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Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2006

Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2006

Lou Rawls 12/1/1933–1/6/2006

  • Stormy MondayCD MR RAWL SM R-12

Heinrich Harrer 7/6/1912–1/7/2006

  • I come from the stone age919.53 HAR
  • Seven years in Tibet915.15 HAR, VIDEO Drama

Shelley Winters 8/18/1920–1/14/2006

  • Shelley: also known as ShirleyB Winters
  • Shelley II: the middle of my centuryB Winters, Audio B Winters
  • The diary of Anne FrankDVD Drama D, VIDEO Drama D
  • Frosty’s winter wonderlandVIDEO Children
  • A Patch of blueVIDEO Drama
  • Pete’s dragonDVD Children P
  • A place in the sunVIDEO Drama
  • The Poseidon adventureDVD Action Adv. P
  • Winchester ’73VIDEO Action Adv.

Wilson Pickett 3/18/1941–1/19/2006

  • The very best of Wilson PickettCD MR PICK VBW P-12

Chris Penn 10/10/1964–1/24/2006

  • Beethoven’s 2ndVIDEO Comedy B
  • FootlooseDVD Drama F
  • Rush hourVIDEO Action Adv. R

Coretta Scott King 4/27/1927–1/30/2006

  • My life with Martin Luther King, JrB King
  • Coretta Scott King. Lisa Renee Rhodes. JB King

Wendy Wasserstein 10/18/1950–1/30/2006

  • Elements of style: a novelFic WAS
  • Sloth: the seven deadly sins179.8 WAS

Moira Shearer 1/17/1926–1/31/2006

  • The red shoesVIDEO Drama

Betty Friedan 2/4/1921–2/4/2006

  • The feminine mystique396 FRI
  • The fountain of age305.26 FRI
  • It changed my life: writings on the women’s movement301.412 FRI
  • Life so farB Friedan
  • Betty Friedan: a voice for women’s rights. Milton Meltzer. JB Friedan

Peter Benchley 5/8/1940–2/11/2006

  • Beast. Fic BEN
  • The deep. Fic BEN, Large Type Fic BEN
  • The girl of the Sea of Cortez. Fic BEN
  • The island. Fic BEN
  • Jaws. Fic BEN, DVD Action Adv.
  • Q clearance. Fic BEN, Large Type Fic BEN
  • Rummies. Fic BEN
  • Shark trouble: true stories about sharks and the sea. 597.3 BEN, CD 597.3 BEN
  • White shark. Fic BEN
  • Great white shark: truth behind the legend. VIDEO 597.31

Andreas Katsulas 5/18/1946–2/13/2006

  • The fugitiveDVD Action Adv., VIDEO Action Adv.

Curt Gowdy 7/31/1919–2/20/2006

  • Cowboy at the mikeB Gowdy

Theodore Draper 9/11/1912–2/21/2006

  • The 84th infantry division in the battle of Germany, November 1944 – May 1945940.54 DRA
  • A very thin line: the Iran-contra affairs973.927 DRA

Octavia Butler 6/22/1947–2/24/2006

  • Adulthood rites: xenogenesisSci. Fic BUT
  • Bloodchild: and other storiesSci. Fic BUT
  • Clay’s arkSci. Fic BUT
  • Dawn: xenogenesisSci. Fic BUT
  • Fledgling: a novelSci. Fic BUT
  • Parable of the sowerSci. Fic BUT
  • Parable of the talents: a novelSci. Fic BUT

Don Knotts 7/21/1924–2/24/2006

  • The Andy Griffith showVIDEO Comedy B
  • The Apple Dumpling GangDVD Children A
  • The Apple Dumpling Gang rides againDVD Children A
  • The best of Opie collectionVIDEO Comedy
  • Buzby, the misbehaving beeDVD Children, VIDEO Children
  • Chicken LittleDVD Children C
  • The ghost and Mr. ChickenVIDEO Comedy
  • Herbie goes to Monte CarloVIDEO Comedy H
  • Hermie a common caterpillarDVD Children, VIDEO Children
  • Hot lead & cold feetDVD Western H
  • The incredible Mr. LimpetDVD Children I
  • No time for sergeantsVIDEO Comedy
  • Timmy’s gift: a Christmas storyVIDEO Children
  • Webster, the scaredy spiderDVD Children H

