • Kilgoran. Fic CRO
  • The ways of women. Fic CRO

Janet Schulman 9/16/1933—2/11/2011

  • A bunny for all seasons. Pic SCH
  • Felix Salten’s Bambi. Pic SCH, CD Fic SCH
  • Pale Male: citizen hawk of New York City. J 598.94 SCH
  • Story of the Nutcracker. J-AUDIO Cassette SCH

Betty Garrett 5/23/1919—2/12/2011

  • Neptune‘s daughter. DVD Comedy N
  • On the town. DVD Musical O

Kenneth Mars 4/14/1936—2/12/2011

  • The Apple Dumpling Gang rides again. DVD Children A
  • The land before time. DVD Children L
  • The little mermaid. DVD Children L
  • We’re back! a dinosaur’s story. DVD Children W
  • What’s up, doc? DVD Comedy W, VIDEO Comedy W
  • Young Frankenstein. DVD Comedy Y, VIDEO Comedy Y

T.P. McKenna 9/7/1929—2/13/2011

  • All creatures great and small. VIDEO Drama
  • Inspector Morse. DVD Mystery I
  • To the lighthouse. DVD Drama T, VIDEO Drama T

Len Lesser 12/3/1922—2/16/2011

  • Seinfeld. DVD Comedy S

Perry Moore 11/4/1971—2/17/2011

  • Hero. Y Fic MOO

Victor Martinez 2/21/1954—2/18/2011

  • Parrot in the oven: mi vida. Y Fic MAR, Spanish Lang. Fic MAR

L. K. Madigan 1963—2/23/2011

  • Flash burnout. Y Fic MAD
  • The mermaid’s mirror. Y Fic MAD

Arnost Lustig 12/21/1926—2/26/2011

  • The unloved: from the diary of Perla S. Fic LUS

Duke Snider 9/19/1926—2/27/2011

  • My bat boy days: lessons I learned from the boys of summer. Steve Garvey. B Garvey
  • We would have played for nothing: baseball stars of the 1950s and 1960s talk about the game they loved. Fay Vincent. 796.357 VIN

Moacyr Scliar 3/23/1937—2/27/2011

  • The strange nation of Rafael Mendes. Fic SCL

Jane Russell 6/21/1921—2/28/2011

  • Abbott and Costello with Jane Russell. VIDEO Comedy
  • Born losers. DVD Action Adv. B
  • Colgate comedy hour. DVD Comedy A
  • Gentlemen prefer blondes. DVD Comedy G
  • The outlaw. DVD Western O
  • The paleface. DVD Western P
  • Son of Paleface. DVD Western S

Peter J. Gomes 5/22/1942—2/28/2011

  • The good book: reading the Bible with mind and heart. 220.1 GOM
  • The good life: truths that last in times of need. 170.44 GOM
  • The scandalous Gospel of Jesus: what’s so good about the good news? 226 GOM
  • Sermons: biblical wisdom for daily living. 252 GOM
  • Strength for the journey: biblical wisdom for daily living: a new collection of sermons. 252 GOM

Hazel Rowley 11/16/1951—3/1/2011

  • Franklin and Eleanor: an extraordinary marriage. B Roosevelt

John Haines 1924—3/2/2011

  • The stone harp. 811 HAI

Alberto Granado 8/8/1922—3/5/2011

  • Traveling with Che Guevara: the making of a revolutionary. 918 GRA
  • The motorcycle diaries: notes on a Latin American journey. Ernesto “Che” Guevara. 918 GUE

Steven Kroll 8/11/1941—3/8/2011

  • By the dawn’s early light: the story of the Star Spangled Banner. JB Key
  • Dirty feet. E KRO First Grade
  • Don’t get me in trouble! Pic KRO
  • Gone fishing. E KRO
  • The Hanukkah mice. Pic KRO Hanukkah
  • Happy Father’s Day. Pic KRO
  • I’m George Washington, and you’re not! J KRO
  • It’s April Fools’ Day! Pic KRO
  • It’s groundhog day! Pic KRO
  • Lewis and Clark: explorers of the American West.  E 917.804 KRO
  • Mary McLean and the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Pic KRO St.Patrick’s Day
  • Oh, Tucker! Pic KRO
  • One tough turkey: a Thanksgiving story. Pic KRO Thanksgiving
  • Patrick’s tree house. J KRO
  • Pony Express! J 973.6 KRO
  • The Squirrels’ Thanksgiving. Pic KRO Thanksgiving
  • A tale of two dogs. Pic KRO
  • That makes me mad! Pic KRO
  • Toot! Toot! Pic KRO
  • Will you be my valentine? Pic KRO Valentine’s Day
  • William Penn: founder of Pennsylvania. JB Penn

David S. Broder 9/11/1929—3/9/2011

  • The man who would be president: Dan Quayle. With Bob Woodward. B Quayle
  • The System: the American way of politics at the breaking point. With Haynes Johnson. 973.929 JOH

