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Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2013

Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2013

Patti Page 11/8/1927—1/1/2013

  • Live at Carnegie Hall: the 50th anniversary concert. CD MA PAGE LCH P-54

Barbara Werle 10/6/1928—1/1/2013

  • Battle of the Bulge. DVD Action Adv. B
  • Krakatoa east of Java. DVD Action Adv. K

Jim Boyd ?—1/2/2013

  • The best of The Electric Company. DVD Children E

Gwendoline Butler 8/19/1922—1/5/2013

  • Coffin and the paper man. Mystery BUT
  • A coffin for Charley. Mystery BUT
  • Coffin in fashion. Mystery BUT
  • Coffin knows the answer. Mystery BUT
  • Coffin on Murder Street. Mystery BUT
  • The Coffin tree. Mystery BUT
  • Coffin’s game: a John Coffin mystery. Mystery BUT
  • A dark coffin. Mystery BUT
  • Death lives next door: the first Inspector Coffin mystery. Mystery BUT
  • A double Coffin. Mystery BUT
  • The red staircase. Fic BUT

Ada Louise Huxtable 3/14/1921—1/7/2013

  • On architecture: collected reflections on a century of change. 724.6 HUX

Richard Ben Cramer 6/12/1950—1/7/2013

  • How Israel lost: the four questions. 956.94 CRA
  • Joe DiMaggio: the hero’s life. B DiMaggio
  • Citizen Kane. DVD Drama C

Ralph G. Martin 3/4/1920—1/9/2013

  • Eleanor Roosevelt: her life in pictures. B Roosevelt
  • Golda: Golda Meir, the romantic years. B Meir
  • A hero for our time: an intimate story of the Kennedy years. B Kennedy
  • Jennie: the romantic years, 1854-1895. B Churchill
  • The three lives of Helen Keller. B Keller

Evan S. Connell 8/17/1924—1/10/2013

  • Mr. Bridge. Fic CON, Large Type Fic CON, CD Fic CON, DVD Drama M
  • Mrs. Bridge. Fic CON, Large Type Fic CON, CD Fic CON, DVD Drama M
  • Son of the morning star. B Custer, VIDEO Drama S

Bille Brown 1/11/1952—1/13/2013

  • The dish. DVD Drama D

Conrad Bain 2/4/1923—1/14/2013

  • Dark shadows. The beginning. DVD Classic D
  • Diff’rent strokes. DVD Comedy D

Abigail Van Buren 7/4/1918—1/16/2013

  • The best of Dear Abby. 158 VAN
  • Dear Ann, Dear Abby: the unauthorized biography of Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren. Jan Pottker, Bob Speziale. B Landers

John R. Powers 11/30/1945—1/17/2013

  • Do black patent-leather shoes really reflect up?: A fictionalized memoir. Fic POW
  • The last Catholic in America; a fictionalized memoir. Fic POW

Robert F. Chew 12/28/1960—1/17/2013

  • The wire. DVD Action Adv. W

Jan Ormerod 9/23/1946—1/23/2013

  • Emily and Albert. Pic ORM
  • If you’re happy and you know it! Pic ORM
  • Lizzie nonsense. Pic ORM
  • Miss Mouse’s day. Pic ORM

Stanley Karnow 2/4/1925—1/27/2013

  • In our image: America’s empire in the Philippines. 959.9 KAR
  • Vietnam: a history. 959.7043 KAR

Bernard Horsfall 11/20/1930—1/28/2013

  • On her majesty’s secret service. DVD Action Adv. O

Ferrol Sams 9/26/1922—1/29/2013

  • Run with the horsemen. Fic SAM
  • The whisper of the river. Fic SAM

David Taylor 2/11/1934—1/29/2013

  • My animal kingdom, one by one. 636.089 TAY
  • Next panda, please!: further adventures of a wildlife vet. 636.089 TAY
  • Old dog, new tricks: understanding and retraining older and rescued dogs. 636.7088 TAY

Diane Wolkstein 11/11/1942—1/31/2013

  • The day Ocean came to visit. E 398.26 WOL
  • 8,000 stones; a Chinese folktale. E 398.2 WOL
  • Esther’s story. J 222.9 WOL
  • Horse and Toad: a folktale from Haiti. Big Books WOL
  • Lazy stories. J 398.2 WOL
  • The legend of Sleepy Hollow. J WOL
  • Little Mouse’s painting. Pic WOL
  • The magic orange tree, and other Haitian folktales. J 398.2 WOL
  • The magic wings: a tale from China. J 398.2 WOL
  • Squirrel’s song: a Hopi Indian tale. E 398.2 WOL
  • Step by step. Pic WOL
  • Sun Mother wakes the world: an Australian creation story. J 398.26 WOL
  • White wave: a Chinese tale. E 398.21 WOL

Edward I. Koch 12/12/1924–2/1/2013

  • Murder on Broadway. Mystery KOC
  • Murder on 34th Street. Mystery KOC
  • The senator must die. Mystery KOC
  • Eddie: Harold’s little brother. Pic KOC
  • Koch. DVD B Koch

John Kerr 11/15/1931—2/2/2013

  • The pit and the pendulum. DVD Classic P
  • South Pacific. DVD Musical S

Chris Kyle 4/8/1974—2/2/2013

  • American gun: a history of the U.S. in ten firearms. 683.4 KYL, CD 683.4 KYL
  • American sniper: the autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history. B Kyle, Large Type B Kyle

Essie Mae Washington-Williams 10/12/1925—2/4/2013

  • Dear Senator: a memoir of the daughter of Strom Thurmond. 973.9 WAS

Donald Byrd 12/9/1932—2/4/2013

  • The best of Donald Byrd. CD MJ BYRD BDB B-82

W. Watts Biggers 6/2/1927—2/10/2013

  • Underdog. DVD Comedy U

Barnaby Conrad 3/27/1922—2/12/2013

  • Famous last words. 808.88 CON
  • Matador. CD Fic CON

Glenn G. Boyer 1/5/1924—2/14/2013

  • Dorn. Large Type Fic BOY
  • The guns of Morgette. Large Type Fic BOY
  • Morgette and the Alaskan bandits. Large Type Fic BOY
  • Morgette in the Yukon. Large Type Fic BOY
  • Winchester affidavit. Large Type Fic BOY

Richard Briers 1/14/1934—2/17/2013

  • The adventures of Mouse and Mole. DVD Children A
  • Death is now my neighbour (Inspector Morse). DVD Mystery I
  • Good neighbors: the complete series. DVD Comedy G
  • Much ado about nothing. DVD 822.33
  • Peter Pan. DVD Action Adv. P
  • The student prince. DVD Comedy S
  • Twelfth night. DVD 822.33
  • Watership Down. DVD Sci. Fic W
  • The wind in the willows. DVD Children W
  • Winter on Watership Down. DVD Sci. Fic W

David Whitehouse 10/15/1941—2/17/2013

  • Glass: a short history. 748.09 WHI

Debbie Ford 1957—2/17/2013

  • The best year of your life: dream it, plan it, live it. 158.1 FOR, Spanish Lang. 158.1 FOR
  • The dark side of the light chasers: reclaiming your power, creativity, brilliance, and dreams. 155.2 FOR
  • The right questions: ten essential questions to guide you to an extraordinary life. 158.1 FOR, Spanish Lang. 158.1 FOR
  • Why good people do bad things: how to stop being your own worst enemy. 158.1 FOR, Spanish Lang. 158.1 FOR

Donald Richie 4/17/1924—2/19/2013

  • A taste of Japan: food fact and fable: what the people eat: customs and etiquette. 641.595 RIC

Lou Myers 9/22/1935—2/19/2013

  • The piano lesson. DVD Drama P, VIDEO Drama
  • The wedding planner. DVD Comedy W

Denis Forman 10/13/1917—2/24/2013

  • My life so far. VIDEO Comedy

C. Everett Koop 10/14/1916—2/25/2013

  • Koop: the memoirs of America’s family doctor. B Koop
  • Let’s talk: an honest conversation on critical issues: abortion, euthanasia, AIDS, health care. 179.7 KOO

Marie-Claire Alain 8/10/1926—2/26/2013

  • Great toccatas Grandes toccatas = Grosse Toccaten. CD GO ALAI GT A-22

Joseph Frank 10/6/1918—2/27/2013

  • Dostoevsky: the miraculous years, 1865-1871. B Dostoyevsky

Van Cliburn 7/12/1934—2/27/2013

  • The essential Van Cliburn. CD GP CLIB EVC C-52
  • My favorite Brahms. CD GP BRAH MFB C-62
  • The world’s favorite piano music. CD GP CLIB WFP C-32

Pat Keen 10/21/1933—3/1/2013

  • David Copperfield. DVD Drama D
  • Lyddie. DVD Children L
  • Without a clue. DVD Mystery W

