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The Goshen Public Library announced a new brand, including a new logo and comprehensive visual identity. This new brand helps to communicate the library’s new vision of being a place of curiosity, excitement, and of deep community engagement.

The new brand reflects Goshen Public Library as much more than a place for books.  The library is a key community institution for catalyzing Elkhart Township’s vision to become a more vibrant, welcoming, and informed community. It is a space, collection, and community that is at its best when meeting the unique needs of all residents. To meet the full array of our community’s needs, GPL envisioned delivering the highest quality library services, and this new brand symbolizes the beginning of this new chapter in their community story.

“We have been diligently working over the last two years to envision how we need to evolve to meet the changing needs of our community,” says Library Director Ann-Margret Rice. “During this process we realized that our brand didn’t reflect who we are and where we are going.”

The primary visual representation of the Goshen Public Library is a full wordmark drawn from their vision statement. The logo emphasizes language in written communication, which is not limited to books, but across media. It also underscores the importance of curiosity in learning and excitement in doing so. The new visual identity includes a suite of English and Spanish components that help to communicate that Goshen Public Library is for ALL members of the Goshen community.

Goshen Public Library worked with LightBox, a full service design agency specializing in providing premium visual identity and branding services for nonprofits, on this rebrand.

Our two new primary logos, one in English, and one in Spanish.
Our two new secondary logos, one in English, and one in Spanish.