Leo Steinberg 7/9/1920—3/13/2011

  • Michelangelo’s last paintings: the Conversion of St. Paul and the Crucifixion of St. Peter in the Cappella Paolina, Vatican Palace. 759.5 STE

Brian Lanker 8/31/1947—3/13/2011

  • I dream a world: portraits of black women who changed America. 305.48 LAN
  • They drew fire: combat artists of World War II. 704.949 LAN, DVD 704.949

William J. Stuntz 7/3/1958—3/15/2011

  • The collapse of American criminal justice.364 STU

Michael Gough 11/23/1913—3/17/2011

  • The age of innocence. DVD Drama A
  • Batman. DVD Action Adv. B
  • Batman & Robin. DVD Action Adv. B
  • Batman forever. DVD Action Adv. B
  • Batman returns. DVD Action Adv. B
  • Horror of Dracula. DVD Classics H
  • The shell seekers. DVD Drama S
  • The silent world of Nicholas Quinn. VIDEO Mystery
  • To the lighthouse. DVD Drama T, VIDEO Drama

David Nevin 5/30/1927—3/18/2011

  • Dream West. Fic NEV
  • Eagle’s cry. Fic NEV
  • 1812. Fic NEV
  • The road to Shiloh: early battles in the West. 973.731 NEV
  • Sherman‘s march: Atlanta to the sea. 973.737 NEV

Knut (polar bear) 12/5/2006—3/19/2011

  • Knut: how one little polar bear captivated the world. J 599.786 KNU
  • Knut, the baby polar bear. Board Book KNU
  • Knut & friends. DVD J 599.786

Helen Stenborg 1/24/1925—3/22/2011

  • The Europeans. DVD Drama E

Elizabeth Taylor 2/27/1932—3/23/2011

  • Elizabeth. J. Randy Taraborrelli. B Taylor, Large Type B Taylor
  • Elizabeth Taylor: the last star. Kitty Kelley. B Taylor
  • Furious love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the marriage of the century. Sam Kashner, Nancy Schoenberger. B Burton
  • How to be a movie star: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood. William J. Mann. B Taylor
  • The most beautiful woman in the world: the obsessions, passions, and courage of Elizabeth Taylor. Ellis Amburn. Large Type B Taylor
  • Passion for life: the biography of Elizabeth Taylor. Donald Spoto. B Taylor
  • Butterfield 8. DVD Drama B
  • Cat on a hot tin roof. DVD Drama C
  • Cleopatra. DVD Drama C
  • Elephant walk. VIDEO Drama
  • Father of the bride. DVD Comedy F
  • Giant. DVD Drama G
  • Ivanhoe. DVD Action Adv. I
  • Life with father. DVD Comedy L
  • Little women. DVD Drama L
  • The mirror crack’d. DVD Mystery M
  • National Velvet. DVD Children N
  • A place in the sun. DVD Drama P, VIDEO Drama
  • Raintree County. DVD Drama R, VIDEO Drama
  • Suddenly, last summer. DVD Drama S
  • The taming of the shrew. DVD 822.33
  • Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? DVD Drama W

Diana Wynne Jones 8/16/1934—3/26/2011

  • Castle in the air. Sci. Fic JON, Y Fic JON
  • Dark Lord of Derkholm. Y Fic JON
  • Deep secret. Sci. Fic JON
  • Dogsbody. Y Fic JON
  • Fire and hemlock. Y Fic JON, J JON
  • The game. Y Fic JON
  • Hexwood. Y Fic JON
  • House of many ways. Y Fic JON
  • Howl’s moving castle. Sci. Fic JON, Y Fic JON, DVD Sci. Fic H
  • The Merlin Conspiracy. Y Fic JON
  • A sudden wild magic. Sci. Fic JON
  • The tough guide to Fantasyland. Y 823 JON
  • Unexpected magic: collected stories. Y Fic JON
  • Year of the griffin. Y Fic JON
  • Charmed life. J JON
  • Enchanted glass. J JON
  • The Pinhoe egg: a Chrestomanci book. J JON
  • The time of the ghost. J JON
  • Wild Robert. J JON

Farley Granger 7/1/1925—3/27/2011

  • Hans Christian Andersen. DVD Drama H
  • O. Henry’s full house. DVD Drama O
  • Rope. DVD Mystery R
  • Strangers on a train. DVD Mystery S

H.R.F. Keating 10/31/1926—3/27/2011

  • Asking questions: an Inspector Ghote mystery. Mystery KEA
  • The bad detective. Mystery KEA
  • Bats fly up for Inspector Ghote. Mystery KEA
  • The body in the billiard room. Mystery KEA
  • Breaking and entering. Mystery KEA
  • Dead on time. Mystery KEA
  • The hard detective. Mystery KEA
  • The iciest sin. Mystery KEA
  • Inspector Ghote breaks an egg. Mystery KEA
  • Inspector Ghote caught in meshes. Mystery KEA
  • Inspector Ghote draws a line. Mystery KEA
  • Inspector Ghote goes by train. Mystery KEA, Audio Fic KEA
  • Inspector Ghote trusts the heart. Mystery KEA
  • Is skin-deep, is fatal. Mystery KEA
  • The murder of the maharajah. Mystery KEA, Large Type Fic KEA
  • One man and his bomb. Mystery KEA
  • The rich detective. Mystery KEA
  • The sheriff of Bombay. Mystery KEA
  • Into the valley of death. Written as Evelyn Hervey. Mystery HER
  • The man of gold. Evelyn Hervey. Mystery HER