Dennis Weaver 6/4/1924–2/24/2006

  • Two bits and PepperDVD Drama T

Darren McGavin 5/7/1922–2/25/2006

  • A Christmas storyDVD Comedy
  • Hot lead & cold feetDVD Western H
  • The incredible discovery of Noah’s arkVIDEO 220.93
  • Miracles and other wonders, volume oneVIDEO 231.73
  • Perfect harmonyVIDEO Drama P

Kirby Puckett 3/14/1960–3/6/2006

  • Be the best you can beEB Puckett
  • Kirby Puckett. Jerry Carpenter & Steve DiMeglio. J 796.357 CAR

Gordon Parks 11/30/1912–3/7/2006

  • A choice of weaponsB Parks
  • Eyes with winged thoughts: poetry & images811 PAR
  • Half past autumn: a retrospective770.92 PAR
  • The learning treeFic PAR
  • Voices in the mirror: an autobiographyB Parks
  • Gordon Parks: Black photographer and film maker. Terry Harnan. JB Parks

Slobodan Milosevic 8/20/1941–3/11/2006

  • Milosevic: portrait of a tyrant. Dusko Doder and Louise Branson. B Milosevic

Maureen Stapleton 6/21/1925–3/13/2006

  • A hell of a life: an autobiographyB Stapleton
  • CocoonVIDEO Sci. Fic C
  • Cocoon, the returnVIDEO Sci. Fic
  • The disappearanceVIDEO Drama R

David Feintuch 7/21/1944–3/16/2006

  • Midshipman’s hopeSci. Fic FEI

Buck Owens 8/12/1929–3/25/2006

  • The Buck Owens collection (1959-1990)CD MC OWEN COLL O-16
  • Open up your heartCD MC OWEN OUY O-05

Stanislaw Lem 9/12/1921–3/27/2006

  • EdenSci. Fic LEM
  • Hospital of the TransfigurationFic LEM
  • SolarisDVD Sci. Fic S

Caspar W. Weinberger 8/18/1917–3/28/2006

  • Chain of commandFic WEI
  • The next war355.02 WEI

Gene Pitney 2/17/1941–4/5/2006

  • Anthology, 1961-1968CD MA PITN ANT P-96

William Sloane Coffin 6/1/1924–4/12/2006

  • Credo230 COF

Muriel Spark 2/1/1918–4/13/2006

  • The Abbess of CreweFic SPA
  • Aiding & abettingFic SPA, Large Type Fic SPA, CD Fic SPA
  • Curriculum vitae: autobiographyB Spark
  • A far cry from KensingtonFic SPA, Large Type Fic SPA
  • The finishing schoolFic SPA
  • The girls of slender meansFic SPA
  • Loitering with intentFic SPA, CD Fic SPA
  • The Mandelbaum gateFic SPA
  • The prime of Miss Jean BrodieFic SPA, VIDEO Drama
  • The public imageFic SPA
  • Reality and dreamsFic SPA

John Kenneth Galbraith 10/15/1908–4/29/2006

  • The affluent society330.9 GAL
  • The age of uncertainty330.09 GAL
  • Almost everyone’s guide to economics330 GAL
  • The anatomy of power303.3 GAL
  • A China passage915.1 GAL
  • Economics in perspective: a critical history330.09 GAL
  • The great crash, 1929338.54 GAL
  • Money, whence it came, where it went332.49 GAL
  • Name-dropping: from F.D.R. on973.9 GAL
  • The new industrial state330.9 GAL
  • John Kenneth Galbraith: his life, his politics, his economics. Richard Parker. B Galbraith

Jean-François Revel 1/19/1924–4/29/2006

  • Culture and cuisine: a journey through the history of food641.013 REV
  • The monk and the philosopher: a father and son discuss the meaning of life128 REV

