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Gone but not forgotten:
Deaths in 2015

Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2015

Eli Sagan                                      3/3/1927—1/4/2015

  • Freud, women, and morality: the psychology of good and evil. 150.195 SAG

Stuart Scott                                7/16/1965—1/4/2015

  • Every day I fight. B Scott

Michele Serros                          2/10/1966—1/4/2015

  • Scandalosa!: a honey blonde chica novel. Y Fic SER

Robert Scott                                            ?—1/9/2015

  • Kill the ones you love. 364.1523 SCO

Robert Stone                           8/21/1937—1/10/2015

  • Bear and his daughter: stories. Fic STO
  • Damascus Gate. Fic STO
  • Death of the black-haired girl. Fic STO
  • Fun with problems: stories. Fic STO

John Bayley                             3/27/1925—1/12/2015

  • Elegy for Iris. B Murdoch

Bonnie Christensen                1/23/1951—1/12/2015

  • The daring Nellie Bly: America’s star reporter. JB Bly
  • Django. JB Reinhardt
  • Elvis: the story of the rock and roll king. JB Presley
  • Fabulous: a portrait of Andy Warhol. JB Warhol
  • Rebus riot. J 811 CHR
  • Woody Guthrie: poet of the people. JB Guthrie

Gloria Miklowitz                       5/18/1927—1/20/2015

  • Love story, take three. J MIK
  • Masada: the last fortress. J MIK

Marcus Borg                            3/11/1942—1/21/2015

  • Convictions: how I learned what matters most. 230 BOR
  • Evolution of the Word: the New Testament in the order the books were written. 225.67 BOR
  • The first Christmas: what the gospels really teach about Jesus’s birth. 232.92 BOR
  • The heart of Christianity: rediscovering a life of faith. 230 BOR
  • The last week: the day by day account of Jesus’ final week in Jerusalem. 232.96 BOR, Spanish Lang. 232.96 BOR
  • The meaning of Jesus: two visions. 232 BOR
  • Putting away childish things: a tale of modern faith. 230 BOR
  • Reading the Bible again for the first time: taking the Bible seriously but not literally. 220.61 BOR

Ernie Banks                             1/31/1931—1/23/2015

  • “Mr. Cub.” 796.357 BAN
  • Playoff dreams. Fred Bowen. J BOW

Robert Edwin Herzstein          9/26/1940—1/24/2015

  • Waldheim: the missing years. B Waldheim

Suzette Hagen Elgin 11/18/1936—1/27/2015

  • Genderspeak: men, women, and the gentle art of verbal self-defense. 153.6 ELG 
  • The grandmother principles. 306.874 ELG
  • The last word on the gentle art of verbal self-defense. 153.6 ELG 

David Landau                                  1947—1/27/2015

  • Arik: the life of Ariel Sharon. B Sharon

Rod McKuen                            4/29/1933—1/27/2015

  • Come to me in silence. 811 MACK
  • In someone’s shadow. 811 MACK
  • Listen to the warm; poems. 811 MACK
  • Lonesome cities. 811 MACK
  • Moment to moment. 811 MACK
  • Suspension bridge. 811 MACK
  • Valentines. 811 MACK

Colleen McCullough                 6/1/1937—1/29/2015

  • Bittersweet. Fic MACC
  • Caesar: let the dice fly. Fic MACC
  • A creed for the third millennium. Fic MACC
  • The first man in Rome. Fic MACC
  • Fortune’s favorites. Fic MACC
  • An indecent obsession. Fic MACC
  • The independence of Miss Mary Bennet. Fic MACC
  • The ladies of Missalonghi. Fic MACC
  • Morgan’s run. Fic MACC, Large Type Fic MACC
  • Naked cruelty. Mystery MACC
  • The October horse. Fic MACC
  • On, off. Mystery MACC
  • The prodigal son: a Carmine Delmonico novel. Mystery MACC
  • Sins of the flesh. Mystery MACC
  • The thorn birds. Fic MACC, Large Type Fic MACC, Audio Fic MACC
  • Tim. Fic MACC
  • Too many murders: a Carmine Delmonico novel. Mystery MACC
  • The touch. Fic MACC, Large Type Fic MACC

Carl Djerassi                          10/29/1923—1/30/2015

  • The pill, pygmy chimps, and Degas’ horse: the autobiography of Carl Djerassi. 540.92 DJE

Martin Gilbert                           10/25/1936—2/3/2015

  • A history of the twentieth century. 909.82 GIL
  • Kristallnacht: prelude to destruction. 940.5318 GIL
  • The righteous: the unsung heroes of the Holocaust. 940.531 GIL
  • The Second World War: a complete history. 940.53 GIL
  • The Somme: heroism and horror in the First World War. 940.4272 GIL