Manning Marable 5/13/1950—4/1/2011

  • Malcolm X: a life of reinvention. B X

Craig Thomas 11/24/1942—4/4/2011

  • Firefox down! Fic THO
  • A hooded crow. Large Type Fic THO
  • Playing with cobras. Large Type Fic THO
  • Slipping into shadow. Large Type Fic THO
  • A wild justice. Large Type Fic THO

Wayne Robson 4/29/1946—4/4/2011

  • Babar king of the elephants. DVD Children B, VIDEO Children B
  • Red Green’s We can’t help it– we’re men. DVD Comedy W

Henry Pluckrose 10/23/1931—4/6/2011

  • Beginnings and endings. E 152.1 PLU
  • Changing seasons. E 508 PLU
  • Counting. E 513.2 PLU
  • In the air. E 533 PLU
  • Length. E 530.8 PLU
  • Minibeasts. E 592 PLU
  • Numbers. E 513 PLU
  • Pattern. E 516 PLU
  • Shape. E 516 PLU
  • Size. E 530.8 PLU
  • Sorting. E 511.3 PLU
  • Time. E 529 PLU
  • Trees. E 582.16 PLU
  • Under the ground. E 574.5 PLU
  • Weather. E 551.5 PLU

L. J. Davis 7/2/1940—4/6/2011

  • Fleet fire: Thomas Edison and the pioneers of the electric revolution. 621.309 DAV
  • Onassis, Aristotle and Christina. B Onassis

Trevor Bannister 8/14/1934—4/14/2011

  • The complete Are you being served? collection. DVD Comedy A

William A. Rusher 7/19/1923—4/16/2011

  • How to win arguments. 808.53 RUS

Michael Sarrazin 5/22/1940—4/17/2011

  • The Christmas choir. DVD Drama C
  • The Flim-flam man. VIDEO Comedy
  • Frankenstein: the true story. DVD Drama F
  • They shoot horses don’t they? DVD Drama T

Elisabeth Sladen 2/1/1948—4/19/2011

  • Doctor Who. DVD Sci. Fic. D
  • The Sarah Jane adventures. DVD Sci. Fic S

Grete Waitz 10/1/1953—4/19/2011

  • Run your first marathon: everything you need to know to reach the finish line. 796.4252 WAI

Joan Peyser 6/12/1930—4/24/2011

  • Bernstein, a biography. B Bernstein

Marie-France Pisier 5/10/1944—4/24/2011

  • Inch’ Allah dimanche. DVD Foreign I
  • Time regained. DVD Foreign T

Marian Mercer 11/26/1935—4/27/2011

  • Booker. DVD Children B
  • Murder in three acts. DVD Mystery M

David Wilkerson 5/19/1931—4/27/2011

  • The cross and the switchblade. 259.5 WIL, CD 259.5 WIL, DVD 259.5
  • Twelve angels from hell. 258 WIL

Ernesto Sábato 6/24/1911—4/30/2011

  • Sobre heroes y tumbas. Spanish Lang. Fic SAB
  • El tunel. Spanish Lang. Fic SAB

Osama Bin Laden 3/10/1957?—5/1/2011

  • Growing up Bin Laden: Osama’s wife and son take us inside their secret world. Najwa bin Laden, Omar bin Laden, Jean Sasson. B Bin Laden
  • Holy war, Inc.: inside the secret world of Osama bin Laden. Peter L. Bergen. 958.104 BER
  • Osama bin Laden. Michael Scheuer. B Bin Laden
  • Osama bin Laden: a war against the West. Elaine Landau. Y 958.104 LAN, Spanish Lang. 958.104 LAN
  • Osama: the making of a terrorist. Jonathan Randal. B Bin Laden
  • SEAL target Geronimo: the inside story of the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden. Chuck Pfarrer. 958.1046 PFA
  • Osama bin Laden. Nancy Louis. JB Bin Laden

Jackie Cooper 9/15/1922—5/3/2011

  • The champ. DVD Drama C
  • The return of Frank James. DVD Western R
  • Superman, the movie. DVD Action Adv. S, VIDEO Action Adv. S
  • Superman II. DVD Action Adv. S
  • Superman III. VIDEO Action Adv. S
  • Superman IV: the quest for peace. DVD Action Adv. S
  • Superstars of Our Gang. DVD Comedy L
  • The twilight zone. DVD Sci. Fic T

Sada Thompson 9/27/1929—5/4/2011

  • Family. DVD Drama F

Arthur Laurents 7/14/1918—5/5/2011

  • West side story. 782.8 LAU, DVD Musical W, VIDEO Musical W
  • Anastasia. DVD Drama A
  • Gypsy. DVD Musical G, CD K GYPS GYP S-59
  • Summertime. VIDEO Drama S

