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Spur Awards

Awards from the Western Writers of America


2012. Remember Ben Clayton. Stephen Harrigan. Fic HAR
2008. The god of animals. Aryn Kyle. Fic KYL
2007. The night journal. Elizabeth Crook. Fic CRO
2005. People of the raven. Kathleen O’Neal Gear, W. Michael Gear. Fic GEA
2003. Perma Red. Debra Magpie Earling. Fic EAR
2002. The miracle life of Edgar Mint. Brady Udall. CD Fic UDA
2001. The gates of the Alamo. Stephen Harrigan. Fic HAR
1999. The all-true travels and adventures of Lidie Newton. Jane Smiley. Fic SMI
1998. Comanche moon. Larry McMurtry. Fic MACM, Large Type Fic MACM, DVD Western C
1996. Sierra: a novel of the California gold rush. Richard S. Wheeler. Fic WHE, Large Type Fic WHE
1995. Stone song: a novel of the life of Crazy Horse. Win Blevins. Fic BLE
1994. The far canyon. Elmer Kelton. Fic KEL, Large Type Fic KEL
1992. Slaughter. Elmer Kelton. Fic KEL, Large Type Fic KEL
1991. The medicine horn: book one of the buckskinners. Jory Sherman. Fic SHE
1990. Home mountain. Jeanne Williams. Fic WIL
1989. Panther in the sky. James Alexander Thom. Fic THO
1988. The homesman. Glendon Swarthout.  Large Type Fic SWA
1985. Lonesome Dove. Larry McMurtry. Fic MACM, DVD Western L, VIDEO Western L
1976. The court-martial of George Armstrong Custer. Douglas C. Jones. Fic JON
1973. The time it never rained. Elmer Kelton. Fic KEL


2012. Legacy of a lawman: a western story. Johnny D. Boggs. Large Type Fic BOG
2011. Snowbound. Richard S. Wheeler. Western WHE
2010. Far bright star. Robert Olmstead. Fic OLM
2009. Another man’s moccasins. Craig Johnson. Mystery JOH
2008. Tallgrass. Sandra Dallas. Fic DAL
2007. The shape shifter. Tony Hillerman. Mystery HIL, CD Fic HIL
2006. Camp Ford: a western story. Johnny D. Boggs. Western BOG, Large Type Fic BOG
2004. I should be extremely happy in your company: a novel of Lewis and Clark. Brian Hall. Fic HAL
2002. The way of the coyote. Elmer Kelton. Western KEL, Large Type Fic KEL
1998. The Kiowa verdict: a western story. Cynthia Haseloff. Western HAS, Large Type Fic HAS
1994. St. Agnes’ stand. Tom Eidson. Western EID, Large Type Fic EID
1989. Fool’s coach. Richard S. Wheeler.  Western WHE
1988. Mattie. Judy Alter. Fic ALT, Audio Fic ALT
1987. Skinwalkers. Tony Hillerman.  Large Type Fic HIL, VIDEO Mystery
1983. Leaving Kansas. Frank Roderus.  Western ROD
1982. Match race. Fred Grove. Western GRO, Large Type Fic GRO
1981. Eyes of the hawk. Elmer Kelton.  Large Type Fic KEL
1977. The great horse race. Fred Grove.  Western GRO
1976. The spirit horses. Lou Cameron.  Large Type Fic CAM
1975. The shootist. Glendon Swarthout. Fic SWA, VIDEO Action Adv.
1974. A hanging in Sweetwater. Stephen Overholser. Western OVE, Large Type Fic OVE
1971. The day the cowboys quit. Elmer Kelton. Western KEL
1970. The last days of Wolf Garnett. Clifton Adams. Western ADA
1969. Tragg’s choice. Clifton Adams. Western ADA
1968. Down the long hills. Louis L’Amour. Y Fic LAM, Large Type Fic LAM
1967. The Valdez horses. Lee Hoffman. Western HOF, Large Type Fic HOF
1963. Follow the free wind. Leigh Brackett. Western BRA, Large Type Fic BRA
1962. Comanche captives. Fred Grove. Western GRO, Large Type Fic GRO
1960. The nameless breed. Will C. Brown. Western BRO
1957. Buffalo wagons. Elmer Kelton. Large Type Fic KEL
1956. High gun. Leslie Ernenwein. Large Type Fic ERN
1955. Somewhere they die. L.P. Holmes. Large Type Fic HOL
1953. Law man. Lee Leighton. Western LEI


