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  • Better chess. Bill Hartston. 794.1 HAR
  • Birthofthechessqueen:ahistory. Marilyn Yalom. 794.1 YAL
  • The chess artist: genius, obsession, and the world’s oldest game. J.C. Hallman. 794.1 HAL
  • The chess doctor. Bruce Pandolfini. 794.1 PAN
  • Chess:fromfirstmovestocheckmate. Daniel King. Y 794.1 KIN
  • Chess fundamentals: completely revised and updated for the 21st century. J.R. Capablanca. 794.1 CAP
  • Chess strategy in action. John Watson. 794.1 WAT
  • Theeverythingchessbasicsbook. Peter Kurzdorfer. 794.1 KUR
  • The grass arena: an autobiography. John Healy. B Healy
  • The immortal game: a history of chess, or how 32 carved pieces on a board illuminated our understanding of war, art, science, and the human brain. David Shenk. 794.1 SHE
  • Introduction to chess: learn to play the world’s most popular game of skill. Gareth Williams. 794.1 WIL
  • Pal Benko: my life, games and compositions794.1 BEN
  • A parent’s guide to chess. Dan Heisman. 794.1 HEI
  • Plan like a grandmaster. Alexei Suetin. 794.1 SUE
  • Play winning chess. Yasser Seirawan. 794.1 SEI
  • Teach yourself visually chess. Jon Edwards. 794.1 EDW
  • The Turk, chess automaton. Gerald M. Levitt. 794.1 LEV
  • U.S. Chess Federation’s official rules of chess794.1 UNI
  • Winning chess brilliancies. Yasser Seirawan. 794.1 SEI
  • Winning chess endings. Yasser Seirawan. 794.1 SEI
  • Winning chess openings. Yasser Seirawan. 794.1 SEI
  • Winning chess strategies: proven principles from one of the U.S.A.’s top chess players. Yasser Seirawan. 794.1 SEI
  • Winning chess tactics. Yasser Seirawan. 794.1 SEI


  • Alex and the Wednesday chess club. Janet S. Wong. E WON
  • Chess-dream in a garden. Rosemary Sutcliff. J SUT
  • Chess for children. Ted Nottingham, Bob Wade, Al Lawrence. J 794.1 NOT
  • The kids’ book of chess. Harvey Kidder. J 794.1 KID
  • Opening moves: Michael Thaler, the making of a  young chess champion. Barry Berg. J 794.1 BER
  • The token gift. Hugh William McKibbon. J 398.27 MACK
  • Winning chess: tactics & strategies. Ted Nottingham, Al Lawrence & Bob Wade. J 794.1 NOT


  • The chess machine. Robert Lohr. Fic LOH
  • Thekingsarealreadyhere. Garret Freymann-Weyr. Y Fic WEY
  • The Luneburg variation. Paolo Maurensig. Fic MAU


  • Chess kidsVIDEO 794.1
  • Chess starts hereVIDEO 794.1
  • Dangerous movesDVD Foreign D
  • Play chess: the official guide from the U.S. Chess FederationVIDEO 794.1
  • Searching for Bobby FischerVIDEO Drama


  • Ajedrez infantil. Harvey Kidder. Sp. Lang. J 794.1 KID