Dana Wynter 6/8/1931—5/5/2011

  • Invasion of the body snatchers. DVD Sci. Fic I
  • Sink the Bismarck. DVD Action Adv. S

Gerald Bordman 1931—5/9/2011

  • American musical theatre: a chronicle. R 782.14 BOR
  • The Oxford companion to American theatre. R 792.03 BOR, 792.03 BOR

Norma Zimmer 7/13/1923—5/10/2011

  • Norma. B Zimmer
  • Favorite hymns. Lawrence Welk. CD MG WELK FH W-12

Martin Woodhouse 8/29/1932—5/15/2011

  • The Medici guns. With Robert Ross. Fic WOO

Edward Hardwicke 8/7/1932—5/16/2011

  • The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. VIDEO Mystery
  • Oliver Twist (2005). DVD Drama O
  • The return of Sherlock Holmes. DVD Mystery
  • Sherlock Holmes. DVD Mystery M, VIDEO Mystery

Bill Hunter 2/27/1940—5/21/2011

  • Gallipoli. DVD Action Adv. G
  • Strictly ballroom. VIDEO Comedy S

Jeff Conaway 10/5/1950—5/27/2011

  • Grease. DVD Musical G

Josephine Hart 3/1/1942—6/2/2011

  • Damage. Fic HAR
  • Oblivion. Fic HAR
  • The reconstructionist. Fic HAR
  • Sin. Large Type Fic HAR
  • The stillest day. Fic HAR

Joel Rosenberg 5/1/1954—6/2/2011

  • The fire duke. Sci. Fic ROS
  • Not exactly the three musketeers. Sci. Fic ROS
  • Not really the prisoner of Zenda. Sci. Fic ROS
  • The silver stone. Sci. Fic ROS
  • The warrior lives. Sci. Fic ROS

Lee J. Ames 1/8/1921—6/3/2011

  • Drawing with Lee Ames: from the bestselling, award-winning creator of the Draw 50 series, a proven step-by-step guide to the fundamentals of drawing for all ages. 741.5 AME
  • Draw 50 airplanes, aircraft, and spacecraft. J 743.8 AME
  • Draw 50 aliens, UFOs, galaxy ghouls, Milky Way. J 743.8 AME
  • Draw 50 animal ‘toons. J 741.5 AME
  • Draw 50 animals. J 743.6 AME
  • Draw 50 baby animals: the step-by-step way to draw kittens, lambs, chicks, and other adorable offspring. J 743.6 AME
  • Draw 50 beasties and yugglies and turnover uglies and things that go bump in the night. J 741.2 AME
  • Draw 50 birds. J 743.6 AME
  • Draw 50 boats, ships, trucks & trains. J 743.8 AME
  • Draw 50 buildings and other structures. J 743.8 AME
  • Draw 50 cars, trucks, and motorcycles. J 743.8 AME
  • Draw 50 cats. J 743.6 AME
  • Draw 50 creepy crawlies. J 743.6 AME
  • Draw 50 dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. J 743.6 AME
  • Draw 50 famous caricatures. J 741.5 AME
  • Draw 50 famous cartoons. J 741.5 AME
  • Draw 50 famous faces. J 743.4 AME
  • Draw 50 flowers, trees, and other plants. J 743.7 AME
  • Draw 50 horses. J 743.6 AME
  • Draw 50 magical creatures: the step-by-step way to draw unicorns, elves, cherubs, trolls, and many more. J 743.8 AME
  • Draw 50 monsters, creeps, superheroes, demons, dragons, nerds, dirts, ghouls, giants, vampires, zombies, and other curiosa-. J 741.2 AME
  • Draw 50 people of the Bible. J 743.4 AME
  • Draw 50 princesses: the step-by-step way to draw Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and many more. J 743.4 AME
  • Draw 50 sharks, whales and other sea creatures. J 743.6 AME
  • Draw 50 vehicles: selections from Draw 50 boats, ships, trucks, and trains, and Draw 50 airplanes, aircraft, and spacecraft. J 743.8 AME
  • Make 25 felt-tip drawings out West. J 743 AME

James Arness 5/26/1923—6/3/2011

  • Big Jim McLain. DVD Action Adv. B
  • Hondo. DVD Western H
  • Island in the sky. DVD Action Adv. I
  • Many rivers to cross. DVD Western M

