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Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2007

Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2007

Yvonne de Carlo 9/1/1922—1/8/2007

  • McLintock! DVD Western M
  • The ten commandments. DVD Drama, VIDEO

Harry Horse (Richard Horne) 5/9/1960—1/10/2007

  • Little rabbit lost. Pic HOR
  • Little Rabbit’s Christmas. Pic HOR

Robert Anton Wilson 1/18/1932—1/11/2007

  • The widow’s son. Fic WIL

Michael Brecker 3/29/1949—1/13/2007

  • Don’t try this at home. CD MJ BREC DTT B-29

Ron Carey 12/11/1935—1/16/2007

  • Silent movie. DVD Comedy S

Art Buchwald 10/20/1925—1/17/2007

  • The Buchwald stops here. 817 BUC
  • How much is that in dollars? 817 BUC
  • “I am not a crook”. 817 BUC
  • I think I don’t remember. 814BUCLargeType814
  • I’ll always have Paris. B BuchwaldLarge Type B
  • Laid back in Washington. 817 BUC
  • Leaving home. B BuchwaldLarge Type B
  • Seems like yesterday. Large Type B Buchwald
  • Too soon to say goodbye. BBuchwaldLargeType
  • Whose rose garden is it anyway? 814 BUC
  • You can fool all of the people all the time. 817BUC

Barbara Seranella 4/30/1956—1/21/2007

  • Deadman’s switch. Mystery SER
  • No man standing. Mystery SER
  • No offense intended. Mystery SER
  • An unacceptable death. Mystery SER
  • Unfinished business. Mystery SER
  • Unwilling accomplice. Mystery SER

E. Howard Hunt 10/9/1918—1/23/2007

  • American spy: my secret history in the CIA, Watergate, and beyond. B Hunt
  • The Berlin ending; a novel of discovery. Fic HUN
  • Cozumel. Fic HUN
  • Dragon teeth. Fic HUN
  • The Kremlin conspiracy. Fic HUN
  • Sonora. Fic HUN
  • Undercover: memoirs of an American secret agent. B Hunt

Ryszard Kapuściński 3/4/1932—1/23/2007

  • Shah of shahs. 955.05 KAP

Barbaro 4/29/2003—1/29/2007

  • Barbaro: a nation’s love story. 798.4 PHI
  • Barbaro: America’s horse. Shelley Fraser Mickle. J 798.4 MIC

Sidney Sheldon 2/11/1917—1/30/2007

  • Are you afraid of the dark? Fic SHE
  • The best laid plans. Fic SHE
  • Bloodline. Fic SHE
  • The doomsday conspiracy. Fic SHE
  • If tomorrow comes. Fic SHELarge Type Fic SHE
  • Master of the game. FicSHELargeTypeSpanish
  • Memories of midnight. Fic SHE
  • Morning, noon, and night. Fic SHELarge Type
  • The naked face. Fic SHE
  • Nothing lasts forever. Fic SHELarge Type Fic
  • The other side of me. B SheldonLarge Type B
  • The other side of midnight. Fic SHE
  • The sands of time. Fic SHELarge Type Fic SHE
  • The sky is falling. Fic SHECD FicSHEAudioFic
  • The stars shine down. Fic SHELarge Type Fic
  • A stranger in the mirror. Fic SHE
  • Tell me your dreams. Fic SHEAudio Fic SHE
  • Windmills of the gods. Fic SHELarge Type Fic

Molly Ivins 8/30/1944—1/31/2007

  • Bill of wrongs: the executive branch’s assault on America’s fundamental rights.
  • Bushwhacked: life in George W. Bush’s America. 973.931 IVILarge Type 973.931 IVI
  • Molly Ivins can’t say that, can she? 976.4 IVI
  • Nothing but good times ahead. 973.929 IVI
  • Who let the dogs in?: incredible political animals I have known. 973.92 IVI
  • You got to dance with them what brung you: politics in the Clinton years. 973.929 IVI

Gian Carlo Menotti 7/7/1911-2/1/2007

  • Amahl and the night visitors. Fic FROJ MENCD B MENO ANV A-52VIDEO 782.1
  • The stages of Menotti. John Ardoin. 782.1 ARD

Barbara McNair 3/4/1934—2/4/2007

  • Change of habit. DVD Drama C

Lee Hoffman 8/14/1932—2/6/2007

  • The land killer. Western HOF
  • Loco. Western HOF
  • Nothing but a drifter. Western HOF
  • The Valdez horses. Western HOFLarge Type
  • West of Cheyenne. Western HOF