Campbell Armstrong 2/25/1944—3/1/2013

  • Agents of darkness. Fic ARM

Hugo Chavez 7/28/1954—3/5/2013

  • Comandante: Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. Rory Carroll. B Chavez
  • Chavez: un hombre que anda por ahi: una entrevista con Hugo Chavez. Aleida Guevara. Spanish Lang. 987.0642 CHA

Frank Thornton 1/5/1921—3/16/2013

  • Are you being served? DVD Comedy A

A. B. C. Whipple 7/15/1918—3/17/2013

  • The clipper ships. 387.22 WHI
  • Pirate: rascals of the Spanish Main. 910.4 WHI
  • Restless oceans. 551.47 WHI

James Herbert 4/8/1943—3/20/2013

  • Ash. Fic HER
  • ‘48. Fic HER
  • Haunted. Fic HER
  • The magic cottage. Fic HER
  • Moon. Fic HER
  • Others. Fic HER
  • The secret of Crickley Hall. Fic HER
  • Fluke. DVD Drama F

Chinua Achebe 11/16/1930–3/21/2013

  • Anthills of the Savannah. Fic ACH
  • Arrow of God. Fic ACH
  • The education of a British-protected child: essays. B Achebe
  • Home and exile. B Achebe
  • Hopes and impediments: selected essays. 809 ACH
  • There was a country: a personal history of Biafra. B Achebe
  • Things fall apart. Fic ACH, Y Fic ACH

Bebo Valdes 10/9/1918—3/22/2013

  • Lagrimas negras. CD MJ VALD LN V-02

Anthony Lewis 3/27/1927—3/25/2013

  • Freedom for the thought that we hate: a biography of the First Amendment. 342.0853 LEW
  • Make no law: the Sullivan case and the First Amendment. 345.025 LEW
  • Gideon’s trumpet. DVD Drama G

Robert V. Remini 7/17/1921—3/28/2013

  • Andrew Jackson and the course of American democracy, 1833-1845. B Jackson, CD B Jackson
  • At the edge of the precipice: Henry Clay and the compromise that saved the Union. 973.64 REM
  • The Battle of New Orleans. 973.523 REM
  • The House: the history of the House of Representatives. 328.73 REM
  • John Quincy Adams. B Adams
  • A short history of the United States. 973 REM

Richard Griffiths 7/31/1947—3/28/2013

  • Ballet shoes. DVD Drama B
  • Bedtime stories. DVD Comedy B
  • The day of the devil (Inspector Morse). DVD Mystery I
  • Guarding Tess. DVD Comedy G
  • Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. DVD Sci. Fic H
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1. DVD Sci. Fic H
  • Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. DVD Sci. Fic H
  • Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone. DVD Sci. Fic H
  • The hollow crown. DVD Drama H
  • The world of Peter Rabbit and friends. DVD Children T

Nathan H. Azrin 11/26/1930—3/29/2013

  • Toilet training in less than a day. 649.62 AZR

Edith Schaeffer 11/2/1914—3/31/2013

  • L’Abri. 248.06 SCH

Helena Carroll 11/13/1928—3/31/2013

  • The dead. DVD Drama D

Daoma Winston 11/3/1922—4/1/2013

  • Gallows way. Fic WIN
  • The golden valley. Fic WIN
  • The Haversham legacy. Fic WIN
  • The vampire curse. Fic WIN

Milo O’Shea 6/2/1926—4/2/2013

  • Only the lonely. VIDEO Comedy O
  • Romeo and Juliet (1968). DVD 822.33

Basil Copper 2/5/1924—4/3/2013

  • The werewolf: in legend, fact & art. 398.24 COP

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala 5/7/1927—4/3/2013

  • The householder. Fic JHA
  • Shards of memory. Fic JHA
  • Travelers. Fic JHA

Roger Ebert 6/18/1944—4/4/2013

  • Awake in the dark: the best of Roger Ebert: forty years of reviews, essays, and interviews. 791.4375 EBE
  • The great movies. 791.43 EBE
  • The great movies II. 791.4375 EBE
  • A kiss is still a kiss. 791.43 EBE
  • Life itself: a memoir. B Ebert, Large Type B Ebert, CD B Ebert
  • The pot and how to use it: the mystery and romance of the rice cooker. 641.6318 EBE
  • Roger Ebert’s book of film. 791.43 ROG

J. David Kuo 6/26/1968—4/5/2013

  • Tempting faith: an inside story of political seduction. 973.931 KUO

Dwike Mitchell 2/14/1930—4/7/2013

  • Willie and Dwike: an American profile. William Zinsser. 781.57 ZIN

Margaret Thatcher 10/13/1925—4/8/2013

  • The Downing Street years. B Thatcher
  • The path to power. B Thatcher
  • Margaret Thatcher. Bernard Garfinkel. B Thatcher
  • Thatcher. Kenneth Harris. B Thatcher
  • The iron lady. DVD Drama I

Sara Montiel 3/10/1928—4/8/2013

  • Vera Cruz. DVD Western V

Annette Funicello 10/22/1942—4/8/2013

  • A dream is a wish your heart makes: my story. B Funicello, Large Type B Funicello
  • Babes in Toyland. DVD Children B
  • Beach blanket bingo [and] How to stuff a wild bikini. DVD Comedy B
  • Head. DVD Comedy H
  • Pee-wee’s playhouse. Christmas special. DVD Comedy P
  • The shaggy dog. DVD Children S

Maria Tallchief 1/24/1925—4/11/2013

  • Maria Tallchief. Marion E. Gridley. JB Tallchief
  • Tallchief: America’s prima ballerina. JB Tallchief
  • Who is Maria Tallchief? Catherine Gourley. JB Tallchief

Jonathan Winters 11/11/1925—4/11/2013

  • The fish that saved Pittsburgh. DVD Comedy F
  • Gone fish’n. VIDEO Comedy
  • It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world. DVD Comedy I
  • Moon over Parador. DVD Comedy M
  • Paul Bunyan. DVD Children R
  • The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. DVD Comedy R
  • The Smurfs. DVD Comedy S, BLU Comedy S
  • The thief and the cobbler. DVD Children T
  • Timmy’s special delivery: a Precious Moments Christmas story. DVD Children P
  • Yogi the Easter bear. DVD Comedy Y

Brennan Manning 4/27/1934—4/12/2013

  • All is grace: a ragamuffin memoir. B Manning
  • The ragamuffin Gospel. 231.6 MAN, CD 231.6 MAN

Frank Bank 4/12/1942—4/13/2013

  • Leave it to Beaver. DVD Comedy L

A. S. A. Harrison 1948—4/14/2013

  • The silent wife. Mystery HAR

George Beverly Shea 2/1/1909—4/16/2013

  • Echoes of my soul. CD MG SHEA ES S-23

Pat Summerall 5/10/1930—4/16/2013

  • Pat Summerall’s sports in America: 32 celebrated sports personalities talk about their most memorable moments in and out of the sports arena. 796.092 SUM

E. L. Konigsburg 2/10/1930—4/19/2013

  • Father’s arcane daughter. J KON
  • From the mixed-up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. J KON Newbery, Large Type Fic KON, J AUDIO CD KON, J AUDIO Cassette Newbery, DVD Children H
  • (George). J KON
  • Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and me, Elizabeth. J KON
  • Journey to an 800 number. J KON
  • The mysterious edge of the heroic world. J KON, J AUDIO CD KON
  • The outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place. Large Type Fic KON
  • The second Mrs. Giaconda. J KON, Large Type Fic KON
  • Silent to the bone. Y Fic KON, Large Type Fic KON
  • T-backs, t-shirts, coat, and suit. J KON
  • Throwing shadows. J KON
  • Up from Jericho Tel. J KON
  • The view from Saturday. J KON Newbery, Large Type Fic KON, Sp. Lang. J KON, J AUDIO CD KON

Lynne Duke 7/29/1956—4/19/2013

  • Mandela, Mobutu, and me: a newswoman’s African journey. 968.06 DUK

Deanna Durbin 12/4/1921—4/20/2013

  • Three smart girls. DVD Musical T

Jocasta Innes 5/21/1934—4/20/2013

  • Exterior details: an inspirational and practical guide to transforming the outside of your home. 729 INN
  • Paint magic: the home decorator’s guide to painted finishes. 698.14 INN

Irene Haas 6/5/1929—4/22/2013

  • Bess and Bella. Pic HAA
  • The Maggie B. Pic HAA

George Jones 9/12/1931—4/26/2013

  • I lived to tell it all. B Jones
  • George Jones: the saga of an American singer. Bob Allen. 784.52 ALL
  • Amazing grace. CD MG JONE AG J-02
  • Cold hard truth. CD MC JONE-G CHT J-68
  • The definitive collection, 1955-1962. CD MC JONE DCN J-02
  • Kickin’ out the footlights– again [Jones sings Haggard, Haggard sings Jones]. CD MC JONE KOF J-62