Jack Kevorkian 5/26/1928—6/3/2011

  • You don’t know Jack. DVD Drama Y

Lilian Jackson Braun 6/20/1913—6/4/2011

  • The cat who ate Danish modern. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, Spanish Lang. Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA
  • The cat who blew the whistle. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who brought down the house. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who came to breakfast. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who could read backwards. Mystery BRA, Spanish Lang. Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who dropped a bombshell. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who had 14 tales. Mystery BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who had 60 whiskers. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA
  • The cat who knew a cardinal. Mystery BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who knew Shakespeare. Mystery BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who lived high. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who moved a mountain. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA
  • The cat who played Brahms. Mystery BRA, Spanish Lang. Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who played post office. Mystery BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who robbed a bank. Mystery BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who said cheese. Mystery BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who sang for the birds. Mystery BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who saw red. Mystery BRA, Spanish Lang. Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who saw stars. Mystery BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who smelled a rat. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who sniffed glue. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who tailed a thief. Mystery BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who talked to ghosts. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA
  • The cat who talked turkey. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who turned on and off. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, Spanish Lang. Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who wasn’t there. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who went bananas. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who went into the closet. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, CD Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who went underground. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The cat who went up the creek. Mystery BRA, Large Type Fic BRA, Audio Fic BRA
  • The private life of the cat who–: tales of Koko and Yum Yum from the journals of James Mackintosh Qwilleran. Large Type Fic BRA
  • Short & tall tales: Moose County legends collected by James Mackintosh Qwilleran. Audio Fic BRA

Clarence Clemons 1/11/1942—6/18/2011

  • Big man: real life & tall tales. 782.4216 CLE
  • Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band live 1975-85. CD MR SPRI AES S-28

Peter Falk 9/16/1927—6/23/2011

  • Just one more thing. B Falk
  • Anzio. VIDEO Action Adv. A
  • The cheap detective. DVD Comedy C
  • Columbo. DVD Mystery C
  • Faraway, so close! DVD Foreign F
  • The great race. DVD Comedy G
  • The in-laws. DVD Comedy I, VIDEO Comedy I
  • Murder by death. DVD Mystery M
  • Pocketful of miracles. DVD Comedy P
  • The princess bride. DVD Comedy P
  • Robin and the 7 hoods. DVD Comedy R
  • Shark tale. DVD Comedy S
  • The thing about my folks. DVD Comedy T
  • Wings of desire. DVD Foreign W

Richard Webster 12/17/1950—6/24/2011

  • Why Freud was wrong: sin, science, and psychoanalysis. 150.195 WEB

Margaret Tyzack 9/9/1931—6/25/2011

  • The adventures of young Indiana Jones. DVD Action Adv. A
  • Cousin Bette. DVD Drama C
  • The first Churchills. DVD B Churchill
  • I, Claudius. DVD Drama I
  • Mrs. Dalloway. DVD Drama M
  • Wallis & Edward. DVD Drama W

Shelby Grant 10/19/1936—6/25/2011

  • Fantastic voyage. DVD Sci. Fic F

Anne LaBastille 11/20/1938—7/1/2011

  • Woodswoman. 917.475 LAB

Anna Massey 8/11/1937—7/2/2011

  • Agatha Christie, a life in pictures. DVD Mystery A
  • A Doll’s house. DVD Drama D
  • The importance of being Earnest (2002). DVD Comedy I, VIDEO Comedy
  • Mansfield Park. DVD Drama M
  • The Mayor of Casterbridge. DVD Drama M
  • Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont. DVD Drama M
  • A tale of two cities (1989). DVD Drama T
  • The world of Peter Rabbit and friends. DVD Children T

Francis Henry King 3/4/1923—7/3/2011

  • Voices in an empty room. Fic KIN

Theodore Roszak 11/15/1933—7/5/2011

  • Flicker. Fic ROS

Gordon Tootoosis 10/25/1941—7/5/2011

  • 500 nations. DVD 970.1
  • Bear with me. DVD Children B
  • Bury my heart at Wounded Knee: the epic fall of the American Indian. DVD Drama B
  • Spirit rider. DVD Children S

James P. Barry 10/23/1918—7/?/2011

  • Ships of the Great Lakes: 300 years of navigation. 386.5 BAR

Allan W. Eckert 1/30/1931—7/7/2011

  • The conquerors; a narrative. 973.27 ECK
  • The frontiersmen, a narrative. 973 ECK
  • The owls of North America (north of Mexico). 598.9 ECK
  • Savage journey. Fic ECK
  • The scarlet mansion. Fic ECK
  • A sorrow in our heart: the life of Tecumseh. B Tecumseh
  • That dark and bloody river: chronicles of the Ohio River Valley. 977 ECK
  • Wilderness empire; a narrative. 973.26 ECK
  • Incident at Hawk’s Hill. J ECK

Betty Ford 4/8/1918—7/8/2011

  • Betty, a glad awakening. 362.292 FOR
  • Healing & hope: six women from the Betty Ford Center share their powerful journeys of addiction and recovery. 362.29 FOR
  • The times of my life. B Ford
  • Betty Ford. JB Ford

Roberts Blossom 3/25/1924—7/8/2011

  • Balloon farm. VIDEO Children B
  • The great Gatsby. DVD Drama G

Rob Grill 11/30/1944—7/11/2011

  • All time greatest hits. CD MR GRAS ATG G-67

Sherwood Schwartz 11/14/1916—7/12/2011

  • The Brady bunch. DVD Children B

Blaize Clement 8/18/1932—7/20/2011

  • Cat sitter among the pigeons. Mystery CLE
  • Cat sitter on a hot tin roof. Mystery CLE
  • Duplicity dogged the dachshund. Mystery CLE
  • Even cat sitters get the blues. Mystery CLE
  • Raining cat sitters and dogs. Mystery CLE

