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Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2008

Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2008

Bill Bonanno 11/5/1932—1/1/2008

  • The good guys. Fic BON

George MacDonald Fraser 4/2/1925—1/2/2008

  • Black Ajax. Fic FRA
  • Flashman & the angel of the Lord. Fic FRA
  • Flashman and the dragon. Fic FRA
  • Flashman and the mountain of light. Fic FRA
  • Flashman at the charge. Fic FRA
  • Flashman. Fic FRA
  • The reavers. Fic FRA
  • Royal Flash. Fic FRA

Gilbert Harrison 5/18/1915—1/3/2008

  • The enthusiast: a life of Thornton Wilder. B Wilder

John O’Donohue 1/1/1956—1/3/2008

  • Anam cara: a book of Celtic wisdom. 299 ODO

Philip Agee 7/19/1935—1/7/2008

  • On the run. B Agee

Sir Edmund Hillary 7/20/1919—1/11/2008

  • From the ocean to the sky. 915.41 HIL
  • High in the thin cold air. 796.52 HIL
  • Nothing venture, nothing win. B Hillary
  • Reaching the summit. Alexa Johnson. B Hillary
  • Surviving Everest. DVD 796.522

Doreen Tovey 10/24/1918—1/13/2008

  • Donkey work. 636.18 TOV

Bobby Fischer 3/9/1943—1/17/2008

  • Bobby Fischer’s chess games. 794.1 FIS
  • My 60 memorable games. 794.1 FIS

Gordon B. Hinckley 6/23/1910—1/27/2008

  • Faith: the essence of true religion. 234.2 HIN

Margaret Truman 2/17/1924—1/29/2008

  • Bess W. Truman. B Truman
  • First ladies. 923 TRU, Audio 923 TRU
  • Harry S. Truman. B Truman
  • Murder at Ford’s Theatre. Mystery TRU, Large Type
  • Murder at the FBI. Mystery TRU
  • Murder at the Kennedy Center. Mystery, Large Type
  • Murder at the Library of Congress. Mystery TRU
  • Murder at the National Cathedral. Mystery TRU
  • Murder at the National Gallery. Mystery TRU
  • Murder at the opera. Mystery, Large Type, Audio
  • Murder at the Pentagon. Large Type Fic TRU
  • Murder at the Washington Tribune. Mystery TRU, Audio
  • Murder at the Watergate. Mystery TRU
  • Murder at Union Station. Mystery TRULarge Type, Audio
  • Murder in Foggy Bottom. Mystery TRU
  • Murder in Georgetown. Mystery TRU
  • Murder in Havana. Mystery TRU, Large Type Fic
  • Murder in the CIA. Mystery TRU
  • Murder in the House. Mystery TRU
  • Murder in the Smithsonian. Mystery, Large Type
  • Murder in the Supreme Court. Large Type Fic TRU
  • Murder in the White House. Mystery, Large Type
  • Murder inside the Beltway. Mystery, Large Type F
  • Murder on Capitol Hill. Mystery TRU, Large Type
  • Murder on K Street. Mystery TRU, Large Type, CD
  • Murder on the Potomac. Mystery TRU
  • Women of courage. 920.7 TRU