2011. Galveston. Nic Pizzolatto. Mystery PIZ, CD Fic PIZ
2000. Mine work. Jim Davidson. Fic DAV
1996. Death of a healing woman. Allana Martin. Mystery MAR
1994. St. Agnes’ stand. Tom Eidson. Western EID, Large Type Fic EID
1993. People of the whistling waters. Mardi Oakley Medawar. Fic MED
1991. The sixth rider. Max McCoy. Western MACC


2012. West Texas kill. Johnny D. Boggs. Large Type Fic BOG
2011. Damnation road. Max McCoy. Large Type Fic MACC
2010. Stranger in Thunder Basin. John D. Nesbitt. Large Type Fic NES
2008. Hellfire canyon. Max McCoy. Large Type Fic MACC
2005. Vengeance Valley. Richard S. Wheeler. Large Type Fic WHE
2000. Mine work. Jim Davidson. Fic DAV


1986. Roman. Douglas C. Jones. Fic JON
1984. Gone the dreams and dancing. Douglas C. Jones. Fic JON
1982. Ride the wind: the story of Cynthia Ann Parker and the last days of the Comanche. Lucia St. Clair Robson. Fic ROB
1981. Aces & eights. Loren D. Estleman. Western EST
1977. Swimming man burning: a rip-roaring novel of the American West. Terrence Kilpatrick. Fic KIL
1976. The Kincaids. Matthew Braun. Fic BRA
1972. Chiricahua. Will Henry. Fic ALL
1968. The red Sabbath. Lewis P. Patten. Western PAT
1965. Gold in California! Todhunter Ballard. Fic BAL
1961. The winter war. William Wister Haines. Large Type Fic HAI
1958. The Fancher train. Amelia Bean. Fic BEA


2008. “Crucifixion River.” Crucifixion River: western stories. Marcia Muller, Bill Pronzini. Western MUL
1987. “The Orange County cowboys”. Rounders 3. Max Evans. Western EVA
1968. “When the caballos came.” Red River stage: western stories. Fred Grove. Western GRO
1963. “Comanche Woman.” Red River stage: western stories. Fred Grove. Western GRO
1956. “Lost sister.” Dorothy M. Johnson. Westward the women: an anthology of Western stories by women808.83 WES


2011. The killing of Crazy Horse. Thomas Powers. 970.3 POW
2007. Blood and thunder: an epic of the American West. Hampton Sides. 978.02 SID
2006. Buffalo Bill’s America: William Cody and the Wild West Show. Louis S. Warren. B Cody
2003. Blood of the prophets: Brigham Young and the massacre at Mountain Meadows. Will Bagley. 979.2 BAG
1996. Undaunted courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the opening of the American West. Stephen Ambrose. 978 AMB, CD 978
1995. Seeking pleasure in the Old West. David Dary. 978 DAR
1994. Precious dust: the American gold rush era, 1848-1900. Paula Mitchell Marks. 970.04 MAR
1993. The lance and the shield: the life and times of Sitting Bull. Robert M. Utley. B Sitting Bull
1967. America’s western frontiers; the exploration and settlement of the Trans-Mississippi West. John A. Hawgood. 978 HAW
1965. The Nez Perce Indians and the opening of the Northwest. Alvin M. Josephy. 970.3 JOS
1957. This is the West. Robert West Howard. 978 HOW
1956. Men to match my mountains; the opening of the Far West 1840-1900. Irving Stone. 973.8 STO


2013. Geronimo. Robert M. Utley. B Geronimo
2011. Wolf: the lives of Jack London. James L. Haley. CD B London
2007. Crazy Horse: a Lakota life. Kingsley M. Bray. B Crazy Horse
2006. Chief Joseph: guardian of the people. Candy Moulton. Y 970.3 MOU
1987. Jessie Benton Fremont. Pamela Herr. B Fremont
1961. The lives and legends of Buffalo Bill. Donald Bert Russell. B Cody