Tom Aldredge 2/28/1928—7/22/2011

  • Harvest of fire. DVD Drama H
  • Into the woods. DVD 782.14, CD K INTO IW P-96
  • O pioneers! VIDEO Drama O
  • Taking Chance. DVD Drama T

Amy Winehouse 9/14/1983—7/23/2011

  • Amy Winehouse: the biography. Chas Newkey-Burden. Y 782.4216 NEW

G.D. Spradlin 8/31/1920—7/24/2011

  • Resting place. DVD Drama R

Dan Peek 11/1/1950—7/24/2011

  • The complete greatest hits. America. CD MR AMER CGH A-15

Richard Pearson 8/1/1918—8/2/2011

  • Mrs. Warren’s profession. DVD Drama M
  • The wind in the willows. DVD Children W

James Ford Seale 6/25/1935—8/2/2011

  • The past is never dead: the trial of James Ford Seale and Mississippi’s struggle for redemption. Harry N. Maclean. 345.025 MACL

William Sleator 2/13/1945—8/3/2011

  • The boy who couldn’t die. Y Fic SLE
  • Hell phone. Y Fic SLE
  • Rewind. Y Fic SLE
  • Among the dolls. J SLE
  • The beasties. J SLE
  • Blackbriar. J SLE
  • Boltzmon! J SLE
  • The boxes. J SLE
  • The boy who reversed himself. J SLE
  • The duplicate. J SLE
  • Interstellar pig. J SLE
  • Into the dream. J SLE
  • Oddballs: stories. J SLE
  • Run. J SLE
  • Singularity. J SLE
  • The spirit house. J SLE
  • Strange attractors. J SLE
  • That’s silly. E SLE First Grade

John Wood 7/5/1930—8/6/2011

  • Goodbye, Mr. Chips. DVD Drama G
  • Lady Jane. DVD Drama L
  • The little vampire. DVD Comedy L
  • Sabrina (1995). DVD Comedy S
  • Wargames. DVD Action Adv. W

Jerry Leiber 4/25/1933—8/22/2011

  • Jailhouse rock. DVD Musical J

Susan Fromberg Schaeffer 3/25/1940—8/26/2011

  • Anya. Fic SCH
  • First nights. Fic SCH
  • The golden rope. Fic SCH
  • The snow fox. Fic SCH

Paul Lindsay 7/25/1943—9/1/2011

  • The big scam: a novel of the FBI. Fic LIN
  • Code name–Gentkill: a novel of the FBI. Fic LIN
  • Freedom to kill: a novel of the FBI. Fic LIN
  • The Fuhrer’s reserve: a novel of the FBI. Fic LIN

Cliff Robertson 2/9/1923—9/10/2011

  • Indecent exposure: a true story of Hollywood and Wall Street. David McClintick. 364.162 MACC
  • Charly. DVD Drama C
  • The complete Gidget collection. DVD Comedy G
  • Daredevils of the sky. VIDEO 797.54
  • Ford the man and the machine. DVD B Ford
  • Midway. DVD Action Adv. M, VIDEO Action Adv. M
  • Picnic. DVD Drama P
  • Spider-Man. DVD Action Adv. Widescreen S
  • The twilight zone. DVD Sci. Fic T
  • Wild hearts can’t be broken. DVD Drama W, VIDEO Drama W

Jo Carson 10/9/1946—9/19/2011

  • Pulling my leg: story. Pic CAR
  • You hold me and I’ll hold you. Pic CAR

Victor B. Scheffer 11/27/1906—9/20/2011

  • A natural history of marine mammals. 599 SCH

Oscar Handlin 9/29/1915—9/20/2011

  • Liberty and equality 1920-1994. 973.9 HAN
  • Statue of Liberty. 325.73 HAN

Wangari Muta Maathai 4/1/1940—9/25/2011

  • Replenishing the Earth: spiritual values for healing ourselves and the world. 261.88 MAA
  • Unbowed: a memoir. B Maathai
  • Wangari’s trees of peace: a true story from Africa. Jeanette Winter. EB Wangari

Sara Douglass 6/2/1957—9/26/2011

  • Beyond the hanging wall. Sci. Fic DOU
  • Crusader. Sci. Fic DOU
  • Enchanter. Sci. Fic DOU
  • Pilgrim. Sci. Fic DOU
  • Sinner. Sci. Fic DOU
  • Starman. Sci. Fic DOU
  • Threshold. Sci. Fic DOU
  • The wayfarer redemption. Sci. Fic DOU

Doris Belack 2/26/1926—10/4/2011

  • Arranged. DVD Drama A

Charles Napier 4/12/1936—10/5/2011

  • Philadelphia. DVD Drama Anniv. ed. P

Steve Jobs 2/24/1955—10/5/2011

  • The second coming of Steve Jobs. Alan Deutschman. B Jobs
  • Steve Jobs. Walter Isaacson. B Jobs, Large Type B Jobs B, Spanish Lang. B Jobs
  • Pirates of Silicon Valley. DVD Drama P