Walter Liedtke                           8/28/1945—2/3/2015

  • Vermeer and the Delft school. 759.94 LIE

Bernice E. Cullinan                 10/12/1926—2/5/2015

  • Read to me: raising kids who love to read. J 649.58 CUL Parenting

Anne Moody                              9/15/1940—2/5/2015

  • Coming of age in Mississippi. CD B Moody

Andre P. Brink                           5/29/1935—2/6/2015

  • Philida. CD Fic BRI

Dean Smith                                2/28/1931—2/7/2015

  • A coach’s life. B Smith

David Carr                                  9/8/1956—2/12/2015

  • The night of the gun: a reporter investigates the darkest story of his life, his own. B Carr

Philip Levine                            1/10/1928—2/14/2015

  • 7 years from somewhere: poems. 811 LEV
  • Ashes: poems new & old. 811 LEV
  • The mercy: poems. 811 LEV
  • News of the world: poems. 811 LEV
  • What work is: poems. 811 LEV

Bertrice Small                          12/9/1937—2/24/2015

  • Bedazzled. Fic SMA
  • Betrayed. Fic SMA
  • Deceived. Fic SMA
  • Forbidden pleasures. Fic SMA
  • Love, remember me. Fic SMA
  • A moment in time. Fic SMA
  • The spitfire. Fic SMA
  • Sudden pleasures. Fic SMA
  • Wild Jasmine. Fic SMA

Theodore M. Hesburgh           5/25/1917—2/26/2015

  • God, country, Notre Dame. B Hesburgh
  • Travels with Ted and Ned. 910.4 HES
  • Hesburgh of Notre Dame: priest, educator, public servant. John C. Lungren, Jr. B Hesburgh

Leonard Nimoy                        3/26/1931—2/27/2015

  • I am not Spock. B Nimoy
  • I am Spock. B Nimoy

Thomas J. Stanley                          1944—2/28/2015

  • The millionaire next door: the surprising secrets of America’s wealthy. 305.523 STA, Spanish Lang. 305.523 STA   
  • Millionaire women next door: the many journeys of successful American businesswomen. 305.523 STA
  • Stop acting rich: –and start living like a real millionaire. 332.024 STA

Mal Peet                                       6/1/1947—3/2/2015

  • Keeper. Y Fic PEE
  • Life: an exploded diagram. Y Fic PEE
  • The Murdstone trilogy. Sci. Fic PEE

Fred Craddock                           4/30/1928—3/6/2015

  • Speaking of dying: recovering the church’s voice in the face of death. 236.1 CRA

Cathie Linz                               11/29/1954—3/7/2015

  • A glimpse of paradise. Fic LIN
  • Pride and joy. Fic LIN
  • Smart girls think twice. Fic LIN
  • Winner takes all. Fic LIN

Terry Pratchett                        4/28/1948—3/12/2015

  • The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents. Y Fic PRA
  • A blink of the screen: collected shorter fiction. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Carpe jugulum: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • The color of magic: a novel of discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Dodger. Y Fic PRA, Y AUDIO Playaway PRA
  • Equal rites. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Eric: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Feet of clay: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • The fifth elephant: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Going postal: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA, CD Fic PRA, DVD Sci. Fic G
  • A hat full of sky. Y Fic PRA  
  • Hogfather: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA, DVD Sci. Fic H
  • I shall wear midnight. Y Fic PRA  
  • Interesting times: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Jingo: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • The last continent: a Discworld novel. Sci. Fic PRA
  • The light fantastic: a Discworld novel. Sci. Fic PRA
  • The Long Earth. Sci. Fic PRA
  • The Long Mars. Sci. Fic PRA
  • The long Utopia. Sci. Fic PRA
  • The Long war. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Making money. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Maskerade: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Men at arms: a novel of discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Miss Felicity Beedle’s The world of poo: a Discworld delight for readers of all ages. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Monstrous regiment: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Mort. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Moving pictures: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Nation. Y Fic PRA, Y AUDIO CD PRA
  • Night watch: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Pyramids: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA  
  • Raising steam: a Discworld novel. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Reaper man: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • The science of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • The shepherd’s crown. Y Fic PRA
  • A slip of the keyboard: collected nonfiction. 824 PRA
  • Small gods: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Snuff. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Soul music: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Sourcery: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Thief of time: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Thud! Sci. Fic PRA
  • The truth: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Turtle recall: the Discworld companion … so far. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Unseen academicals: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • The Wee Free Men. Y Fic PRA
  • Wintersmith. Y Fic PRA
  • Witches abroad: a novel of Discworld. Sci. Fic PRA
  • Diggers. J PRA
  • Dragons at Crumbling Castle: and other tales. J PRA, J AUDIO CD PRA
  • Johnny and the dead. J PRA
  • Only you can save mankind. J PRA
  • Wings: the last book of the Bromeliad. J PRA
  • The color of magic. DVD Sci. Fic C

John Evangelist Walsh         12/27/1927—3/19/2015

  • Midnight dreary: the mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe. B Poe

Ellen Conford                          3/20/1942—3/20/2015

  • Annabel the actress starring in “Gorilla my dreams”. J CON
  • Annabel the actress, starring in “Just a little extra”. J CON
  • Diary of a monster’s son. J CON
  • The frog princess of Pelham. J CON
  • Get the picture, Jenny Archer? J CON
  • I love you, I hate you, get lost. J CON
  • Jenny Archer, author. J CON
  • Jenny Archer to the rescue. J CON
  • A job for Jenny Archer. J CON
  • Nibble, nibble, Jenny Archer. J CON
  • What’s cooking, Jenny Archer? J CON