Frankie Laine 3/30/1913—2/6/2007

  • Frankie Laine’s greatest hits. CDMALAINGHL-36

Fred Mustard Stewart 9/17/1932—2/7/2007

  • Century. Fic STE
  • Ellis Island. Fic STE
  • The magnificent savages. Fic STE
  • The Mannings. Fic STE
  • The Mephisto waltz. Fic STE
  • The Methuselah enzyme. Fic STE
  • Pomp and circumstance. Fic STE
  • The Savages in love and war. Fic STE
  • The young Savages. Fic STE

Benedict Kiely 8/15/1919—2/8/2007

  • Nothing happens in Carmincross. Fic KIE
  • The treasure seekers. VIDEO Children T

Ian Richardson 4/7/1934—2/9/2007

  • The Canterville ghost. DVD Comedy C
  • Catherine the Great. VIDEO Drama C
  • Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy. DVD Action Adv. T

Elizabeth Jolley 6/4/1923—2/13/2007

  • Cabin fever. Fic JOL
  • Miss Peabody’s inheritance. Fic JOL
  • Stories. Fic JOL
  • The well. Fic JOL

Bruce Metzger 2/9/1914—2/13/2007

  • The Bible in translation: ancient and English versions. 220.5 MET
  • The New Testament: its background, growth, and content. 225 MET
  • The Readers’ digest Bible. 220.52 BIB,LargeType

Sheridan Morley 12/5/1941—2/16/2007

  • Elizabeth Taylor: a celebration. B Taylor
  • John Gielgud: the authorized biography. BGielgud
  • Judy Garland: beyond the rainbow. B Garland
  • Katharine Hepburn. B Hepburn
  • A talent to amuse; a biography of Noel Coward. B Coward

Bruce Bennett 5/19/1906—2/24/2007

  • Mildred Pierce. DVD Mystery M
  • Treasure of Sierra Madre. VIDEO Action Adv.

Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. 10/15/1917—2/28/2007

  • The disuniting of America. 973 SCH
  • A life in the twentieth century: innocent beginnings, 1917-1950. B Schlesinger
  • The politics of upheaval. 973.91 SCH
  • Robert Kennedy and his times. B Kennedy
  • A thousand days; John F. Kennedy in the White House. 973.92 SCH

Henri Troyat 11/1/1911-3/2/2007

  • Chekhov. B Chekov
  • Tolstoy. B Tolstoi

Betty Hutton 2/26/1921—3/11/2007

  • Annie get your gun. DVD Musical A
  • The Greatest show on earth. VIDEO Drama
  • The miracle of Morgan’s Creek. DVD Comedy
  • Perils of Pauline. VIDEO Comedy

Leslie Waller 4/1/1923—3/29/2007

  • Amazing Faith. Fic WAL
  • The coast of fear. Fic WAL
  • Embassy. Fic WAL
  • Hide in plain sight: the true story of how the United States Government and organized crime kept a man from his own children. 364.106 WALLarge Type
  • Trocadero. Fic WAL

Michael Dibdin 3/21/1947—3/30/2007

  • Back to Bologna. Mystery DIB
  • Cabal. Mystery DIB
  • Cosi fan tutti. Mystery DIB
  • Dark specter. Fic DIB
  • Dead Lagoon. Mystery DIB
  • End games. Mystery DIB
  • A long finish. Mystery DIB
  • Medusa. Mystery DIB
  • Thanksgiving. Fic DIB
  • The tryst. Fic DIB
  • Vendetta. Mystery DIB

Bob Clark 8/5/1941—4/4/2007

  • I’ll remember April. DVD Drama I

Jill McGown 8/9/1947—4/6/2007

  • Death in the family. Mystery MACG
  • An evil hour. Mystery MACG
  • Murder at the old vicarage. Mystery MACG
  • A perfect match. Large Type Fic MACG
  • Picture of innocence. Mystery MACG
  • Plots and errors. Mystery MACG
  • Record of sin. Large Type Fic MACG
  • Scene of crime. Mystery MACG
  • A shred of evidence. Mystery MACG
  • The stalking horse. Mystery MACG
  • Verdict unsafe. Mystery MACG

Johnny Hart 2/18/1931—4/7/2007

  • B.C. rides again: a B.C. collection. 741.5 HAR
  • Strike the sot!: a Wizard of Id collection. 741.5PAR
  • Shadow of the thin man. VIDEO Mystery

Barry Nelson 4/16/1920—4/7/2007

  • Casino Royale. VIDEO Action Adv. C

Roscoe Lee Browne 5/2/1925—4/11/2007

  • Babe. VIDEO Children B
  • King. DVD B King
  • Uptown Saturday night. DVD Comedy U

