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Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2009

Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2009

Richard John Neuhaus 5/14/1936—1/8/2009

  • As I lay dying. 133.901 NEU

Hortense Calisher 12/20/1911—1/13/2009

  • Age. Fic CAL, Large Type Fic CAL
  • The bobby-soxer. Fic CAL
  • In the slammer with Carol Smith. Fic CAL
  • Mysteries of motion. Fic CAL
  • The New Yorkers. Fic CAL
  • Sunday Jews. Fic CAL
  • Tattoo for a slave. Fic CAL

W.D. Snodgrass 1/5/1926—1/13/2009

  • Selected poems, 1957-1987. 811 SNO
  • W. D. Snodgrass. Paul L. Gaston. 811 SNO

Andrew Wyeth 7/12/1917—1/16/2009

  • An American vision. 759.13 AME
  • Andrew Wyeth: a secret life. B Wyeth
  • Andrew Wyeth: dry bush and pencil drawings. 707.4 FOG
  • Andrew Wyeth: memory & magic. 759.13 KNU
  • Andrew Wyeth: the Helga pictures. 759.13 WYE
  • The Brandywine heritage. 759.13 BRA
  • Two worlds of Andrew Wyeth. 759.13 WYE
  • Wyeth at Kuerners. 759.13 WYE
  • Wyeth people. B Wyeth
  • The Real World of Andrew Wyeth. VIDEO 759.13
  • The Wyeths, a father & his family. VIDEOBWyeth

John Clifford Mortimer 4/21/1923—1/16/2009

  • The best of Rumpole. Mystery MOR
  • Clinging to the wreckage: a part of life. BMortimer
  • Like men betrayed. Fic MOR
  • Murderers and other friends. B Mortimer
  • The narrowing stream. Fic MOR
  • Paradise postponed. Fic MOR
  • Quite honestly. Fic MOR
  • Rumpole a la carte. MysteryMOR,LargeTypeFic
  • Rumpole and the angel of death. Mystery MOR
  • Rumpole and the golden thread.
    Large Type Fic MOR, CD Fic MOR, Audio Fic MOR
  • Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow murders. Mystery MOR, CD Fic MOR
  • Rumpole and the reign of terror. Mystery MOR
  • A Rumpole Christmas: stories. Fic MOR
  • Rumpole misbehaves. Mystery MOR
  • Rumpole on trial. Mystery MOR
  • Rumpole rests his case. Mystery MOR
  • Rumpole’s return. Audio Fic MOR
  • The second Rumpole omnibus. Fic MOR
  • The sound of trumpets. Fic MOR
  • Summer’s lease. Fic MOR, DVD Mystery S
  • Rumpole of the Bailey. DVD Mystery R, VIDEO

Malcolm MacPherson 8/23/1943—1/17/2009

  • The cowboy and his elephant. Y 599.67 MACP
  • Roberts ridge. 958.1047 MACP

James Brady 11/15/1928—1/26/2009

  • Designs. Fic BRA
  • Further lane: a novel of the Hamptons. Fic BRA
  • A Hamptons Christmas. Fic BRA
  • Why Marines fight. 359.96 BRA

John Updike 3/18/1932—1/27/2009

  • The afterlife: and other stories. Fic UPD
  • Bech: a book.Fic UPD
  • Bech at bay: a quasi-novel.Fic UPD
  • Bech is back.Fic UPD
  • Brazil.Fic UPD
  • The centaur.Fic UPD
  • The coup.Fic UPD
  • Due considerations: essays and criticism. 814UPD
  • Facing nature: poems. 811 UPD
  • Gertrude and Claudius.Fic UPD
  • Licks of love. Fic UPD, CD Fic UPD
  • Hugging the shore: essays and criticism. 814UPD
  • In the beauty of the lilies.Fic UPD
  • Marry me: a romance.Fic UPD
  • Memories of the Ford administration.Fic UPD
  • A month of Sundays.Fic UPD
  • My father’s tears and other stories.Fic UPD
  • Of the farm.Fic UPD
  • Picked-up pieces. 818 UPD
  • Problems and other stories.Fic UPD
  • Rabbit at rest.Fic UPD
  • Rabbit is rich.Fic UPD
  • Rabbit redux.Fic UPD
  • Rabbit, run.Fic UPD
  • Roger’s version.Fic UPD
  • S. Fic UPD
  • Seek my face.Fic UPD
  • Self-consciousness: memoirs. B Updike
  • Still looking: essays on American art. 709.73 UPD
  • Telephone poles, and other poems. 811 UPD
  • Terrorist.Fic UPD, CD Fic UPD
  • Too far to go: the Maples stories.Fic UPD
  • Toward the end of time.Fic UPD
  • Trust me: short stories.Fic UPD
  • Villages.Fic UPD
  • The widows of Eastwick.Fic UPD
  • The witches of Eastwick.Fic UPD
  • Updike: America’s man of letters. 813 UPD

John P. Diggins 4/1/1935—1/28/2009

  • John Adams. 973.44 DIG

Millard Fuller 1/3/1935—2/3/2009

  • Bokotola. 266 FUL
  • The excitement is building. 363.58 FUL
  • More than houses. 363.5 FUL
  • No more shacks! 363.58 FUL
  • A simple, decent place to live. 363.5 FUL

