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Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2010

Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2010

Peter J. Dyck 12/4/1914—1/4/2010

  • Getting home before dark: stories of wisdom for all ages. 242 DYC
  • A leap of faith: true stories for young and old. 248.4 DYC
  • Up from the rubble. 289.7 DYC
  • The great shalom. J DYC
  • Shalom at last. J DYC
  • Expect a miracle (and other inspirational favorites).  VIDEO 248

Stephen Huneck 10/8/1948—1/7/2010

  • Sally goes to the farm. Pic HUN

Hans L. Trefousse 12/18/1921—1/8/2010

  • Rutherford B. Hayes. 973.83 TRE

Ruth McBride Jordan 4/1/1921—1/9/2010

  • The color of water: a Black man’s tribute to his white mother. James McBride. B McBride

Miep Gies 2/15/1909—1/11/2010

  • Anne Frank remembered: the story of the woman who helped to hide the Frank family. 940.53 GIE, J 940.531 GIE, Audio 940.53 GIE, DVD B Frank, VIDEO 940.53

Eric Rohmer 3/21/1920—1/11/2010

  • Autumn tale. VIDEO Foreign

Ann Prentiss 11/27/1939—1/12/2010

  • The out-of-towners. DVD Comedy Wide screen O

P. K. Page 11/23/1916—1/14/2010

  • The traveling musicians of Bremen. Pic PAG

Erich Segal 6/16/1937—1/17/2010

  • Acts of faith. Fic SEG, Large Type Fic SEG
  • The class. Fic SEG
  • Doctors. Fic SEG
  • Fairy tale. Fic SEG
  • Love story. Fic SEG, DVD Drama,VIDEO Drama L
  • Man, woman, and child. Fic SEG, Large Type Fic SEG
  • Oliver’s story. Fic SEG
  • Only love. Fic SEG

Robert B. Parker 9/17/1932—1/18/2010

  • All our yesterdays. Fic PAR, Large Type Fic PAR
  • Appaloosa. Western PAR, CD Fic PAR
  • Back story. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR
  • Bad business. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR
  • Blue-eyed devil.Mystery PAR, CD Fic PAR
  • Blue screen. Mystery PAR, CD Fic PAR
  • Brimstone. Western PAR
  • A Catskill eagle. Mystery PAR
  • Ceremony. Mystery PAR
  • Chance. Mystery PAR
  • Cold service. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR, CD Fic PAR
  • Crimson joy. Mystery PAR
  • Death in paradise. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR, DVD Mystery D
  • Double deuce. Mystery PAR
  • Double play. Mystery PAR
  • Early autumn. Mystery PAR
  • Family honor. Mystery PAR
  • God save the child. Mystery PAR
  • Gunman’s rhapsody. Western PAR, CD Fic PAR
  • High profile. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR, CD Fic PAR
  • Hugger mugger. Mystery PAR
  • Hundred-dollar baby. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR, CD Fic PAR
  • Hush money. Mystery PAR
  • The Judas goat. Mystery PAR
  • Looking for Rachel Wallace. Mystery PAR
  • Love and glory. Fic PAR
  • Melancholy baby. Mystery PAR
  • Mortal stakes. Mystery PAR
  • Night and day. Mystery PAR
  • Night passage. Mystery PAR, DVD Mystery N
  • Now and then. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR, CD Fic PAR
  • Painted ladies. Mystery PAR
  • Pale kings and princes. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR
  • Paper doll. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR
  • Pastime. Mystery PAR
  • Perchance to dream: Robert B. Parker’s sequel to Raymond Chandler’s The big sleep. Mystery PAR
  • Perish twice. Mystery PAR
  • Playmates. Mystery PAR
  • Poodle springs. With Raymond Chandler. Mystery CHA
  • Potshot. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR
  • The professional. Mystery PAR
  • Promised land. Mystery PAR
  • Resolution. Western PAR, Large Type Fic PAR
  • Rough weather. Mystery PAR
  • A savage place. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR
  • School days. Mystery PAR, CD Fic PAR
  • Sea change. Mystery PAR, CD Fic PAR, DVD Mystery S
  • Shrink rap. Mystery PAR, Audio Fic PAR
  • Small vices. Mystery PAR
  • Spare change. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR, CD Fic PAR
  • Split image. Mystery PAR
  • Stardust. Mystery PAR
  • Stone cold. Mystery PAR
  • Stranger in paradise. Mystery PAR
  • Sudden mischief. Mystery PAR
  • Taming a sea-horse. Mystery PAR
  • Thin air. Mystery PAR
  • Trouble in Paradise. Mystery PAR
  • Valediction. Mystery PAR
  • Walking shadow. Mystery PAR
  • The widening gyre. Large Type Fic PAR
  • Widow’s walk. Mystery PAR, Large Type Fic PAR, CD Fic PAR
  • Wilderness. Fic PAR

Paul Quarrington 7/22/1953—1/21/2010

  • The spirit cabinet. Fic QUA

James Mitchell 1/29/1920—1/22/2010

  • The band wagon. DVD Musical B

Jean Simmons 1/31/1929—1/22/2010

  • Apocalypse: the puzzle of Revelation. DVD 228
  • The big country. DVD Western B, VIDEO Western B
  • Elmer Gantry. DVD Drama E
  • The grass is greener. DVD Comedy G
  • Great expectations. DVD Drama G
  • Guys and dolls. DVD Musical G
  • Hamlet. VIDEO 822.33
  • Heidi. DVD Children H, VIDEO Children H
  • Howl’s moving castle. DVD Sci. Fic H
  • The robe. DVD Drama R, VIDEO Spanish Lang
  • Spartacus. DVD Drama S, VIDEO Drama
  • The thorn birds. DVD Drama T
  • Who wrote the Bible? probing the eternal mysteries behind the origins of the Holy Scriptures. VIDEO 220.09