Lisa A. Barnett 1958?–5/2/2006

  • Point of dreamsSci. Fic SCO
  • Point of hopesSci. Fic SCO

Louis Rukeyser 1/30/1933–5/2/2006

  • Louis Rukeyser’s book of lists: the best, the worst, and the funniest from the worlds of business, finance, and politics332.6 RUK
  • Louis Rukeyser’s business almanac330.97 LOU
  • What’s ahead for the economy: the challenge and the chance338.97 RUK

Earl Woods 3/5/1932–5/3/2006

  • Playing through: straight talk on hard work, big dreams, and adventures with TigerB Woods
  • Training a Tiger: a father’s guide to raising a winner in both golf and life796.352 WOO

A.M. Rosenthal 5/2/1922–5/10/2006

  • Fit to print: A.M. Rosenthal and his Times. Joseph C. Goulden. B Rosenthal

Stanley Kunitz 7/29/1905–5/14/2006

  • The poems of Stanley Kunitz, 1928-1978811 KUN

Katherine Dunham 6/22/1909–5/21/2006

  • Island possessed917.294 DUN
  • Katherine Dunham: black dancer. Carol Greene. EB Dunham
  • Stormy weatherVIDEO Musical

James Cameron 2/23/1914–6/11/2006

  • A lynching in the heartland: race and memory in America. James H. Madison. Ind. Coll. 305.896 MAD
  • Our town: a heartland lynching, a haunted town, and the hidden history of white America. Cynthia Carr. 977.269 CAR

Kenneth Lay 4/15/1942–7/5/2006

  • Conspiracy of fools: a true story. Kurt Eichenwald. 364.168 EIC

Syd Barrett 1/6/1946–7/7/2006

  • The piper at the gates of dawn. Pink Floyd. CD MR PINK PGD P-25

June Allyson 10/7/1917–7/8/2006

  • June AllysonB Allyson, Large Type B Allyson
  • The Glenn Miller storyVIDEO Musical
  • My man GodfreyVIDEO Comedy

James H. “Tack” Naile 7/3/1917–7/10/2006

  • The little fir: a Christmas storyInd. Coll. Fic NAI, E NAI

Barnard Hughes 7/16/1915–7/11/2006

  • TronVIDEO Sci. Fic

Red Buttons 2/5/1919–7/13/2006

  • Hatari! DVD Action Adv. H
  • Pete’s dragonDVD Children P
  • The Poseidon adventureDVD Action Adv. P
  • SayonaraVIDEO Drama

Mickey Spillane 3/9/1918–7/17/2006

  • Black alley. Mystery SPI
  • The killing man. Mystery SPI
  • The snake. Mystery SPI
  • Something’s down there: a novel. Mystery SPI
  • Tomorrow I die. Mystery SPI

Jack Warden 9/18/1920–7/19/2006

  • All the president’s menDVD Drama, VIDEO Drama
  • Being thereDVD Comedy, VIDEO Comedy
  • Death on the NileVIDEO Mystery D
  • A dog of FlandersVIDEO Drama D
  • The Man who loved Cat DancingVIDEO Action Adv.
  • Run silent, run deepVIDEO Action Adv.
  • Twelve angry menVIDEO Drama

Mako 12/10/1933–7/21/2006

  • AlegriaDVD 791.3
  • Memoirs of a geishaDVD Drama M
  • Seven years in TibetVIDEO Drama
  • Tucker, the man and his dreamVIDEO Drama

David Gemmell 8/1/1948–7/28/2006

  • Midnight falconSci. Fic GEM
  • RavenheartSci. Fic GEM
  • The sword in the stormSci. Fic GEM
  • White wolf: a novel of Druss the legendSci. Fic GEM

Melissa Hayden 4/25/1923–8/9/2006

  • Dancer to dancer: advice for today’s dancer792.8 HAY

Mike Douglas 8/11/1925–8/11/2006

  • I’ll be right back: memories of TV’s greatest talk showB Douglas
  • Mike Douglas, my storyB Douglas

