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  • Babysitting. Frances S. Dayee. 649.102 DAY
  • But I love him: protecting your teen daughter from controlling, abusive dating relationships. Jill Murray. 362.829 MUR
  • Creating a healthy household: the ultimate guide for healthier, safer, less-toxic living. Lynn Marie Bower. 613.5 BOW
  • Dangerous doses: how counterfeiters are contaminating America’s drug supply. Katherine Eban. 363.194 EBA
  • Everything you need to know about weapons in school and at home. Jay Schleifer. 363.33 SCH
  • Fear less: real truth about risk, safety, and security in a time of terrorism. Gavin De Becker. 363.32 DEB
  • The Field & stream firearms safety handbook. Doug Painter. 799.2 PAI
  • Fortress America: on the frontlines of homeland security– an inside look at the coming surveillance state. Matthew Brzezinski. 363.32 BRZ
  • How to avoid falling: a guide for active aging and independence. Eric Fredrikson. 613.6 FRE
  • 100 most dangerous things in everyday life and what you can do about them. Laura Lee. Y 363.02 LEE
  • The personal security handbook. Chris McNab and Joanna Rabiger. 613.6 MACN
  • Protecting the gift: keeping children and teenagers safe (and parents sane). Gavin de Becker. 649.1 DEB
  • Safe at all times: protecting yourself and your family in a dangerous world. Janet Rodgers. 613.66 ROD
  • Safe teen: powerful alternatives to violence. Anita Roberts. Y 613.6 ROB
  • Safety and security for women who travel.  Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer. 910.202 SWA
  • Street smarts for kids: what parents must know to keep their children safe. Ric Bentz and Christine Allison. 649.1 BEN


  • Be cool, play it safe: a child’s safety videoVIDEO Children
  • Bicycle safety: zone of dangerVIDEO Children
  • Children saving children (drowning emergencies)VIDEO 617.102
  • Crashcourse: what to know before and after a collisionDVD 363.1251
  • DUI — dead in 5 secondsVIDEO 363.1251
  • Infant & toddler emergency first aidDVD 616.0252
  • Kidsmartz abduction preventionDVD 613.66
  • My school bus videoVIDEO Children
  • Secure your peace of mind: fire safety and prevention tipsVIDEO 363.377
  • USA driving safety courseDVD 629.283


  • Always be safe. Kathy Schulz. E 613.6 SCH
  • No dragons for tea: fire safety for kids (and dragons). Jean Pendziwol. Pic PEN
  • A safe place called home. Eileen Spinelli. Pic SPI
  • Safety around strangers. Lucia Raatma. E 362.7 RAA
  • Tenstepstostayingsafe. Cynthia MacGregor. E 613.6 MACG
  • Whattodoifyougetlost. Cynthia MacGregor. E 613.6 MACG