Diane Cilento 10/5/1933—10/6/2011

  • The agony and the ecstasy. DVD Drama A
  • Hombre. DVD Western H

George Baker 4/1/1931—10/7/2011

  • I, Claudius. DVD Drama I

Michel Peissel 2/11/1937—10/7/2011

  • The great Himalayan passage: the story of an extraordinary adventure on the roof of the world. 915.4 PEI

Piri Thomas 9/30/1928—10/17/2011

  • Down these mean streets. B Thomas, Spanish Lang. B Thomas

Florence Parry Heide 2/27/1919—10/24/2011

  • The day of Ahmed’s secret. Pic HEI
  • Grim and ghastly goings-on. J 811 HEI
  • Princess Hyacinth: (the surprising tale of a girl who floated). Pic HEI
  • Sami and the time of the troubles. Pic HEI
  • That’s what friends are for. Pic HEI
  • Timothy Twinge. Pic HEI

Larry Haun 5/6/1931—10/24/2011

  • Carpentry. 694 HAU
  • How to build a house. 690.837 HAU

James Hillman 4/12/1926—10/27/2011

  • The force of character: and the lasting life. 155.2 HIL
  • The soul’s code: in search of character and calling. 155.23 HIL

Tom Keith 12/21/1946—10/30/2011

  • New & not bad pretty good jokes. CD 817 NEW
  • A Prairie Home Companion commercial radio: words from our so-called sponsors. CD 791.4472 PRA
  • A Prairie Home Companion: it’s only a show. CD 818 KEI
  • A Prairie home companion with Garrison Keillor. DVD Comedy P

Andy Rooney 1/14/1919—11/4/2011

  • And more by Andy Rooney. 814 ROO, Large Type 814 ROO
  • Andy Rooney: 60 years of wisdom and wit. Large Type 814 ROO
  • Common nonsense. 814 ROO
  • My war. 940.54 ROO
  • Not that you asked. 814 ROO, Audio 814 ROO
  • Out of my mind. 814 ROO
  • Pieces of my mind. 814 ROO
  • Sincerely, Andy Rooney. B Rooney
  • Sweet and sour. Large Type 814 ROO
  • Word for word. 814 ROO
  • Years of minutes. 814 ROO

Joe Frazier 1/2/1944—11/7/2011

  • Champions forever: feature film & lost interviews. DVD 796.83

Bil Keane 10/5/1922—11/8/2011

  • “Just wait till you have children of your own!” With Erma Bombeck. 817 BOM

Heavy D 5/24/1967—11/8/2011

  • Vibes. CD MR HEAV VIB H-05
  • The cider house rules. DVD Drama
  • Happily ever after: fairy tales for every child. DVD Children H

John Neville 5/2/1925—11/19/2011

  • The adventures of Baron Munchausen. DVD Sci. Fic A
  • Bonhoeffer, agent of grace. DVD B Bonhoeffer, VIDEO B Bonhoeffer
  • Emily of New Moon. DVD Children E
  • The first Churchills. DVD B Churchill
  • The rivals of Sherlock Holmes. DVD Mystery R

Anne McCaffrey 4/1/1926—11/21/2011

  • Acorna: the unicorn girl. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Acorna’s people. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Acorna’s quest. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Acorna’s rebels. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Acorna’s search. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Acorna’s triumph. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Acorna’s world. Sci. Fic MACC
  • All the Weyrs of Pern. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Black horses for the king. Y Fic MACC
  • Brain ships. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Catacombs: a tale of the Barque cats. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Catalyst: a tale of the Barque cats. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Changelings. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The chronicles of Pern: first fall. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The city and the ship. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The city who fought. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Crystal line. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Crystal singer. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Damia. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Damia’s children. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Deluge. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Dinosaur planet. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Dinosaur planet survivors. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The dolphins of Pern. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Dragon Harper. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Dragondrums. Sci. Fic MACC, J MACC, CD Fic MACC
  • Dragonflight. Sci. Fic MACC, Spanish Lang. Fic MACC
  • Dragonquest. Sci. Fic MACC, Spanish Lang. Fic MACC, Audio Fic MACC
  • Dragon’s fire. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Dragon’s kin. Sci. Fic MACC, Audio Fic MACC
  • Dragon’s time. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Dragonsdawn. Sci. Fic MACC, Audio Fic MACC
  • Dragonseye. Sci. Fic MACC, Audio Fic MACC
  • Dragonsinger. Sci. Fic MACC, J MACC
  • Dragonsong. Sci. Fic MACC, J MACC
  • Freedom’s challenge. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Freedom’s choice. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Freedom’s landing. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Freedom’s ransom. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Generation warriors. Sci. Fic MACC
  • A gift of dragons. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The girl who heard dragons. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Killashandra. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Lyon‘s pride. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Maelstrom. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The masterharper of Pern. Sci. Fic MACC, Audio Fic MACC
  • Moreta, dragonlady of Pern. Sci. Fic MACC, Audio Fic MACC
  • Nerilka’s story: a Pern adventure. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Nimisha’s ship. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Pegasus in flight. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Pegasus in space. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Power play. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Powers that be. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The renegades of Pern. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The Rowan. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Sassinak. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The ship who sang. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The ship who won. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The skies of Pern. Sci. Fic MACC
  • Stitch in snow. Fic MACC
  • Three gothic novels: Ring of fear, The mark of Merlin, The Kilternan legacy. Fic MACC
  • To ride Pegasus. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The tower and the hive. Sci. Fic MACC
  • The white dragon. Sci. Fic MACC, Audio Fic MACC
  • The year of the Lucy. Fic MACC
  • Dragonholder. Todd J. McCaffrey. B McCaffrey