Pernell Roberts 5/18/1928—1/24/2010

  • The avenger. VIDEO Action Adv.
  • Bitter water. VIDEO Action Adv.
  • Blood on the land. VIDEO Action Adv.
  • The Bonanza collection. DVD Western B
  • Death at dawn. VIDEO Action Adv.
  • Desire under the elms. DVD Drama D
  • The gunmen. VIDEO Action Adv.
  • The Julia Bulette story / Magnificent Adah. VIDEO Western
  • The magic of Lassie. VIDEO Children
  • The outcast / The last hunt. VIDEO Western

Louis Auchincloss 1/27/1917—1/26/2010

  • The book class. Fic AUC, Large Type Fic AUC
  • The country cousin. Fic AUC
  • The dark lady. Fic AUC
  • Diary of a yuppie. Fic AUC
  • Edith Wharton; a woman in her time. B Wharton
  • Fables of wit and elegance. 808.83 AUC
  • Honorable men. Fic AUC
  • The house of the prophet. Large Type Fic AUC
  • The lady of situations. Fic AUC
  • A law for the lion. Fic AUC
  • The partners. Large Type Fic AUC
  • Persons of consequence: Queen Victoria and her circle. B Victoria
  • Pioneers & caretakers; a study of 9 American women novelists. 813 AUC
  • The rector of Justin. Fic AUC
  • Skinny island: more tales of Manhattan. Large Type Fic AUC
  • Tales of Manhattan. Fic AUC
  • Tales of yesteryear. Large Type Fic AUC
  • A voice from old New York: a memoir of my youth. B Auchincloss
  • Woodrow Wilson. B Wilson

J. D. Salinger 1/1/1919—1/27/2010

  • The catcher in the rye. Fic SAL
  • Franny and Zooey. Fic SAL
  • At home in the world: a memoir. Joyce Maynard. B Maynard
  • Dream catcher: a memoir. Margaret A. Salinger. B Salinger
  • In search of J. D. Salinger. Ian Hamilton. B Salinger
  • J.D. Salinger. 813 SAL
  • Salinger: a biography. Paul Alexander. B Salinger
  • Salinger: a life. Kenneth Slawenski.

Howard Zinn 8/24/1922—1/27/2010

  • Declarations of independence: cross-examining American ideology. 320.5 ZIN
  • Just war. 172.42 ZIN
  • A people’s history of American empire: a graphic adaptation. Graphic 973 ZIN
  • A people’s history of the United States: 1492-present. 973 ZIN, Spanish Lang. 973 ZIN, CD 973 ZIN
  • Voices of a people’s history of the United States. 973 ZIN
  • A young people’s history of the United States. Y 973 ZIN
  • The people speak: American voices, some famous, some little known: dramatic readings celebrating the enduring spirit of dissent. CD 973 PEO

Ralph M. McInerny 2/24/1929—1/29/2010

  • Abracadaver. Mystery MACI
  • Ash Wednesday. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • The basket case. Mystery MACI
  • Bishop as pawn. Large Type Fic MACI
  • Blood ties. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Body and soil. Mystery MACI
  • The book of kills. Large Type Fic MACI
  • A cardinal offense. Mystery MACI
  • Cause and effect. Mystery MACI
  • Celt and pepper. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Connolly’s life. Mystery MACI
  • The defamation of Pius XII. 282.092 MACI
  • Easeful death. Fic MACI
  • Emerald aisle. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Gate of heaven. Fic MACI
  • The grass widow. Mystery MACI
  • Grave undertakings. Large Type Fic MACI
  • The green revolution. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Green thumb. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Heirs and parents. Mystery MACI
  • Her death of cold. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Infra Dig. Mystery MACI
  • Irish alibi. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Irish coffee. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Irish gilt. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Irish tenure. Large Type Fic MACI
  • Jolly Rogerson. Fic MACI
  • Judas Priest. Fic MACI
  • Lack of the Irish. Large Type Fic MACI
  • Last things. Mystery MACI
  • Law and ardor. Mystery MACI
  • Leave of absence. Fic MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • The letter killeth. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • A loss of patients. Mystery MACI
  • Lying three. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Mom and dead. Mystery MACI
  • A narrow time. Fic MACI
  • The noonday devil. Fic MACI
  • On this Rockne. Large Type Fic MACI
  • The priest. Fic MACI
  • Prodigal father. Mystery MACI
  • The prudence of the flesh. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Requiem for a realtor. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Rest in pieces. Mystery MACI
  • Rogerson at bay. Fic MACI
  • Savings and loam. Mystery MACI
  • The search committee. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Second vespers. Large Type Fic MACI
  • Seed of doubt. Mystery MACI
  • The seventh station. Mystery MACI
  • Sham rock.Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Stained glass. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • Still life. Mystery MACI
  • The tears of things. Mystery MACI
  • Thicker than water. Mystery MACI
  • Triple pursuit. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • The widow’s mate. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI
  • The wisdom of Father Dowling. Mystery MACI, Large Type Fic MACI

Tomás Eloy Martínez 7/16/1934—1/31/2010

  • The Peron novel. Fic MAR
  • El cantor de tango. Spanish Lang. Fic MAR
  • Purgatorio. Spanish Lang. Fic MAR
  • Santa Evita. Spanish Lang. Fic MAR
  • El vuelo de la reina. Spanish Lang. Fic MAR