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 11/11/1922—4/11/2007

  • Bagombo snuff box: uncollected short fiction. Fic VON
  • Between time and Timbuktu; or Prometheus-5, a space fantasy. 812 VON
  • Bluebeard. Fic VON
  • Breakfast of champions, or, Goodbye blue Monday! Fic VON
  • Cat’s cradle. Fic VON
  • Conversations with Kurt Vonnegut. 813 VON
  • Deadeye Dick. Fic VON
  • Galapagos. Fic VON
  • God bless you, Dr. Kevorkian. Fic VON
  • God bless you, Mr. Rosewater, or Pearls before swine. Fic VON
  • Happy birthday, Wanda June; a play. 812 VON
  • Hocus pocus. Fic VON
  • Jailbird. Fic VON
  • A man without a country. 818 VONCD 818 VON
  • Mother night. Fic VON
  • Palm Sunday: an autobiographical collage. 818 VON
  • Player piano. Fic VON
  • The sirens of Titan. Fic VON
  • Slapstick, or, Lonesome no more! Fic VON
  • Slaughterhouse-five, or, The children’s crusade: a duty-dance with death. Fic VONY Fic VONCD Fic
  • Timequake. Fic VONAudio Fic VON
  • Wampeters, foma, & granfalloons. 814 VON
  • Welcome to the monkey house. Fic VONCD Fic VON
  • Vonnegut in America: an introduction to the life and work of Kurt Vonnegut. 813 VON
  • The Vonnegut statement. 813 VON
  • Who am I this time? DVDDramaWVIDEODrama

Jean-Pierre Cassel 10/27/1932—4/19/2007

  • Adventures in the secret service. VIDEOActionAdv
  • The four musketeers. DVD Action Adv. F
  • Murder on the Orient Express. VIDEO Mystery M

Paul Erdman 5/19/1932—4/23/2007

  • The palace. Fic ERD
  • The set-up. Fic ERD
  • The Swiss account. Fic ERD
  • Zero coupon. Fic ERD

David Halberstam 4/10/1934—4/23/2007

  • The children. 973.0496 HAL
  • The coldest winter: America and the Korean War. 951.904 HAL
  • The education of a coach. 796.332 HAL
  • The fifties. 973.92 HAL
  • Firehouse. 628.92 HAL
  • Playing for keeps: Michael Jordan and the world he made. 796.323 HALAudio 796.323 HAL
  • The powers that be. 070.4 HAL
  • The reckoning. 338.476 HAL
  • Summer of ’49. 796.357 HAL
  • The teammates. 796.357 HAL
  • War in a time of peace: Bush, Clinton, and the generals. 327.73 HALCD 327.73 HAL

Axel Madsen 5/27/1930—4/23/2007

  • Cousteau: a biography. B Cousteau
  • Gloria & Joe. B Swanson
  • Hearts and minds: the common journey of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. 840.9MAD

Boris Yeltsin 2/1/1931—4/23/2007

  • Against the grain: an autobiography. B Yeltsin
  • Midnight diaries. B Yeltsin
  • The struggle for Russia. 947.086 YEL
  • Boris Yeltsin. Shlomo Lambroza. JB Yeltsin
  • Boris Yeltsin: a political biography. Vladimir Solovyov and Elena Klepikova. B Yeltsin
  • Boris Yeltsin: man of the people. Eleanor H. Ayer. JB Yeltsin

Jack Valenti 9/5/1921—4/26/2007

  • Protect and defend. Fic VAL
  • This time, this place: my life in war, the White House, and Hollywood. B Valenti

Mstislav Rostropovich 3/27/1927—4/27/2007

  • Cello-suiten, 1, 4 & 5. CD GS BACH SUI R-21
  • Cello-suiten, 2, 3, & 6. CD GS BACH SUI R-20

Tom Poston 10/17/1921—4/30/2007

  • Beethoven’s 5thDVD Children B
  • The princess diaries 2. DVD Comedy P

Pat O’Shea 1/22/1931—5/3/2007

  • Finn Mac Cool and the small men of deeds. J 398.2 OSH

Edwin H. Simmons 8/25/1921—5/5/2007

  • Dog Company Six. Fic SIM

Philip Craig 12/10/1933—5/8/2007

  • A case of vineyard poison. Mystery CRA
  • Dead in Vineyard sand. Mystery CRA
  • A deadly vineyard holiday. Mystery CRA
  • Death on a vineyard beach. Mystery CRA
  • First light. Mystery CRA
  • Murder at a vineyard mansion. Mystery CRA
  • Off season. Mystery CRA
  • A shoot on Martha’s Vineyard. Mystery CRA
  • Third strike. Mystery CRA
  • A vineyard killing. Mystery CRA
  • Vineyard prey. Mystery CRA
  • Vineyard stalker. Mystery CRA
  • The woman who walked into the sea. MysteryCRA

Jerry Falwell 8/11/1933—5/15/2007

  • Finding inner peace and strength. 248.4 FAL
  • If I should die before I wake. 261.835 FAL
  • Listen, America! 261 FAL
  • God’s bullies: native reflections on preachers and politics. Perry Deane Young. 261.7 YOU

