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Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2004

Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2004

Joan Aiken 9/4/1924-1/4/2004

  • The Cockatrice boys. Sci. Fic AIK
  • Died on a rainy Sunday. Y Fic AIK
  • Eliza’s daughter. Fic AIK
  • Emma Watson: the Watsons completed. Fic AIK
  • Foul matter. Fic AIK
  • The haunting of Lamb house. Fic AIK
  • If I were you. Fic AIK
  • Jane Fairfax: Jane Austen’s Emma, through another’s eyes. Fic AIK
  • Mansfield revisited. Fic AIK

John Toland 6/29/1912-1/4/2004

  • But not in shame; the six months after Pearl Harbor. 940.54 TOL
  • Captured by history: one man’s vision of our tumultuous century. B Toland
  • The Dillinger days. 364.1 TOL
  • Gods of war. Fic TOL
  • Hitler: the pictorial documentary of his life. B Hitler
  • In mortal combat: Korea, 1950-1953. 951.904 TOL
  • Infamy: Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. 940.54 TOL
  • The last 100 days. 940.54 TOL
  • No man’s land: 1918, the last year of the Great War. 940.3 TOL
  • Occupation. Fic TOL
  • The rising sun; the decline and fall of the Japanese Empire,1936-1945. 940.53 TOL

Tug McGraw 8/30/1944-1/5/2004

  • Screwball. Tug McGraw, Joseph Durso. 796.357 MACG

Francesco Scavullo 1/16/1921-1/6/2004

  • Scavullo women. 646.704 SCA

Alexandra Ripley 1/8/1934-1/10/2004

  • Charleston. Fic RIP
  • From fields of gold. Fic RIP
  • A love divine. Fic RIP
  • On leaving Charleston. Fic RIP
  • Scarlett: the sequel to Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the wind. Fic RIP, Audio Fic RIP, VIDEO Drama S
  • The time returns. Fic RIP

Olivia Goldsmith 19??-1/15/2004

  • Bad boy. Fic GOL, Large Type Fic GOL
  • The bestseller. Fic GOL
  • Dumping Billy. Fic GOL
  • Fashionably late. Fic GOL
  • The first wives club. Fic GOL
  • Flavor of the month. Fic GOL
  • Marrying Mom. Fic GOL, Large Type Fic GOL
  • Pen pals. Fic GOL, Large Type Fic GOL
  • Switcheroo. Fic GOL, Large Type Fic GOL

Bob Keeshan 6/27/1927-1/23/2004

  • Family fun activity book. 790.1 KEE
  • Good morning, Captain: 50 wonderful years with Bob Keeshan, TV’s Captain Kangaroo. 791.457 KEE

Jack Paar 5/1/1918-1/27/2004

  • P.S. Jack Paar. B Paar, Audio B Paar

Janet Frame 8/28/1924-1/29/2004

  • The Carpathians. Fic FRA

M. M. Kaye 8/21/1908-1/29/2004

  • Death in Berlin. Mystery KAY, Large Type Fic KAY
  • Death in Cyprus. Mystery KAY, Large Type Fic KAY
  • Death in Kashmir. Mystery KAY, Large Type Fic KAY
  • Death in Kenya. Mystery KAY, Large Type Fic KAY
  • Death in the Andamans. Mystery KAY, Large Type Fic KAY
  • Death in Zanzibar. Mystery KAY, Large Type Fic KAY
  • The far pavilions. Fic KAY, VIDEO Drama
  • Shadow of the moon. Fic KAY, Audio Fic KAY
  • The sun in the morning: the autobiography of M.M. Kaye. B Kaye Large Type
  • Trade wind. Fic KAY

Daniel Boorstin 10/1/1914-2/28/2004

  • The Americans: the democratic experience. 973 BOO
  • The creators. 909 BOO
  • The discoverers. 909 BOO
  • The landmark history of the American people. J 973 BOO