Kage Baker 6/10/1952—1/31/2010

  • The anvil of the world. Sci. Fic BAK
  • The house of the stag. Sci. Fic BAK

Linea Geiser 6/3/1936—2/4/2010

  • Caught in the light. Ind. Coll. 811 GEI

Charlie Wilson 6/1/1933—2/10/2010

  • Charlie Wilson’s war: the extraordinary story of the largest covert operation in history. George Crile. 958.104 CRI, CD 958.104 CRI
  • The true story of Charlie Wilson. DVD 958.1045

Lucille Clifton 6/27/1936—2/13/2010

  • Everett Anderson’s goodbye. Pic CLI

Dick Francis 10/31/1920—2/14/2010

  • Banker. Mystery FRA
  • Blood sport. Large Type Fic FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Bolt. Mystery FRA, CD Fic FRA
  • Bonecrack. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Break in. Mystery FRA
  • Come to grief. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Comeback. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Crossfire. Mystery FRA, CD Fic FRA
  • The danger. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Dead cert. Large Type Fic FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Dead heat. Mystery FRA, CD Fic FRA
  • Decider. Mystery FRA, Large Type Fic FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Driving force. Mystery FRA, Large Type Fic FRA
  • The edge. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Enquiry. Mystery FRA, Large Type Fic FRA
  • Even money. Mystery FRA
  • Field of thirteen. Mystery FRA
  • Flying finish. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • For kicks. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Forfeit. Mystery FRA, Large Type Fic FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • High stakes. Mystery FRA, CD Fic FRA
  • Hot money. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • In the frame. Large Type Fic FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Knockdown. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Longshot. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Nerve. Mystery FRA
  • Odds against. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Proof. Mystery FRA
  • Rat race. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Reflex. Mystery FRA, Large Type Fic FRA
  • Risk. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Second wind. Mystery FRA
  • Shattered. Mystery FRA, Large Type Fic FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Silks. Mystery FRA, CD Fic FRA
  • Slayride. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Smokescreen. Audio Fic FRA
  • The sport of queens; the autobiography of Dick Francis. B Francis
  • Straight. Mystery FRA
  • 10 lb. penalty. Mystery FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • To the hilt. Mystery FRA, Large Type Fic FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Trial run. Mystery FRA
  • Twice shy. CD Fic FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Under orders. Mystery FRA, Large Type Fic FRA, CD Fic FRA
  • Whip hand. Mystery FRA, Large Type Fic FRA, Audio Fic FRA
  • Wild horses. Mystery FRA, Large Type Fic FRA, Audio Fic FRA

Jim Harmon 4/21/1933—2/16/2010

  • The great radio comedians. 791.44 HAR

Kathryn Grayson 2/9/1922—2/17/2010

  • Anchors aweigh. DVD Musical A
  • The desert song. VIDEO Musical
  • Kiss me Kate. DVD Musical K, VIDEO Musical K
  • Show boat. DVD Musical S

Lionel Jeffries 6/10/1926—2/19/2010

  • Abel’s island. DVD Children A, VIDEO Children
  • Camelot. DVD Musical
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. DVD Children C, VIDEO Children C, VIDEO Spanish Lang.
  • Murder ahoy. DVD Mystery M
  • The nun’s story. DVD Drama N

Rose Gray 1/28/1939—2/28/2010

  • Italian two easy: simple recipes from the London River Cafe. 641.5945 GRA

Carlos Montemayor 6/13/1947—2/28/2010

  • Los pueblos indios de Mexico hoy. Spanish Lang. Audio 305.897 MON

Truddi Chase 193?—3/10/2010

  • When Rabbit howls. 616.8523 CHA

Corey Haim 12/23/1971—3/10/2010

  • Murphy’s romance. DVD Comedy M, VIDEO Comedy

Merlin Olsen 9/15/1940—3/11/2010

  • Little house on the prairie. DVD Drama L

Patricia Lauber 2/5/1924—3/12/2010

  • Alligators: a success story. J 597.98 LAU
  • Be a friend to trees. E 582.16 LAU
  • Earthworms: underground farmers. J 595.1 LAU
  • Flood: wrestling with the Mississippi. J 551.489 LAU
  • Fur, feathers, and flippers: how animals live. J 591.56 LAU
  • How dinosaurs came to be. J 567.9 LAU
  • Hurricanes: Earth’s mightiest storms. J 551.552 LAU
  • Life on a giant cactus. J 583 LAU
  • Living with dinosaurs. J 567.91 LAU
  • Lost star: the story of Amelia Earhart. JB Earhart
  • Painters of the caves. J 759.01 LAU
  • Seeing Earth from space. 525 LAU
  • Snakes are hunters. J 597.96 LAU
  • Summer of fire: Yellowstone 1988. J 574.526 LAU
  • Tales mummies tell. 930.102 LAU
  • The tiger has a toothache. E 636.088 LAU
  • The true-or-false book of cats. E 636.8 LAU
  • The true-or-false book of dogs. E 636.7 LAU
  • The true-or-false book of horses. J 636.1 LAU
  • Volcano: the eruption and healing of Mount St. Helens. J 551.2 LAU
  • What you never knew about beds, bedrooms, & pajamas. J 392.36 LAU
  • What you never knew about fingers, forks & chopsticks.  E 395 LAU
  • What you never knew about tubs, toilets & showers. E 391.6 LAU
  • Who came first?: new clues to prehistoric Americans. J 970.01 LAU
  • Who eats what?: food chains and food webs. E 577.16 LAU
  • You’re aboard spaceship Earth. E 551 LAU