Tomas Tranströmer                4/15/1931—3/26/2015

  • The deleted world. 839.71 TRA
  • Tomas Tranströmer: selected poems, 1954-1986. 839.71 TRA

Robert V. Hine                         4/26/1921—3/27/2015

  • Second sight. 362.41 HIN, Large Type 362.41 HIN

Cynthia Lennon                         9/10/1939—4/1/2015

  • John. B Lennon

Robert Schuller                         9/16/1926—4/2/2015

  • The be (happy) attitudes: eight positive attitudes that can transform your life! 226.93 SCH
  • Life’s not fair, but God is good. 248.4 SCH
  • My journey: from an Iowa farm to a cathedral of dreams. B Schuller
  • Peace of mind through possibility thinking. 248.4 SCH
  • Self-esteem, the new reformation. 248.4 SCH
  • Tough times never last, but tough people do! 248.4 SCH
  • Goliath: the life of Robert Schuller. James Penner. B Schuller
  • Don’t throw away tomorrow [sound recording] : living God’s dream for your life

Robert McClory                           6/8/1932—4/3/2015

  • Power and the papacy: the people and politics behind the doctrine of infallibility. 262.131 MACC

Sarah Brady                                 2/6/1942—4/3/2015

  • A good fight. B Brady

Ivan Doig                                    6/27/1939—4/9/2015

  • The bartender’s tale. Fic DOI
  • Bucking the sun. Fic DOI
  • Dancing at the rascal fair. Fic DOI
  • English creek. Fic DOI
  • Last bus to wisdom. Fic DOI
  • Mountain time. Fic DOI
  • Ride with me, Mariah Montana. Fic DOI
  • The whistling season. Fic DOI, Large Type Fic DOI, Y Fic DOI
  • Work song. Fic DOI, Large Type Fic DOI

Sheila Kitzinger                       3/29/1929—4/11/2015

  • The complete book of pregnancy & childbirth. 618.24 KIT

Günter Grass                         10/16/1927—4/13/2015

  • Cat and mouse. Fic GRA, 833 GRA
  • Dog years. Fic GRA
  • Headbirths, or, The Germans are dying out. Fic GRA
  • My century. Fic GRA
  • Peeling the onion. B Grass, CD B Grass
  • The rat. Fic GRA
  • The tin drum. Fic GRA, CD Fic, DVD Foreign T

Eduardo Galeano                      9/3/1940—4/13/2015

  • Memory of fire. 980 GAL
  • Mirrors: stories of almost everyone. 909 GAL, Spanish Lang. 909 GAL

Barbara Strauch                      5/10/1951—4/15/2015

  • The secret life of the grown-up brain: the surprising talents of the middle-aged mind. 612.82 STR

Sandra Mackey                                1937—4/19/2015

  • Mirror of the Arab world: Lebanon in conflict. 956.9204 MACK

Millard C. Lind                       10/10/1918—4/25/2015

  • Answer to war. Ind. Coll. 261.873 LIN
  • Ezekiel. 224.4 LIN
  • The sound of sheer silence and the killing state: the death penalty and the Bible. 261.833 LIN

Marcia Brown                          7/13/1918—4/28/2015

  • Dick Whittington and his cat. E 398.2 BRO
  • Once a mouse–: a fable cut in wood. Pic BRO Caldecott
  • Puss in boots. J 398.24 BRO
  • Stone soup: an old tale. J 398.27 BRO, J Book and CD BRO, Sp. Lang. J Book and CD BRO

Jean Nidetch                         10/12/1923—4/29/1915

  • Weight Watchers quick start program cookbook: including the full range exchange plan. 641.5635 NID

Edward Wright                         12/18/1939—5/1/2015

  • Damnation Falls. Mystery WRI
  • Red sky lament. Mystery WRI
  • While I disappear: a John Ray Horn novel. Mystery WRI