Ruth Stafford Peale 9/10/1906—2/6/2008

  • Secrets of staying in love. 306.872 PEA

Richard D. Altick 9/19/1915—2/7/2008

  • Of a place and a time: remembering Lancaster. 974.815 ALT

Phyllis Whitney 9/9/1903—2/8/2008

  • Amethyst dreams. Fic WHI
  • Black amber. Fic WHI
  • Blue fire. Fic WHI
  • Columbella. Fic WHI
  • Daughter of the stars. Fic WHI, Audio Fic WHI
  • Domino. Fic WHI, Large Type Fic WHI
  • Dream of orchids. Fic WHI
  • The ebony swan. Fic WHI
  • Emerald. Fic WHI
  • Feather on the moon. Fic WHI, Large Type Fic WHI
  • The fire and the gold. Fic WHI
  • Flaming tree. Fic WHI
  • The glass flame. Fic WHI, Large Type Fic WHI
  • The golden unicorn. Fic WHI, Large Type Fic WHI
  • Hunter’s green. Fic WHI, Large Type Fic WHI
  • Listen for the whisperer. Fic WHI
  • A long time coming. Large Type Fic WHI
  • The moonflower. Fic WHI
  • Poinciana. Fic WHI
  • Rainbow in the mist. Fic WHI, Large Type Fic WHI
  • Rainsong. Fic WHI, Large Type Fic WHI
  • The red carnelian. Large Type Fic WHI, Audio Fic
  • Sea jade. Fic WHI, Audio Fic WHI
  • Seven tears for Apollo. Fic WHI
  • Silverhill. Fic WHI
  • Silversword. Fic WHI, Audio Fic WHI
  • The singing stones. Fic WHI
  • Skye Cameron. Fic WHI
  • Snowfire. Fic WHI
  • Spindrift. Fic WHI, Large Type Fic WHI
  • Star flight. Fic WHI
  • The stone bull. Fic WHI, Large Type Fic WHI
  • Thunder Heights/Window on the square. Fic WHI
  • The trembling hills. Fic WHI
  • The turquoise mask. Fic WHI
  • Vermilion. Fic WHI
  • Window on the square. Fic WHI
  • The winter people. Fic WHI
  • Woman without a past. Fic WHI,Large Type, Audio

Robert Jastrow 9/7/1925—2/8/2008

  • Until the sun dies. 577 JAS

Mary Ann Shaffer 12/12/1934—2/16/2008

  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Fic SHA, Large Type Fic SHA

Val Ross 10/17/1950—2/17/2008

  • You can’t read this. Y 028.09 ROS

Robin Moore 10/31/1925—2/21/2008

  • The accidental pope. Fic FLY
  • The country team. Fic MOO
  • The fifth estate. Fic MOO
  • Hunting down Saddam. 956.7044 MOO
  • Mafia wife. B Fuca
  • The Moscow connection. Fic MOO

Stephen Marlowe 8/7/1928—2/22/2008

  • The Cawthorn journals. Fic MAR
  • The lighthouse at the end of the world. Fic MAR
  • The memoirs of Christopher Columbus. Fic MAR
  • The search for Bruno Heidler. Fic MAR
  • The Valkyrie encounter. Fic MAR

William F. Buckley 11/24/1925—2/27/2008

  • Atlantic high: a celebration. 910.45 BUC
  • Brothers no more. Fic BUC
  • Elvis in the morning. Fic BUC
  • The fall of the Berlin Wall. 943.108 BUC
  • High jinx. Fic BUC, Large Type Fic BUC
  • A hymnal: the controversial arts. 814 BUC
  • Last call for Blackford Oakes. Fic BUC
  • Marco Polo, if you can. Large Type Fic BUC
  • Mongoose, R.I.P.. Fic BUC, Large Type Fic BUC
  • Nearer, my God. B Buckley
  • Nuremberg: the reckoning. Fic BUC, CD Fic BUC
  • Overdrive: a personal documentary. 070.92 BUC
  • Racing through paradise. 910.45 BUC
  • The rake. Fic BUC
  • The Redhunter. Fic BUC, Audio Fic BUC
  • Saving the Queen. Fic BUC, Large Type Fic BUC
  • See you later alligator. Fic BUC, Large Type Fic
  • Spytime. Fic BUC
  • Stained glass. Fic BUC
  • The story of Henri Tod. Fic BUC, Large Type Fic
  • WindFall: the end of the affair. 910.45 BUC
  • William F. Buckley, Jr.. John B. Judis. B Buckley

Barbara Seaman 9/11/1935—2/27/2008

  • Lovely me: the life of Jacqueline Susann. Susann
  • No-nonsense guide to menopause. 618.175 SEA

Julian Rathbone 2/10/1935—2/28/2008

  • The last English king. Fic RAT
  • Trip trap. Mystery RAT

W. T. Tyler 10/19/1929—2/29/2008

  • The consul’s wife. Fic TYL
  • The lion and the jackal. Fic TYL
  • The shadow cabinet. Fic TYL

Arthur C. Clarke 12/16/1917—3/19/2008

  • 2001; a space odyssey. Sci Fic CLA, DVD Sci Fic
  • 2010: odyssey two. Sci. Fic CLA
  • 2061: odyssey three. Sci. Fic CLA
  • 3001: the final odyssey. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Beyond the fall of night. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Childhood’s end. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Cradle. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Firstborn. Sci. Fic CLA
  • The fountains of Paradise. Sci. Fic CLA
  • The garden of Rama. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Greetings, carbon-based bipeds! 500 CLA
  • The hammer of God. Sci. Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA
  • The last theorem. Sci. Fic CLA
  • The light of other days. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Man and space. 629.4 CLA
  • The other side of the sky; stories. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Rama II. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Rama revealed. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Rendezvous with Rama. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Richter 10. Sci. Fic CLA
  • The sentinel. Sci. Fic CLA
  • The songs of distant earth. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Sunstorm. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Time’s eye. Sci. Fic CLA
  • The trigger. Fic CLA
  • The view from Serendip. 824 CLA
  • The wind from the sun. Sci. Fic CLA
  • Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious world. VIDEO 001.9