Jerome Lawrence 7/14/1915-2/29/2004

  • Auntie Mame; a new play. 822 LAW

John Sack 3/24/1930-3/27/2004

  • M. 959.7 SAC

Peter Ustinov 4/16/1921-3/28/2004

  • The old man and Mr. Smith: a fable. Fic UST
  • Romanoff and Juliet: a comedy in three acts. 822 UST

Alistair Cooke 11/20/1908-3/29/2004

  • America observed: the newspaper years of Alistair Cooke. 973.92 COO
  • The Americans: fifty talks on our life and times. Large Type 917.3 COO
  • Fun & games with Alistair Cooke: on sport and other amusements. 796 COO
  • Masterpieces: a decade of Masterpiece theatre. 791.457 COO
  • Memories of the great & the good. 920 COO

Frances Schreuder ?-3/30/2004

  • At mother’s request: a true story of money, murder, and betrayal. Jonathan Coleman. 364.1523 COL
  • Nutcracker: money, madness, murder: a family album. Shana Alexander. 364.1523 ALE

Estee Lauder 7/1/1906-4/24/2004

  • Estee Lauder: beyond the magic: an unauthorized biography. Lee Israel. B Lauder

Alan King 12/25/1927-5/9/2004

  • Help! I’m a prisoner in a Chinese bakery. 817 KIN

Syd Hoff 1913-5/12/2004

  • Danny and the dinosaur. E HOF First Grade
  • Sammy the seal. E HOF First Grade

Tony Randall 2/26/1920-5/17/2004

  • Which reminds me. 792.092 RAN

William Manchester 4/1/1922-6/1/2004

  • American Caesar, Douglas MacArthur, 1880-1964. B MacArthur
  • The city of anger: a novel. Fic MAN
  • The glory and the dream: a narrative history of America, 1932-1972. 973.9 MAN
  • Goodbye, darkness: a memoir of the Pacific War. 940.54 MAN
  • The last lion, Winston Spencer Churchill alone, 1932-1940. B Churchill
  • One brief shining moment: remembering Kennedy. Large Type B Kennedy

Ronald Reagan 2/6/1911-6/5/2004

  • The acting president. 973.927 SCH
  • An American life. B Reagan, Audio B Reagan
  • Angels don’t die: my father’s gift of faith. Patti Davis. B Davis
  • A different drummer: my thirty years with Ronald Reagan. Michael K. Deaver. B Reagan, Audio B Reagan
  • Dutch: a memoir of Ronald Reagan. Edmund Morris. B Reagan, Audio B Reagan
  • Governor Reagan: his rise to power. Lou Cannon. B Reagan
  • Hand of providence: the strong and quiet faith of Ronald Reagan. Mary Beth Brown. B Reagan
  • How Ronald Reagan changed my life. Peter Robinson. 973.927 ROB
  • I love you, Ronnie: the letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan. Nancy Reagan. B Reagan
  • President Reagan: the role of a lifetime. B Reagan
  • Reagan: a life in letters. 973.927 REA
  • Reagan, in his own voice. CD 815 REA
  • Ronald Reagan the many lives. VIDEO B Reagan
  • When character was king: the story of Ronald Reagan. Peggy Noonan. 973.927 NOO

Mattie J. T. Stepanek 7/17/1990-6/22/2004

  • Celebrate through heartsongs. 811 STE
  • Heartsongs. 811 STE
  • A heartsongs collection. Audio 811 STE
  • Hope through heartsongs. 811 STE, Audio 811 STE
  • Journey through heartsongs. 811 STE
  • Loving through heartsongs. 811 STE
  • Music through heartsongs: songs based on the poems of Mattie J.T. Stepanek. Billy Gilman. CD MA GILM MTH G-54

Marlon Brando 4/23/1924-7/1/2004

  • Brando in the camera eye. Sam Shaw. B Brando
  • Brando: songs my mother taught me. Marlon Brando with Robert Lindsey. B Brando
  • Brando: the unauthorized biography. Charles Higham. B Brando