Yolanda King 11/17/1955-5/15/2007

  • Death of a prophet. VIDEO B Malcolm X
  • Our friend, Martin. DVD Children O
  • Selma, Lord, Selma. VIDEO Children S

Terry Ryan 7/14/1946—5/16/2007

  • The prize winner of Defiance, Ohio: how my mother raised 10 kids on 25 words or less. B RyanCDDVD

Lloyd Alexander 1/30/1924—5/17/2007

  • The Arkadians. J ALE
  • The black cauldron. Sci. Fic ALEJ ALEJ AUDIO Cassette ALEDVD Sci. Fic BVIDEO Sci. Fic B
  • The book of three. Sci. Fic ALEJ ALEJ AUDIO CD ALEJ AUDIO Cassette ALE
  • The castle of Llyr. Sci. Fic ALEJ ALEJ AUDIO
  • The cat who wished to be a man. J ALEJ AUDIO
  • Coll and his white pig. J ALE
  • The Drackenberg adventure. J ALE
  • The first two lives of Lukas-Kasha. J ALE
  • The fortune-tellers. Pic ALE
  • The foundling, and other tales of Prydain. J ALE
  • The four donkeys. Pic ALE
  • The Gawgon and The Boy. J ALE
  • Gypsy Rizka. Y Fic ALE
  • The high king. SciFicALEJALENewberyJAUDIO
  • The House Gobbaleen. Pic ALE
  • How the cat swallowed thunder. Pic ALE
  • The Illyrian adventure. J ALE
  • The iron ring. J ALE
  • The Kestrel. J ALE
  • The marvelous misadventures of Sebastian. JALE
  • The Philadelphia adventure. J ALE
  • The remarkable journey of Prince Jen. J ALE
  • Taran Wanderer. Sci. Fic ALEJ ALEJ AUDIO
  • Time cat; the remarkable journeys of Jason and Gareth. J ALE
  • The truthful harp. J ALE
  • Westmark. J ALE
  • The wizard in the tree. J ALE
  • The Xanadu adventure. J ALE

Clyde Robert Bulla 1/9/1914—5/23/2007

  • The cardboard crown. J BUL
  • Charlie’s house. J BUL
  • The Christmas coat. E BUL Christmas
  • Conquista! J BUL
  • The ghost of Windy Hill. J BUL
  • John Billington: friend of Squanto. J BUL
  • Joseph, the dreamer. J 220.9 BUL
  • Keep running, Allen! Pic BUL
  • Last look. J BUL
  • Lincoln‘s birthday. EB Lincoln
  • A lion to guard us. J BUL
  • My friend the monster. J BUL
  • Pirate’s promise. J BUL, J Paperback
  • Pocahontas and the strangers. JB Pocahontas
  • The secret valley. J BUL
  • Shoeshine girl. J BUL
  • St. Valentine’s Day. J 394.26 BUL
  • The story of Valentine’s Day. J 394.261 BUL
  • The sword in the tree. J BUL
  • A tree is a plant. E 583 BUL
  • The valentine cat. Pic BUL
  • Washington’s Birthday. EB Washington
  • What makes a shadow? E 535.4 BUL
  • The wish at the top. J BUL

Charles Nelson Reilly 1/13/1931—5/25/2007

  • The wind in the willows. VIDEO Children

Edward Behr 5/7/1926—5/27/2007

  • The complete book of Les miserables. 782.14BEH
  • Kiss the hand you cannot bite: the rise and fall of the Ceausescus. 949.803 BEH
  • The last emperor. B P’u-I, VIDEO Drama

Mark Harris 11/19/1922—5/30/2007

  • Bang the drum slowly. Audio Fic HARDVD Drama B, VIDEO Drama
  • It looked like for ever. Audio Fic HAR
  • Speed. Audio Fic HAR

William Meredith 1/9/1919—5/30/2007

  • Partial accounts: new & selected poems. 811MER

Mala Powers 12/20/1931—6/11/2007

  • Cyrano de Bergerac. VIDEO Classic
  • Tammy and the bachelor. VIDEO Comedy
  • The warrior’s path. VIDEO Children D

Colin Fletcher 3/14/1922—6/12/2007

  • The complete walker IV. 796.51 FLE
  • The man who walked through time. 917.91 FLE
  • The secret worlds of Colin Fletcher. 796.51 FLE
  • The winds of Mara. 591.96 FLE

Sir Wally Herbert 10/24/1934—6/12/2007

  • Hunters of the polar North: the Eskimos. 919.82 HER

Ruth Bell Graham 6/10/1920—6/14/2007

  • Legacy of a pack rat. 818 GRA
  • One wintry night. J 220.95 GRA
  • Our Christmas story.  J 220.9 GRA
  • Prodigals and those who love them. 248.4 GRA
  • Marriage made in heaven: the story of Billy & Ruth Graham. Jhan Robbins. B Graham
  • Ruth, a portrait: the story of Ruth Bell Graham. Patricia Cornwell. B Graham