Robert Anderson 4/28/1917—2/9/2009

  • After. Fic AND

Christopher Nolan 9/6/1965—2/20/2009

  • The banyan tree. Fic NOL
  • Under the eye of the clock. B Nolan

Philip Jose Farmer 1/26/1918—2/25/2009

  • The dark design. Sci. Fic FAR
  • Dayworld. Sci. Fic FAR
  • Dayworld breakup. Sci. Fic FAR
  • Dayworld rebel. Sci. Fic FAR
  • The fabulous riverboat. Sci. Fic FAR
  • Gods of riverworld. Sci. Fic FAR
  • The magic labyrinth. Sci. Fic FAR
  • Nothing burns in Hell. Fic FAR
  • To your scattered bodies go. Sci. Fic FAR

Bill Holm 8/25/1943—2/25/2009

  • The windows of Brimnes. 914.912 HOL

Paolo Maffei 1/2/1926—3/1/2009

  • Monsters in the sky. 523 MAF

Barbara Parker 1/28/1947—3/7/2009

  • Blood relations. Mystery PAR
  • Criminal justice. Fic PAR
  • The dark of day. Mystery PAR
  • Suspicion of betrayal. Fic PAR
  • Suspicion of deceit. Fic PAR
  • Suspicion of guilt. Fic PAR
  • Suspicion of innocence. Mystery PAR
  • Suspicion of madness. Mystery PAR, Large Type
    • Suspicion of malice. Fic PAR
    • Suspicion of rage. Large Type Fic PAR

James Purdy 7/17/1923—3/13/2009

  • The house of the solitary maggot. Fic PUR

Billy C. Clark 12/29/1928—3/15/2009

  • The champion of Sourwood Mountain. Fic CLA

John Hope Franklin 1/2/1915—3/25/2009

  • The Emancipation proclamation. 973.71 FRA
  • From slavery to freedom. 973.0496 FRA
  • George Washington Williams. B Williams
  • In search of the promised land. 929.2 FRA
  • Mirror to America: the autobiography. B Franklin
  • Reconstruction after the Civil War. 973.8 FRA

Steven Bach 4/29/1938—3/25/2009

  • Leni: the life and work of Leni Riefenstahl.
    B Riefenstahl
  • Marlene Dietrich; life and legend. B Dietrich

Michael Cox 10/25/1948—3/31/2009

  • The glass of time. Fic COX, CD Fic COX
  • The meaning of night. Mystery COX, CD Fic COX

Deborah Digges 2/6/1950—4/10/2009

  • The Stardust Lounge. B Digges

Corín Tellado 4/25/1927—4/11/2009

  • Un hombre y una mujer. Spanish Lang. Fic TEL
  • Mi marido me espera. Spanish Lang. Fic TEL
  • Posesión. Spanish Lang. Fic TEL

Jack D. Hunter 6/4/1921—4/13/2009

  • The Blood Order. Fic HUN
  • Spies, Inc. Mystery HUN

James D. Houston 11/10/1933-4/16/2009

  • Bird of another heaven. Fic HOU
  • Farewell to Manzanar. Y 940.53 HOU
  • The last paradise. Fic HOU

J. G. Ballard 11/15/1930—4/19/2009

  • The day of creation. Fic BAL
  • Empire of the Sun. Fic BAL, DVD Drama E
  • High-rise. Fic BAL
  • The kindness of women. Fic BAL

Santha Rama Rau 1/24/1923—4/21/2009

  • The cooking of India. 641.595 RAM
  • Cooking of India: Recipes. 641.595 RAM
  • Gifts of passage. B Rama Rau

Hans Holzer 1/26/1920—4/26/2009

  • The great British ghost hunt. LargeType133.1HOL
  • Yankee ghosts. 133.1 HOL

Marilyn French 11/21/1929—5/2/2009

  • Beyond power. 305.3 FRE
  • The bleeding heart. Fic FRE
  • Her mother’s daughter. Fic FRE
  • In the name of friendship. Fic FRE
  • Our father. Fic FRE
  • The war against women. 305.42 FRE

Chuck Daly 7/20/1930—5/9/2009

  • America’s dream team. 796.323 DAL

Leonard Shlain 8/28/1937—5/11/2009

  • The alphabet versus the goddess. 302.2 SHL

Pat Booth ?—5/11/2009

  • All for love. Fic BOO
  • American icon. Fic BOO
  • Beverly Hills. Fic BOO
  • Malibu. Fic BOO
  • Marry me. Fic BOO
  • Palm Beach. Fic BOO
  • The sisters. Fic BOO

Mario Benedetti 9/14/1920—5/17/2009

  • Antologia poetica. Spanish Lang. 861 BEN
  • Canciones del que no canta. Spanish Lang. 861
  • Cuentos. Spanish Lang. Fic BEN
  • Cuentos completos. Spanish Lang. Fic BEN
  • Gracias por el fuego. Spanish Lang. Fic BEN
  • Little stones at my window. SpanishLang.861BEN
  • La tregua. Spanish Lang. Fic BEN, SpanishAudio
  • Mario Benedetti. Spanish Lang. B Benedetti