Bruno Kirby 4/28/1949–8/14/2006

  • City slickersDVD Comedy, VIDEO Comedy C

Joe Rosenthal 10/9/1911–8/20/2006

  • Flags of our fathers. James Bradley. 940.54 BRA

Maynard Ferguson 5/4/1928–8/23/2006

  • A message from NewportCD MJ FERG-M MFN F-24

Gerald Green 4/8/1922–8/29/2006

  • East and WestFic GRE
  • The hostage heart: a novelFic GRE
  • To Brooklyn with loveFic GRE

Glenn Ford 5/1/1916–8/30/2006

  • 1941-42, the first 1000 daysVIDEO 940.54
  • 1943, at home & abroadVIDEO 940.54
  • 1944, victory in sightVIDEO 940.54
  • 1945, V for victoryVIDEO 940.54
  • The courtship of Eddie’s fatherVIDEO Comedy
  • Follow the sunVIDEO Drama
  • Pocketful of miraclesVIDEO Comedy
  • Superman, the movieDVD Action Adv. S, VIDEO Action Adv. S

Steve Irwin 2/22/1962–9/4/2006

  • The crocodile hunter: the incredible life and adventures of Steve and Terri IrwinB Irwin

Robert Earl Jones 2/3/1910–9/7/2006

  • Cold riverVIDEO Action Adv.

Ann Richards 9/1/1933–9/13/2006

  • I’m not slowing down: winning my battle with osteoporosis616.716 RIC, Large Type 616.716 RIC
  • The thorny rose of Texas: an intimate portrait of governor Ann Richards. Mike Shropshire and Frank Schaefer. B RICHARDS

John M. Ford 4/10/1957–9/24/2006

  • How much for just the planet?: a Star trek novelSci. Fic FOR

Jane Wyatt 8/12/1911–10/20/2006

  • Journey to BabelVIDEO Sci. Fic
  • Lost horizonVIDEO Classic

Arthur Hill 8/1/1922–10/22/2006

  • The Andromeda strainVIDEO Sci. Fic
  • A Little romanceVIDEO Comedy

Red Auerbach 9/20/1917–10/28/2006

  • Let me tell you a story: a lifetime in the game. Red Auerbach, John Feinstein. B Auerbach

William Styron 6/22/1925–11/1/2006

  • The confessions of Nat TurnerFic STY
  • Darkness visible: a memoir of madnessB Styron
  • Lie down in darkness, a novelFic STY
  • Set this house on fireFic STY
  • Sophie’s choiceFic STY, Spanish Lang. Fic STY
  • A Tidewater morning: three tales from youthFic STY

Marie Rudisill 3/13/1911–11/3/2006

  • Ask the fruitcake lady: everything you would already know if you had any sense818 RUD
  • Truman Capote: the story of his bizarre and exotic boyhood by an aunt who helped raise himB Capote

Ernestine Gilbreth Carey 4/4/1908–11/4/2006

  • Belles on their toes920 GIL, DVD Comedy B
  • Cheaper by the dozen920 GIL, J AUDIO Cassette GIL, DVD Comedy, VIDEO Spanish Lang.
  • Jumping JupiterFic CAR
  • Rings around us818 CAR

Jack Palance 2/18/1919–11/10/2006

  • A blast for BuckVIDEO Sci. Fic B
  • City slickersVIDEO Comedy C
  • City slickers II the legend of Curly’s goldVIDEO Comedy C
  • The professionalsDVD Western P
  • ShaneVIDEO Action Adv.
  • The strange case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. HydeVIDEO Drama
  • The swan princessDVD Children S, VIDEO Children S
  • Treasure IslandVIDEO Action Adv. T
  • Winter’s endDVD Drama

Jack Williamson 4/29/1908–11/10/2006

  • The black sunSci. Fic WIL
  • FirechildSci. Fic WIL
  • Terraforming earthSci. Fic WIL