Jon Hassler 3/30/1933—3/20/2008

  • The dean’s list. Fic HAS
  • Dear James. Fic HAS
  • Grand opening. Fic HAS
  • A green journey. Fic HAS
  • The love hunter. Fic HAS
  • The new woman. Fic HAS
  • North of hope. Fic HAS
  • Rookery blues. Fic HAS
  • Simon’s night. Large Type Fic HAS
  • Staggerford. Fic HAS

Helen Yglesias 3/29/1915—3/28/2008

  • Family feeling. Fic YGL

Eugene Ehrlich 5/21/1922—4/5/2008

  • British English A to Zed. 427 SCH
  • The Oxford illustrated literary guide to the United States. 917.3 EHR
  • What’s in a name?: how proper names became everyday words. 423.1 EHR
  • You’ve got ketchup on your muumuu: an A-to-Z guide to English words from around the world. 422.4 EHR

Ollie Johnston 10/31/1912—4/14/2008

  • The illusion of life: Disney animation. 741.58 THO
  • Frank and Ollie. DVD 791.433

William W. Warner4/2/1920—4/18/2008

  • Beautiful swimmers: watermen, crabs, and the Chesapeake Bay. 639.54 WAR

Nuala O’Faolain 3/1/1940—5/9/2008

  • Almost there: the onward journey of a Dublin woman. B O’Faolain, CD B O’Faolain
  • Are you somebody: the accidental memoir of a Dublin woman. B O’Faolain, Large Type B O’Faolain

Oakley Hall 7/1/1920—5/12/2008

  • The Adelita. Fic HAL
  • Ambrose Bierce and the Ace of Shoots. Fic HAL
  • Ambrose Bierce and the death of kings. Fic HAL
  • Ambrose Bierce and the queen of spades. FicHAL
  • Apaches. Fic HAL
  • The Bad Lands. Fic HAL
  • The children of the sun. Fic HAL
  • Warlock. Fic HAL, VIDEO Western W

Wilfred Mellers 4/26/1914—5/17/2008

  • Angels of the night: popular female singers of our time. 784.5 MEL

Robert Asprin 6/28/1946—5/22/2008

  • M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link. Sci. Fic ASP

George Garrett 6/11/1929—5/25/2008

  • Death of the fox: a novel of Elizabeth and Raleigh. Fic GAR
  • Entered from the sun. Fic GAR
  • The King of Babylon shall not come against you. Fic GAR
  • The succession: a novel of Elizabeth and James. Fic GAR

Paula Gunn Allen 10/24/1937—5/29/2008

  • Voice of the turtle: American Indian literature, 1900-1970. 897 VOI

Harriet McBryde Johnson 7/8/1957—6/4/2008

  • Accidents of nature. Y Fic JOH
  • Too late to die young. 362.1967 JOH

Angus Calder 2/5/1942—6/5/2008

  • Scott. 823 SCO

Jim McKay 9/24/1921—6/7/2008

  • My wide world. 796.48 MACK

Eliot Asinof 7/13/1919–-6/10/2008

  • Eight men out: the Black Sox and the 1919 World Series. 796.357 ASI
  • Strike zone. Fic BOU

Tim Russert 5/7/1950—6/13/2008

  • Big Russ & me. B Russert, Large Type B Russert
  • Wisdom of our fathers. 306.8742 WIS

Tasha Tudor 8/28/1915—6/18/2008

  • All for love. 808.835 ALL
  • The private world of Tasha Tudor. B Tudor
  • Tasha Tudor’s Old-fashioned gifts. 745.5 TUD
  • Tasha Tudor’s garden. Tovah Martin. 635.9 MAR
  • Becky’s Christmas. J TUD
  • The great Corgiville kidnapping. Pic TUD
  • More prayers. J 264 TUD
  • Take joy! The Tasha Tudor Christmas book. J394
  • The Tasha Tudor book of fairy tales. J 398.2 TUD
  • Tasha Tudor’s favorite Christmas carols. J 783.6
  • Wings from the wind. J 821.08 TUD