David Herbert Donald 10/1/1920—5/17/2009

  • The divided Union. 973.7 RAN
  • “We are Lincoln men”. 973.7 DON

Amos Elon 7/4/1926—5/25/2009

  • Herzl. B Herzl
  • The pity of it all. 943.004 ELO

Ronald T. Takaki 4/12/1939—5/26/2009

  • A different mirror. 973.04 TAK
  • Strangers from a different shore. 973.0495 TAK

Thomas Berry 11/9/1914—6/1/2009

  • The dream of the earth. 304.2 BER

David Eddings 7/7/1931—6/2/2009

  • Belgarath the sorcerer. Sci. Fic EDD
  • Castle of wizardry. Sci. Fic EDD
  • Crystal gorge. Sci. Fic EDD
  • Demon lord of Karanda. Sci. Fic EDD
  • The diamond throne. Sci. Fic EDD
  • Domes of fire. Sci. Fic EDD
  • The elder gods. Sci. Fic EDD
  • Enchanters’ end game. Sci. Fic EDD
  • Guardians of the west. Sci. Fic EDD
  • The hidden city. Sci. Fic EDD
  • King of the Murgos. Sci. Fic EDD
  • Magician’s gambit. Sci. Fic EDD
  • Pawn of prophecy. Sci. Fic EDD
  • Polgara the sorceress. Sci. Fic EDD
  • Queen of sorcery. Sci. Fic EDD
  • The redemption of Althalus. Sci. Fic EDD
  • Regina’s song. Fic EDD
  • The Rivan codex. Sci. Fic EDD
  • The ruby knight. Sci. Fic EDD
  • The sapphire rose. Sci. Fic EDD
  • The seeress of Kell. Sci. Fic EDD
  • The shining ones. Sci. Fic EDD
  • The sorceress of Darshiva. Sci. Fic EDD
  • The treasured one. Sci. Fic EDD
  • The younger gods. Sci. Fic EDD

Edith Layton ?—6/2/2009

  • The choice. Fic LAY

David Bromige 10/22/1933—6/3/2009

  • Desire: selected poems, 1963-1987. 811 BRO

Celia Fremlin 6/20/1914—6/16/2009

  • Appointment with yesterday. Mystery FRE
  • Dangerous thoughts. Mystery FRE
  • Listening in the dusk. Mystery FRE
  • The long shadow. Mystery FRE
  • A lovely day to die and other stories. MysteryFRE
  • The parasite person. Mystery FRE
  • Possession. Fic FRE
  • Uncle Paul. Mystery FRE
  • With no crying. Fic FRE

Jane Aiken Hodge 12/4/1917—6/17/2009

  • Caterina. Fic HOD
  • A death in two parts. Fic HOD
  • Escapade. Fic HOD
  • First night. Fic HOD
  • Here comes a candle. Fic HOD
  • Judas flowering. Fic HOD
  • Last act. Fic HOD
  • Marry in haste. Fic HOD
  • One way to Venice. Fic HOD
  • Only a novel. B Austen
  • Red sky at night, lovers’ delight? Fic HOD
  • Shadow of a lady. Fic HOD
  • Strangers in company. Fic HOD
  • Watch the wall, my darling. Fic HOD
  • Wide is the water. Fic HOD, Large Type Fic HOD
  • The winding stair. Fic HOD
  • Windover. Fic HOD

Jerri Nielsen Fitzgerald 3/1/1952—6/23/2009

  • Ice bound. B Nielsen, CD B Nielsen

Don Coldsmith 2/28/1926—6/25/2009

  • Bearer of the pipe. Fic COL
  • Bride of the morning star. Fic COL
  • Buffalo medicine. Fic COL
  • Child of the dead. Fic COL
  • Daughter of the Eagle. Fic COL
  • The elk-dog heritage. Fic COL
  • The flower in the mountains. Fic COL
  • Follow the wind. Fic COL
  • Fort De Chastaigne. Fic COL
  • Horsin’ around again. 636.1 COL
  • The long journey home. Fic COL
  • Man of the shadows. Fic COL
  • Medicine hat. Fic COL
  • The medicine knife. Fic COL
  • Moon of Thunder. Fic COL
  • Pale Star. Fic COL
  • Quest for the white bull. Fic COL
  • Raven Mocker. Fic COL
  • Return of the Spanish. Fic COL
  • Return to the river. Fic COL
  • River of swans. Fic COL
  • Runestone. Fic COL
  • The sacred hills. Fic COL
  • Song of the rock. Fic COL
  • South wind. Fic COL
  • Tallgrass. Fic COL
  • Thunderstick. Fic COL
  • Track of the bear. Fic COL
  • Trail from Taos. Fic COL
  • Trail of the Spanish bit. Fic COL
  • Walks in the sun. Fic COL

Robert McNamara 6/9/1916—7/6/2009

  • Blundering into disaster. 355.033 MACN
  • In retrospect. 959.704 MACN
  • The living and the dead. 959.704 HEN
  • The fog of war. DVD 973.92