2013. Django unchainedDVD Western D, BLU Western D
2012. RangoDVD Comedy R, BLU Comedy R
2011. Temple GrandinDVD Drama T
True grit
DVD Western T
2007. Broken trailDVD Western B
2006. Miracle at Sage CreekDVD Western M
1994. Wyatt EarpVIDEO Western W
1993. SommersbyVIDEO Drama
1990. Dances with wolvesVIDEO Action Adv. D


2013. The dust bowlDVD 973.917
2012. BuckDVD 636.1
1998. Lewis & Clark: the journey of the Corps of Discovery.  DVD 978
1992. Last stand at Little Big HornDVD 973.82


1993. Return to Lonesome DoveDVD Western R


1988. Coyote tales from the Indian pueblos. Glen Strock. 398.24 REE
1985. Iva Dunnit and the Big Wind. Steven Kellogg. Pic PUR


2011. Moon over manifest. Claire Vanderpool. J VAN Newbery, J AUDIO CD VAN Newbery
2010. Hard winter: a western story. Johnny D. Boggs. Large Type Fic BOG
2008. Doubtful Cañon. Johnny D. Boggs. Western BOG
2006. Black storm comin’. Diane Lee Wilson. Y Fic WIL
2005. Fire in the hole! Mary Cronk Farrell. J FAR
2004. In the eye of the storm. E. Cody Kimmel. J KIM
2003. The Big Burn. Jeanette Ingold. Y Fic ING
2001. The midnight train home. Erika Tamar. J TAM
1999. Petey. Ben Mikaelsen. J MIK, J CD AUDIO MIK
1998. Danger along the Ohio. Patricia Willis. J WIL
1992. The haymeadow. Gary Paulsen. J PAU
1991. Rescue Josh McGuire. Ben Mikaelsen. J MIK
1989. My Daniel. Pam Conrad. J CON, J AUDIO CD CON
1988. In the face of danger. Joan Lowery Nixon. J NIX
1987. A family apart. Joan Lowery Nixon. J NIX, J AUDIO Cassette NIX
1985. Prairie songs. Pam Conrad. J CON
1984. Trapped in the slickrock canyon. Gloria Skurzynski. J SKU
1975. Dust of the earth. Vera & Bill Cleaver. J CLE
1963. By the great horn spoon! Sid Fleischman. J FLE, J AUDIO CD FLE, J AUDIO Cassette FLE


2002. In the days of the vaqueros: America’s first true cowboys. Russell Freedman. J 636.2 FRE
1999. Cowboy with a camera: Erwin E. Smith, cowboy photographer. Don Worcester. J 978 WOR
1998. Rattlesnake dance: true tales, mysteries, and rattlesnake ceremonies. Jennifer Owings Dewey. J 597.96 DEW
1996. The life and death of Crazy Horse. Russell Freedman. JB Crazy Horse
1993. Cowboys, Indians, and gunfighters: the story of the cattle kingdom. Albert Marrin. 978 MAR
1992. Children of the Dust Bowl: the true story of the school at Weedpatch Camp. Jerry Stanley. J 371.967 STA
1990. Woodsong. Gary Paulsen. JB Paulsen
1986. Make way for Sam Houston. Jean Fritz. JB Houston
1977. A shepherd watches, a shepherd sings. Louis Irigaray, Theodore Taylor. 636.3 IRI
1976. “All aboard!”: the story of passenger trains in America. Phil Ault. J 385 AUL


2006. Klondike gold. Alice Provensen. Pic PRO
2005. Apples to Oregon. Deborah Hopkinson. Pic HOP
2004. The Star People: a Lakota story. S.D. Nelson. Pic NEL
2001. Cindy Ellen: a wild western Cinderella. Susan Lowell. Pic LOW
1999. Slim and Miss Prim. Robert Kinerk. Pic KIN
1998. The bootmaker and the elves. Susan Lowell. E 398.2 LOW
1996. The worry stone. Marianna Dengler. Pic DEN
1995. Dandelions. Eve Bunting. Pic BUN