Lyall Watson 4/12/1939—6/25/2008

  • Jacobson’s organ: and the remarkable nature of smell. 612.86 WAT
  • The whole hog: exploring the extraordinary potential of pigs. 599.633 WAT

Albert N. Keim 10/31/1935—6/27/2008

  • Compulsory education and the Amish. 379.23KEI
  • Harold S. Bender, 1897-1962. Ind. Coll. B Bender

Simone Ortega 5/29/1919—7/2/2008

  • 1080 recipes. 641.5946 ORT

Jesse Helms 10/18/1921—7/4/2008

  • Hard right: the rise of Jesse Helms. Ernest B. Furgurson. B Helms

Janwillem van de Wetering 2/12/1931—7/4/2008

  • Hard rain. Mystery VAN
  • The hollow-eyed angel. Mystery VAN
  • The mind-murders. Mystery VAN
  • Outsider in Amsterdam. Mystery VAN
  • The perfidious parrot. CD Fic VAN
  • The rattle-rat. Mystery VAN
  • The sergeant’s cat and other stories. MysteryVAN

Thomas M. Disch 2/2/1940—7/4/2008

  • The M.D.: a horror story. Fic DIS
  • On wings of song. Fic DIS
  • The priest: a Gothic romance. Fic DIS

Michael E. DeBakey 9/7/1908—7/11/2008

  • The new living heart. 616.1 DEB

Estelle Getty 7/25/1923—7/22/2008

  • If I knew then what I know now–so what? 817GET

Randy Pausch 10/23/1960—7/25/2008

  • The last lecture. B Pausch, Large Type, Spanish

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 12/11/1918—8/3/2008

  • August 1914. Fic SOL
  • The cancer ward. Fic SOL
  • The first circle. Fic SOL
  • For the good of the cause. Fic SOL
  • The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956. 947.084 SOL
  • Lenin in Zurich: chapters. Fic SOL
  • November 1916. Fic SOL
  • The oak and the calf. B Solzhenitsyn
  • One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich. Fic SOL, Audio Fic SOL
  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; a biography. Hans Bjorkegren. 891.73 SOL
  • Alexander Solzhenitsyn: a century in his life. D.M. Thomas. B Solzhenitsyn

John K. Cooley 11/25/1927—8/6/2008

  • Currency wars: how forged money is the new weapon of mass destruction. 364.133 COO

Jerry Wexler 1/10/1917—8/15/2008

  • Rhythm and the blues: a life in American music. 781.643 WEX

Edgardo Vega Yunqué 5/20/1936—8/26/2008

  • Blood fugues. Fic YUN, Spanish Lang. Fic YUN
  • No matter how much you promise to cook or pay the rent you blew it cauze Bill Bailey ain’t never coming home again. Fic YUN

Ralph M. Kovel 8/20/1920—8/28/2008

  • American country furniture, 1780-1875. 749.2KOV
  • Kovels’ antiques & collectibles price list. 745.1KOV
  • Kovel’s bid, buy, and sell online. 381.17 KOV
  • The Kovels’ collector’s guide to American art pottery. 738.3 KOV
  • Kovel’s guide to selling, buying, and fixing your antiques and collectibles. 745.1 KOV
  • Kovel’s Know your collectibles. 745.1 KOV
  • A directory of American silver, pewter, and silver plate. R 739.2 KOV
  • Kovels’ bottles price list: illustrated. R748.82KOV
  • The Kovels’ collectors’ source book. R 745.1 KOV
  • Kovels’ depression glass & American dinnerware price list. R 748.2 KOV
  • Kovels’ New dictionary of marks. R 738.027 KOV

Michael Hammer 4/13/1948—9/3/2008

  • Reengineering the corporation. 658.406 HAM

Gregory Mcdonald 2/15/1937—9/7/2008

  • Exits and entrances. Fic MACD
  • Fletch. Large Type Fic MACD
  • The Fletch chronicle. Mystery MACD
  • Fletch reflected. Mystery MACD
  • Fletch, too. MysteryMACD,LargeTypeFicMACD
  • Fletch won. MysteryMACD,LargeTypeFicMACD
  • Love among the mashed potatoes. Fic MACD
  • Merely players. Fic MACD
  • Skylar. Mystery MACD
  • Skylar in Yankeeland. Mystery MACD
  • Son of Fletch. Mystery MACD
  • Who took Toby Rinaldi? Fic MACD
  • A world too wide. Fic MACD