Kurt Waldheim 12/21/1918—6/14/2007

  • In the eye of the storm: a memoir. B Waldheim
  • Waldheim and Austria. Richard Bassett. 940.53 BAS
  • Waldheim: the missing years. Robert Edwin Herzstein. B Waldheim

Douglas Hill 4/6/1935—6/21/2007

  • Blade of the poisoner. Sci. Fic HIL

Howie Schneider 4/24/1930—6/28/2007

  • Amos, ahoy!. Pic SEL
  • Amos camps out. Pic SEL
  • Chewy Louie. Pic SCH
  • Uncle Lester’s hat. Pic SCH

Fred Saberhagen 5/18/1930—6/29/2007

  • The arrival. Sci. Fic SAB
  • Berserker fury. Sci. Fic SAB
  • Berserker prime. Sci. Fic SAB
  • Berserker’s star. Sci. Fic SAB
  • Dancing bears. Sci. Fic SAB
  • Earth descended. Sci. Fic SAB
  • The fifth book of lost swords. Sci. Fic SAB
  • The first book of lost swords. Sci. Fic SAB
  • The fourth book of lost swords. Sci. Fic SAB
  • Mindsword’s story. Sci. Fic SAB
  • The second book of lost swords. Sci. Fic SAB
  • A sharpness on the neck. Fic SAB
  • The third book of lost swords. Sci. Fic SAB
  • Wayfinder’s story. Sci. Fic SAB

Philip Booth 10/8/1925—7/2/2007

  • Crossing. Pic BOO
  • Relations: selected poems, 1950-1985. 811 BOO

Beverly Sills 5/25/1929—7/2/2007

  • Beverly: an autobiography. B Sills
  • Bubbles: a self-portrait. B Sills
  • The very best of Beverly Sills. CDDSILLVBBS-22

Kerwin Mathews 1/8/1926—7/5/2007

  • The 7th voyage of Sinbad. DVD Action Adv. S
  • The 3 worlds of Gulliver. DVD Action Adv. T

Lois Wyse 10/30/1926—7/6/2007

  • A father is love & other nice things. 811 WYS
  • Funny, you don’t look like a grandmother. 305.904 WYSLarge Type 305.904 WYS
  • A grand-(kind-of-a) father. 811 WYS
  • The granddaughter. Large Type Fic WYS
  • How to take your grandmother to the museum. Pic WYS
  • I’m glad you are my son. 811 WYS
  • Lovetalk; how to say what you mean to someone you love. 301.42 WYS
  • My mother & me. 811 WYS
  • Nesting: tales of love, life, and real estate. Large Type Fic WYS
  • Oh, grandmother, what a big heart you have. 811 WYS
  • The six-figure woman, and how to be one. 658.4 WYS
  • Small poems for the daughter I love. 811 WYS
  • Women make the best friends: a celebration. Large Type 814 WYS
  • You wouldn’t believe what my grandchild did–. Large Type 818 WYS

Kathleen E. Woodiwiss 6/3/1939—7/6/2007

  • Ashes in the wind. Fic WOO
  • Come love a stranger. Fic WOO
  • The elusive flame. FicWOOLargeTypeFicWOOAudio Fic WOO
  • Everlasting. Fic WOO
  • Forever in your embrace. Fic WOOLarge Type FicWOO
  • The reluctant suitor. Fic WOO
  • A season beyond a kiss. Fic WOOLarge Type FicWOO
  • So worthy my love. Fic WOO

Doug Marlette 12/6/1949—7/10/2007

  • The bridge. Fic MAR

Lady Bird Johnson 12/22/1912—7/11/2007

  • Claudia Taylor (Lady Bird) Johnson, 1912-. Margot F. Horwitz. JB Johnson
  • Lady Bird: a biography of Mrs. Johnson. Jan Jarboe Russell. B Johnson
  • Ruffles and flourishes; the warm and tender story of a simple girl who found adventure in the White House. Liz Carpenter. 923 CAR
  • Wildflowers across America. 582.13 JOH

Tammy Faye Messner 3/7/1942—7/20/2007

  • I will survive– and you can too. B Messner
  • The edge of disaster. Michael Richardson. 253.78 RIC
  • Ministry of greed: the inside story of the televan-gelists and their holy wars. Larry Martz. 253.7 MAR

Albert Ellis 9/27/1913-7/24/2007

  • How to keep people from pushing your buttons. 158.2 ELL

Charles Whiting 12/18/1926—7/24/2007

  • Bloody Aachen. 940.54 WHI
  • The home front: Germany. 940.54 WHI

Ingmar Bergman 7/14/1918—7/30/2007

  • The magic lantern: an autobiography. B Bergman
  • Private confessions. Fic BER
  • The magic flute. DVD Foreign M
  • The seventh seal. DVD Foreign S
  • Wild strawberries. DVD Foreign W