Fredrick McKissack 8/12/1939—4/28/2013

  • African-American inventors. J 608.7 MACK
  • Black hands, white sails: the story of African whalers. J 639.2 MACK
  • Carter G. Woodson: the father of black history. EB Woodson
  • Christmas in the big house, Christmas in the quarters. J 975.03 MACK Christmas
  • The clone codes. J MACK
  • Constance Stumbles. E MACK
  • Cyborg: the second book of the Clone codes. J MACK
  • Frederick Douglass: leader against slavery. EB Douglass
  • Jesse Owens: Olympic star. EB Owens
  • Let my people go: Bible stories told by a freeman of color to his daughter, Charlotte, in Charleston, South Carolina, 1806-16. J 221.95 MACK
  • Louis Armstrong: jazz musician. EB Armstrong
  • Madam C.J. Walker: self-made millionaire. EB Walker
  • Marian Anderson: a great singer. EB Anderson
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.: man of peace. EB King
  • Mary Church Terrell: leader for equality. EB Terrell
  • Mary McLeod Bethune. JB Bethune
  • Messy Bessey. E MACK, Sp. Lang. E MACK
  • Messy Bessey and the birthday overnight. E MACK, Sp. Lang. E MACK
  • Messy Bessey’s closet. E MACK, Sp. Lang. E MACK
  • Messy Bessey’s family reunion. E MACK
  • Messy Bessey’s school desk. E MACK
  • Paul Robeson: a voice to remember. EB Robeson
  • Ralph J. Bunche: peacemaker. EB Bunche
  • Satchel Paige: the best arm in baseball. EB Paige
  • The story of Booker T. Washington. JB Washington, B.
  • Zora Neale Hurston: writer and storyteller. EB Hurston
  • El jardin de Bessey, la Desordenada. Sp. Lang. E MACK

Gregory Rogers 6/19/1957—5/1/2013

  • The boy, the bear, the baron, the bard. Pic ROG

Frederic Franklin 6/13/1914—5/4/2013

  • Swan Lake. DVD 792.842

Otis Bowen 2/26/1918—5/4/2013

  • Doc: memories from a life in public service. Ind. Coll. B Bowen
  • Bowen, the years as governor. William J. Watt. Ind. Coll. 977.2 WAT

Rossella Falk 11/10/1926—5/5/2013

  • 8 ½. DVD Foreign E

Giulio Andreotti 1/14/1919—5/6/2013

  • Midnight in Sicily: on art, food, history, travel, and La Cosa Nostra. Peter Robb. 945.8 ROB
  • Il divo. DVD Foreign D

Ray Harryhausen 6/29/1920—5/7/2013

  • The art of Ray Harryhausen. 778.5345 HAR

Geza Vermes 6/22/1924—5/8/2013

  • The Nativity: history & legend. 232.92 VER

Bryan Forbes 7/22/1926—5/8/2013

  • The endless game. Fic FOR

Dallas Willard 9/4/1935—5/8/2013

  • The great omission: reclaiming Jesus’s essential teachings on discipleship. CD 248.4 WIL
  • Be still and know that I am God. DVD 248.34

Joyce Brothers 10/20/1927—5/13/2013

  • Positive plus: the practical plan for liking yourself better. 158.1 BRO
  • What every woman ought to know about love and marriage. 646.77 BRO
  • Widowed. 155.937 BRO, Large Type 155.937 BRO

Bernard Waber 9/27/1921—5/16/2013

  • An anteater named Arthur. E Paperback
  • Bearsie Bear and the surprise sleepover party. Pic WAB
  • Courage. E 179.6 WAB
  • Do you see a mouse? Pic WAB
  • Evie & Margie. Pic WAB
  • Fast food! gulp! gulp! Pic WAB
  • A firefly named Torchy. Pic WAB
  • Gina. Pic WAB
  • The house on East 88th Street. Pic WAB, VIDEO Children
  • Ira says goodbye. Pic WAB, J Book and CD WAB
  • Ira sleeps over. Pic WAB, J Book and CD WAB, E Paperback, Sp. Lang. Pic WAB
  • Just like Abraham Lincoln. Pic WAB
  • A lion named Shirley Williamson. Pic WAB
  • Lyle at Christmas. Pic WAB
  • Lyle at the office. Pic WAB
  • Lyle finds his mother. Pic WAB
  • Lyle, Lyle, crocodile. Pic WAB
  • Lyle walks the dogs: a counting book. Pic WAB
  • The mouse that snored. Pic WAB
  • Rich cat, poor cat. Pic WAB

Ken Venturi 5/15/1931—5/17/2013

  • The match: the day the game of golf changed forever. Mark Frost. 796.352 FRO

Penne Hackforth-Jones 8/5/1943—5/17/2013

  • Mao’s last dancer. DVD Drama M

Claramae Turner 10/28/1920—5/18/2013

  • Carousel. DVD Musical C

Steve Forrest 9/25/1925—5/18/2013

  • Columbo. DVD Mystery C
  • Flaming star. DVD Western F
  • Mommie dearest. DVD Drama M
  • Rascal. DVD Children R
  • Spies like us. DVD Comedy S
  • Testimony of two men. DVD Drama T
  • The Wild country. DVD Children W

Arthur Malet 9/24/1927—5/18/2013

  • The black cauldron. DVD Sci. Fic B
  • The secret of NIMH. DVD Children S

Ray Manzarek 2/12/1939—5/20/2013

  • Light my fire: my life with the Doors. 782.421 MAN
  • Doors Mr. Mojo risin’: the story of L.A. woman. DVD 781.66
  • When you’re strange. DVD 781.66

Henri Dutilleux 1/22/1916—5/22/2013

  • Cello concertos. CD EC DUTI C R-20

Haynes Johnson 7/9/1931—5/24/2013

  • The age of anxiety: McCarthyism to terrorism. 973.921 JOH
  • The landing. Fic JOH
  • Sleepwalking through history: America in the Reagan years. 973.927 JOH
  • The System: the American way of politics at the breaking point. 973.929 JOH

Jack Vance 8/28/1916—5/26/2013

  • The dragon masters. Sci. Fic VAN
  • Cugel’s saga. CD Fic VAN

Abigail Heyman 8/1/1942—5/28/2013

  • Dreams & Schemes: love and marriage in modern times. 392.5 HEY

Andrew Greeley 2/5/1928—5/29/2013

  • All about women: stories. Fic GRE
  • Angel fire. Fic GRE
  • Angel light: an old-fashioned love story. Fic GRE
  • Angels of September. Fic GRE
  • The archbishop in Andalusia: a Blackie Ryan novel. Mystery GRE
  • Ascent into hell. Fic GRE
  • The Bishop and the beggar girl of St. Germain. Mystery GRE, Audio Fic GRE
  • The Bishop and the missing L train: a Blackie Ryan story. Mystery GRE
  • The bishop at the lake: a Blackie Ryan story. Mystery GRE
  • The Bishop goes to the university. Mystery GRE
  • The bishop in the old neighborhood: a Blackie Ryan story. Mystery GRE
  • The bishop in the West Wing: a Blackie Ryan story. Mystery GRE, Audio Fic GRE
  • A Christmas wedding. Fic GRE
  • Confessions of a parish priest: an autobiography. B Greeley
  • Contract with an angel. Fic GRE
  • Furthermore: memories of a parish priest. B Greeley
  • God game. Fic GRE
  • Golden years: the sixth chronicle of the O’Malley family in the twentieth century. Fic GRE
  • The great mysteries: experiencing Catholic faith from the inside out. 230.2 GRE
  • Happy are the meek: a Blackie Ryan story. Mystery GRE
  • Happy are the oppressed. Mystery GRE
  • Happy are those who mourn: a Blackie Ryan novel. Mystery GRE
  • Home for Christmas. Fic GRE
  • Irish cream: a Nuala Anne McGrail novel. Fic GRE
  • Irish crystal: a Nuala Anne McGrail novel. Fic GRE
  • Irish eyes: a Nuala Anne McGrail novel. Fic GRE, Large Type Fic GRE
  • Irish gold. Fic GRE
  • Irish lace: a Nuala Anne McGrail novel. Fic GRE, Large Type Fic GRE
  • Irish linen: a Nuala Anne McGrail novel. Fic GRE
  • Irish love: a Nuala Anne McGrail novel. Fic GRE, Large Type Fic GRE
  • Irish mist: a Nuala Anne McGrail novel. Fic GRE
  • Irish stew!: a Nuala Anne McGrail novel. Fic GRE
  • Irish tiger: a Nuala Anne McGrail novel. Fic GRE, Large Type Fic GRE
  • Irish tweed: a Nuala Anne McGrail novel. Fic GRE
  • Irish whiskey: a Nuala Anne McGrail novel. Fic GRE, Large Type Fic GRE
  • Jesus: a meditation on his stories and his relationships with women. 226.8 GRE
  • Lord of the dance. Fic GRE
  • Love song. Fic GRE
  • A midwinter’s tale. Fic GRE, Large Type Fic GRE
  • An occasion of sin. Fic GRE, Large Type Fic GRE
  • Patience of a saint. Fic GRE
  • The priestly sins. Fic GRE
  • Priests: a calling in crisis. 262.142 GRE
  • Rite of spring. Fic GRE
  • The search for Maggie Ward. Fic GRE
  • Second spring: a love story. Fic GRE
  • The senator and the priest. Fic GRE
  • September song. Fic GRE
  • St. Valentine’s night. Fic GRE, Large Type Fic GRE
  • Summer at the lake. Fic GRE
  • Thy brother’s wife. Fic GRE
  • Virgin and martyr. Fic GRE
  • Wages of sin. Fic GRE
  • White smoke: a novel about the next papal conclave. Fic GRE, Large Type Fic GRE
  • Younger than springtime. Fic GRE