Milton Friedman 7/31/1912–11/16/2006

  • Free to choose: a personal statement330.122 FRI
  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch330.97 FRI
  • Liberty & learning: Milton Friedman’s voucher idea at fifty379.11 LIB
  • The corporationDVD 338.74

Bo Schembechler 4/1/1929–11/17/2006

  • Bo796.332 SCH
  • Michigan memories: inside Bo Schembechler’s football scrapbook796.332 SCH

Bebe Moore Campbell 2/18/1950–11/27/2006

  • Brothers and sistersFic CAM
  • Singing in the comeback choirFic CAM
  • What you owe meAudio Fic CAM
  • Your blues ain’t like mineFic CAM
  • Sometimes my mommy gets angryPic CAM

Dean L. Henry 2/21/1915–11/29/2006

  • Goshen, Indiana: having a wonderful time–wish you were here! Ind. Coll. 741.683 HEN
  • A history of the West Goshen Church of the Brethren, formerly German Baptist Church, Elkhart DistrictInd. Coll. 286.5 HEN
  • The Skunk Lady Colorful Goshen charactersInd. Coll. 977.281 HEN

Augusto Pinochet 11/25/1915–12/10/2006

  • Pinochet: vivir matando. Julio Scherer Garcia. Spanish Lang. B Pinochet

Peter Boyle 10/18/1935–12/12/2006

  • The CandidateVIDEO Drama
  • The cat returns = Neko no ongaeshiDVD Children
  • The dream teamDVD Comedy D
  • The Santa clauseDVD Comedy, VIDEO Comedy
  • SwashbucklerDVD Action Adv. S
  • While you were sleepingVIDEO Comedy
  • Young FrankensteinDVD Comedy, VIDEO Comedy

Richard Carlson 5/16/1961–12/13/2006

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff– and it’s all small stuff: simple ways to keep the little things from taking over your life158.1 CAR
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff at work: simple ways to minimize stress and conflict while bringing out the best in yourself and others650.1 CAR
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff in love: simple ways to nurture and strengthen your relationships while avoiding the habits that break down your loving connection306.7 CAR
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff with your family: simple ways to keep daily responsibilities and household chaos from taking over your life158.1 CAR
  • Don’t worry, make money: spiritual and practical ways to create abundance and more fun in your life332.024 CAR, Audio 332.024 CAR
  • Easier than you think–because life doesn’t have to be so hard: the small changes that add up to a world of difference158.1 CAR
  • You can be happy no matter whatAudio 158.1 CAR, Spanish Lang. 158.1 CAR
  • Lo que si importa en la vida: enfrenta los grandes retos y sigue adelanteSpanish Lang. 158.1 CAR

James Brown 5/3/1928?–12/25/2006

  • I feel good: a memoir of a life of soulB Brown
  • James Brown, the godfather of soulB Brown
  • The Apollo Theater presents, in person, the James Brown showCD MR BROW-J ATP B-92
  • Star timeCD MR BROW-J ST B-82
  • Soul survivor: the James Brown storyDVD B Brown
  • When we were kingsDVD 796.83

Gerald Ford 7/13/1914–12/26/2006

  • A time to heal: the autobiography of Gerald R. FordB Ford
  • A Ford, not a Lincoln. Richard Reeves. 973.925 REE
  • Gerald Ford and the future of the presidency. Jerald F. TerHorst. B Ford
  • Time and chance: Gerald Ford’s appointment with history. James Cannon. 973.924 CAN
  • Gerald Ford. Charles Mercer. EB Ford
  • Gerald R. Ford: 38th president of the United States. David R. Collins. JB Ford

Saddam Hussein 4/28/1937–12/30/2006

  • Hunting down Saddam: the inside story of the search and capture. Robin Moore. 956.7044 MOO
  • Saddam Hussein: a biography. Shiva Balaghi. B Hussein
  • Saddam Hussein: a political biography. Efraim Karsh and Inari Rautsi. B Hussein
  • The Saddam Hussein reader956.704 SAD
  • Saddam Hussein. Jane Claypool. JB Hussein