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Nobel Literature Prize Winners

Nobel Prizes in Literature – Official Site

2023: Jon Fosse

2022: Annie Ernaux

  • Getting lost. B Ernaux, Ebook
  • Happening. 848 ERN, DVD Foreign H

2021: Abdulrazak Gurnah

  • Admiring silence. Fic GUR
  • Afterlives. Fic GUR

2020: Louise Glück

  • American originality: essays on poetry. 814.54 GLU
  • Averno. 811 GLU
  • Faithful and virtuous night. 811 GLU
  • Poems, 1962-2012. 811 GLU
  • The seven ages. 811 GLU
  • Winter recipes from the collective. 811 GLU

2019: Peter Handke

  • Quiet places: collected essays. 834 HAN
  • Short letter, long farewell. Fic HAN
  • Slow homecoming. Fic HAN
  • A sorrow beyond dreams: a life story. B Handke, Ebook

2018: Olga Tokarczuk

  • The books of Jacob. Fic TOK
  • Drive your plow over the bones of the dead. Fic TOK, Ebook
  • Flights. Fic TOK, Ebook

2017: Kazuo Ishiguro

  • The buried giant. Fic ISH, Ebook
  • Klara and the sun. Fic ISH, Ebook
  • Never let me go. Fic ISH, Large Type Fic ISH, Ebook
  • The remains of the day. Fic ISH, Spanish Lang. Fic ISH, DVD Drama R

2016: Bob Dylan

  • Chronicles: volume one. B Dylan
  • Lyrics, 1962-2001. 782.4216 DYL
  • The philosophy of modern song. 782.4216 DYL
  • Tarantula. 818 DYL
  • Bob Dylan: all the songs: the story behind every track. Philippe Margotin. 782.4216 MAR
  • Bob Dylan: behind the shades: a biography. Clinton Heylin. 782.421 HEY
  • Bob Dylan in America. Sean Wilentz. B Dylan
  • The double life of Bob Dylan: a restless, hungry feeling (1941-1966). Clinton Heylin. B Dylan
  • Dylan goes electric!: Newport, Seeger, Dylan, and the night that split the Sixties. Elijah Wald. 781.66 WAL
  • Dylan: the biography. Dennis McDougal. B Dylan
  • The Dylanologists: adventures in the land of Bob. David Kinney. 782.4216 KIN
  • Folk music: a Bob Dylan biography in seven songs. Greil Marcus. 782.4216 MAR
  • No direction home: the life and music of Bob Dylan. Robert Shelton. B Dylan
  • Why Bob Dylan matters. Richard F. Thomas. 782.4216 THO
  • Who is Bob Dylan? Jim O’Connor. JB Dylan
  • 1970. CD MR DYLA NS D-12
  • The basement tapes raw. CD MR DYLA BTR #11
  • Blonde on blonde. CD MR DYLA BOB D-25, CD MR DYLA BB D-00
  • Blood on the tracks. CD MA DYLA BT D-98
  • Bob Dylan’s greatest hits. CD MA DYLA GH D-75
  • Bob Dylan’s greatest hits, volume 3. CD MR DYLA GH-3 D-83
  • Christmas in the heart. CD R DYLA CH C-32
  • Desire. CD MR DYLA DES D-93
  • Fallen angels. CD MR DYLA FA D-22
  • Highway 61 revisited. CD MA DYLA HSR D-99
  • In concert: Brandeis University, 1963. CD P DYLA IC D-22
  • “Love and theft”. CD MA DYLA LT D-75
  • Modern times. CD MA DYLA MT D-62
  • Oh mercy. CD MA DYLA OM D-81
  • Rough and rowdy ways. CD MR DYLA RRW D-82
  • Saved. CD MG DYLA SAV D-53
  • Shadow kingdom. CD MR DYLA SK D-92
  • Shadows in the night. CD P DYLA SIN D-62
  • Slow train coming. CD MG DYLA STC D-97
  • Tempest. CD MR DYLA TEM D-02
  • Together through life. CD MR DYLA TTL D-32
  • Travelin’ thru, 1967-1969. CD MR DYLA TT D-32
  • The Witmark demos, 1962-1964. CD MR DYLA WD D-92
  • Bob Dylan: 1990-2006: the never ending narrative. DVD 782.4216
  • Bob Dylan: the 30th anniversary concert celebration. DVD 781.66
  • Gotta serve somebody: the gospel songs of Bob Dylan. DVD 781.7
  • No direction home: Bob Dylan. DVD 782.4216

2015: Svetlana Alexievich

  • Last witnesses: an oral history of the children of World War II. 940.5347 ALE
  • Secondhand time: the last of the Soviets. 947.086 ALE
  • The unwomanly face of war: an oral history of women in World War II. 940.5347 ALE
  • Voices from Chernobyl. 363.1799 ALE

2014: Patrick Modiano

  • In the café of lost youth. Fic MOD
  • Missing person. Fic MOD
  • So you don’t get lost in the neighborhood. Fic MOD
  • Such fine boys. Fic MOD