Richard Ballantine 7/25/1940—5/29/2013

  • Richards’ bicycle repair manual. 796.6 BAL
  • Richards’ ultimate bicycle book. 796.6 BAL
  • Ultimate bicycle book. 796.6 BAL

Jean Stapleton 1/19/1923—5/31/2013

  • All in the family. DVD Comedy A
  • Bells are ringing. DVD Musical B
  • Dead man’s folly. DVD Mystery D
  • Jack and the beanstalk. DVD Comedy J
  • Pocahontas II: journey to a new world. DVD Children P
  • You’ve got mail. DVD Comedy Y

Bill Gunston 3/1/1927—6/1/2013

  • The world’s military aircraft. 629.133 GUN

Will D. Campbell  7/18/1924—6/3/2013

  • Forty acres and a goat: a memoir. B Campbell
  • The glad river. Fic CAM

Edward Hotaling 10/16/1937—6/3/2013

  • Islam without illusions: its past, its present, and its

challenge for the future. 297.09 HOT

  • Wink: the incredible life and epic journey of Jimmy Winkfield. B Winkfield

Deacon Jones 12/9/1938—6/3/2013

  • Life in the pit; the Deacon Jones story. 796.332 LIB

Tom Sharpe 3/30/1928—6/6/2013

  • Blott on the landscape. Fic SHA
  • The midden. Fic SHA
  • Wilt. Fic SHA

Esther Williams 8/8/1931—6/6/2013

  • The million dollar mermaid. B Williams
  • Bathing beauty. DVD Comedy B
  • Dangerous when wet. DVD Comedy D
  • Easy to wed. DVD Comedy E
  • Neptune‘s daughter. DVD Comedy N
  • On an island with you. DVD Comedy O
  • That’s entertainment. DVD Musical T
  • Ziegfeld follies. DVD Musical Z

Richard Ramirez 2/29/1960—6/7/2013

  • The night stalker: the life and crimes of Richard Ramirez. Philip Carlo. 364.1523 CAR

Iain Banks 2/16/1954—6/9/2013

  • The algebraist. Sci. Fic. BAN
  • Consider Phlebas. Sci. Fic. BAN
  • Excession. Sci. Fic. BAN
  • The hydrogen sonata. Sci. Fic. BAN
  • Inversions. Sci. Fic. BAN
  • Look to windward. Sci. Fic. BAN
  • Matter. Sci. Fic. BAN
  • The Player of Games. Sci. Fic. BAN
  • A song of stone. Fic. BAN
  • Stonemouth. Fic. BAN
  • Surface detail. Sci. Fic. BAN
  • Use of weapons. Sci. Fic. BAN

Ralph Graves 10/17/1924—6/10/2013

  • Objects of desire: a portrait of love and marriage. B Graves

Michael Baigent 2/27/1948—6/17/2013

  • The Dead Sea scrolls deception. 296.155 BAI, Spanish Lang. 296.155 BAI
  • Holy blood, Holy Grail. 944 BAI, Spanish Lang. 398.4 BAI
  • Mundane astrology. 133.5 BAI
  • Las cartas privadas de Jesus: ultimas investigaciones y documentos reveladores sobre la muerte de Cristo. Spanish Lang. 232.9 BAI

Chet Flippo 10/21/1943—6/19/2013

  • Graceland: the living legacy of Elvis Presley. B Presley
  • On the road with the Rolling Stones: 20 years of lipstick, handcuffs, and chemicals. 784.54 FLI
  • Your cheatin’ heart: a biography of Hank Williams. 784.52 FLI

James Gandolfini 9/18/1961—6/19/2013

  • The Mighty. DVD Drama M, VIDEO Drama M
  • Tell them anything you want: a portrait of Maurice Sendak. DVD B Sendak
  • Wartorn 1861-2010. DVD 616.8521
  • Where the wild things are. DVD Sci. Fic W
  • Zero dark thirty. DVD Action Adv. Z

Vince Flynn 4/6/1966—6/19/2013

  • Act of treason. Fic FLY
  • American assassin: a thriller. Fic FLY, CD Fic FLY
  • Consent to kill: a thriller. Fic FLY, CD Fic FLY
  • Extreme measures: a thriller. Fic FLY, CD Fic FLY
  • Kill shot: an American assassin thriller. Fic FLY, CD Fic FLY
  • The last man: a thriller. Fic FLY, CD Fic FLY
  • Protect and defend: a thriller. Fic FLY
  • Pursuit of honor. Fic FLY
  • The third option. Fic FLY, CD Fic FLY

Elliott Reid 1/16/1920—6/21/2013

  • The absent-minded professor. DVD Children A
  • Blackbeard’s ghost. DVD Children B
  • Gentlemen prefer blondes. DVD Comedy G
  • Move over, darling. DVD Comedy M
  • Son of flubber. DVD Children S
  • The Thrill of it all! VIDEO Comedy

Richard Matheson 2/20/1926—6/23/2013

  • Bid time return. Fic MAT, DVD Drama S
  • The gunfight. Large Type Fic MAT
  • Hell House. Fic MAT
  • Hunted past reason. Fic MAT
  • I am legend. Sci. Fic MAT, CD Fic MAT, DVD Sci. Fic I, DVD Sci. Fic L, DVD Sci. Fic O
  • Now you see it–. Fic MAT
  • Somewhere in time. Fic MAT, DVD Drama S
  • What dreams may come. CD Fic MAT, DVD Drama W
  • Duel. DVD Action Adv. D
  • The last man on Earth. DVD Sci. Fic L
  • The omega man. DVD Sci. Fic O

Bobby Bland 1/26/1930—6/23/2013

  • Bobby “Blue” Bland: the anthology. CD MJ BLAN ANT B-62
  • Blues story. DVD 781.643

Victor Lundin 6/15/1930—6/29/2013

  • The theory of everything. DVD Drama T

Curtis Harnack 6/27/1927—7/5/2013

  • We have all gone away. B Harnack

Edmund S. Morgan 1/17/1916—7/8/2013

  • American heroes: profiles of men and women who shaped early America. 973.2 MOR
  • Benjamin Franklin. B Franklin

Barbara Robinson 10/24/1927—7/9/2013

  • The best Christmas pageant ever. J ROB Christmas, Pic ROB Christmas, J AUDIO CD ROB, DVD Children B
  • The best Halloween ever. J AUDIO CD ROB
  • The best school year ever. J ROB, J AUDIO CD ROB

Marc Simont 11/23/1915—7/13/2013

  • The goose that almost got cooked. Pic SIM
  • A tree is nice. Pic UDR Caldecott, Sp. Lang. Pic UDR
  • El perro vagabundo. Sp. Lang. Pic SIM, Sp. Lang. J Book and CD SIM, Sp. Lang. Book and Cassette S

Cory Monteith 5/11/1982—7/13/2013

  • Glee. CD L GLEE GLE-1 C-02, DVD Musical G

Helen Thomas 8/4/1920—7/20/2013

  • Front row at the White House: my life and times. B Thomas
  • Listen up, Mr. President: everything you always wanted your president to know and do. 973.099 THO
  • Thanks for the memories, Mr. President: wit and wisdom from the front row at the White House. 973.92 THO
  • Watchdogs of democracy?: the waning Washington press corps and how it has failed the public. 070.449 THO

Dennis Farina 2/29/1944—7/22/2013

  • Bottle shock. DVD Drama B
  • Empire Falls. DVD Drama E
  • Hunter. DVD Drama H
  • Saving Private Ryan. DVD Action Adv. S

Emile Griffith 2/3/1938—7/23/2013

  • Ring of fire: the Emile Griffith story. DVD 796.83

Donald Symington 8/30/1925—7/24/2013

  • The Hideaways. DVD Children H

Bernadette Lafont 10/26/1938—7/25/2013

  • Waiting for the moon. DVD Drama W

J.J. Cale 12/5/1938—7/26/2013

  • The definitive collection. CD MR CALE DC C-42
  • The road to Escondido. CD MR CLAP RE C-82

Leighton Gage 5/13/1942—7/26/2013

  • Blood of the wicked. Mystery GAG
  • Buried strangers. Mystery GAG
  • Every bitter thing. Mystery GAG
  • Perfect hatred. Mystery GAG
  • A vine in the blood. Mystery GAG