Peter Graves 3/18/1926—3/14/2010

  • Airplane! DVD Comedy A
  • Savannah smiles. DVD Drama S
  • The winds of war. DVD Drama W

Sid Fleischman 3/16/1920—3/17/2010

  • The abracadabra kid: a writer’s life. JB Fleischman
  • Bandit’s moon. J FLE, J AUDIO CD FLE
  • The Bloodhound Gang in the case of Princess Tomorrow. J FLE Mystery
  • The Bloodhound Gang in the case of the cackling ghost.
  • The Bloodhound Gang in the case of the flying clock. J FLE Mystery
  • The Bloodhound Gang in the case of the secret message. J FLE Mystery
  • By the great horn spoon! J FLE, J AUDIO CD FLE, J AUDIO Cassette FLE
  • A carnival of animals. J FLE
  • Chancy and the grand rascal. J FLE
  • Disappearing act. J AUDIO CD FLE
  • Escape!: the story of the great Houdini. JB Houdini
  • The ghost in the noonday sun. J FLE
  • The giant rat of Sumatra: or, Pirates galore. J FLE
  • Here comes McBroom: three more tall tales. J FLE
  • Humbug Mountain. J FLE
  • Jim Ugly. J FLE
  • Jingo Django. J FLE
  • McBroom and the beanstalk. J FLE
  • McBroom the rainmaker. J FLE
  • McBroom’s almanac. J FLE
  • McBroom’s ear. J FLE
  • McBroom’s wonderful one-acre farm: three tall tales. J FLE
  • McBroom’s zoo. J FLE
  • Me and the man on the moon-eyed horse. J FLE
  • The midnight horse. J FLE
  • The scarebird. Pic FLE
  • The 13th floor: a ghost story. J FLE, J AUDIO Cassette FLE
  • The trouble begins at 8: a life of Mark Twain in the wild, wild West. JB Twain
  • The whipping boy. J FLE Newbery, J Paperback Spanish, J AUDIO CD FLE Newbery, J AUDIO Cassette FLE Newbery

Fess Parker 8/16/1925—3/18/2010

  • Davy Crockett. DVD Children, DVD Action Adv.
  • The great locomotive chase. DVD Action Adv. G
  • The light in the forest. DVD Children L, VIDEO Drama L
  • Old Yeller. DVD Children O, VIDEO Descriptive

Elinor Smith 8/17/1911—3/19/2010

  • Soar, Elinor! Tami Lewis Brown. JB Smith

Stewart Udall 1/31/1920—3/20/2010

  • America’s natural treasures; national nature monuments and seashores. 917.3 UDA
  • The national parks of America. 917.3 UDA

Liz Carpenter 9/1/1920—3/20/2010

  • Unplanned parenthood: the confessions of a seventysomething surrogate mother. B Carpenter

William Mayne 3/16/1928—3/24/2010

  • Drift. J MAY
  • Hob and the goblins. J MAY
  • Hob and the peddler. J MAY
  • The mouse and the egg. Pic MAY
  • William Mayne’s Book of giants. J 398.2 MAY

Robert Culp 8/16/1930—3/24/2010

  • Ancient Greece. DVD 938.06
  • Columbo. DVD Mystery C
  • The pelican brief. DVD Drama P, VIDEO Drama
  • Roots, the next generations. DVD Drama R

Duane Newcomb 2/12/1929—3/30/2010

  • The apartment farmer: the hassle-free way to grow vegetables indoors, on balconies, patios, roofs, and in small yards. 635 NEW

John Forsythe 1/29/1918—4/1/2010

  • Scrooged. DVD Comedy S

Susan E. Tifft 2/14/1951—4/1/2010

  • The trust: the private and powerful family behind the New York Times. B Ochs

Carolyn Rodgers 12/14/1940—4/2/2010

  • The heart as ever green: poems. 811 ROD

Corin Redgrave 7/16/1939—4/6/2010

  • Antony & Cleopatra. DVD 822.33
  • The Forsyte saga. DVD Drama F
  • The girl in the cafe. DVD Comedy G
  • A man for all seasons. DVD Drama M
  • To kill a king. DVD Action Adv. T

Wilma Mankiller 11/18/1945—4/6/2010

  • Mankiller: a chief and her people. Audio B Mankiller
  • Wilma Mankiller: chief of the Cherokee Nation. Pamela Dell. JB Mankiller

Betty Paraskevas 4/8/1929—4/7/2010

  • On the day the tall ships sailed. Pic PAR
  • The tangerine bear. Pic PAR
  • Rain showers & spring flowers (Maggie and the Ferocious Beast). DVD Children M

John Schoenherr 7/5/1935—4/8/2010

  • Bear. Pic SCH

James Aubrey 8/28/1947—4/8/2010

  • Lord of the Flies. DVD Action Adv. L

Meinhardt Raabe 9/2/1915—4/9/2010

  • Memories of a Munchkin: an illustrated walk down the yellow brick road. 791.4372 RAA

Carlos Franqui 12/4/1921—4/16/2010

  • Camilo Cienfuegos. Spanish Lang. B Cienfuegos

Daryl F. Gates 8/30/1926—4/16/2010

  • Chief: my life in the LAPD. 363.2 GAT

Dorothy Height 3/24/1912—4/20/2010

  • Open wide the freedom gates: a memoir. B Height

Alan Rich 6/17/1924—4/23/2010

  • Music: mirror of the arts. 780.9 RIC

Elizabeth L. Post 5/7/1920—4/24/2010

  • Emily Post on second weddings. 395.22 POS
  • Emily Post’s complete book of wedding etiquette. 395.22 POS
  • Emily Post’s Etiquette. R 395 POS

