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Constitution Day

Constitution Day (Sept. 17)

  • Active liberty: interpreting our democratic Constitution. Stephen Breyer. 342.73 BRE
  • America‘s constitution: a biography. Akhil Reed Amar. 342.73 AMA
  • The constitution in exile: how the federal government has seized power by rewriting the supreme law of the land. Andrew P. Napolitano. 342.73 NAP
  • The Constitution of the United States of America: with Benjamin Franklin’s address to the delegates upon the signing of the ConstitutionY 342.73 FIN
  • In defense of liberty: the story of America’s Bill of Rights. Russell Freedman. Y 342.73 FRE
  • James Madison and the struggle for the Bill of Rights. Richard Labunski. 342.73 LAB
  • Not a suicide pact: the constitution in a time of national emergency. Richard A. Posner. 342.73 POS
  • On two wings: humble faith and common sense at the American founding. Michael Novak. 200.97 NOV
  • Our Constitution. Donald A. Ritchie. 342.73 RIT
  • A patriot’s handbook: songs, poems, stories, and speeches celebrating the land we love810.8035 PAT
  • A people’s history of the Supreme Court: the men and women whose cases and decisions have shaped our Constitution. Peter Irons. 347.7326 IRO
  • Speaking freely: trials of the First Amendment. Floyd Abrams. 342.0853 ABR
  • The summer of 1787: the men who invented the Constitution. David O. Stewart. 342.73 STE
  • To begin the world anew: the genius and ambiguities of the American founders. Bernard Bailyn. 973.3 BAI
  • To establish justice: citizenship and The Constitution. Patricia McKissack, Arlene Zarembka. Y 342.73 MACK
  • The United States Supreme Court347.7326 UNI
  • War powers: how the imperial presidency hijacked the Constitution. Peter Irons. 342.73 IRO
  • The words we live by: your annotated guide to the Constitution. Linda R. Monk. 342.73 MON


  • The American Revolution for kids: a history with 21 activities. Janis Herbert. J 973.3 HER
  • The Bill of Rights: the first ten amendments of the Constitution. David L. Hudson, Jr. J 342.73 HUD
  • The founders: the 39 stories behind the U.S. Constitution. Dennis Brindell Fradin. J 973.3 FRA
  • The Fourteenth Amendment: equal protection under the law. David L. Hudson, Jr. J 342.73 HUD
  • The importance of being an active citizen. Anne Beier. J 323.65 BEI
  • Right to bear arms. Geraldine Woods. J 342.73 WOO


  • Founding brothersDVD 973.409


  • Constitucion de los Estados Unidos de AmericaSpanish Lang. 342.73 CON