Eileen Brennan 9/3/1935?—7/28/2013

  • The cheap detective. DVD Comedy C
  • Clue. DVD Mystery C
  • The fourth wise man. DVD Drama F
  • In search of Dr. Seuss. DVD Comedy I
  • Murder by death. DVD Mystery M
  • The new adventures of Pippi Longstocking. DVD Children N

Michael Ansara 4/15/1927—7/31/2013

  • Abbott & Costello meet the mummy. DVD Comedy A
  • The Comancheros. DVD Western C
  • The Lone Ranger. DVD Western L
  • The Message. DVD Drama M
  • Voyage to the bottom of the sea. DVD Sci. Fic V

Lloyd Moss 11/16/1926—8/3/2013

  • Our marching band. Pic MOS
  • Zin! zin! zin! a violin. Pic MOS, J Book and CD MOS, DVD Children H

George Duke 1/12/1946—8/5/2013

  • DreamWeaver. CD MJ DUKE DRE D-02
  • The essential George Duke. CD MJ DUKE EGD D-88
  • Legends of jazz showcase. DVD 781.65

Barbara Mertz 9/29/1927—8/8/2013

  • House of many shadows. Fic MER
  • Patriot’s dream. Fic MER, Fic MIC
  • Red land, black land: daily life in ancient Egypt. 932 MER
  • The sea king’s daughter. Fic MER
  • Temples, tombs, and hieroglyphs: a popular history of ancient Egypt. 932 MER, CD 932 MER
  • Two thousand years in Rome. 914.56 MER
  • Ammie, come home. Fic MIC
  • Be buried in the rain. Fic MIC, Large Type Fic MIC, CD Fic MIC
  • The dancing floor. Fic MIC
  • Greygallows. Fic MIC
  • Here I stay. Fic MIC
  • Houses of stone. Fic MIC
  • Into the darkness. Fic MIC
  • Search the shadows. Fic MIC
  • Shattered silk. Fic MIC
  • Stitches in time. Fic MIC
  • Vanish with the rose. Fic MIC
  • Wait for what will come. Fic MIC, Large Type Fic MIC, Audio Fic MIC
  • The walker in shadows. Fic MIC, Large Type Fic MIC
  • Wings of the falcon. Fic MIC
  • Amelia Peabody’s Egypt: a compendium. Mystery PET
  • The ape who guards the balance: an Amelia Peabody mystery. Mystery PET, Audio Fic PET
  • Borrower of the night. Fic PET
  • Children of the storm. Mystery PET, Audio Fic PET
  • Crocodile on the sandbank. Mystery PET, CD Fic PET
  • The curse of the pharaohs. Mystery PET, Large Type Fic PET, CD Fic PET
  • The Dead Sea cipher. Fic PET
  • The deeds of the disturber: an Amelia Peabody mystery. Mystery PET, Audio Fic PET
  • Die for love. Fic PET, Large Type Fic PET
  • The falcon at the portal: an Amelia Peabody mystery. Mystery PET, Audio Fic PET
  • The golden one. Mystery PET, Large Type Fic PET, Audio Fic PET
  • Guardian of the horizon. Mystery PET, Audio Fic PET
  • He shall thunder in the sky: an Amelia Peabody mystery. Mystery PET, Large Type Fic PET, Audio Fic PET
  • The hippopotamus pool. Mystery PET, Audio Fic PET
  • The last camel died at noon. Large Type Fic PET
  • The laughter of dead kings. Mystery PET, CD Fic PET
  • Legend in green velvet. Fic PET
  • Lion in the valley: an Amelia Peabody mystery. Mystery PET, Large Type Fic PET
  • Lord of the silent. Mystery PET, Audio Fic PET
  • The love talker. Large Type Fic PET
  • The mummy case. Mystery PET
  • Naked once more. Fic PET
  • Night train to Memphis. Mystery PET, Large Type Fic PET
  • A river in the sky. Mystery PET, CD Fic PET
  • Seeing a large cat. Mystery PET, Audio Fic PET
  • The serpent on the crown. Mystery PET, CD Fic PET
  • The seventh sinner. Fic PET
  • Silhouette in scarlet. Fic PET
  • The snake, the crocodile, and the dog. Mystery PET, Large Type Fic PET
  • Street of the five moons. Fic PET, Large Type Fic PET
  • Summer of the dragon. Fic PET
  • Tomb of the golden bird. Mystery PET, CD Fic PET
  • Trojan gold: a Vicky Bliss mystery. Large Type Fic PET

Karen Black 7/1/1939—8/8/2013

  • Airport 1975. VIDEO Action Adv.
  • The great Gatsby. DVD Drama G
  • The little mermaid. DVD Comedy L
  • Ralph S. Mouse –and more exciting animal adventure stories. DVD Children R
  • Stories about Ralph S. Mouse. DVD Children S

Jean Bethke Elshtain 1/6/1941—8/11/2013

  • Jane Addams and the dream of American democracy: a life. B Addams

Penelope Casas 5/25/1943—8/11/2013

  • La cocina de mama: the great home cooking of Spain. 641.5946 CAS

Pauline Maier 4/27/1938—8/12/2013

  • American scripture: making the Declaration of Independence. 973.313 MAI
  • Ratification: the people debate the Constitution, 1787-1788. 342.73 MAI

August Schellenberg 7/25/1936—8/15/2013

  • Bury my heart at Wounded Knee: the epic fall of the American Indian. DVD Drama B
  • Crazy Horse. VIDEO B Crazy Horse
  • Dreamkeeper. DVD Drama D
  • Free Willy. DVD Drama F
  • Free Willy 2 the adventure home. DVD Drama F
  • Free Willy 3 the rescue. DVD Drama F
  • Mission to Mir. DVD 629.442
  • The new world. DVD Action Adv. N

Lee Thompson Young 2/1/1984—8/19/2013

  • Akeelah and the bee. DVD Drama A
  • Rizzoli & Isles. DVD Drama R

Marian McPartland 3/20/1918—8/20/2013

  • Piano jazz. CD MJ MCPA PJ M-82

Elmore Leonard 10/11/1925—8/20/2013

  • Be cool. Fic LEO, Large Type Fic LEO
  • The bounty hunters. Large Type Fic LEO
  • Cuba libre. Fic LEO, Audio Fic LEO
  • Djibouti. Fic LEO, CD Fic LEO
  • Elmore Leonard’s 10 rules of writing. 808.3 LEO
  • Elmore Leonard’s Bandits. Fic LEO
  • Elmore Leonard’s double Dutch treat: three novels. Mystery LEO
  • Escape from Five Shadows. Large Type Fic LEO
  • Fifty-two pickup. Mystery LEO
  • Forty lashes less one. Large Type Fic LEO
  • Freaky Deaky. Mystery LEO
  • Get Shorty. Fic LEO, Large Type Fic LEO
  • Glitz. Fic LEO
  • Gunsights. Large Type Fic LEO
  • The hot kid. Mystery LEO, CD Fic LEO
  • Killshot. Fic LEO
  • Last stand at Saber River. Large Type Fic LEO, DVD Western L
  • Maximum Bob. Mystery LEO, Large Type Fic LEO
  • The moonshine war. Fic LEO
  • Mr. Paradise. Fic LEO, CD Fic LEO
  • Out of sight. Fic LEO
  • Pagan babies. Fic LEO
  • Pronto. Western LEO
  • Riding the rap. Fic LEO
  • Road dogs. Fic LEO, CD Fic LEO
  • Rum punch. Fic LEO
  • Tishomingo blues. Fic LEO, Audio Fic LEO
  • The Tonto woman and other western stories. Western LEO
  • Touch. Fic LEO
  • Up in Honey’s room. Mystery LEO
  • Valdez is coming. Large Type Fic LEO
  • When the women come out to dance: stories. Fic LEO
  • A coyote’s in the house. J LEO
  • The complete western stories of Elmore Leonard. CD Fic LEO
  • Hombre. DVD Western H
  • Justified. DVD Action Adv. J
  • 3:10 to Yuma. DVD Western T

William Glasser 5/11/1925—8/23/2013

  • Control theory: a new explanation of how we control our lives. 158.1 GLA
  • The control theory manager: combining the control theory of William Glasser with the wisdom of W. Edwards Deming to explain both what quality is and what lead-managers do to achieve it. 658.401 GLA
  • Positive addiction. 158.1 GLA
  • Schools without failure. 370.1 GLA
  • Unhappy teenagers: a way for parents and teachers to reach them. 649.125 GLA
  • Los ocho consejos para mantener un matrimonio feliz. Spanish Lang. 646.78 GLA

Julie Harris 12/2/1925—8/24/2013

  • Backstairs at the White House. DVD Drama B
  • East of Eden. DVD Drama E
  • Ellen Foster. DVD Drama E
  • Emily Dickinson: a certain slant of light. DVD B Dickinson
  • The first of May. DVD Drama F
  • The golden boys. DVD Comedy G
  • Gorillas in the mist: the story of Dian Fossey. DVD Drama G
  • The haunting. DVD Mystery H, VIDEO Mystery H
  • The hiding place. DVD Drama H
  • Housesitter. DVD Comedy H
  • The lightkeepers. DVD Drama L
  • Scarlett. DVD Drama S
  • The way back home. DVD Drama W