Robert L. Short 8/3/1932—7/6/2009

  • The gospel according to Peanuts. 230 SHO

Kenneth M. Stampp 7/12/1912—7/10/2009

  • Indiana politics during the Civil War. Ind.Coll.973.7

Ebba Haslund 8/12/1917—7/10/2009

  • Nothing happened. Fic HAS

Paul Hemphill 2/18/1936—7/11/2009

  • King of the road. Fic HEM
  • Me and the boy: journey of discovery. 917.4 HEM

Gordon Burn 1/16/1948—7/17/2009

  • Somebody’s husband, somebody’s son: the story of the Yorkshire Ripper. 364.1523 BUR

Lionel Casson 7/22/1914—7/18/2009

  • Ancient Egypt. 913.32 CAS
  • The barbarian kings. 936 CAS
  • The Greek conquerors. 938 CAS
  • Illustrated history of ships & boats. 623.82 CAS
  • Libraries in the ancient world. 027.09 CAS
  • The pharaohs. 932 CAS

Frank McCourt 8/19/1930—7/19/2009

  • Angela’s ashes: a memoir. B McCourt, Large Type B McCourt, Spanish Lang. B McCourt, Audio B
  • Teacher man. B McCourt, Large Type B, CD B
  • ‘Tis: a memoir. B McCourt, Audio B McCourt

E. Lynn Harris 6/20/1955—7/23/2009

  • Abide with me. Fic HAR
  • And this too shall pass. Fic HAR
  • Any way the wind blows. Fic HAR
  • If this world were mine. Fic HAR
  • A love of my own. Fic HAR
  • Not a day goes by. Large Type Fic HAR
  • What becomes of the brokenhearted. B Harris

William G. Tapply 7/16/1940—7/28/2009

  • Close to the bone. Mystery TAP
  • Cutter’s run. Mystery TAP
  • Dead meat. Large Type Fic TAP
  • Dead winter. Mystery TAP
  • A fine line. Mystery TAP
  • First light. With Philip R. Craig. Mystery CRA
  • Follow the sharks. Mystery TAP
  • Gone fishin’: ruminations on fly fishing. 799.124TA
  • Hell bent. Mystery TAP
  • Muscle memory. Mystery TAP
  • Nervous water. Mystery TAP
  • One-way ticket. Mystery TAP
  • Out cold. Mystery TAP
  • Past tense. Mystery TAP
  • A rodent of doubt. Large Type Fic TAP
  • Scar tissue. Mystery TAP
  • The seventh enemy. Mystery TAP
  • Shadow of death. Mystery TAP
  • The snake eater. Mystery TAP
  • The spotted cats. Mystery TAP
  • Third strike. With Philip R. Craig. Mystery CRA
  • Tight lines. Mystery TAP
  • Trout eyes. 799.124 TAP
  • The vulgar boatman. MysteryTAP,LargeTypeFic

Corazon Aquino 1/25/1933—8/1/2009

  • Corazon Aquino, president of the Philippines. EB

Sidney Zion 11/14/1933—8/2/2009

  • The autobiography of Roy Cohn. B Cohn

Elmer Kelton 4/29/1926—8/22/2009

  • After the bugles. Large Type Fic KEL
  • Badger boy. Western KEL, Large Type Fic KEL
  • Barbed wire. Large Type Fic KEL
  • The buckskin line. Western KEL
  • Buffalo wagons. Large Type Fic KEL
  • Cloudy in the West. Fic KEL
  • Dark thicket. Western KEL
  • The day the cowboys quit. Western KEL
  • Eyes of the hawk. Large Type Fic KEL
  • The far canyon. Fic KEL, Large Type Fic KEL
  • The good old boys. Western KEL, Large Type Fic
  • Hard trail to follow. Large Type Fic KEL
  • Honor at daybreak. Fic KEL
  • Jericho’s road. Large Type Fic KEL
  • Llano River. Large Type Fic KEL
  • Many a river. Large Type Fic KEL
  • Pecos crossing. Large Type Fic KEL
  • The pumpkin rollers. FicKEL, LargeTypeFicKEL
  • Ranger’s trail. Western KEL, Large Type Fic KEL
  • The rebels: sons of Texas. Large Type Fic KEL
  • Shotgun. Large Type Fic KEL
  • Six bits a day. Large Type Fic KEL
  • Slaughter. Fic KEL, Large Type Fic KEL
  • The smiling country. Western KEL
  • Sons of Texas. Large Type Fic KEL
  • Stand proud: a Texas saga. Fic KEL
  • Texas vendetta. WesternKEL, LargeTypeFicKEL
  • The time it never rained. Fic KEL
  • Wagontongue. Large Type Fic KEL
  • The way of the coyote. Western KEL, Large Type
  • The wolf and the buffalo. Fic KEL

James Lord 11/27/1922—8/23/2009

  • Some remarkable men: further memoirs. 927LOR

Edward Moore Kennedy 2/22/1932—8/25/2009

  • America back on track. 320.6 KEN
  • True compass. BKennedy,LargeTypeBKennedy
  • The bridge at Chappaquiddick. B Kennedy
  • Edward M. Kennedy: a biography. B Kennedy
  • The last brother. B Kennedy
  • The last Kennedy. B Kennedy
  • Last lion. B Kennedy
  • The Senator. B Kennedy
  • Senatorial privilege. B Kennedy