Alan Sillitoe 3/4/1928—4/25/2010

  • Out of the whirlpool. Fic SIL
  • The loneliness of the long distance runner. DVD Foreign L

Dorothy Provine 1/20/1935—4/25/2010

  • The great race. DVD Comedy G
  • That darn cat! DVD Children T

Stanley I. Greenspan 6/1/1941—4/27/2010

  • The essential partnership: how parents and children can meet the emotional challenges of infancy and childhood. 649.1 GRE
  • Great kids: helping your baby and child develop the ten essential qualities for a happy, healthy life. 155.4 GRE
  • The learning tree: overcoming learning disabilities from the ground up. 371.9043 GRE

Lynn Redgrave 3/8/1943—5/2/2010

  • Centennial. DVD Drama C
  • Eloise goes to school. DVD Children E
  • Eloise in Hollywood. DVD Children E
  • Eloise in springtime. DVD Children E
  • Eloise’s rawther unusual Halloween. DVD Children E
  • Georgy girl. DVD Comedy G
  • The Jane Austen Book Club. DVD Drama J
  • Little Miss Christmas. DVD Children E
  • Me, Eloise. DVD Children M
  • My sister’s keeper. DVD Drama M
  • The next best thing. VIDEO Comedy
  • Peter Pan. DVD Action Adv. P
  • Shine. DVD Drama S
  • The wild Thornberry’s movie. DVD Comedy W, VIDEO Comedy

Peter O’Donnell 4/11/1920—5/3/2010

  • Dragon’s claw. Fic ODO

John Boslough 6/18/1942—5/4/2010

  • Stephen Hawking’s universe. 523.1 BOS

Robert J. Serling 3/28/1918—5/6/2010

  • The jet age. 387.709 SER
  • The President’s plane is missing. Fic SER

Lena Horne 6/30/1917—5/9/2010

  • Lena. B Horne
  • Cabin in the sky. DVD Musical C
  • Stormy weather. DVD Musical S
  • The Wiz. DVD Musical W, CD L WIZ WIZ S-49

Martin Gardner 10/21/1914—5/22/2010

  • The colossal book of mathematics: classic puzzles, paradoxes, and problems: number theory, algebra, geometry, probability, topology, game theory, infinity, and other topics of recreational mathematics. 793.74 GAR
  • Knotted doughnuts and other mathematical entertainments. 793.74 GAR
  • Mathematical carnival: from penny puzzles, card shuffles and tricks of lightning calculators to roller coaster rides into the fourth dimension. 793.74 GAR
  • Science, good, bad, and bogus. 500 GAR
  • The 2nd Scientific American book of mathematical puzzles & diversions. 510 GAR
  • Time travel and other mathematical bewilderments. 793.74 GAR

Art Linkletter 7/17/1912—5/26/2010

  • The new kids say the darndest things! Large Type 817 LIN
  • Old age is not for sissies: choices for senior Americans. 305.26 LIN
  • Yes, you can!: How to succeed in business and life. Large Type 158.1 LIN

Arthur Herzog 4/6/1927—5/26/2010

  • The woodchipper murder. 364.1523 HER

Dennis Hopper 5/17/1936—5/29/2010

  • The art of soccer. DVD 796.334
  • Giant. DVD Drama G, VIDEO Drama
  • Hoosiers. DVD Drama H
  • Jason and the Argonauts. DVD 398.22
  • Samson and Delilah. DVD 222.32
  • The sons of Katie Elder. DVD Western S
  • Swing vote. DVD Comedy S
  • Waterworld. VIDEO Action Adv. W

Louise Bourgeois 12/25/1911—5/31/2010

  • Runaway girl: the artist Louise Bourgeois. Jan Greenberg, Sandra Jordan. J 730 GRE

Eleanor Taylor Bland 12/31/1944—6/2/2010

  • A cold and silent dying. Mystery BLA
  • A dark and deadly deception. Mystery BLA
  • Done wrong. Mystery BLA
  • Fatal remains. Mystery BLA
  • Gone quiet. Mystery BLA
  • Scream in silence. Mystery BLA
  • See no evil. Mystery BLA
  • Tell no tales. Mystery BLA
  • Whispers in the dark. Mystery BLA
  • Windy City dying. Mystery BLA

Rue McClanahan 2/21/1934—6/3/2010

  • My first five husbands– and the ones who got away. B McClanahan
  • The golden girls. DVD Comedy G
  • The man in the brown suit. DVD Mystery M
  • Miracle dogs. DVD Children M
  • Nunsense. VIDEO 782.14

John Wooden 10/14/1910—6/4/2010

  • My personal best: life lessons from an all-American journey. B Wooden
  • They call me coach. 796.323 WOO

Jimmy Dean 8/10/1928—6/13/2010

  • Diamonds are forever. DVD Action Adv. D

José Saramago 11/16/1922—6/18/2010

  • All the names. Fic SAR
  • Blindness. Fic SAR, Large Type Fic SAR
  • Death with interruptions. Fic SAR
  • The elephant’s journey. Fic SAR, Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • La balsa de piedra. Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • Caín. Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • La caverna. Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • Ensayo sobre la lucidez. Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • El evangelio segun Jesucristo. Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • El hombre duplicado. Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • Las pequeñas memorias. Spanish Lang. B Saramago

Carlos Monsiváis 5/4/1938—6/19/2010

  • Pedro Infante: las leyes del querer. Spanish Lang. B Infante

Robert C. Byrd 11/20/1917—6/28/2010

  • Losing America: confronting a reckless and arrogant presidency. 973.931 BYR
  • Robert C. Byrd: child of the Appalachian coalfields. B Byrd
  • The Senate of the Roman Republic: addresses on the history of Roman constitutionalism. 937.02 BYR