Bill Walsh 11/30/1931—7/30/2007

  • Building a champion: on football and the making of the 49ers. 796.332 WAL

Lee Hazlewood

  • Cake or death. CD MC HAZL CD H-02

John E. Gardner 11/20/1926—8/3/2007

  • Brokenclaw. Fic GAR
  • The dancing dodo. Fic GAR
  • Day of absolution. Fic GAR
  • For special services. Fic GAR
  • Icebreaker. Fic GAR
  • License renewed. Fic GAR, Large Type Fic GAR
  • The man from Barbarossa. Fic GAR
  • No deals, Mr. Bond. Fic GAR
  • Nobody lives forever. Fic GAR
  • The Nostradamus traitor. Fic GAR
  • Role of honor. Fic GAR
  • Scorpius. Fic GARLarge Type Fic GAR
  • SeaFire. Fic GAR
  • The secret families. Fic GAR
  • The secret generations. Fic GAR
  • The secret houses. Fic GAR
  • Win, lose, or die. Fic GAR

Merv Griffin 7/5/1925—8/12/2007

  • Merv: making the good life last. B Griffin

Brooke Astor 3/30/1902—8/13/2007

  • Footprints, an autobiography. Large Type B Astor

Michael Deaver 4/11/1938—8/18/2007

  • A different drummer: my thirty years with Ronald Reagan. B ReaganAudio B Reagan
  • Nancy: a portrait of my years with Nancy Reagan. B Reagan

Magdalen Nabb 1/16/1947—8/18/2007

  • The enchanted horse. J NAB
  • The innocent. Mystery NAB
  • Josie Smith and Eileen. E NAB
  • Josie Smith at school. E NAB
  • Property of blood. Mystery NAB
  • Some bitter taste. Mystery NAB

Leona Helmsley 7/4/1920—8/20/2007

  • The Helmsleys: the rise and fall of Harry and Leona. Richard Hammer. B Helmsley

Grace Paley 11/11/1922—8/22/2007

  • Later the same day. Fic PAL
  • The little disturbances of man. Fic PAL

Robert Symonds 12/1/1926—8/23/2007

  • Rumpelstiltskin. DVD Musical R

Miyoshi Umeki 5/8/1929—8/29/2007

  • Sayonara. VIDEO Drama

Michael Jackson 3/27/1942—8/30/2007

  • Michael Jackson’s beer companion. 641.23 JAC

Madeleine L’Engle 11/29/1918—9/6/2007

  • An acceptable time. Y Fic LEN
  • And both were young. J LEN
  • And it was good, reflections on beginnings. 242.5 LEN
  • The anti-muffins. J LEN
  • The arm of the starfish. J LEN
  • Bright evening star: mystery of the Incarnation. 232.1 LEN
  • Camilla Dickinson. Fic LENJ LEN
  • Certain women. Fic LEN
  • A circle of quiet. 818 LEN
  • Dance in the desert. J LEN
  • Dragons in the waters. J LEN Mystery
  • A house like a lotus. J LEN
  • The irrational season. 242.3 LEN
  • A live coal in the sea. Fic LEN
  • The love letters. Fic LEN
  • Many waters. J LEN
  • Meet the Austins. J LEN
  • The moon by night. J LEN
  • The ordering of love: the new and collected poems of Madeleine L’Engle. 811 LEN
  • The other dog. Pic LEN
  • Penguins + golden calves: icons and idols. 248.4 LEN
  • Prayers for Sunday. J 242 LEN
  • A ring of endless light. J LEN
  • The rock that is higher: story as truth. 242 LEN
  • A severed wasp. Fic LEN
  • The small rain. Fic LEN
  • The Sphinx at dawn: two stories. Fic LEN
  • A stone for a pillow. 222.11 LEN
  • The summer of the great-grandmother. B L’Engle
  • A swiftly tilting planet. J LENJ AUDIO Cassette LEN
  • Troubling a star. Y Fic LEN
  • Two-part invention: the story of a marriage. BLengle
  • Walking on water: reflections on faith & art. 801.9 LEN
  • The weather of the heart: poems. 811 LEN
  • A wind in the door. J LENJ AUDIOCassetteLEN
  • A wrinkle in time. JLENNewberySp.Lang.JLEN, JAUDIOCDLENJAUDIOCassetteLENDVDSci.Fic