Bob Carroll 7/10/1936—8/25/2009

  • When the grass was real. 796.332CAR

Dominick Dunne 10/29/1925—8/26/2009

  • Another city, not my own. Fic DUN
  • An inconvenient woman. Fic DUN
  • Justice. 345.025 DUN, Audio 345.025 DUN
  • A season in purgatory. Fic DUN
  • The two Mrs. Grenvilles. Fic DUN

Sheila Lukins 11/18/1942—8/30/2009

  • All around the world cookbook. 641.59 LUK
  • Celebrate!: cookbook. 641.568 LUK
  • The new basics cookbook. 641.5 ROS
  • The Silver Palate cookbook. 641.5 ROS
  • The Silver Palate good times cookbook. 641.5ROS

Catherine Gaskin 4/2/1929—9/6/2009

  • The ambassador’s women. Fic GAS
  • Blake’s Reach. Fic GAS
  • The charmed circle. Fic GAS
  • Edge of glass. Fic GAS
  • A falcon for a queen. Fic GAS
  • Fiona. Fic GAS
  • I know my love. Fic GAS
  • The Lynmara legacy. Fic GAS
  • Promises. Fic GAS
  • The property of a gentleman. Fic GAS
  • Sara Dane. Fic GAS
  • The summer of the Spanish woman. Fic GAS
  • The Tilsit inheritance. Fic GAS

James Krenov 10/31/1920—9/9/2009

  • A cabinetmaker’s notebook. 684.16 KRE

Lyn Hamilton 8/6/1944—9/10/2009

  • The celtic riddle. Mystery HAM
  • The Chinese alchemist. Mystery HAM
  • The Etruscan cimera. Mystery HAM
  • The Moai murders. Mystery HAM
  • The Moche warrior. Mystery HAM
  • The Orkney scroll. Mystery HAM
  • The Thai amulet. Mystery HAM

Milton Meltzer 5/8/1915—9/19/2009

  • Ain’t gonna study war no more. Y 303.66 MEL
  • Columbus and the world around him. B Columbus
  • Never to forget: the Jews of the holocaust. 940.53
  • Violins & shovels: the WPA arts projects. 700.9 M

Charlotte Snyder Turgeon 6/21/1912—9/22/2009

  • Easy gourmet appetizers & light meals. 641.81 TUR

William Safire 12/17/1929—9/27/2009

  • Before the fall. 973.924 SAF
  • Freedom. Fic SAF
  • Full disclosure. Fic SAF
  • I stand corrected: more On language. 428 SAF
  • Scandalmonger. Fic SAF
  • Sleeper spy. Fic SAF
  • Watching my language. 428 SAF
  • You could look it up: more On language. 428 SAF

Stuart M. Kaminsky 9/29/1934—10/9/2009

  • Always say goodbye. Mystery KAM
  • Behind the mystery: top mystery writers. 813.08KA
  • The big silence.MysteryKAM,LargeTypeFicKAM
  • Black knight in Red Square. Mystery KAM
  • Blood and rubles. Mystery KAM
  • Bright futures. Mystery KAM
  • Bullet for a star. Mystery KAM
  • Catch a falling clown. Mystery KAM
  • A cold red sunrise. Mystery KAM
  • Dancing in the dark. Mystery KAM
  • The dead don’t lie. Mystery KAM
  • Death of a dissident. Mystery KAM
  • Death of a Russian priest. Mystery KAM
  • Denial. Mystery KAM, CD Fic KAM
  • The devil met a lady. Mystery KAM
  • Devil on my doorstep. Mystery KAM
  • The dog who bit a policeman. Mystery KAM
  • The Fala factor. Mystery KAM
  • Fall of a cosmonaut. Mystery KAM
  • A fatal glass of beer. Mystery KAM
  • A fine red rain. Mystery KAM
  • Hard currency. Mystery KAM
  • He done her wrong. Mystery KAM, CD Fic KAM
  • The Howard Hughes affair. Mystery KAM
  • Lieberman’s choice. Mystery KAM
  • Lieberman’s day. Mystery KAM
  • Lieberman’s folly. Mystery KAM
  • Lieberman’s law. Mystery KAM
  • Lieberman’s thief. Mystery KAM
  • The man who shot Lewis Vance. Mystery KAM
  • The man who walked like a bear. Mystery KAM
  • Midnight pass. Mystery KAM
  • Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express.
    Mystery KAM, Large Type Fic KAM
  • Murder on the yellow brick road. Mystery KAM
  • Never cross a vampire. Mystery KAM
  • Not quite kosher. Mystery KAM
  • People who walk in darkness. Mystery KAM
  • Red chameleon. Mystery KAM
  • Retribution: a Lew Fonesca novel. Mystery KAM
  • The Rockford files: the green bottle. Mystery KAM
  • Rostnikov’s vacation. Mystery KAM
  • Smart moves. Mystery KAM
  • Terror town. Mystery KAM
  • Think fast, Mr. Peters. Mystery KAM
  • Tomorrow is another day. Mystery KAM
  • Vengeance. Mystery KAM
  • When the dark man calls. Fic KAM
  • You bet your life. Large Type Fic KAM