Ilene Woods 5/5/1929—7/1/2010

  • Cinderella. DVD Children C

Ann Waldron 12/14/1924—7/2/2010

  • Francisco Goya. J 759.6 WAL

Beryl Bainbridge 11/21/1934?—7/2/2010

  • According to Queeney. Fic BAI
  • Every man for himself. Fic BAI

Robert N. Butler 1/21/1927—7/4/2010

  • Love and sex after 40: a guide for men and women for their mid and later years. 613.96 BUT
  • The new love and sex after 60. 613.96 BUT

Harvey Pekar 10/8/1939—7/12/2010

  • American splendor: another day. Graphic B Pekar
  • American splendor: the life and times of Harvey Pekar: stories. Graphic B Pekar
  • The quitter. Graphic B Pekar
  • Students for a Democratic Society: a graphic history. Graphic 378.19 PEK

James P. Hogan 6/27/1941—7/12/2010

  • Code of the lifemaker. Sci. Fic HOG
  • Cradle of Saturn. Sci. Fic HOG
  • The immortality option. Sci. Fic HOG
  • Outward bound: a Jupiter novel. Sci. Fic HOG
  • Realtime interrupt. Sci. Fic HOG

George Steinbrenner 7/4/1930—7/13/2010

  • Damned Yankees. Bill Madden, Moss Klein. 796.357 MAD
  • Steinbrenner: the last lion of baseball. Bill Madden. B Steinbrenner

James Gammon 4/20/1940—7/16/2010

  • Conagher. DVD Western C
  • The final season. DVD Drama F
  • The iron giant. DVD Sci. Fic I
  • Monte Walsh: the last cowboy. DVD Western M
  • Outlaw trail: the treasure of Butch Cassidy.
  • Sea change. DVD Mystery S
  • Truman. DVD Drama T
  • Urban cowboy. DVD Drama U
  • You know my name. DVD Western Y

Jon Cleary 11/22/1917—7/19/2010

  • Autumn maze. Mystery CLE
  • Dark summer. Mystery CLE
  • Five ring circus: suspense down under. Mystery CLE
  • Season of doubt. Fic CLE
  • High road to China. VIDEO Action Adv. H
  • The sundowners. DVD Drama S

Stephen Schneider 2/11/1945—7/19/2010

  • The coevolution of climate and life. 551.6 SCH

Carl Gordon 1/20/1932—7/20/2010

  • The piano lesson. DVD Drama P, VIDEO Drama

Iris Gower 193?—7/20/2010

  • Morgan’s woman. Fic GOW
  • Spinners’ wharf. Fic GOW

Edna Healey 6/14/1918—7/21/2010

  • The Queen’s house: a social history of Buckingham Palace. 941.08 HEA

Daniel Schorr 8/31/1916—7/23/2010

  • Come to think of it: notes on the end of the millennium. 973.928 SCH
  • Forgive us our press passes: selected works by Daniel Schorr, 1972-1998. 070.1 SCH
  • Staying tuned: a life in journalism. B Schorr

Mitch Miller 7/4/1911—7/31/2010

  • Sing along with Mitch. 784.6 MIL

Tony Judt 1/2/1948—8/6/2010

  • Postwar: a history of Europe since 1945. 940.55 JUD
  • Reappraisals: reflections on the forgotten twentieth century. 909.82 JUD

Patricia Neal 1/20/1926—8/8/2010

  • As I am. B Neal
  • Patricia Neal: an unquiet life. Stephen Michael Shearer. B Neal
  • All quiet on the western front. DVD Drama A
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s. DVD Comedy B, VIDEO Comedy B
  • The day the earth stood still. DVD Sci. Fic D
  • A face in the crowd. DVD Drama F
  • Heidi. DVD Children H
  • The homecoming: a Christmas story. DVD Drama H, VIDEO Drama
  • Hud. DVD Western H, VIDEO Western
  • In harm’s way. VIDEO Action Adv.

Nancy Freedman 7/4/1920—8/10/2010

  • Mrs. Mike. Fic FRE, CD Fic FRE
  • Prima donna. Large Type Fic FRE
  • Sappho: the tenth muse. Fic FRE
  • The search for Joyful. Fic FRE

Patrick Cauvin 10/6/1932—8/13/2010

  • Blind love. Large Type Fic CAU
  • A little romance. DVD Comedy L

Abbey Lincoln 8/6/1930—8/14/2010

  • For love of Ivy. DVD Drama F

Bobby Thomson 10/25/1923—8/16/2010

  • The echoing green: the untold story of Bobby Thomson, Ralph Branca, and the shot heard round the world. Joshua Prager. 796.357 PRA

Frank Kermode 11/29/1919—8/17/2010

  • The age of Shakespeare. 822.33 KER

Dorothy Sucher 5/18/1933—8/22/2010

  • Dead men don’t give seminars. Mystery SUC

A. C. Baantjer 9/16/1923—8/29/2010

  • DeKok and murder by installment. Mystery BAA
  • Murder in Amsterdam. Mystery BAA

Mick Lally 1945—8/31/2010

  • The secret of Kells. DVD Children S
  • The secret of Roan Inish [island of the seals].   DVD Drama S

Cammie King 8/5/1934—9/1/2010

  • Bambi. DVD Children B

Elizabeth Jenkins 10/31/1905—9/5/2010

  • Elizabeth the Great. B Elizabeth I
  • The mystery of King Arthur. 809.933 JEN

William H. Goetzmann 7/20/1930—9/7/2010

  • Beyond the Revolution: a history of American thought from Paine to pragmatism. 973 GOE
  • The West of the imagination. 709.78 GOE

