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Animal Rights

Animal Rights

  • Animal experimentation: opposing viewpoints179.4 ANI
  • Best Friends: the true story of the world’s most beloved animal sanctuary. Samantha Glen. 179.3 GLE
  • Bridge called hope. Kim Meeder. 362.74 MEE
  • The company we keep: America’s endangered species. Douglas H. Chadwick, Joel Sartore. 578.68 CHA
  • Dominion: the power of man, the suffering of animals, and the call to mercy. Matthew Scully. 179.3 SCU
  • Endangered species: must they disappear? Jennifer J. Yeh. 578.68 YEH
  • For the prevention of cruelty: the history and legacy of animal rightsactivismintheUnitedStates. Diane L. Beers. 179.3 BEE
  • Going, going, gone?: animals and plants on the brink of extinct-tion and how you can help. Malcolm Tait. 333.9522 TAI
  • Ranch of dreams. Cleveland Amory. 636.0832 AMO
  • Rattling the cage: toward legal rights for animals. Steven M. Wise. 179.3 WIS
  • Sacred cows and golden geese: the human cost of experiments on animals. C. Ray Greek & Jean Swingle Greek. 179.4 GRE
  • Silence of the songbirds. Bridget Stutchbury. 598.8 STU
  • The sixth extinction: journey among the lost and left behind. Terry Glavin. 333.9522 GLA
  • The ten trusts: what we must do to care for the animals we love. Jane Goodall and Marc Bekoff. 591.6 GOO
  • Tigers in red weather: a quest for the last wild tigers. Ruth Padel. 599.756 PAD
  • The way of the tiger: natural history and conservation of the endangered big cat. K. Ullas Karanth. 599.756 KAR
  • Where the blind horse sings: love and trust at an animal sanctuary. Kathy Stevens. 636.0832 STE


  • Animal rescue: the best job there is. Susan E. Goodman. J 639.9 GOO
  • Big cat conservation. Peggy Thomas. J 599.755 THO
  • Bill and Pete to the rescue. Tomie dePaola. Pic DEP
  • Ginger finds a home. Charlotte Voake. Pic VOA
  • Gone wild: an endangered animal alphabet. David McLimans. J 591.68 MACL
  • Interrupted journey: saving endangered sea turtles. Kathryn Lasky. J 597.92 LAS
  • The orphan seal. Fran Hodgkins. E 639.9 HOD
  • Panda rescue: changing the future for endangered wildlife. Dan Bortolotti. J 599.789 BOR
  • The Pied Piper of Peru. Ann Tompert. E 270 TOM
  • Project puffin: how we brought puffins back to Egg Rock. Stephen W. Kress. J 598.33 KRE
  • Reptile rescue. Peggy Thomas. J 597.9 THO
  • The three little orphan kittens. D. Rudd Wise & Rachel Wise. E 636.8 WIS
  • Tiger rescue: changing the future for endangered wildlife. Dan Bortolotti. J 599.756 BOR


  • In search of the jaguarDVD 799.755
  • Whales in crisisDVD 599.5