Bruce C. Murray 11/30/1931—8/29/2013

  • Earthlike planets: surfaces of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars. 523.4 MUR

Seamus Heaney 4/13/1939—8/30/2013

  • Human chain. 821 HEA
  • North: [poems]. 821 HEA
  • The redress of poetry. 821.009 HEA
  • Seeing things. 821 HEA
  • Selected poems, 1966-1987. 821 HEA
  • The spirit level. 821 HEA
  • Seamus Heaney. 821 HEA

David Frost 4/7/1939—8/31/2013

  • The conviction of Richard Nixon: the untold story of the Frost/Nixon interviews. James Reston, Jr. 973.924 RES
  • Billy Graham: God’s ambassador. DVD B Graham
  • Frost/Nixon. DVD Drama F
  • Frost/Nixon: the original Watergate interviews. DVD 973.924

Frederik Pohl 11/26/1919—9/2/2013

  • All the lives he led. Sci. Fic POH
  • The best of Frederik Pohl. Sci. Fic POH
  • Beyond the blue event horizon. Sci. Fic POH
  • Black star rising. Sci. Fic POH
  • The boy who would live forever. Sci. Fic POH
  • The far shore of time. Sci. Fic POH
  • Gateway. Sci. Fic POH
  • Heechee rendezvous. Sci. Fic POH
  • Jem. Sci. Fic POH
  • The other end of time. Sci. Fic POH
  • Platinum Pohl: the collected best stories. Sci. Fic POH
  • The siege of eternity. Sci. Fic POH
  • The singers of time. Sci. Fic POH
  • The voices of heaven. Sci. Fic POH

Robert Capon 10/26/1925—9/5/2013

  • The mystery of Christ– and why we don’t get it. 234 CAP

Patricia Blair 1/15/1933—9/9/2013

  • Daniel Boone. DVD Action Adv. D

Otto Sander 6/30/1941—9/12/2013

  • Faraway, so close! DVD Foreign F
  • Wings of desire. DVD Foreign W

Candace Pert 6/26/1946—9/12/2013

  • What the Bleep do we (k)now!? DVD Comedy W

Jimmy Herman 10/24/1940—9/13/2013

  • Coyote waits. VIDEO Mystery C
  • Crazy Horse. VIDEO B Crazy Horse

Ken Norton 8/9/1943—9/18/2013

  • Champions forever: feature film & lost interviews.   DVD 796.83

Robert Barnard 11/23/1936—9/19/2013

  • At death’s door. Mystery BAR
  • The bad Samaritan: a novel of suspense featuring Charlie Peace. Mystery BAR
  • The bones in the attic. Mystery BAR
  • A charitable body. Mystery BAR
  • The cherry blossom corpse. Mystery BAR, Large Type Fic BAR
  • The corpse at the Haworth Tandoori. Mystery BAR
  • Corpse in a gilded cage. Mystery BAR
  • A cry from the dark. Mystery BAR
  • Death and the chaste apprentice. Large Type Fic BAR
  • Death by sheer torture. Mystery BAR
  • Death of a literary widow. Mystery BAR, Large Type Fic BAR
  • Death of a mystery writer. Large Type Fic BAR
  • Death of a perfect mother. Mystery BAR
  • Dying flames. Mystery BAR
  • A fall from grace. Mystery BAR
  • A fatal attachment. Mystery BAR
  • Fete fatale. Mystery BAR
  • The graveyard position. Mystery BAR
  • The habit of widowhood. Mystery BAR
  • A hovering of vultures. Mystery BAR
  • The killings on Jubilee Terrace. Mystery BAR
  • Last post. Mystery BAR
  • A little local murder. Mystery BAR
  • The masters of the house: a novel of suspense. Mystery BAR
  • The mistress of Alderley. Mystery BAR
  • A murder in Mayfair. Large Type Fic BAR
  • No place of safety. Mystery BAR, Large Type Fic BAR
  • Out of the blackout. Mystery BAR
  • Political suicide. Mystery BAR
  • A scandal in Belgravia. Mystery BAR, Large Type Fic BAR
  • School for murder. Mystery BAR
  • The skeleton in the grass. Mystery BAR
  • A stranger in the family. Mystery BAR
  • Too many notes, Mr. Mozart. Mystery BAS
  • Unholy dying. Large Type Fic BAR

Carolyn Cassady 4/28/1923—9/20/2013

  • What happened to Kerouac? DVD 813

D. J. R. Bruckner 11/26/1933—9/20/2013

  • Art against war: 400 years of protest in art. 704.949 BRU

James Van Sweden 2/5/1935—9/20/2013

  • Architecture in the garden. 712 VAN

Kofi Awoonor 3/13/1935—9/21/2013

  • The breast of the Earth: a survey of the history, culture, and literature of Africa south of the Sahara. 896 AWO

Jane Connell 10/27/1925—9/22/2013

  • Mame. DVD Musical M

C. J. Koch 7/16/1932—9/22/2013

  • The year of living dangerously. DVD Action Adv. Y, VIDEO Action Adv. Y

Jay Robinson 4/14/1930—9/27/2013

  • Demetrius and the gladiators. DVD Drama D
  • The robe. DVD Drama R

James A. Emanuel 6/15/1921—9/28/2013

  • Dark symphony: Negro literature in America. 810.8 EMA

Marcella Hazan 4/15/1924—9/29/2013

  • Marcella cucina. 641.5945 HAZ

Tom Clancy 4/12/1947—10/1/2013

  • Against all enemies. Fic CLA, Large Type Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA
  • Battle ready. 359.96 CLA
  • The bear and the dragon. Fic CLA
  • The cardinal of the Kremlin. Fic CLA, Large Type Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA
  • Clear and present danger. Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA, Audio Fic CLA, DVD Action Adv. C
  • Command authority. Fic CLA, Large Type Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA
  • Dead or alive. Fic CLA, Large Type Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA
  • Debt of honor. Fic CLA, Large Type Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA
  • Every man a tiger. 956.704 CLA
  • Executive orders. Fic CLA, Large Type Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA
  • The hunt for Red October. Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA, DVD Action Adv. H, VIDEO Action Adv. H
  • Into the storm: a study in command. 956.704 CLA
  • Locked on. Fic CLA, Large Type Fic CLA, Spanish Lang. Fic CLA
  • Patriot games. Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA
  • Rainbow Six. Fic CLA
  • Red rabbit. Fic CLA, Large Type Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA
  • Red storm rising. Fic CLA, Large Type Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA
  • Shadow warriors: inside the Special Forces. 356.16 CLA
  • SSN: strategies of submarine warfare. Fic CLA
  • The sum of all fears. Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA, DVD Action Adv. S
  • The teeth of the tiger. Fic CLA, Large Type Fic CLA
  • Threat vector. Fic CLA, Large Type Fic CLA, CD Fic CLA
  • Tom Clancy’s Op-Center. Fic CLA, Large Type Fic CLA
  • Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: acts of war. Fic CLA
  • Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: games of state. Large Type Fic CLA
  • Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: state of siege. Large Type Fic CLA
  • Tom Clancy’s power plays: ruthless.com. Fic CLA
  • Without remorse. Fic CLA, Spanish Lang. Fic CLA

Vo Nguyen Giap 8/25/1911?—10/4/2013

  • Valley of death: the tragedy at Dien Bien Phu that led America into the Vietnam War. Ted Morgan. 959.7041 MOR

Paul Rogers 3/22/1917—10/6/2013

  • The return of the native. DVD Drama R

Philip Chevron 6/17/1957—10/8/2013

  • If I should fall from grace with God. The Pogues. CD MR POGU IIS P-69

Jay Conrad Levinson 2/10/1933—10/10/2013

  • Guerrilla advertising: cost-effective techniques for small-business success. 659.1 LEV
  • Guerrilla marketing: easy and inexpensive strategies for making big profits from your small business. 658.8 LEV
  • Guerrilla marketing weapons: 100 affordable marketing methods for maximizing profits from your small business. 658.8 LEV
  • Guerrilla publicity: hundreds of sure-fire tactics to get maximum sales for minimum dollars. 659 LEV

Oscar Hijuelos 8/24/1951—10/12/2013

  • Beautiful Maria of my soul. Fic HIJ, CD Fic HIJ
  • Dark dude. Y Fic HIJ, Spanish Lang. Fic HIJ
  • Empress of the splendid season. Fic HIJ
  • The mambo kings play songs of love. Fic HIJ, Spanish Lang. Fic HIJ
  • Mr. Ives’ Christmas. Fic HIJ
  • Una sencilla melodia habanera. Spanish Lang. Fic HIJ