Barbara Holland 4/5/1933—9/7/2010

  • Bingo night at the fire hall: the case for cows, orchards, bake sales, & fairs. 975.5 HOL
  • They went whistling: women wayfarers, warriors, runaways, and renegades. Y 920.7 HOL

Glenn Shadix 4/15/1952—9/7/2010

  • The nightmare before Christmas. DVD Comedy N

Joan Steiner ?—9/8/2010

  • Look-alikes. Pic STE
  • Look-alikes: Christmas. Pic STE

Kevin McCarthy 2/15/1914—9/11/2010

  • Innerspace. DVD Comedy I
  • Invasion of the body snatchers. DVD Sci. Fic I, VIDEO Sci. Fic

Harold Gould 12/10/1923—9/11/2010

  • Freaky Friday. DVD Comedy F
  • The master of disguise. DVD Comedy M
  • Romero. VIDEO 972.84
  • Whisper of the heart. DVD Children W

Judith Merkle Riley 1/14/1942—9/12/2010

  • In pursuit of the green lion. Fic RIL
  • The master of all desires. Fic RIL
  • The oracle glass. Fic RIL
  • The serpent garden. Fic RIL
  • A vision of light. Fic RIL
  • The water devil: a Margaret of Ashbury novel. Fic RIL

James Bacon 5/12/1914—9/18/2010

  • How sweet it is: the Jackie Gleason story. B Gleason

John Crawford 9/13/1920—9/21/2010

  • The 300 Spartans. DVD Action Adv. T

Eddie Fisher 8/10/1928—9/22/2010

  • Been there, done that. B Fisher
  • Eddie: my life, my loves. B Fisher
  • Butterfield 8. DVD Drama B

Mike Celizic 8/18/1948—9/22/2010

  • The biggest game of them all: Notre Dame, Michigan State, and the fall of ’66. 796.332 CEL

Gloria Stuart 7/4/1910—9/26/2010

  • The invisible man. DVD Classic I
  • Poor little rich girl. VIDEO Musical P
  • The three musketeers. DVD Musical T
  • Titanic. DVD Drama T

Tony Curtis 6/3/1925—9/29/2010

  • American prince: a memoir. B Curtis
  • Tony Curtis: the autobiography. B Curtis
  • The defiant ones. DVD Action Adv. D
  • The great race. DVD Comedy G
  • The mirror crack’d. DVD Mystery M
  • Murder in three acts. DVD Mystery M
  • Operation petticoat. VIDEO Comedy
  • Some like it hot. DVD Comedy S, VIDEO Comedy S
  • Spartacus. DVD Drama S, VIDEO Drama
  • Taras Bulba. DVD Action Adv. T
  • The Vikings. DVD Action Adv. V

Stephen J. Cannell 2/5/1941—9/30/2010

  • Cold hit. Fic CAN
  • The devil’s workshop. Fic CAN
  • Final victim. Fic CAN
  • King Con. Fic CAN
  • The plan. Fic CAN
  • Riding the snake. Fic CAN
  • Vertical coffin. Fic CAN
  • The Viking funeral. Fic CAN

Belva Plain 10/9/1915—10/12/2010

  • After the fire. Fic PLA, Large Type Fic PLA
  • Blessings. Fic PLA
  • The carousel. Fic PLA, Large Type Fic PLA
  • Crossroads.Fic PLA, Large Type Fic PLA
  • Daybreak.Fic PLA, Large Type Fic PLA
  • Eden burning. Fic PLA, Spanish Lang. Fic PLA
  • Evergreen.Fic PLA
  • Fortune’s hand.Fic PLA, Large Type Fic PLA
  • The golden cup.Fic PLA
  • Harvest.Fic PLA, Large Type Fic PLA
  • Her father’s house.Fic PLA, Large Type Fic PLA
  • Homecoming.Fic PLA, Large Type Fic PLA
  • Legacy of silence.Fic PLA, Large Type Fic PLA
  • Looking back.Fic PLA,Audio Fic PLA
  • Promises.Fic PLA, Large Type Fic PLA
  • Random winds.Large Type Fic PLA, Spanish Lang. Fic PLA
  • Secrecy.Fic PLALarge Type Fic PLA
  • The sight of the stars.Fic PLALarge Type Fic PLA
  • Tapestry.Fic PLALarge Type Fic PLA
  • Treasures. Fic PLALarge Type Fic PLASpanish Lang. Fic PLA
  • Whispers.Fic PLALarge Type Fic PLA

Sol Steinmetz 7/29/1930—10/13/2010

  • Semantic antics: how and why words change meaning. 422 STE

Simon MacCorkindale 2/12/1952—10/14/2010

  • Death on the Nile. DVD Mystery D
  • The dinosaur hunter. DVD Action Adv. D

Johnny Sheffield 4/11/1931—10/15/2010

  • Tarzan’s secret treasure / Tarzan’s New York adventure. DVD Action Adv. T

Barbara Billingsley 12/22/1915—10/16/2010

  • Leave it to Beaver. DVD Comedy L

Graham Crowden 11/30/1922—10/19/2010

  • Waiting for God. DVD Comedy W

Tom Bosley 10/1/1927—10/19/2010

  • Hidden places. DVD Drama H
  • The legend of the candy cane. VIDEO Children L
  • Toying with the truth. DVD Children K
  • Yours, mine and ours. DVD Comedy Y