Joan Winston 6/19/1931—9/11/2008

  • The making of the trek conventions. 791.457 WIN

David Foster Wallace 2/21/1962—9/12/2008

  • Consider the lobster: and other essays. 814 WAL
  • Everything and more: a compact history of [infinity]. 511.3 WAL
  • Oblivion: stories. Fic WAL
  • A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again. 814WAL

James Crumley 10/12/1939—9/17/2008

  • Bordersnakes. Mystery CRU
  • The wrong case. Mystery CRU

Richard M. Sudhalter 12/28/1938—9/19/2008

  • Stardust melody: the life and music of Hoagy Carmichael. B Carmichael

Hayden Carruth 8/3/1921—9/29/2008

  • Letters to Jane. B Carruth
  • Tell me again how the white heron rises and flies across the nacreous river at twilight toward the distant islands. 811 CAR

Tony Hillerman 5/27/1925—10/26/2008

  • The blessing way. Mystery HIL
  • Coyote waits. Mystery HIL, VIDEO Mystery
  • Dance hall of the dead. Mystery HIL, CD Fic HIL
  • The dark wind. Large Type Fic HIL
  • The fallen man. Mystery HIL, Large Type, Audio
  • Finding moon. Fic HIL, Audio Fic HIL
  • The first eagle. MysteryHIL,LargeType,CD,Audio
  • The fly on the wall. Mystery HIL, Large Type Fic
  • The ghostway. Mystery HIL
  • Hillerman country: a journey through the Southwest with Tony Hillerman. 917.9 HIL
  • Hunting badger. Audio Fic HIL
  • Listening woman. Mystery HIL, CD Fic HIL
  • People of darkness. Large Type Fic HIL
  • Sacred clowns. Mystery HIL, Large Type Fic HIL
  • Seldom disappointed: a memoir. B Hillerman, CD B Hillerman
  • The shape shifter. Mystery HIL, CD Fic HIL
  • The sinister pig. Mystery HIL, CD Fic, Audio Fic
  • Skeleton man. Mystery HIL, CD Fic HIL
  • Skinwalkers. Large Type Fic HIL
  • Talking God. Mystery HIL
  • A thief of time. Mystery HIL
  • The wailing wind. Mystery HIL, CD Fic, Audio Fic

William Wharton 11/7/1925—10/29/2008

  • Birdy. Fic WHA, CD Fic WHA
  • Dad. Fic WHA
  • Ever after: a father’s true story. 346.032 WHA
  • Last lovers. Fic WHA
  • Tidings. Fic WHA

Studs Terkel 5/16/1912—10/31/2008

  • American dreams, lost and found. 920 TER
  • Chicago. 977.311 TER
  • Coming of age: the story of our century by those who’ve lived it. 973.9 TER
  • Giants of jazz. 781.65 TER
  • “The good war”: an oral history of World War Two. 940.54 TER
  • The great divide: America in the eighties. 973.927 TER
  • Hard times; an oral history of the great depression. 973.91 TER
  • Hope dies last: keeping the faith in difficult times. 361.2 TER
  • Race: how Blacks and Whites think and feel about the American obsession. 305.8 TER
  • The spectator: talk about movies and plays with the people who make them. 791.092 TER
  • Talking to myself: a memoir of my times. 070.92 TER
  • Touch and go: a memoir. B Terkel
  • Will the circle be unbroken?: reflections on death, rebirth, and hunger for a faith. 155.937 TER
  • Working: people talk about what they do all day and how they feel about what they do. 331.2 TER

Edward R.F. Sheehan 3/2/1930—11/3/2008

  • Cardinal Galsworthy. Fic SHE

Michael Crichton 10/23/1942—11/4/2008

  • Airframe. Fic CRI
  • The Andromeda strain. Fic CRI
  • Congo. Fic CRI, YFic,LargeType,SpanishLang.
  • Disclosure. Fic CRI
  • Eaters of the dead. Y Fic CRI
  • The great train robbery. Y Fic CRI, Audio Fic CRI, DVD Action Adv.
  • Jurassic Park. Fic CRI, Spanish Lang. Fic CRI, DVD Sci. Fic J, VIDEO Sci. Fic J
  • The lost world. Fic CRI, CD Fic CRI
  • Next. Fic CRI, Spanish Lang. Fic CRI
  • Prey. Fic CRI, Audio Fic CRI, Spanish Lang. Fic
  • Rising sun. Fic CRI
  • Sphere. Fic CRI
  • State of fear. Fic CRI, Spanish Lang. Fic CRI
  • The terminal man. Y Fic CRI, Audio Fic CRI
  • Timeline. Fic CRI, Y Fic CRI, Spanish Lang. Fic CRI, Audio Fic CRI, DVD Sci. Fic T, VIDEO Sci. Fic T
  • Travels. B Crichton