Ruth Rendell (Barbara Vine)    2/17/1930—5/2/2015

  • Adam and Eve and Pinch me. Mystery REN, Large Type Fic REN, Spanish Lang. Fic REN
  • The babes in the wood. Mystery REN
  • The best man to die. Mystery REN
  • The bridesmaid. Mystery REN
  • Collected stories. Mystery REN
  • The crocodile bird. Fic REN, Large Type Fic REN
  • Dark corners. Mystery REN
  • Death notes. Mystery REN
  • A demon in my view. Mystery REN
  • End in tears. Mystery REN
  • The face of trespass. Mystery REN
  • The fallen curtain: eleven mystery stories by an Edgar-award winning writer. Mystery REN
  • The fever tree and other stories. Mystery REN
  • The girl next door. Mystery REN
  • Going wrong. Mystery REN
  • A guilty thing surprised. Mystery REN
  • Harm done. Mystery REN
  • Heartstones. Fic REN
  • A judgement in stone. Mystery REN
  • The keys to the street: a novel of suspense. Fic REN
  • Kissing the gunner’s daughter. Mystery REN
  • The lake of darkness. Mystery REN
  • Make death love me. Mystery REN
  • Master of the moor. Mystery REN
  • The monster in the box. Mystery REN
  • Murder being once done. Mystery REN, Large Type Fic REN
  • The new girl friend: and other stories of suspense. Large Type Fic REN
  • A new lease of death. Mystery REN
  • No man’s nightingale: an Inspector Wexford novel. Mystery REN
  • No more dying then. Mystery REN
  • Not in the flesh. Mystery REN
  • One across, two down. Mystery REN
  • Piranha to scurfy and other stories. Mystery REN
  • Portobello. Mystery REN
  • Road rage. Mystery REN
  • The Rottweiler. Mystery REN, Large Type Fic REN
  • A sight for sore eyes. Fic REN
  • Simisola. Mystery REN
  • A sleeping life. Mystery REN, Large Type Fic REN
  • Some lie and some die. Mystery REN
  • Speaker of Mandarin. Mystery REN, Large Type Fic REN
  • The St. Zita Society. Mystery REN
  • Talking to strange men. Fic REN
  • Thirteen steps down. Mystery REN
  • Tigerlily’s orchids. Fic REN
  • The tree of hands. Large Type Fic REN
  • An unkindness of ravens. Mystery REN
  • The vault. Mystery REN
  • The veiled one. Mystery REN
  • The water’s lovely. Mystery REN
  • Wolf to the slaughter. Mystery REN
  • The birthday present. Mystery VIN
  • The brimstone wedding. Fic VIN, Large Type Fic VIN
  • The child’s child. Mystery VIN
  • The chimney sweeper’s boy. Fic VIN
  • A dark-adapted eye. Fic VIN
  • A fatal inversion. Mystery VIN
  • Gallowglass. Fic VIN
  • Grasshopper. Fic VIN
  • The house of stairs. Fic VIN
  • King Solomon’s carpet. Fic VIN
  • The minotaur. Mystery VIN
  • No night is too long. Fic VIN
  • The copper peacock. CD Fic REN

Michael Blake                              7/5/1945—5/2/2015

  • Dances with wolves. Fic BLA, Large Type Fic BLA, Spanish Lang. Fic BLA, DVD Action Adv. D
  • Marching to Valhalla: a novel of Custer’s last days. Fic BLA 

Michael O’Brien                         4/13/1948—5/6/2015

  • Mrs. Adams in winter: a journey in the last days of Napoleon. 940.27 OBR

William Zinsser                       10/7/1922—5/12/2015

  • Easy to remember: the great American songwriters and their songs. 782.42 ZIN
  • On writing well: an informal guide to writing nonfiction. 808.04 ZIN
  • Willie and Dwike: an American profile. 781.57 ZIN
  • The writer who stayed. 814 ZIN

Peter Gay                                 6/20/1923—5/12/2015

  • Modernism: the lure of heresy: from Baudelaire to Beckett and beyond. 709.04 GAY

Elisabeth Bing                           7/8/1914—5/15/2015

  • Having a baby after 30. 618.2 BIN

Robert S. Wistrich                     4/7/1945—5/19/2015

  • Hitler and the Holocaust. 940.53 WIS

John Forbes Nash                   6/13/1928—5/23/2015

  • A beautiful mind: a biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr., winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, 1994. Sylvia Nasar. B Nash

Anne Meara                             9/20/1929—5/23/2015

  • Married to laughter: a love story featuring Anne Meara. Jerry Stiller. B Stiller

Hugh Ambrose                        8/12/1966—5/23/2015

  • The Pacific. 940.5459 AMB, Spanish Lang. 940.5459 AMB, CD 940.5459 AMB

Tanith Lee                                9/19/1947—5/24/2015

  • The gods are thirsty. Fic LEE
  • Piratica: being a daring tale of a singular girl’s adventure upon the high seas. Y Fic LEE

Mary Ellen Mark                      3/20/1940—5/25/2015

  • Prom. 779.2 MAR

Roger Vergé                                 4/7/1930—6/5/2015

  • Roger Verge’s vegetables in the French style. 641.65 VER

Vincent Bugliosi                        8/18/1934—6/6/2015

  • And the sea will tell. 345.025 BUG
  • Helter skelter: the true story of the Manson murders. 364.1523 BUG, DVD 364.1523
  • Outrage: the five reasons why O. J. Simpson got away with murder. 364.1523 BUG
  • Parkland. 973.922 BUG
  • Reclaiming history: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 973.922 BUG, CD 973.922 BUG
  • Till death us do part: a true murder mystery. 345.025 BUG