Lynn Margulis 3/5/1938—11/22/2011

  • Five kingdoms: an illustrated guide to the phyla of life on Earth. 570.12 MAR
  • Garden of microbial delights: a practical guide to the subvisible world. 576 SAG

Tom Wicker 6/18/1926—11/25/2011

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower. 973.921 WIC
  • One of us: Richard Nixon and the American dream. B Nixon

Alan Sues 3/7/1926—12/1/2011

  • Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July. DVD Children R

Christa Wolf 3/18/1929—12/1/2011

  • In the flesh. Fic WOL

Bill McKinney 9/12/1931—12/1/2011

  • The outlaw Josey Wales. DVD Western O
  • The shootist. DVD Western S
  • Tex. DVD Drama T

Dan Biggers 1/18/1931—12/5/2011

  • Queen. DVD Drama Q

Harry Morgan 4/10/1915—12/7/2011

  • The Apple Dumpling Gang rides again. DVD Children A
  • Backstairs at the White House. DVD Drama B
  • The cat from outer space. DVD Children C
  • The far country. DVD Western F
  • The Flim-flam man. VIDEO Comedy
  • Frankie and Johnny. DVD Musical F
  • The Glenn Miller story. DVD Musical G
  • High noon. VIDEO Western H
  • M*A*S*H. DVD Comedy M
  • The Ox-Bow incident. DVD Western O
  • Roots, the next generations. DVD Drama R
  • The shootist. DVD Western S
  • Snowball express. DVD Children S
  • Sparkling cyanide. DVD Mystery S
  • Support your local sheriff! DVD Western S
  • Yellow sky. DVD Western Y

Jerry Robinson 1922—12/7/2011

  • The comics: an illustrated history of comic strip art. 741.5 ROB

Gilbert Adair 12/29/1944—12/8/2011

  • Alice through the needle’s eye. Fic ADA

Don Duong 8/27/1957—12/8/2011

  • Green dragon. DVD Drama

Russell Hoban 2/4/1925—12/13/2011

  • A baby sister for Frances. Pic HOB
  • A bargain for Frances. Pic HOB, Sp. Lang. E HOB
  • Bedtime for Frances. Pic HOB
  • Best friends for Frances. Pic HOB
  • Bread and jam for Frances. Pic HOB
  • Emmet Otter’s jug-band Christmas. E HOB Christmas, DVD Children E
  • Jim Hedgehog and the Lonesome Tower. J HOB
  • Jim’s lion. E 617.5 HOB
  • Tom and the two handles. E HOB First Grade
  • Trouble on Thunder Mountain. E HOB

Erica Wilson 10/8/1928—12/13/2011

  • Erica Wilson’s brides book: all the special things to make for your engagement, your wedding, and your first year of marriage. 746.4 WIL
  • Erica Wilson’s embroidery book. 746.44 WIL
  • Erica Wilson’s Quilts of America. 746.46 WIL

Christopher Hitchens 4/13/1949—12/15/2011

  • Arguably: essays. 814 HIT
  • God is not great: how religion poisons everything.  200 HIT
  • Hitch-22: a memoir. B Hitchens
  • Thomas Jefferson: author of America. B Jefferson

Vaclav Havel 10/5/1936—12/18/2011

  • Disturbing the peace: a conversation with Karel Hvizdala. 943.704 HAV
  • Summer meditations. 943.704 HAV

Simms Taback 2/13/1932—12/25/2011

  • I miss you every day. Pic TAB
  • Joseph had a little overcoat. Pic TAB Caldecott, J AUDIO Book and Cassette TAB
  • There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. Pic TAB, J Book and CD TAB, DVD Children T
  • This is the house that Jack built. Pic TAB, DVD Children T

Jon Roberts 1948—12/28/2011

  • American desperado: my life–from mafia soldier to cocaine cowboy to secret government asset. B Roberts

Ronald Searle 3/3/1920—12/30/2011

  • Slightly foxed –but still desirable: Ronald Searle’s wicked world of book collecting. 002 SEA
  • Beastly feasts!: a mischievous menagerie in rhyme. Robert L. Forbes. J 811 FOR

Penny Jordan 11/24/1946—12/31/2011

  • For better for worse. Fic JOR
  • A perfect family. Fic JOR