Joe Hyams 6/6/1923—11/8/2008

  • Bogie; the biography of Humphrey Bogart. BBogart

George C. Chesbro 6/4/1940—11/18/2008

  • Bleeding in the eye of a brainstorm. Mystery CHE
  • Dream of a falling eagle. Mystery CHE

William Gibson 11/13/1914—11/25/2008

  • The miracle worker. 812 GIB

Dorothy Sterling 11/23/1913—12/1/2008

  • Ahead of her time: Abby Kelley and the politics of anti-slavery. B Kelley
  • The story of mosses, ferns, and mushrooms. 586 STE
  • We are your sisters: Black women in the 19th century. 973.0496 WE

Elizabeth Warnock Fernea 10/21/1927—12/2/2008

  • Guests of the Sheik. 915.67 FER
  • A street in Marrakech. 916.4 FER
  • A view of the Nile. 916.2 FER

Sunny von Bülow 9/1/1932—12/6/2008

  • Reversal of fortune: inside the von Bulow case. Alan M. Dershowitz. 345.025 DER

Hillary Waugh 6/22/1920—12/8/2008

  • A bride for Hampton House. Fic WAU
  • A death in town. Mystery WAU
  • The Doria Rafe case. Large Type Fic WAU
  • The Glenna Powers case. Large Type Fic WAU
  • Last seen wearing. Large Type Fic WAU
  • The missing man. Large Type Fic WAU
  • Murder on safari. Mystery WAU
  • Pure poison. Mystery WAU
  • Run when I say go. Mystery WAU
  • The shadow guest. Fic WAU
  • The Veronica Dean case. Large Type Fic WAU
  • The young prey. Mystery WAU

Mark Felt 8/17/1913—12/18/2008

  • The FBI pyramid from the inside. 353.007 FEL
  • The secret man: the story of Watergate’s deep throat. Bob Woodward. 973.924 WOO, CD 973.924

Adrian Mitchell 10/24/1932—12/20/2008

  • Nobody rides the unicorn. Pic MIT
  • Twice my size. Pic MIT

Dale Wasserman 11/2/1914—12/21/2008

  • Man of La Mancha; a musical play. 782.8 WAS, CD K MANO MLM D-65

Christopher Hibbert 3/5/1924—12/21/2008

  • The court at Windsor; a domestic history. 923 HIB
  • Edward: the uncrowned king. B Edward VIII
  • The popes. 262.13 HIB
  • The royal Victorians: King Edward VII, his family and friends. B Edward VII
  • Tower of London. 942.12 HIB
  • Versailles. 944.36 HIB
  • Breve historia del Rey Arturo. Spanish Lang. 398.22 HIB
  • The search for King Arthur. J 398.22 HIB

Harold Pinter 10/10/1930—12/24/2008

  • The dwarfs. Fic PIN
  • Wit. DVD Drama W
  • Harold Pinter. 822 PIN
  • The peopled wound: the work of Harold Pinter.    822 PIN

Donald E. Westlake 7/12/1933—12/31/2008

  • Ask the parrot. Mystery STA
  • The ax. Fic WES
  • Baby, would I lie?: a romance of the Ozarks. Fic WES
  • Backflash. Mystery STA
  • Bad news. Fic WES
  • Breakout. Mystery STA
  • Brothers keepers. Fic WES
  • Castle in the air. Fic WES
  • Cops and robbers. Mystery WES
  • Dancing Aztecs. Fic WES
  • Dirty money. Mystery STA
  • Don’t ask. Mystery WES
  • Drowned hopes. Fic WES
  • Enough. Fic WES, Large Type Fic WES
  • Firebreak: a Parker novel. Mystery STA
  • God save the mark: a novel of crime and confusion. Large Type Fic WES
  • Good behavior. Fic WES
  • Help, I am being held prisoner. Fic WES
  • High adventure. Fic WES
  • The hook. Fic WES
  • The hot rock. Mystery WES
  • Jimmy the kid. Fic WES
  • Money for nothing. Fic WES
  • Nobody runs forever. Mystery STA
  • Nobody’s perfect. Fic WES
  • Put a lid on it. Fic WES, CD Fic WES, Audio Fic
  • The road to ruin. Fic WES
  • Smoke. Fic WES
  • Trust me on this. Fic WES
  • Two much. Mystery WES
  • Watch your back! Fic WES
  • What’s so funny? Mystery WES
  • What’s the worst that could happen? Fic WES
  • Why me. Fic WES