Elizabeth P. McIntosh                 3/1/1915—6/8/2015

  • Sisterhood of spies: the women of the OSS. 940.54 MACI

Judith St. George                    2/26/1931—6/10/2015

  • Betsy Ross: patriot of Philadelphia. JB Ross
  • The Brooklyn Bridge: they said it couldn’t be built. J 624 SAI
  • Crazy Horse. JB Crazy Horse
  • The ghost, the White House, and me. J SAI
  • In the line of fire: presidents’ lives at stake. J 973.092 SAI
  • The journey of the one and only Declaration of Independence. J 973.3 SAI
  • Make your mark, Franklin Roosevelt. JB Roosevelt
  • Mason and Dixon’s line of fire. J 973.2 SAI
  • So you want to be an inventor? J 608 SAI
  • So you want to be president? Pic SAI Caldecott, J Book and CD SAI
  • Stand tall, Abe Lincoln. JB Lincoln
  • Take the lead, George Washington. JB Washington
  • What was the Lewis and Clark Expedition? J 917.804 SAI
  • You’re on your way, Teddy Roosevelt. JB Roosevelt

Wolfgang Jeschke                11/19/1936—6/10/2015

  • The Cusanus game. Sci. Fic JES

Graham Lord                           2/16/1943—6/13/2015

  • James Herriot: the life of a country vet. B Herriot, Large Type B Herriot

Elisabeth Elliot                      12/21/1926—6/15/2015

  • A chance to die: the life and legacy of Amy Carmichael. B Carmichael
  • A lamp for my feet. 248.4 ELL
  • Let me be a woman: notes to my daughter on the meaning of womanhood. 248.843 ELL
  • No graven image. Fic ELL
  • A path through suffering. 242.4 ELL
  • Quest for love. 248.4 ELL
  • Secure in the everlasting arms. B Elliot
  • Shadow of the Almighty; the life & testament of Jim Elliot. B Elliot, CD B Elliot
  • These strange ashes: is God still in charge? 266 ELL
  • Twelve baskets of crumbs. 248.4 ELL

James Salter                            6/10/1925—6/19/2015

  • All that is. Fic SAL
  • Last night. Fic SAL

Gunther Schuller                   11/22/1925—6/21/2015

  • The history of jazz. 781.57 SCH

Marva Collins                          8/31/1936—6/24/2015

  • Marva Collins’ way. 371.1 COL
  • The Marva Collins story. DVD 371.1

Nicholas Winton                        5/19/1909—7/1/2015

  • Nicky’s family. DVD 940.5318

John A. Williams                       12/5/1925—7/3/2015

  • The man who cried I am. Fic WIL

Burt Shavitz                                       1935—7/5/2015

  • Burt’s buzz. DVD 338.76

John Maxtone-Graham               8/2/1929—7/6/2015

  • SS United States: red, white & blue ribband, forever. 387.2432 MAX
  • Titanic tragedy: a new look at the lost liner. 910.452 MAX

James Tate                                12/8/1943—7/8/2015

  • Dome of the hidden pavilion: new poems. 811 TAT
  • The ghost soldiers: poems. 811 TAT

Tom Piccirilli                           5/27/1965—7/11/2015

  • The last kind words. Mystery PIC

Denis Avey                              1/11/1919—7/16/2015

  • The man who broke into Auschwitz: a true story of World War II. CD 940.5318 AVE

E.L. Doctorow                            1/6/1931—7/21/2015

  • Andrew’s brain. Fic DOC
  • Billy Bathgate. Fic DOC
  • The book of Daniel. Fic DOC
  • City of God. Fic DOC
  • Creationists: selected essays, 1993-2006. 814 DOC
  • Homer & Langley. Fic DOC
  • Loon Lake. Fic DOC
  • The march. Fic DOC, CD Fic DOC
  • Ragtime. Fic DOC
  • Sweet land stories. Fic DOC
  • The waterworks. Fic DOC
  • World’s fair. Fic DOC, Large Type Fic DOC

Colin Platt                              11/11/1934—7/23/2015

  • The atlas of medieval man. 909.07 PLA

Ann Rule                                10/22/1931—7/26/2015

  • And never let her go: Thomas Capano, the deadly seducer. 364.1523 RUL
  • Bitter harvest: a woman’s fury, a mother’s sacrifice. 364.1523 RUL, CD 364.1523 RUL
  • Dead by sunset. 364.1523 RUL
  • Don’t look behind you. 364.1523 RUL
  • Everything she ever wanted: a true story of obsessive love, murder, and betrayal. 364.1523 RUL
  • Fatal friends, deadly neighbors: and other true cases. 364.1523 RUL
  • Green River, running red: the real story of the Green River killer … America’s deadliest serial murderer. 364.1523 RUL
  • Heart full of lies: a true story of desire and death. 364.1523 RUL
  • If you really loved me. 364.1523 RUL
  • In the still of the night: the strange death of Ronda Reynolds and her mother’s unceasing quest for the truth. 364.1523 RUL, Large Type 364.1523 RUL
  • Kiss me, kill me and other true cases. 364.1523 RUL
  • Last dance, last chance: and other true cases. Large Type 364.1523 RUL
  • Lying in wait and other true cases. 364.1523 RUL
  • No regrets: and other true cases. Large Type 364.1523 RUL
  • Practice to deceive. 364.1523 RUL
  • A rose for her grave: and other true cases. 364.1523 RUL
  • The stranger beside me. 364.1523 RUL
  • Too late to say goodbye: a true story of murder and betrayal. 364.1523 RUL, CD 364.1523 RUL
  • Worth more dead: and other true cases. Large Type 364.1523 RUL