Luciano Pavarotti 10/12/1935—9/6/2007

  • Pavarotti, my own story. 782.109 PAV
  • Pavarotti, my world. B Pavarotti
  • Pavarotti: life with Luciano. Adua Pavarotti. 782.109 PAV
  • Carreras Domingo Pavarotti in concert. CD B CARR CDP C-33
  • The great Luciano Pavarotti. CDBPAVAGLPP-24
  • My favorite love duets. CD B COLL MFL F-32
  • My favorite opera for everyone. CD B COLL MFO P-82
  • My favorite showstoppers. CD B COLL MFS S-12
  • My favorite songs. CD B COLL MFS H-62
  • My favorite Verdi. CD B COLL MFV P-62
  • My heart’s delight. CD B PAVA MHD F-02
  • O holy night. CD R PAVA OHN P-42
  • Pavarotti & friends. CD D COLL PF L-02
  • Pavarotti & friends for the children of Liberia. CD MA COLL PFC L-00
  • Pavarotti songbook. CD B PAVA PS P-32
  • Requiem. Verdi. CD C VERD REQ K-42
  • The 3 tenors in concert 1994. CD B COLL TTC-94 C-42
  • Aida. VIDEO 782.1
  • La Boheme. VIDEO 782.1
  • L’Elisir d’amore. DVD 782.1
  • Pavarotti: the best is yet to come. VIDEOBPavarotti
  • Three tenors, encore: the making of the event which captured the world. VIDEO 782.1

Vincent Serventy 1/6/1916—9/8/2007

  • Kangaroo. E 599.2 SER
  • Koala. E 599.2 SER
  • Kookaburra. E 598.8 SER
  • Lizard. E 597.95 SER
  • Parrot. E 598.71 SER
  • Penguin. E 598.4 SER
  • Turtle and tortoise. E 597.92 SER
  • Whale and dolphin. E 599.5 SER

James Leasor 12/10/1923—9/10/2007

  • Frozen assets. Mystery LEA

Jane Wyman 1/5/1917—9/10/2007

  • Jane Wyman: a biography. Joe Morella. BWyman
  • Johnny Belinda. DVD Drama J
  • The Lost weekend. VIDEO Drama
  • Magnificent obsession. VIDEO Drama M
  • Pollyanna. DVD Children P
  • The yearling. VIDEO Drama

Robert Jordan 10/17/1948—9/16/2007

  • Crossroads of twilight. Sci.FicJORCDFic JORAudio FicJOR
  • A crown of swords. Sci. Fic JOR
  • The dragon reborn. Sci. Fic JOR
  • The eye of the world. Sci. Fic JOR
  • The fires of heaven. Sci. Fic JOR
  • The great hunt. Sci. Fic JOR
  • Knife of dreams. Sci. Fic JORCD Fic JOR
  • New spring. Sci. Fic JORCD Fic JOR
  • The path of daggers. Sci. Fic JORCD Fic JOR
  • The Shadow rising. Sci. Fic JOR
  • Winter’s heart. Sci. Fic JORCD Fic JOR
  • The world of Robert Jordan’s The wheel of time. Sci. Fic JOR

Alice Ghostley 8/14/1928—9/21/2007

  • Cinderella. DVD Musical C
  • The Flim-flam man. VIDEO Comedy
  • Grease. DVD Musical G
  • To kill a mockingbird. VIDEO Descriptive T
  • Whispers: an elephant’s tale. VIDEO Children W

Lois Maxwell 2/14/1927—9/29/2007

  • Dr. No. DVD Action Adv. D
  • From Russia with love. DVD Action Adv. F
  • Moonraker. DVD Action Adv. M
  • Octopussy. DVD Action Adv. O
  • On Her Majesty’s secret service. DVD Action Adv.

George Grizzard 4/1/1928—10/2/2007

  • Small time crooks. DVD ComedyVIDEOComedy

Roy Rosenzweig 8/6/1950—10/11/2007

  • The park and the people: a history of Central Park. 974.71 ROS

Lonny Chapman 10/1/1920—10/12/2007

  • King. DVD B King
  • Where the red fern grows. VIDEO Children W

Deborah Kerr 9/30/1921—10/16/2007

  • An affair to remember. VIDEO Drama
  • From here to eternity. VIDEO Drama
  • The grass is greener. DVD Comedy G
  • The King and I. DVD Musicals KVIDEO Musical
  • King Solomon’s mines. VIDEO Action Adv.
  • Quo vadis. VIDEO Drama
  • Separate tables. VIDEO Drama
  • A woman of substance. VIDEO Drama W

Alan Coren 6/27/1938—10/18/2007

  • Arthur and the great detective. J COR
  • Arthur the Kid. J COR
  • Arthur’s last stand. J COR
  • Buffalo Arthur. J COR
  • Klondike Arthur. J COR
  • The lone Arthur. J COR
  • Railroad Arthur. J COR

Peg Bracken 2/25/1918—10/20/2007

  • I didn’t come here to argue. 817 BRA
  • The I hate to cook book. 641.5 BRA
  • The I hate to housekeep book. 647 BRA
  • A window over the sink: a mainly affectionate memoir. 818 BRALarge Type 818 BRA