Eva Ibbotson 1/21/1925—10/20/2010

  • A company of swans. Fic IBB
  • Madensky Square. Fic IBB
  • The morning gift. Fic IBB
  • Dial-a-ghost. J IBB, Spanish Lang. Fic IBB
  • The dragonfly pool. J IBB
  • The great ghost rescue. J IBB
  • The haunting of Granite Falls. J IBB
  • Island of the aunts. J IBB
  • Journey to the river sea. J IBB
  • The Star of Kazan. J IBB, J AUDIO CD IBB
  • The secret of Platform 13. J IBB, Sp. Lang. J IBB
  • The beasts of Clawstone Castle. J AUDIO CD IBB
  • A countess below stairs. CD Fic IBB

Robert Katz 6/27/1933—10/20/2010

  • The battle for Rome: the Germans, the allies, the partisans and the Pope, September 1943-June 1944. 940.5421 KAT

Joseph Stein 5/30/1912—10/24/2010

  • Fiddler on the roof. 782.8 BOC, DVD Musical F
  • Plain and fancy; a musical comedy. 782.8 STE

James MacArthur 12/8/1937—10/28/2010

  • Battle of the Bulge. DVD Action Adv. B
  • The light in the forest. DVD Children L, VIDEO Drama L
  • Spencer’s mountain. DVD Drama S
  • Swiss family Robinson. DVD Children S

Jerry Bock 11/23/1928—11/3/2010

  • Fiddler on the roof. 782.8 BOC, DVD Musical F, CD L FIDD FR C-27

Sparky Anderson 2/22/1934—11/4/2010

  • Sparky! 796.357 AND

Jill Clayburgh 4/30/1944—11/5/2010

  • Fools rush in. DVD Drama F, VIDEO Drama F
  • Silver streak. DVD Comedy S

Philip Carlo 4/18/1949—11/8/2010

  • The butcher: anatomy of a Mafia psychopath.    364.1523 CAR
  • Gaspipe: confessions of a Mafia boss. 364.106 CAR
  • The Ice Man: confessions of a mafia contract killer. 364.1523 CAR
  • The killer within: in the company of monsters. B Carlo
  • The night stalker: the life and crimes of Richard Ramirez. 364.1523 CAR

Hugh Prather 1/23/1938—11/15/2010

  • I touch the earth, the earth touches me. 818 PRA
  • Notes to myself: my struggle to become a person. 126 PRA
  • There is a place where you are not alone. 291.42 PRA

Chalmers Johnson 8/6/1931—11/20/2010

  • Dismantling the empire: America’s last best hope.  973.92 JOH
  • Nemesis: the last days of the American republic. 973.931 JOH
  • The sorrows of empire: militarism, secrecy, and the end of the Republic. 355.02 JOH

Norris Church Mailer 1/31/1949—11/21/2010

  • Windchill summer. Fic MAI, Large Type Fic MAI

Eleanor Coerr 5/29/1922—11/22/2010

  • The bell ringer and the pirates. E COE First Grade
  • The big balloon race. E COE, DVD Children R
  • Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express. E COE
  • Chang’s paper pony. E COE First Grade
  • Jane Goodall. JB Lawick-Goodall
  • The Josefina story quilt. E COE First Grade, E Paperback Spanish
  • Mieko and the fifth treasure. J COE
  • Sadako and the thousand paper cranes. J COE, J AUDIO CD COE, Sp. Lang. J COE

Leslie Nielsen 2/11/1926—11/28/2010

  • Bad golf my way. 796.352 NIE
  • Leslie Nielsen’s Stupid little golf book. 796.352 NIE
  • Airplane! DVD Comedy A
  • All I want for Christmas. DVD Children A
  • Backstairs at the White House. DVD Drama B
  • Forbidden planet. DVD Sci. Fic F
  • Lady in waiting / Short fuse. DVD Mystery C
  • The naked gun. DVD Comedy N, VIDEO Comedy
  • The naked gun 2 ½: the smell of fear. DVD Comedy N
  • Naked gun 33 1/3: the final insult. DVD Comedy N
  • The nutcracker and the mouseking. DVD Children N
  • The Poseidon adventure. VIDEO Action Adv. P
  • The reluctant astronaut. DVD Comedy R
  • Tales of tomorrow. DVD Sci. Fic T

Howard Brembeck 2/9/1910—12/5/2010

  • The alternative to nuclear war. 327.174 BRE, Ind. Coll. 327.174 BRE
  • The civilized defense plan: security of nations through the power of trade. Ind. Coll. 327.174 BRE
  • In search of the fourth freedom. Ind. Coll. 327.174 BRE
  • Making nuclear war impossible. 327.174 BRE, Ind. Coll. 327.174 BRE
  • What a world! What a life: recollections and reflections. Ind. Coll. B Brembeck
  • What a world! What a life! Sequel: recollections and reflections. Ind. Coll. B Brembeck

Elizabeth Edwards 7/3/1949—12/7/2010

  • Resilience: reflections on the burdens and gifts of facing life’s adversities. B Edwards
  • Saving graces: finding solace and strength from friends and strangers. B Edwards

Ruth Park 8/24/1917—12/14/2010

  • Road under the sea. J PAR

Bud Greenspan 9/18/1926—12/25/2010

  • Frozen in time: the greatest moments at the Winter Olympics. 796.98 GRE
  • Wilma. DVD Drama W

Agathe von Trapp 3/12/1913—12/28/2010

  • Memories before & after The sound of music: an autobiography.

Bill Erwin 12/2/1914—12/29/2010

  • The land before time. DVD Children L

Paul Calle 3/3/1928—12/30/2010

  • The pencil. 741.24 CAL