John Culhane                            2/7/1934—7/30/2015

  • Disney’s Aladdin: the making of an animated film. 741.58 CUL

Alan Cheuse                            1/23/1940—7/31/2015

  • The grandmothers’ club. Fic CHE

Robert Conquest                       7/15/1917—8/3/2015

  • The great terror: a reassessment. 947.084 CON
  • The harvest of sorrow: Soviet collectivization and the terror-famine. 947.084 CON

Arnold Scaasi                              5/8/1930—8/3/2015

  • Women I have dressed (and undressed!) 746.92 SCA

Ann McGovern                          5/25/1930—8/8/2015

  • Half a kingdom: an Icelandic folktale. J 398.21 MACG
  • –If you lived 100 years ago. J 973.8 MACG
  • –If you lived with the Sioux Indians. J 970.3 MACG
  • … if you sailed on the Mayflower. J 974.4 MACG
  • The lady in the box. Pic MACG
  • Nicholas Bentley Stoningpot III. Pic MACG Reading Rainbow
  • Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest. J 398.2 MACG
  • The secret soldier: the story of Deborah Sampson. JB Sampson
  • Too much noise. Pic MACG

William Jay Smith                   4/22/1918—8/18/2015

  • Around my room. E 811 SMI

Frank E. Petersen                     3/2/1932—8/25/2015

  • Into the tiger’s jaw: America’s first Black marine aviator. B Petersen

Darryl Dawkins                        1/11/1957—8/27/2015

  • Chocolate Thunder: the uncensored life and times of the NBA’s original showman. 796.323 DAW

Wayne Dyer                             5/10/1940—8/29/2015

  • Change your thoughts, change your life: living the wisdom of the Tao. 299.514 DYE, Spanish Lang. 299.514 DYE
  • Excuses begone!: how to change lifelong, self-defeating thinking habits. 158.1 DYE, CD 158.1 DYE
  • Group counseling for personal mastery: everything you need to know to lead any group in any setting. 361.06 DYE
  • Happy holidays!: uplifting advice about how to avoid holiday blues and recapture the true spirit of Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s. 616.8527 DYE
  • I can see clearly now. 158.1 DYE
  • Manifest your destiny: the nine spiritual principles for getting everything you want. 291.44 DYE
  • The power of intention: learning to co-create your world your way. 158.1 DYE, Spanish Lang. 158.1 DYE
  • Pulling your own strings. 158.1 DYE
  • The sky’s the limit. 158.1 DYE
  • There’s a spiritual solution to every problem. 204.42 DYE
  • What do you really want for your children? 649.1 DYE
  • Wishes fulfilled: mastering the art of manifesting. 158.1 DYE
  • Your erroneous zones. 158.1 DYE, Spanish Lang. 158.1 DYE
  • Your sacred self: making the decision to be free. 291.44 DYE, Spanish Lang. 291.44 DYE
  • Diez secretos para el exito y la paz interior. Spanish Lang. 204.4 DYE
  • El gran cambio: de la simple ambicion al verdadero significado de su vida. Spanish Lang. 204.4 DYE
  • Inspiracion: su llamado decisivo. Spanish Lang. 204.4 DYE
  • Eres increible!: 10 formas de permitir que tu grandeza brille a traves de ti. Sp. Lang. E 158.1 DYE
  • Divine love. CD 158.1 DYE
  • How to be a no-limit person. CD 158.1 DYE
  • I am: wishes fulfilled meditation. CD 158.128 DYE
  • Meditations for manifesting. CD 158.128 DYE
  • The secrets of the power of intention. CD 158.1 DYE
  • How to get what you really, really, really, really want / Improve your life using the wisdom of the ages. DVD 158.1 HOW

Oliver Sacks                              7/9/1933—8/30/2015

  • An anthropologist on Mars: seven paradoxical tales. 616.8 SAC
  • Awakenings. 616.832 SAC, DVD Drama A
  • Hallucinations. 616.89 SAC
  • The island of the colorblind and Cycad Island. 501 SAC
  • The man who mistook his wife for a hat: and other clinical tales. 616.8 SAC
  • The mind’s eye. 616.855 SAC
  • Musicophilia: tales of music and the brain. 781.11 SAC
  • Oaxaca journal. 917.27 SAC
  • On the move: a life. B Sacks
  • Uncle Tungsten: memories of a chemical boyhood. B Sacks
  • “Veo una voz”: viaje al mundo de los sordos. Spanish Lang. 419 SAC
  • Alive inside. DVD 616.851
  • At first sight. DVD Drama A