Jeff Smith 1/22/1939-7/7/2004

  • The Frugal Gourmet. 641.552 SMI
  • The Frugal gourmet celebrates Christmas. 641.568 SMI
  • The Frugal Gourmet cooks American. 641.597 SMI
  • The Frugal gourmet cooks three ancient cuisines: China, Greece, and Rome. 641.59 SMI
  • The Frugal Gourmet cooks with wine. 641.622 SMI
  • The Frugal Gourmet on our immigrant ancestors: recipes you should have gotten from your grandmother. 641.59 SMI

Walter Wager 9/4/1924-7/11/2004

  • Blue leader. Large Type Fic WAG
  • Kelly’s people. Fic WAG
  • The spirit team. Fic WAG
  • Tunnel. Fic WAG

Henri Cartier-Bresson 8/22/1908-8/3/2004

  • Cartier-Bresson’s France. 914.4 CAR
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson, the early work. Peter Galassi. 779 GAL
  • The world of Henri Cartier Bresson. 779 CAR

Red Adair 6/18/1915-8/7/2004

  • An American hero: the Red Adair story: an authorized biography. Philip Singerman. B Adair

Julia Child 8/15/1912-8/12/2004

  • Appetite for life: the biography of Julia Child. Noel Riley Fitch. B Child
  • Baking with Julia. Dorie Greenspan. 641.815 GRE
  • Cooking with master chefs. 641.5 CHI
  • Julia’s kitchen wisdom: essential techniques and recipes from a lifetime of cooking. 641.5 CHI
  • The way to cook. 641.5 CHI

Czeslaw Milosz 6/30/1911-8/14/2004

  • New and collected poems 1931-2001. 891.85 MIL

Carl Mydans 5/20/1907-8/17/2004

  • Carl Mydans, photojournalist. 779 MYD
  • War in Korea; the report of a woman combat correspondent. Photos by Carl Mydans and others. 951.9 HIG

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 7/8/1926-8/24/2004

  • Death and dying: a conversation with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D. VIDEO 155.937
  • Life lessons: two experts on death and dying teach us about the mysteries of life and living. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler. 170.44 KUB, Large Type 170.44 KUB
  • Living with death and dying. 155.937 KUB
  • On children and death. 155.937 KUB
  • On death and dying. 155.93 KUB
  • Quest: the life of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Derek Gill. B Kubler-Ross
  • To live until we say good-bye. 155.937 KUB
  • The wheel of life: a memoir of living and dying. B Kubler-Ross
  • Working it through. 306.9 KUB

Francoise Sagan 6/21/1935-9/24/2004

  • Incidental music. Fic SAG
  • Salad days. Fic SAG

Janet Leigh 7/6/1927-10/3/2004

  • There really was a Hollywood. B Leigh

Gordon Cooper 3/6/1927-10/4/2004

  • Leap of faith: an astronaut’s journey into the unknown. Gordon Cooper, with Bruce Henderson. B Cooper

Rodney Dangerfield 11/22/1922-10/5/2004

  • It’s not easy bein’ me: a lifetime of no respect but plenty of sex and drugs. B Dangerfield

Christopher Reeve 9/25/1952-10/10/2004

  • Nothing is impossible: reflections on a new life. B Reeve, CD B Reeve
  • Still me. B Reeve, Audio B Reeve
  • Superhero: a biography of Christopher Reeve. Chris Nickson. Audio B Reeve

Pierre Salinger 6/14/1925-10/16/2004

  • The dossier. Pierre Salinger, Leonard Gross. Fic SAL
  • Mortal games. Pierre Salinger, Leonard Gross. Fic SAL
  • With Kennedy. 973.92 SAL

Robert Merrill 6/4/1917-10/23/2004

  • Between acts, an irreverent look at opera and other madness. Robert Merrill, with Robert Saffron. B Merrill