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  • After you say goodbye: when someone you love dies of AIDS. Paul Kent Froman. 155.937 FRO
  • AIDS/HIV. Brian Hoyle. 616.9792 HOY
  • AIDS: opposing viewpoints616.9792 AID
  • Ana’s story: a journey of hope. Jenna Bush. Y 362.1969 BUS, Spanish Lang. 616.9792 BUS
  • And a time to die: the pain and love of a journey home with AIDS. Frances Bontrager Greaser. Ind. Coll. 616.9792 GRE
  • And the band played on: politics, people, and the AIDS epidemic. Randy Shilts. 616.9792 SHI
  • The boy and the dog are sleeping. Nasdijj. 616.9792 NAS
  • A dance against time. Diane Solway. 792.8 SOL
  • The guide to living with HIV infection: developed at the Johns Hopkins AIDS Clinic. John G. Bartlett, Ann K. Finkbeiner. 616.979 BAR
  • The invisible cure: Africa, the West, and the fight against AIDS. Helen Epstein. 362.1969 EPS
  • My own country: a doctor’s story of a town and its people in the age of AIDS. Abraham Verghese. 616.9792 VER
  • No place left to bury the dead: denial, despair, and hope in the African AIDS pandemic. Nicole Itano. 362.1969 ITA
  • Not in my family: AIDS in the African-American community362.1969 NOT
  • On the move: a speech. Bono. 261.8 BON
  • Our stories, our songs: African children talk about AIDS. Deborah Ellis. Y 362.1969 ELL
  • Pedro and me: friendship, loss, and what I learned. Judd Winick. Y 362.19 WIN
  • A positive life: portraits of women living with HIV. River Huston. 616.9792 HUS
  • The quilt: stories from the NAMES project. Cindy Ruskin. 746.9 RUS
  • The screaming room: a mother’s journal of her son’s struggle with AIDS: a true story of love, dedication, and courage. Barbara Peabody. 616.9792 PEA
  • The secret epidemic: the story of AIDS and Black America. Jacob Levenson. 362.1969 LEV
  • Sizwe’s test: a young man’s journey through Africa’s AIDS epidemic. Jonny Steinberg. 362.1969 STE
  • Sleep with the angels: a mother challenges AIDS. Mary Fisher. 616.9792 FIS
  • Touched by grace: from secrecy to new life. Ann Showalter. 616.9792 SHO
  • 28 stories of AIDS in Africa. Stephanie Nolen. 616.9792 NOL
  • We are all the same: a story of a boy’s courage and a mother’s love. Jim Wooten. 616.9792 WOO


  • Days of grace: a memoir. Arthur Ashe. Large Type B Ashe, Audio B Ashe
  • I’ll not go quietly: Mary Fisher speaks out. Mary Fisher. B Fisher
  • My brother. Jamaica Kincaid. B Kincaid
  • No heroes: a memoir of coming home. Chris Offutt. B Offutt
  • Ryan White: my own story. Ryan White. B White
  • This wild darkness: the story of my death. Harold Brodkey. B Brodkey
  • Weeding out the tears: a mother’s story of love, loss, and renewal. Jeanne White. B White
  • Working on a miracle. Mahlon Johnson. B Johnson


  • At risk. Alice Hoffman. Fic HOF
  • Chanda’s secrets. Allan Stratton. Y Fic STR
  • A crack in forever. Jeannie Brewer. Fic BRE
  • The gifts of the body. Rebecca Brown. Fic BRO
  • The married man. Edmund White. Fic WHI
  • Notes from a spinning planet– Papua New Guinea. Melody Carlson. Y Fic CAR
  • Saving the world. Julia Alvarez. Fic ALV, Spanish Lang. Fic ALV, CD Fic ALV
  • Second son. Robert Ferro. Fic FER
  • To the wedding. John Berger. Fic BER
  • Touch. Charlotte Watson Sherman. Fic SHE
  • Vanitas. Joseph Olshan. Fic OLS
  • Veronica. Mary Gaitskill. Fic GAI
  • War against the animals. Paul Russell. Fic RUS


  • AIDS/HIV. Barbara Wexler. R 300.7 INF
  • The encyclopedia of HIV and AIDS. Sarah Barbara Watstein, Stephen E. Stratton. R 616.9792 WAT


  • ABC AfricaDVD 362.73
  • Angels in AmericaDVD 812
  • Coming to say goodbye: stories of AIDS in AfricaVIDEO 616.9792
  • Common threads: stories from the quiltDVD 746.46
  • Pandemic: facing AIDS: million of lives, many nations, one dreamDVD 362.1969
  • PhiladelphiaDVD Drama
  • Surviving AIDSVIDEO 616.9792


  • Diving for the moon. Lee F. Bantle. J BAN
  • The heaven shop. Deborah Ellis. J ELL
  • HIV and AIDS. Gustav Mark Gedatus. J 616.97 GED
  • HIV positive. Bernard Wolf. J 362.1 WOL
  • Life magic. Melrose Cooper. J COO
  • The NAMES Project. Larry Dane Brimner. J 362.1 BRI


  • Amores locos y los peligros del contagio. Gonzalo Aburto Iniesta. Spanish Lang. 616.9792 ABU
  • En el laberinto de la esperanza: memorias de una familia seropositiva. Juan Carlos Riascos. Spanish Lang. B Riascos
  • Hay una respuesta: como prevenir y entender el VIH/SIDA. Luis Cortes, Jr. Spanish Lang. 616.9792 COR
  • La historia de Ana: un camino lleno de esperanza. Jenna Bush. Spanish Lang. 616.9792 BUS
  • Tocame sin guantes: consejos para vivir con enfermos de sida y otras enfermedades incurables. Minerva Aponte-Jolly. Spanish Lang. 616.9792 APO
  • Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre las enfermedades de transmision sexual. Samuel G. Woods. Spanish Lang. 616.951 WOO
  • La cometa rota. Paula Fox. Spanish Lang. Fic FOX
  • Muerdele el corazon. Lydia Cacho. Spanish Lang. Fic CAC
  • Para salvar el mundo. Julia Alvarez. Spanish Lang. Fic ALV