Wes Craven                               8/2/1939—8/30/2015

  • Fountain society. Fic CRA

Leon A. Gorman                      12/20/1934—9/3/2015

  • L.L. Bean: the making of an American icon. 381.45 GOR

Gabrielle Burton                        2/21/1939—9/3/2015

  • Impatient with desire. Fic BUR

Peter Hannaford                        9/21/1932—9/5/2015

  • Presidential retreats: where they went and why they went there. 973.099 HAN

Rebecca Shaw                         ?–9/7/2015

  • A country affair. Fic SHA
  • Country lovers. Fic SHA
  • Country passions. Fic SHA
  • Country wives: a Barleybridge novel. Fic SHA
  • Love in the country. Fic SHA
  • One hot country summer. Fic SHA

Fred DeLuca                            10/3/1947—9/14/2015

  • Start small, finish big: fifteen key lessons to start–and run–your own successful business. 658.041 DEL

Jackie Collins                          10/4/1937—9/19/2015

  • American star: a love story. Fic COL
  • Dangerous kiss. Fic COL
  • Deadly embrace. Fic COL
  • Drop dead beautiful. Large Type Fic COL
  • Goddess of vengeance. Fic COL
  • Hollywood husbands. Fic COL
  • Hollywood kids. Fic COL
  • Hollywood wives. Fic COL
  • Lady boss. Fic COL
  • Lethal seduction. Fic COL
  • Lucky. Fic COL
  • Married lovers. Fic COL
  • Poor little bitch girl. Fic COL
  • The power trip. Fic COL
  • Rock star. Fic COL
  • The Santangelos. Fic COL
  • Thrill! Fic COL
  • Vendetta: Lucky’s revenge. Fic COL

Dorothy Butler                         4/24/1925—9/20/2015

  • My brown bear Barney. Pic BUT
  • My brown bear Barney at the party. Pic BUT

C. K. Williams                          11/4/1936—9/20/2015

  • The singing. 811 WIL
  • Wait. 811 WIL
  • Writers writing dying. 811 WIL

Leon Root                                6/15/1929—9/21/2015

  • Beautiful bones without hormones: the revolutionary new diet and exercise program to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and keep your bones healthy and strong. 616.716 ROO
  • No more aching back: Dr. Root’s new, 15-minute-a-day program for a healthy back. 616.73 ROO

Yogi Berra                                5/12/1925—9/22/2015

  • Ten rings: my championship seasons. 796.357 BER
  • When you come to a fork in the road, take it!: inspiration and wisdom from one of baseball’s greatest heroes. 796.357 BER
  • Yogi : it aint’ over…. 796.357 BER
  • You can observe a lot by watching: what I’ve learned about teamwork from the Yankees and life. 796.357 BER
  • Driving Mr. Yogi: Yogi Berra, Ron Guidry, and baseball’s greatest gift. Harvey Araton. 796.357 ARA
  • Yogi Berra: eternal Yankee. Allen Barra. 796.357 BAR

Phyllis Tickle                           3/12/1934—9/22/2015

  • The age of the spirit: how the ghost of an ancient controversy is shaping the church. 231.3 TIC
  • Emergence Christianity: what it is, where it is going, and why it matters. 270.83 TIC
  • Prayer is a place: America’s religious landscape observed. 200.973 TIC
  • The words of Jesus: a gospel of the sayings of Our Lord with reflections. 232.954 TIC

Phil Patton                               3/23/1952—9/22/2015

  • Bug: the strange mutations of the world’s most famous automobile. 629.222 PAT
  • Made in U.S.A.: the secret histories of the things that made America. 609 PAT

William Taylor                       10/11/1938—10/3/2015

  • Knitwits. J TAY

Anna Pump                              4/11/1934—10/5/2015

  • The loaves and fishes cookbook. 641.5 PUM

Henning Mankell                       2/3/1948—10/5/2015

  • Before the frost. Mystery MAN
  • Chronicler of the winds. Fic MAN
  • Daniel. Fic MAN
  • Depths. Fic MAN
  • The dogs of Riga. Mystery MAN
  • An event in autumn. Mystery MAN
  • The eye of the leopard. Fic MAN
  • Faceless killers: a mystery. Mystery MAN, CD Fic MAN
  • Kennedy’s brain. Mystery MAN
  • The man from Beijing. Mystery MAN
  • The man who smiled. Mystery MAN
  • The pyramid: and four other Kurt Wallander mysteries. Mystery MAN
  • The shadow girls. Fic MAN
  • A treacherous paradise. Fic MAN, Large Type Fic MAN
  • The troubled man. Mystery MAN
  • Wallander. DVD Mystery W

Paul Prudhomme                    7/13/1940—10/8/2015

  • Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana kitchen. 641.597 PRU

Eric Wright                                 5/4/1929—10/9/2015

  • A body surrounded by water: an Inspector Charlie Salter mystery. Mystery WRI
  • Buried in stone: a Mel Pickett mystery. Mystery WRI
  • Death by degrees. Mystery WRI
  • Death of a hired man. Mystery WRI
  • Death of a Sunday writer. Mystery WRI
  • Death on the rocks. Mystery WRI
  • Final cut. Mystery WRI
  • A fine Italian hand. Mystery WRI
  • The last hand. Mystery WRI
  • A question of murder. Mystery WRI
  • A sensitive case. Mystery WRI