Nevill Drury 10/1/1947—10/15/2013

  • Magic and witchcraft: from shamanism to the technopagans. 133.43 DRU

Ed Lauter 10/30/1938—10/16/2013

  • Breakheart Pass. DVD Western B
  • Golden years. DVD Sci. Fic G

Giant George 11/17/2005—10/17/2013

  • Giant George: life with the world’s biggest dog. Dave Nasser. 636.73 NAS

Larri Thomas 1/23/1932—10/20/2013

  • New zoo revue. DVD Children N

Bill Gulick 2/22/1916—10/25/2013

  • The country club caper. Fic GUL
  • Distant trails, 1805-1836. Fic GUL
  • Gathering storm, 1837-1868. Fic GUL
  • The Hallelujah Trail. DVD Western H

Nigel Davenport 5/23/1928—10/25/2013

  • A Christmas carol. DVD Drama C
  • Dracula. DVD Drama D
  • Living free. DVD 599.757
  • A man for all seasons. DVD Drama M
  • Mary, Queen of Scots. DVD Drama M
  • Masada: the complete epic miniseries. DVD Drama M
  • Midsummer night’s dream. DVD 822.33
  • Without a clue. DVD Mystery W

Marcia Wallace 11/1/1942—10/25/2013

  • The Bob Newhart show. DVD Comedy B

Lou Reed 3/2/1942—10/27/2013

  • The essential Lou Reed. CD MR REED ELR R-22
  • Magic and loss. CD MA REED ML R-22
  • New York. CD MR REED NY R-29
  • The Velvet Underground. CD MR VELV VU V-22
  • Faraway, so close!  DVD Foreign F

J.R. Salamanca 12/10/1922—10/30/2013

  • That summer’s trance. Fic SAL

Michael Palmer 10/9/1942—10/30/2013

  • Critical judgment. Fic PAL
  • Extreme measures. Fic PAL
  • Fatal. Fic PAL, Large Type Fic PAL
  • The fifth vial. Fic PAL
  • The first patient. Fic PAL
  • A heartbeat away. Large Type Fic PAL
  • The last surgeon. Fic PAL
  • Miracle cure. Fic PAL
  • Natural causes. Fic PAL
  • Oath of office. Fic PAL, Large Type Fic PAL
  • The patient. Fic PAL
  • Political suicide. Fic PAL
  • The second opinion. Fic PAL
  • Side effects. Fic PAL
  • Silent treatment. Fic PAL
  • The sisterhood. Fic PAL
  • The society. Fic PALLarge Type Fic PAL

Andro Linklater 12/10/1944—11/3/2013

  • The code of love: the true story of two lovers torn apart by the war that brought them together. Large Type 940.54 LIN
  • The fabric of America: how our borders and boundaries shaped the country and forged our national identity. 911.73 LIN
  • Measuring America: how an untamed wilderness shaped the United States and fulfilled the promise of democracy. 973 LIN, CD 973 LIN
  • Owning the earth: the transforming history of land ownership.

Lester Louis Brown 12/20/1928—11/4/2013

  • Les Brown’s encyclopedia of television. R 791.45 BRO

Charlie Trotter 9/8/1959—11/5/2013

  • Charlie Trotter cooks at home. 641.54 TRO
  • Gourmet cooking for dummies. 641.514 TRO

Barbara Park 4/21/1947—11/15/2013

  • Almost starring Skinnybones. J PAR
  • Dear God, help!!! Love, Earl. J PAR
  • Don’t make me smile. J PAR
  • The graduation of Jake Moon. J PAR
  • Junie B., first grader: aloha-ha-ha! J PAR Christmas, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B., first grader: boo!– and I mean it! J PAR Halloween, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B., first grader: boss of lunch. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B., first grader: cheater pants. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B., first grader: dumb bunny. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B., first grader: jingle bells, Batman smells! (P.S. so does May). J PAR Christmas, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B., first grader: one-man band. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B., first grader: shipwrecked. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B., first grader: toothless wonder. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones and a little monkey business. J PAR, Sp. Lang. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones and her big fat mouth. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones and some sneaky peeky spying. J PAR, Sp. Lang. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones and that meanie Jim’s birthday. J PAR, Sp. Lang. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones and the mushy gushy valentime. J PAR Valentine’s Day, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones and the stupid smelly bus. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones and the yucky blucky fruitcake. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones has a monster under her bed. J PAR, Sp. Lang. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones has a peep in her pocket. J PAR, Sp. Lang. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones is a beauty shop guy. J PAR, Sp. Lang. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones is a graduation girl. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones is (almost) a flower girl. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones is Captain Field Day. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones is not a crook. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones loves handsome Warren. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Junie B. Jones smells something fishy. J PAR, J AUDIO CD PAR
  • Mick Harte was here. J PAR
  • My mother got married: and other disasters. J PAR
  • Operation, dump the chump. J PAR
  • Psssst! It’s me– the Bogeyman. Pic PAR
  • Skinnybones. J PAR
  • Junie B. Jones duerme en una mansion. Sp. Lang. J PAR

Doris Lessing 10/22/1919—11/17/2013

  • African laughter: four visits to Zimbabwe. 916.891 LES
  • Briefing for a descent into Hell. Fic LES
  • The cleft. Fic LES
  • The fifth child. Fic LES
  • The good terrorist. Fic LES
  • The grass is singing. Fic LES
  • Habit of loving. Fic LES
  • Love, again. Fic LES
  • Stories. Fic LES
  • The summer before the dark. Fic LES
  • Time bites: views and reviews. 809 LES
  • Under my skin. B Lessing
  • Walking in the shade. B Lessing

Charlotte Zolotow 6/26/1915—11/19/2013

  • The beautiful Christmas tree. Pic ZOL Christmas, J ZOL Christmas
  • Do you know what I’ll do? Pic ZOL
  • A father like that. Pic ZOL
  • The hating book. Pic ZOL
  • Hold my hand: five stories of love and family. Pic ZOL
  • I know a lady. Pic ZOL
  • I like to be little. Pic ZOL
  • My friend John. Pic ZOL
  • The old dog. Pic ZOL
  • Peter and the pigeons. Pic ZOL
  • The quarreling book. Pic ZOL
  • Seasons: a book of poems. E 811 ZOL
  • Snippets: a gathering of poems, pictures, and possibilities–. E 811 ZOL
  • Something is going to happen. Pic ZOL
  • The song. Pic ZOL
  • This quiet lady. Pic ZOL
  • When the wind stops. Pic ZOL

Sylvia Browne 10/19/1936—11/20/2013

  • Adventures of a psychic: the fascinating and inspiring true-life story of one of America’s most successful clairvoyants. 133.8 BRO, Spanish Lang. 133.8 BRO
  • Afterlives of the rich and famous. 133.9013 BRO
  • All pets go to heaven: the spiritual lives of the animals we love. 133.901 BRO, Large Type 133.901 BRO
  • Astrology through a psychic’s eyes. 133.5 BRO
  • Blessings from the other side: wisdom and comfort from the afterlife for this life. 133.9 BRO
  • End of days: predictions and prophecies about the end of the world. 202.3 BRO, Large Type 202.3 BRO
  • Exploring the levels of creation. 133.9 BRO, Large Type 133.9 BRO
  • God, creation, and tools for life. 133.93 BRO
  • If you could see what I see: the tenets of Novus Spiritus. 299.93 BRO, Spanish Lang. 299.93 BRO
  • Insight: case files from the psychic world. 133.8 BRO, Large Type 133.8 BRO
  • Life on the other side: a psychic’s tour of the afterlife. 133.9 BRO
  • Mother God : the feminine principle to our Creator. 202.114 BRO
  • The other side and back: a psychic’s guide to our world and beyond. 133.9 BRO
  • Past lives of the rich and famous. 133.9013 BRO
  • Phenomenon: everything you need to know about the paranormal. 133.8 BRO
  • Prophecy: what the future holds for you. 133.3 BRO
  • Psychic children: revealing the intuitive gifts and hidden abilities of boys and girls. 133.8 BRO, Large Type 133.8 BRO
  • Psychic: my life in two worlds. B Browne
  • Secret societies–and how they affect our lives today. 366 BRO, Large Type 366 BRO, Spanish Lang. 366 BRO
  • Secrets & mysteries of the world. 133.91 BRO
  • Spirit of animals. 133.25 BRO
  • Spiritual connections: how to find spirituality throughout all the relationships in your life. 131 BRO, Spanish Lang. 131 BRO
  • Sylvia Browne’s book of dreams. 135.3 BRO, Spanish Lang. 135.3 BRO
  • Sylvia Browne’s lessons for life. 131 BRO
  • Temples on the other side: how wisdom from “beyond the veil” can help you right now. 133.9013 BRO
  • The truth about psychics. 133.8 BRO, Large Type 133.8 BRO
  • Visits from the afterlife: the truth about hauntings, spirits, and reunions with lost loved ones. 133.1 BRO, Spanish Lang. 133.1 BRO
  • El libro de los angeles de Sylvia Browne. Spanish Lang. 202.15 BRO          