Brad Renfro 7/25/1982—1/15/2008

  • The client. DVD Mystery C, VIDEO Spanish Lang. C
  • Tom and Huck. DVD Comedy T, VIDEO Comedy T

Lois Nettleton 8/6/1927—1/18/2008

  • Centennial. DVD Drama C
  • 7 classic plays v. 1. CD 808.82 SEV Vol. 1

Suzanne Pleshette 1/31/1937—1/19/2008

  • The birds. DVD Mystery B, VIDEO Mystery B
  • Blackbeard’s ghost. DVD Children B
  • Dead weight / Suitable for framing (Columbo: the complete first season; Disc 3). DVD Mystery C
  • The lion king 2: Simba’s pride. VIDEO Children
  • The shaggy D.A. DVD Children S, VIDEO Children

Heath Ledger 4/4/1979—1/22/2008

  • A knight’s tale. DVD Action Adv. K
  • 10 things I hate about you. DVD Comedy T

Roy Scheider 11/10/1932—2/10/2008

  • Jaws. DVD Action Adv.

Perry Lopez 7/22/1929—2/14/2008

  • The Lone Ranger. DVD Western L
  • Taras Bulba. DVD Action Adv. T

Paul Scofield 1/21/1922—3/19/2008

  • Othello. Audio 822.33 SHA
  • Animal farm. VIDEO Drama
  • The crucible. DVD Drama C, VIDEO Drama C, VIDEO Spanish Lang. C
  • Hamlet. DVD 822.33
  • Henry V. DVD 822.33, VIDEO 822.33
  • A man for all seasons. DVD Drama M, VIDEO Drama
  • Quiz show. DVD Drama Q
  • The train. DVD Action Adv. T

Richard Widmark 12/26/1924—3/24/2008

  • The Alamo. DVD Western A, VIDEO Action Adv.
  • Cheyenne autumn. VIDEO Western
  • Don’t bother to knock. VIDEO Mystery D
  • Judgment at Nuremberg. DVD Drama J
  • Murder on the Orient Express. DVD Mystery M, VIDEO Mystery M
  • Warlock. VIDEO Western W
  • Yellow sky. DVD Western Y

Charlton Heston 10/4/1924—4/5/2008

  • In the arena: an autobiography. B Heston
  • Charlton Heston. Michael Munn. 791.43 MUN
  • The agony and the ecstasy. DVD Drama A, VIDEO Drama
  • Airport 1975. VIDEO Action Adv.
  • Alaska. DVD Action Adv. A, VIDEO Action Adv.
  • Antony and Cleopatra. VIDEO 822.33
  • Behind the planet of the apes. DVD Sci. Fic P
  • Ben-Hur. DVD Drama, VIDEO Drama, VIDEO Children
  • Beneath the planet of the apes. DVD Sci. Fic P
  • The big country. DVD Western B
  • The call of the wild. DVD Action Adv. C
  • Charlton Heston presents stories from the New Testament. VIDEO 225.95
  • Charlton Heston presents stories from the Old Testament. VIDEO 221.95
  • El Cid. DVD Drama E
  • The four musketeers. DVD Action Adv. F
  • Genesis. VIDEO 222.11
  • The Greatest show on earth. VIDEO Drama
  • The greatest story ever told. DVD Drama G, VIDEO Drama
  • Hamlet. DVD 822.33
  • Jesus of Nazareth. VIDEO 232.9
  • Julius Caesar. DVD 822.33, VIDEO 822.33
  • Major Dundee. DVD Western M
  • The mysterious origins of man. VIDEO 569.9
  • The naked jungle. DVD Action Adv. N
  • The omega man. DVD Sci. Fic O
  • The Passion. VIDEO 232.96
  • Planet of the apes. DVD Sci. Fic, VIDEO Sci. Fic
  • The story of Moses. VIDEO 222.1
  • The ten commandments. DVD Drama, VIDEO
  • Touch of evil. DVD Mystery T, VIDEO Mystery
  • Treasure Island. VIDEO Action Adv. T
  • Will Penny. DVD Western W