Porter Wagoner 8/12/1927—10/28/2007

  • A satisfied mind: the country music life of Porter Wagoner. Steve Eng. B Wagoner

Robert Goulet 11/26/1933—10/30/2007

  • Gay purr-ee. DVD Children G

Washoe 9/1965—10/30/2007

  • Next of kin: what chimpanzees have taught me about who we are. Roger Fouts. 599.885 FOU

Paul Tibbets 2/23/1915—11/1/2007

  • Duty: a father, his son, and the man who won the war. Bob Greene. 940.54 GRE

Henry Cele 1949—11/2/2007

  • Shaka Zulu. DVD Drama S

Reay Tannahill 12/9/1929—11/2/2007

  • Fatal majesty: a novel of Mary, Queen of Scots. Fic TAN
  • Food in history. 641.3 TAN
  • In still and stormy waters. Fic TAN
  • The world, the flesh, and the Devil. Fic TAN

Peter Viertel 11/16/1920—11/4/2007

  • Loser deals. Fic VIE

Bill Hosokawa 1/30/1915—11/9/2007

  • Old Man Thunder: father of the bullet train. BSogo

Laraine Day 10/13/1917—11/10/2007

  • The high and the mighty. DVD Action Adv. H

Norman Mailer 1/31/1923—11/10/2007

  • Ancient evenings. Fic MAI
  • The castle in the forest. Fic MAICD Fic MAI
  • The executioner’s song. Fic MAI
  • The fight. 796.83 MAI
  • The Gospel according to the Son. Fic MAIAudio Fic MAI
  • Harlot’s ghost. Fic MAI
  • The naked and the dead. Fic MAI
  • Oswald’s tale: an American mystery. B Oswald
  • Portrait of Picasso as a young man: an interpretive biography. B Picasso
  • Tough guys don’t dance. Fic MAI
  • Why are we at war? 956.704 MAI
  • Norman Mailer. 813 MAI
  • Norman Mailer. VIDEO B Mailer

John Noble 9/4/1923—11/10/2007

  • I found God in Soviet Russia. 248 NOB

Ira Levin 8/27/1929—11/13/2007

  • The boys from Brazil. Fic LEVAudio Fic LEV
  • Rosemary’s baby. Fic LEV
  • Sliver. Fic LEV
  • Son of Rosemary: the sequel to Rosemary’s baby.  Fic LEVLarge Type Fic LEV
  • The Stepford wives. Fic LEV

Peter Haining 4/2/1940—11/19/2007

  • Doctor Who: 25 glorious years. 791.457 HAI
  • Doctor Who: a celebration, two decades through time and space. 791.457 HAI
  • Doctor Who: the key to time, a year-by-year record. 791.457 HAI

Fernando Fernán Gómez 8/28/1921—11/21/2007

  • The grandfather. DVD Foreign G

Richard Leigh 8/16/1943—11/21/2007

  • Holy blood, Holy Grail. 944 BAISpanish Lang 398.4 BAI

Jane Rule 3/28/1931—11/27/2007

  • After the fire. Fic RUL
  • Desert of the heart. Fic RUL
  • Inland passage. Fic RUL
  • Memory board. Fic RUL
  • Outlander. Fic RUL
  • Theme for diverse instruments. Fic RUL

Evel Knievel 10/17/1938—11/30/2007

  • Evel Knievel: an American hero. Ace Collins. B Knievel

Anton Rodgers 1/10/1933—12/1/2007

  • Christmas presents. VIDEO Children
  • C.S. Lewis Beyond Narnia. DVD B Lewis

Ike Turner 11/12/1931—12/12/2007

  • The best of Ike Turner I like Ike. CD MR TURN-I BIT T-19

Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman 8/17/1936—12/13/2007

  • 500 nations. DVD 970.1

Judith Meuli 2/15/1938—12/14/2007

  • Feminist chronicles, 1953-1993. 305.42 CAR

Diane Wood Middlebrook 4/16/1939—12/15/2007

  • Anne Sexton: a biography. B Sexton
  • Her husband: Hughes and Plath– a marriage. B HughesAudio B Hughes

Dan Fogelberg 8/13/1951—12/16/2007

  • Captured angel. CD MA FOGE CA F-99
  • Nether lands. CD MA FOGE NL F-85
  • Souvenirs. CD MA FOGE SOU F-37

John A. Garraty 7/4/1920—12/19/2007

  • 1,001 things everyone should know about American history. 973 GAR

Lydia Mendoza 5/21/1916—12/20/2007

  • The first queen of Tejano music. CD MA MEND FQT M-92

Benazir Bhutto 6/21/1953—12/27/2007

  • Benazir Bhutto: prime minister. Elizabeth Bouchard. JB Bhutto