Nan Robertson 7/11/1926—10/13/2009

  • Getting better. 362.292 ROB

Elizabeth Clare Prophet 4/8/1939—10/15/2009

  • The lost years of Jesus. 232.92 PRO

Norma Fox Mazer 5/15/1931—10/17/09

  • The missing girl. Y Fic MAZ
  • When she was good. Y Fic MAZ

Lionel Davidson 3/31/1922—10/21/2009

  • Kolymsky Heights. Fic DAV
  • The menorah men. Fic DAV
  • The sun chemist. Fic DAV

Nien Cheng 1/28/1915—11/2/2009

  • Life and death in Shanghai. 951.056 CHE

Donald Harington 12/22/1935—11/7/2009

  • The choiring of the trees. Fic HAR
  • The pitcher shower. Fic HAR
  • With. Fic HAR

Jeanne-Claude 6/13/1935—11/18/2009

  • Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Y 709.2 GRE

Charis Wilson 5/5/1914—11/20/2009

  • California and the West. 917.94 WIL

M. R. D. Meek 3/19/1918–11/27/2009

  • Hang the consequences. Mystery MEE
  • In remembrance of Rose. Mystery MEE
  • A loose connection. Mystery MEE
  • A mouthful of sand. Mystery MEE
  • Postscript to murder. Mystery MEE
  • The split second. Mystery MEE
  • Touch and go. Mystery MEE
  • A worm of doubt. Mystery MEE

Robert Holdstock 8/2/1948—11/27/2009

  • Gate of ivory, gate of horn. Sci. Fic HOL
  • The hollowing. Sci. Fic HOL
  • Lavondyss. Sci. Fic HOL
  • Mythago wood. Sci. Fic HOL

William J. Lederer 3/31/1912–12/5/2009

  • A happy book of happy stories. Fic LED
  • The ugly American. Fic LED, DVD Drama U

Oral Roberts 1/24/1918—12/15/2009

  • Oral Roberts: an American life. B Roberts


Edmund Purdom 12/19/1924—1/1/2009

  • Life, times and wonders of Athens & ancient Greece. VIDEO 938
  • Life, times and wonders of Rome & Pompeii. VIDEO 937
  • Life, times and wonders of the pyramids and the cities of the pharaohs. VIDEO 932

Pat Hingle 7/19/1924—1/3/2009

  • Batman. DVD Action Adv. B
  • Batman & Robin. DVD Action Adv. B
  • Batman forever. DVD Action Adv. B
  • Batman returns. DVD Action Adv. B
  • The land before time. DVD Children L
  • The list. DVD Drama L
  • Norma Rae. DVD Drama N
  • The private history of a campaign that failed. VIDEO Drama P
  • Road to redemption. DVD Comedy R
  • The runaway. DVD Drama R
  • Truman. DVD Drama T
  • The ugly American. DVD Drama U

Don Galloway 7/27/1937—1/8/2009

  • The rare breed. DVD Western R

Patrick McGoohan 3/19/1928—1/13/2009

  • The best of friends. DVD Drama B
  • Brand. DVD Drama B
  • The complete prisoner: no man is just a number.  DVD Sci. Fic P
  • Danger man. DVD Action Adv. D
  • Escape from Alcatraz. DVD Action Adv. E
  • The man in the iron mask. VIDEO Action Adv. M
  • Mary, Queen of Scots. DVD Drama M
  • The three lives of Thomasina. DVD Drama T
  • Three sovereigns for Sarah. VIDEO 133.4309

Ricardo Montalban 11/25/1920—1/14/2009

  • Conquest of the planet of the apes. VIDEOSci.Fic
  • Escape from the planet of the apes.
    DVD Sci. Fic P, VIDEO Sci. Fic
  • The naked gun. DVD Comedy N
  • Neptune’s daughter. DVD Comedy N
  • On an island with you. DVD Comedy O
  • Siqueiros artist and warrior. VIDEO B Siqueiros
  • Spy kids 2. DVD Action Adv. S
  • Spy kids 3-D game over. DVD Action Adv. S, VIDEO Spanish Lang.
  • Star trek II: The wrath of Khan. DVD Sci. Fic S, VIDEO Sci. Fic S
  • Sweet Charity. DVD Musical S, VIDEO Musical
  • The train robbers. VIDEO Western T

Blair Lent 1/20/30–1/27/2009

  • Molasses flood. Pic LEN

James Whitmore 10/1/1921—2/6/2009

  • I will fight no more forever. DVD 970.5, VIDEO
  • Kiss me Kate. DVD Musical K
  • The Majestic. DVD Drama M, VIDEO Drama
  • Moses. DVD Children M, VIDEO Children
  • Oklahoma! DVD Musical O
  • Planet of the apes. DVD Sci. Fic P
  • Tora! Tora! Tora! DVD Action Adv. T, VIDEO
  • Where the red fern grows. DVDChildrenW,VIDEO

Wendy Richard 7/20/1943—2/26/2009

  • The complete Are you being served? collection. DVD Comedy A

Paul Harvey 9/4/1918—2/28/2009

  • More of Paul Harvey’s The rest of the story. 818AU
  • Paul Harvey’s The rest of the story. 818 AUR
  • Remember these things. 818 AUR
  • The rest of the story. 818 AUR

Horton Foote 3/14/1916—3/4/2009

  • Farewell: a memoir of a Texas childhood. B Foote
  • The young man from Atlanta. 812 FOO
  • 1918.  DVD Drama N
  • On Valentine’s Day. DVD Drama O
  • Tomorrow. DVD Drama T
  • The trip to Bountiful. DVD Drama T