Sydney Pollack 7/1/1934—5/26/2008

  • Out of Africa. DVD Drama O
  • Tootsie. DVD Comedy T

Harvey Korman 2/15/1927—5/29/2008

  • The Carol Burnett Show. DVD Comedy C
  • The Carol Burnett Show show stoppers. DVD Comedy C
  • Curse of the Pink Panther. DVD Comedy C
  • Dorf goes fishing: Tim & Harvey in the great outdoors. DVD Comedy D
  • The Flintstones in viva Rock Vegas. DVD Comedy F
  • Trail of the Pink Panther. DVD Comedy P, VIDEO Comedy

Mel Ferrer 8/25/1917—6/2/2008

  • Catherine the Great. VIDEO Drama C
  • The longest day. DVD Action Adv. L
  • Scaramouche. DVD Action Adv. S

Cyd Charisse 3/8/1921—6/17/2008

  • The Bandwagon. VIDEO Musical
  • Brigadoon. VIDEO Musical
  • On an island with you. DVD Comedy O
  • Silk stockings. VIDEO Musical S
  • Singin’ in the rain. DVD Musical S

George Carlin 5/12/1937—6/22/3008

  • Brain droppings. 818 CAR
  • Napalm & silly putty. 818 CAR
  • When will Jesus bring the pork chops? 818 CAR
  • Best of James. DVD Children T
  • Best of Thomas. VIDEO Children
  • A big day for Thomas. DVD Children T
  • Cars. DVD Children C
  • Thomas & his friends get along & other Thomas adventures. DVD Children T
  • Thomas & his friends help out. DVD Children T, VIDEO Children T
  • Thomas gets bumped & other adventures. DVD Children T

Bernie Mac 10/5/1957—8/9/2008

  • Ocean’s eleven. DVD Comedy Wide screen, VIDEO Comedy O
  • Ocean’s thirteen. DVD Comedy O
  • Ocean’s twelve. DVD Comedy O

Isaac Hayes 8/20/1942—8/10/2008

  • Flipper. VIDEO Drama F, VIDEO Spanish Lang.
  • Greatest hits. CD MR HAYE GH H-42
  • It could happen to you. VIDEO Comedy I
  • Robin Hood men in tights. DVD Comedy R

Marpessa Dawn 1/3/1934—8/25/2008

  • Black OrpheusDVD Foreign B, VIDEO Foreign

Michael Pate 2/26/1920—9/1/2008

  • Hondo. DVD Western H
  • Major Dundee. DVD Western M

Jerry Reed 3/20/1937—9/1/2008

  • The essential Jerry Reed. CDMCREEDEJRR-22

Anita Page 8/4/1910—9/6/2008

  • The Broadway melody. VIDEO Musical

Paul Newman 1/26/1925—9/26/2008

  • The Hole in the Wall Gang cookbook: kid-friendly recipes for families to make together. 641.597 NEW
  • Shameless exploitation in pursuit of the common good. 338.766 NEW
  • Newman: Paul Newman: a biography. Eric Lax. B Newman
  • Paul and Joanne: a biography of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Joe Morella, Edward Z. Epstein. B Newman
  • Paul Newman superstar: a critical biography. Lionel Godfrey. B Newman
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. DVD Western B
  • Cars. DVD Children C
  • Cat on a hot tin roof. DVD Drama C
  • Come along with me. DVD Comedy C
  • Cool hand Luke. DVD Drama C
  • Empire Falls. DVD Drama E
  • Exodus. DVD Action Adv. E
  • Fat man and little boy. VIDEO Drama F
  • Hombre. VIDEO Action Adv.
  • Hud. DVD Western H, VIDEO Western
  • The life & times of Judge Roy Bean. DVD Western L
  • The long, hot summer. DVD Drama L
  • Message in a bottle. DVD Drama M, VIDEO Drama
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bridge. VIDEO Drama, CD Fic CON
  • Our town. VIDEO 812
  • Paul Newman: Hollywood’s charming rebel. VIDEO B Newman
  • The sting. DVD Comedy, VIDEO Comedy S
  • Sweet bird of youth. VIDEO Drama