Robert Leuci                          2/28/1940—10/12/2015

  • Prince of the city: the true story of a cop who knew too much. Robert Daley. 363.2 DAL

Vera B. Williams                    1/28/1927—10/16/2015

  • Amber was brave, Essie was smart: the story of Amber and Essie told here in poems and pictures. E 811 WIL
  • A chair for always. Pic WIL, Sp. Lang. Pic WIL, Sp. Lang J Book and CD
  • A chair for my mother. Pic WIL
  • Lucky song. Pic WIL
  • “More more more” said the baby: 3 love stories. Pic WIL, Sp. Lang. Pic WIL
  • Music, music for everyone. Pic WIL
  • Scooter. J WIL
  • Three days on a river in a red canoe. Pic WIL Reading Rainbow

Paul West                               2/23/1930—10/18/2015

  • Love’s mansion. Fic WES
  • Words for a deaf daughter. 155.91 WES

Lisa Jardine                           4/12/1944—10/25/2015

  • The awful end of Prince William the Silent: the first assassination of a head of state with a handgun. 364.1524 JAR
  • On a grander scale: the outstanding life of Sir Christopher Wren. 720.92 JAR

T.M. Wright                              9/9/1947—10/31/2015

  • Little boy lost. Fic WRI
  • The place. Fic WRI
  • The school. Fic WRI
  • The Waiting Room. Fic WRI

Christopher Duggan               4/11/1957—11/2/2015

  • The force of destiny: a history of Italy since 1796. 945.08 DUG

Ahmad Chalabi                      10/30/1944—11/3/2015

  • Arrows of the night: Ahmad Chalabi’s long journey to triumph in Iraq. Richard Bonin. 946.7044 BON

Betty Groff                                     1935?—11/8/2015

  • Betty Groff’s Pennsylvania Dutch cookbook. 641.597 GRO

Madeline DeFrees               11/18/1919—11/11/2015

  • Spectral waves: new and uncollected poems. 811 DEF

Stephen Birmingham            5/28/1929—11/15/2015

  • The Rothman scandal. Fic BIR

Ann Downer                         11/28/1960—11/19/2015

  • Smart and spineless: exploring invertebrate intelligence. Y 592 DOW
  • Don’t blink now!: capturing the hidden world of sea creatures. J 591.92 DOW
  • Spring pool: a guide to the ecology of temporary ponds. J 574.526 DOW

David Rain                                     1961—11/20/2015

  • The heat of the sun. Fic RAI

Anthony Read                        4/21/1935—11/21/2015

  • The Devil’s disciples: Hitler’s inner circle. 943.086 REA

Amir D. Aczel                         11/6/1950—11/26/2015

  • Chance: a guide to gambling, love, the stock market, & just about anything else. 519.2 ACZ
  • God’s equation: Einstein, relativity, and the expanding universe. 523.1 ACZ
  • The Jesuit and the skull: Teilhard de Chardin, evolution, and the search for Peking Man. 569.97 ACZ
  • Pendulum: Leon Foucault and the triumph of science. 509 ACZ
  • Why science does not disprove God. 215 ACZ

Joseph F. Girzone                   5/5/1930—11/29/2015

  • The homeless bishop. Rel. Fic GIR
  • Jesus, his life and teachings: as recorded by his friends, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. 232.9 GIR
  • Joshua. Fic GIR, Audio Fic GIR, DVD Drama J
  • Joshua and the children. Fic GIR
  • Joshua and the city. Fic GIR
  • Joshua in a troubled world. Fic GIR
  • Joshua in the Holy Land. Fic GIR
  • Joshua, the homecoming. Fic GIR
  • Joshua’s family. Fic GIR
  • Kara, the lonely falcon. Fic GIR
  • Never alone: a personal way to God. 248.4 GIR
  • The shepherd. Fic GIR
  • Trinity. 231.044 GIR

Peter Dickinson                   12/16/1927—12/16/2015

  • Angel Isle. Y Fic DIC
  • Earth and air: tales of elemental creatures. Y Fic DIC
  • Merlin dreams. Y Fic DIC
  • The ropemaker. Y Fic DIC
  • The yellow room conspiracy. Fic DIC
  • Time and the clockmice, etcetera. J DIC

Vonette Bright                         7/2/1926—12/23/2015

  • A place to belong. Rel. Fic BRI
  • ‘Round the corner. Rel. Fic BRI, Large Type Fic BRI
  • The Sister circle. Rel. Fic BRI, Large Type Fic BRI
  • An undivided heart. Rel. Fic BRI

Robert S. Kreider                    1/2/1919—12/27/2015

  • My early years: an autobiography. B Kreider

Natalie Cole                             2/6/1950—12/31/2015

  • Love brought me back: a journey of loss and gain. B Cole
  • Ask a woman who knows. CD MA COLE AWW C-42
  • En español. CD MA COLE EE C-02
  • Unforgettable: with love. CD MA COLE-N UNF C-92