Ron Silver 7/2/1946—3/15/2009

  • A woman of independent means. DVD Drama W

Natasha Richardson 5/11/1963—3/18/2009

  • Fat man and little boy. VIDEO Drama F
  • Ghosts. DVD Drama G
  • Maid in Manhattan. DVD Comedy M
  • Nell. DVD Drama N
  • The parent trap. DVD Comedy P

Maurice Jarre 9/13/1924—3/29/2009

  • Doctor Zhivago. CD L DOCT DZ J-37
  • Ghost. CD L GHOS GHO J-76
  • Lawrence of Arabia. CD L LAWR LA B-10

Tom Braden 2/22/1917—4/3/2009

  • Eight is enough. 818 BRA

Beatrice Arthur 5/13/1922—4/25/2009

  • The golden girls. DVD Comedy G
  • Mame. DVD Musical M, VIDEO Musical

Dom DeLuise 8/1/1933—5/4/2009

  • All dogs go to heaven. DVD Children A, VIDEO
  • All dogs go to heaven 2. DVD Children A
  • An American tail. DVDChildrenA,VIDEOChildren
  • Best of the Muppet show. DVD Children B
  • The cannonball run. DVD Comedy C
  • The cheap detective. DVD Comedy C
  • The Muppet movie. VIDEO Children M
  • Oliver & company. DVD Children O
  • The secret of NIMH. DVD Children S, VIDEO
  • Silent movie. DVD Comedy S
  • The twelve chairs. VIDEO Comedy

Koko Taylor 9/28/1928—6/3/2009

  • Force of nature. CD MJ TAYL FN T-17

David Carradine 12/8/1936—6/3/2009

  • Balto II: Wolf quest. DVD Children B
  • Kung fu. DVD Action Adv. K
  • Last stand at Saber River. DVD Western L
  • Love and war. DVD Drama N, VIDEO Drama
  • Miracle at Sage Creek. DVD Western M
  • Son of the dragon. DVD Action Adv. S

Lorena Gale 5/9/1958—6/21/2009

  • Behind the mask. DVD Drama B

Ed McMahon 3/6/1923—6/23/2009

  • The art of public speaking. 808.51 MACM
  • Here’s Johnny! B Carson

Farrah Fawcett 2/2/1947—6/25/2009

  • My journey with Farrah. Alana Stewart. B Fawcett
  • The apostle. DVD Drama A
  • The cannonball run. DVD Comedy C

Michael Jackson 8/29/1958—6/25/09

  • Moonwalk. B Jackson
  • Michael Jackson 780.42 REG
  • Michael Jackson: the magic and the madness.
    B Jackson
  • Michael Jackson: the magic, the madness, the whole story, 1958-2009. B Jackson
  • Michael Jackson: unauthorized. B Jackson
  • On Michael Jackson. B Jackson
  • Trapped: Michael Jackson and the crossover dream. 784.54 MAR
  • Unmasked: the final years of Michael Jackson.
    B Jackson
  • This is Michael Jackson. JB Jackson
  • Bad. CD MR JACK BAD J-72
  • Dangerous. CD MR JACK-M DAN J-00
  • Invincible. CD MR JACK INV J-00
  • Thriller. CD MR JACK THR J-73
  • Thriller 25. CD MR JACK THR J-72
  • Ultimate Christmas collection.
    CD R JACK UCC J-02
  • Ultimate collection. CD MA JACK UC J-82
  • The Wiz. DVD Musical W, CD L WIZ WIZ S-49

Jan Rubes 6/6/1920—6/30/2009

  • Courage mountain. DVD Action Adv. C
  • Serving in silence: the Margarethe Cammermeyer story. DVD Drama S

Harve Presnell 9/14/1933—6/30/2009

  • Paint your wagon. DVD Musical P
  • The unsinkable Molly Brown. DVDMusical,VIDEO
  • Walking across Egypt. VIDEO Children W

Karl Malden 3/22/1912—7/1/2009

  • Birdman of Alcatraz. DVD Drama B
  • On the waterfront. DVD Drama O
  • Patton. DVD Drama P, VIDEO Drama
  • Pollyanna. DVD Children P, VIDEO Children P
  • A streetcar named Desire. DVD Drama S
  • Where the sidewalk ends. DVD Mystery W

Mollie Sugden 7/21/1922—7/1/2009

  • The BFG big friendly giant. VIDEO Children B
  • The complete Are you being served? DVDComedy
  • Emma. DVD Drama E
  • Oliver’s travels. DVD Mystery O
  • The princess and the goblin. DVD Children P

Johnny Collins 5/10/1938—7/6/2009

  • Shanties & songs of the sea. CDQBRITCOLLC-37

Walter Cronkite 11/4/1916—7/17/2009

  • Around America. 917.3 CRO, Large Type 917.3
  • A reporter’s life. B Cronkite
  • Cronkite remembers. CD B Cronkite, VIDEO B
  • World War II with Walter Cronkite. DVD 940.53