Jane Kean 4/10/1923—11/26/2013

  • The Honeymooners. DVD Comedy H

William Stevenson 6/1/1924—11/26/2013

  • Booby trap. Fic STE
  • Eclipse. Fic STE
  • A man called Intrepid: the secret war. 940.54 STE
  • Spymistress: the life of Vera Atkins, the greatest female secret agent of World War II. B Atkins

Paul Walker 9/12/1973—11/30/2013

  • Eight below. DVD Action Adv. E
  • Fast five. DVD Action Adv. F
  • She’s all that. DVD Comedy S

T. R. Fehrenbach 1/12/1925—12/1/2013

  • Comanches: the destruction of a people. 970.3 FEH
  • This kind of war: the classic Korean War history.  951.904 FEH

Nelson Mandela 7/18/1918—12/5/2013

  • Conversations with myself. B Mandela, CD B Mandela
  • Long walk to freedom: the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. B Mandela
  • Bring me my machine gun: the battle for the soul of South Africa from Mandela to Zuma. Alec Russell. 968.065 RUS
  • Higher than hope: the authorized biography of Nelson Mandela. Fatima Meer. B Mandela
  • Mandela: the authorized biography. Anthony Sampson. B Mandela
  • Mandela’s way: fifteen lessons on life, love, and courage. Richard Stengel. B Mandela
  • Nelson Mandela: a life in photographs. John D. Battersby. B Mandela
  • Nelson Mandela: the authorized comic book. Y 741.5 NEL
  • Playing the enemy: Nelson Mandela and the game that made a nation. John Carlin. 796.333 CAR, DVD Drama I
  • A prisoner in the garden. B Mandela
  • Mandela: from the life of the South African statesman. Floyd Cooper. JB Mandela
  • Nelson Mandela. Jill C. Wheeler. JB Mandela
  • Nelson Mandela: freedom for South Africa. Pamela Dell. JB Mandela
  • Nelson Mandela’s favorite African folktales. J AUDIO CD 398.209 NEL
  • Mandela: son of Africa, father of a nation. DVD B Mandela
  • Reconciliation: Mandela’s miracle. DVD 323.1196

Colin Wilson 6/26/1931—12/5/2013

  • Afterlife: an investigation of the evidence for life after death. 133.9 WIL
  • The history of murder. 364.1523 WIL
  • The unexplained mysteries of the universe. J 001.94 WIL

Don Mitchell 3/17/1943—12/8/2013

  • Ironside. DVD Drama I

Eleanor Parker 6/26/1922—12/9/2013

  • Escape from Fort Bravo. DVD Western E
  • Hollywood Canteen. DVD Musical H
  • Home from the hill. DVD Drama H
  • The man with the golden arm. DVD Drama M
  • Many rivers to cross. DVD Western M
  • The naked jungle. DVD Action Adv. N
  • Scaramouche. DVD Action Adv. S
  • The sound of music. DVD Musical S, VIDEO Musical S

Rossana Podestà 8/20/1934—12/10/2013

  • Ulysses. DVD Action Adv. U

Audrey Totter 12/20/1918—12/12/2013

  • The postman always rings twice. DVD Drama P

Tom Laughlin 8/10/1931—12/12/2013

  • Billy Jack. DVD Action Adv. B
  • Billy Jack goes to Washington. DVD Action Adv. B
  • Born losers. DVD Action Adv. B
  • The trial of Billy Jack. DVD Action Adv. T

Hugh Nissenson 3/10/1933—12/13/2013

  • The days of awe. Fic NIS
  • The pilgrim. Fic NIS

Peter O’Toole 8/2/1932—12/14/2013

  • Loitering with intent: the apprentice. B O’Toole
  • Loitering with intent: the child. B O’Toole
  • Becket. DVD Drama B
  • The Bible in the beginning. DVD Drama B
  • For greater glory: the true story of Cristiada. DVD Drama F
  • Goodbye, Mr. Chips. DVD Drama G
  • Gulliver’s travels. DVD Action Adv. G
  • Hitler: the rise of evil. DVD Drama H
  • How to steal a million. DVD Comedy H
  • Iron road. DVD Drama I
  • Joan of Arc. DVD Drama J
  • Kim. DVD Action Adv. K
  • Lassie. DVD Drama L
  • The last emperor. DVD Drama L
  • Lawrence of Arabia. DVD Action Adv. L
  • The lion in winter. DVD Drama L
  • Man of La Mancha. DVD Musical M
  • The manor: a darkly comic tale. DVD Comedy M
  • Masada: the complete epic miniseries. DVD Drama M
  • Molokai: the story of “Father Damien”. DVD B Damien
  • The nutcracker prince. DVD Children N
  • One night with the king. DVD Drama O
  • Ratatouille. DVD Children R, BLU Children R
  • The Ray Bradbury Theater. DVD Sci. Fic R
  • Stardust. DVD Sci. Fic S
  • Zulu dawn. DVD Action Adv. Z

Janet Dailey 5/21/1944—12/14/2013

  • Bannon brothers: honor. Fic DAI, Large Type Fic DAI
  • Bannon brothers: triumph. Fic DAI, Large Type Fic DAI
  • Bannon brothers: trust. Fic DAI, Large Type Fic DAI
  • Beware of the stranger. Large Type Fic DAI
  • Big sky country. Large Type Fic DAI
  • Calder born, Calder bred. Fic DAI
  • Calder promise. Fic DAI
  • Calder storm. Fic DAI
  • A cowboy under my Christmas tree. Fic DAI
  • The glory game. Fic DAI
  • Heiress. Large Type Fic DAI
  • Illusions. Fic DAI
  • Kona winds. Large Type Fic DAI
  • Legacies. Fic DAI
  • Lord of the high lonesome. Large Type Fic DAI
  • The matchmakers. Large Type Fic DAI
  • Merry Christmas, cowboy. Fic DAI
  • Night way. Fic DAI
  • Notorious. Fic DAI
  • The pride of Hannah Wade. Fic DAI
  • The proud and the free. Fic DAI
  • Ride the thunder. Fic DAI, Spanish Lang. Fic DAI
  • The rogue. Fic DAI
  • Shifting Calder wind. Fic DAI
  • Silver wings, Santiago blue. Fic DAI
  • Six white horses. Large Type Fic DAI
  • Something more. Fic DAI
  • Sonora sundown. Large Type Fic DAI
  • Stands a Calder man. Fic DAI, Large Type Fic DAI
  • Tangled vines. Fic DAI, Spanish Lang. Fic DAI
  • This Calder range. Fic DAI, Large Type Fic DAI
  • This Calder sky. Fic DAI
  • Rivales. Spanish Lang. Fic DAI

Joan Fontaine 10/22/1917—12/15/2013

  • Gunga Din. DVD Action Adv. G
  • Ivanhoe. DVD Action Adv. I
  • Jane Eyre. DVD Drama J
  • Rebecca. DVD Mystery R, VIDEO Mystery
  • Suspicion. DVD Mystery S
  • Voyage to the bottom of the sea. DVD Sci. Fic V
  • The women. DVD Comedy W

Harold Camping 7/9/1921—12/15/2013

  • Time has an end: a Biblical history of the world, 11,013 B.C. – 2011 AD. 220.15 CAM

Ray Price 1/22/1926—12/16/2013

  • Super hits. CD MC PRIC SH P-98
  • Run that by me one more time. Willie Nelson & Ray Price. CD MC NELS RTB N-02

Paul Torday 8/1/1946—12/18/2013

  • Bordeaux. Fic TOR
  • Salmon fishing in the Yemen. Fic TOR, DVD Comedy S

Ned Vizzini 4/4/1981—12/19/2013

  • Be more chill. Y Fic VIZ
  • It’s kind of a funny story. Y Fic VIZ, CD Fic VIZ, DVD Drama I
  • The Other Normals. Y Fic VIZ
  • Teen angst? Naaah– a quasi-autobiography. Y 814 VIZ

John S.D. Eisenhower 8/3/1922—12/21/2013

  • The bitter woods; the dramatic story, told at all echelons, from supreme command to squad leader, of the crisis that shook the Western coalition: Hitler’s surprise Ardennes offensives. 940.54 EIS
  • General Ike: a personal reminiscence. 940.54 EIS
  • So far from God: the U.S. war with Mexico, 1846-1848. 973.62 EIS
  • Zachary Taylor. 973.63 EIS

Yusef Lateef 10/9/1920—12/23/2013

  • Eastern sounds. CD MJ LATE ES L-22

Ian Barbour 10/5/1923—12/24/2013

  • When science meets religion. 215 BAR

George Jacobs 4/28/1927—12/28/2013

  • Mr. S: my life with Frank Sinatra. B Jacobs

James Avery 11/27/1945—12/31/2013

  • The fresh prince of Bel-Air. DVD Comedy F
  • The legend of Prince Valiant. DVD Children L
  • Will Smith. DVD B Smith