Budd Schulberg 3/27/1914—8/5/2009

  • A face in the crowd. DVD Drama F
  • On the waterfront. DVD Drama O

Les Paul 6/9/1916—8/13/2009

  • The best of the Capitol masters 90th birthday edition. CD MA PAUL BCM P-26
  • Les Paul chasing sound! DVD B Paul

Robert D. Novak 2/26/1931—8/18/2009

  • The prince of darkness: 50 years reporting in Washington. B Novak

Don Hewitt 12/14/1922—8/19/2009

  • Minute by minute. 791.457 HEW
  • Tell me a story: 50 years and 60 Minutes in television. B Hewitt

Karla Kuskin 7/17/1932—8/20/2009

  • Any me I want to be; poems. J 811 KUS
  • City noise. Pic KUS
  • Green as a bean. Pic KUS
  • I am me. Pic KUS
  • Jerusalem, shining still. J 956.94 KUS
  • Moon, have you met my mother?. J 811 KUS
  • Near the window tree: poems and notes.J811KUS
  • Night again. Pic KUS
  • So, what’s it like to be a cat? Pic KUS
  • Soap soup and other verses. E 811.54 KUS
  • The upstairs cat. Pic KUS

Sam Hinton 3/31/1917—9/10/2009

  • Whoever shall have some good peanuts and other folk songs for children. CD ZM FOLK WSH S-02

Henry Gibson 9/21/1935—9/14/2009

  • Charlotte’s web. VIDEO Children C
  • Daisy-Head Mayzie. VIDEO Children D
  • Eloise goes to school. DVD Children E

Patrick Swayze 8/18/1952—9/14/2009

  • The time of my life. B Swayze
  • City of joy. DVD Drama C
  • Dirty dancing. DVD Drama D, VIDEO Drama D
  • The fox and the hound 2. DVD Children F
  • Ghost. DVD Drama G, VIDEO Drama G
  • Green dragon. DVD Drama
  • Love and war. DVD Drama N, VIDEO Drama
  • North and South. DVD Drama N
  • The outsiders: the complete novel. DVD Drama O
  • Tall tale. VIDEO Action Adv. T

Mary Travers 11/9/1936—9/16/2009

  • A holiday celebration. CD R PETE HC P-16
  • In the wind. CD R PETE IW P-42
  • A song will rise. CD R PETE SWR P-52

Mercedes Sosa 7/9/1935—10/4/2009

  • 30 años. CD MA SOSA TA S-92

Collin Wilcox 2/4/1935—10/14/09

  • To kill a mockingbird. DVD Drama T, VIDEO

Norma Fox Mazer 5/15/1931—10/17/09

  • After the rain. J MAZ
  • D, my name is Danita. J MAZ
  • E, my name is Emily. J MAZ
  • Good night, Maman. J MAZ
  • Ten ways to make my sister disappear. J MAZ

Joseph Wiseman 5/15/1918—10/19/2009

  • Dr. No. DVD Action Adv. D
  • Masada. DVD Drama M

Lou Jacobi 12/28/1913—10/23/2009

  • The diary of Anne Frank. DVD Drama D, VIDEO
  • A kid for two farthings. DVD Drama K

Esther Hautzig 10/18/1930—11/1/09

  • Christmas goodies. J 641.5 HAU
  • Cool cooking. J 641.5 HAU
  • A gift for Mama. J HAU
  • A picture of grandmother. J HAU

Florence Temko 10/20/1921–11/12/2009

  • For your eyes only: 13 ways to fold notes. J 736.98 TEM
  • Paper tags and cards. J 745.594 TEM
  • Traditional crafts from Africa. J 745.5096 TEM
  • Traditional crafts from Mexico and Central America. J 745.5 TEM
  • Traditional crafts from native North America. J 745.5 TEM

Edward Woodward 6/1/1930—11/16/2009

  • A Christmas carol. DVDDramaC,VIDEODramaC
  • Gulliver’s travels. DVD Action Adv. G
  • The man in the brown suit. DVD Mystery M
  • Uncle Tom’s cabin. VIDEO Drama U
  • Winston Churchill. DVD B Churchill

Gene Barry 6/14/1919—12/9/2009

  • Prescription: murder / Ransom for a dead man (Colombo). DVD Mystery C
  • Thunder road. VIDEO Action Adv.
  • The war of the worlds. DVD Sci. Fic W

Jennifer Jones 3/2/1919—12/17/2009

  • Carrie. DVD Drama C
  • A farewell to arms. DVD Drama F
  • Love is a many-splendored thing. DVD Drama L,
  • Madame Bovary. DVD Drama M
  • The man in the gray flannel suit. DVD Drama M
  • Portrait of Jennie. DVD Drama P
  • Since you went away. DVD Drama S
  • The song of Bernadette. DVD Drama S

Connie Hines 6/5/1930—12/18/2009

  • The best of Mister Ed. Volume 1. DVD Comedy M

Brittany Murphy 11/10/1977—12/20/2009

  • Clueless. DVD Comedy C
  • The devil’s arithmetic. DVD Drama D, VIDEO
  • Happy feet. DVD Musical H
  • Right decisions, right now. VIDEO 613.85
  • Uptown girls. DVD Comedy U

William Tuohy 10/1/1926—12/31/2009

  • Dangerous company: inside the world’s hottest trouble spots with a Pulitzer prize-winning war correspondent. 070.433 TUO