2013: Alice Munro

  • Dear life: stories. Fic MUN, Spanish Lang. Fic MUN
  • Hateship, friendship, courtship, loveship, marriage: stories. Fic MUN, CD Fic MUN
  • Lives of girls & women. Fic MUN
  • The love of a good woman: stories. Fic MUN
  • Open secrets: stories. Fic MUN
  • The progress of love. Fic MUN
  • Runaway: stories. Fic MUN
  • Selected stories. Fic MUN
  • Too much happiness: stories. Fic MUN
  • The view from Castle Rock: stories. Fic MUN, Large Type Fic MUN
  • Away from her. DVD Drama A

2012: Mo Yan

  • Life and death are wearing me out. Fic MO
  • Frog. CD Fic MO

2011: Tomas Transtromer

  • Bright scythe. 839.71 TRA
  • The deleted world. 839.71 TRA
  • Tomas Transtromer: selected poems, 1954-1986. 839.71 TRA

2010: Mario Vargas Llosa

  • The bad girl. Fic VAR, Spanish Lang. Fic VAR
  • Death in the Andes. Fic VAR, Spanish Lang. Fic VAR
  • The discreet hero. Fic VAR, Spanish Lang. Fic VAR
  • The dream of the Celt. Fic VAR, Spanish Lang. Fic VAR
  • The notebooks of Don Rigoberto. Fic VAR
  • The way to paradise. Fic VAR, Spanish Lang. Fic VAR
  • Cartas a un joven novelista. Spanish Lang. 808.3 VAR
  • La casa verde. Spanish Lang. Fic VAR
  • Cinco esquinas. Spanish Lang. Fic VAR
  • Conversacion en la catedral. Spanish Lang. Fic VAR
  • Diario de Irak. Spanish Lang. 956.704 VAR
  • El hablador. Spanish Lang. Fic VAR
  • Israel, Palestina: paz o guerra santa. Spanish Lang. 956.9405 VAR
  • Medio siglo con Borges. Spanish Lang. 860 VAR
  • El pez en el agua. Spanish Lang. B Vargas Llosa
  • Quien mato a Palomino Molero? Spanish Lang. Fic VAR
  • La tia Julia y el escribidor. Spanish Lang. Fic VAR
  • Tiempos recios. Spanish Lang. Fic VAR
  • El barco de los niños. Sp. Lang. J VAR
  • Fonchito y la luna. Sp. Lang. Pic VAR

2009: Herta Müller

  • The fox was ever the hunter. Fic MUL
  • The hunger angel. Fic MUL

2008: Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio

  • The round & other cold hard facts = La ronde et autres faits divers. Fic LEC

2007: Doris Lessing

  • African laughter: four visits to Zimbabwe. 916.891 LES
  • Briefing for a descent into Hell. Fic LES
  • Stories. Fic LES
  • Time bites: views and reviews. 809 LES
  • Under my skin. B Lessing
  • Walking in the shade. B Lessing

2006: Orhan Pamuk

  • Istanbul: memories and the city. 949.618 PAM
  • The museum of innocence. Fic PAM
  • My name is Red. Fic PAM
  • Nights of plague. Fic PAM
  • Other colors: essays and a story. 894.3 PAM
  • The red-haired woman. Fic PAM
  • Silent house. Fic PAM, CD Fic PAM
  • Snow. Fic PAM
  • A strangeness in my mind: being the adventures and dreams of Mevlut Karatas, a seller of boza, and of his friends, and a portrait of life in Istanbul between 1969 and 2012 from many different points of view. Fic PAM, CD Fic PAM

2005: Harold Pinter

  • The essential Pinter. 822 PIN
  • Must you go?: my life with Harold Pinter. Antonia Fraser. B Pinter

2004: Elfriede Jelinek

  • The piano teacher. Fic JEL

2003: J.M. Coetzee

  • Age of Iron. Fic COE
  • Boyhood: scenes from provincial life. B Coetzee
  • Disgrace. Fic COE
  • Elizabeth Costello. Fic COE
  • Foe. Fic COE
  • Inner workings: literary essays, 20002005. 809 COE
  • The Pole. Fiction Coetzee
  • Slow man. Fic COE
  • Summertime: fiction. Fic COE
  • Waiting for the barbarians. DVD Drama W

2002: Imre Kertész

  • Liquidation. Fic KER

2001: V. S. Naipaul

  • Among the believers: an Islamic journey. 297 NAI
  • A bend in the river. Fic NAI
  • The enigma of arrival: a novel. Fic NAI
  • Half a life. Fic NAI
  • A house for Mr. Biswas. Fic NAI
  • India: a million mutinies now. 915.4 NAI
  • Magic seeds. Fic NAI, CD Fic NAI
  • The masque of Africa: glimpses of African belief. 200.96 NAI
  • A writer’s people: ways of looking and feeling: an essay in five parts. 828 NAI
  • Sir Vidia’s shadow: a friendship across five continents. Paul Theroux. B Theroux

2000: Gao Xingjian

  • Soul mountain. Fic GAO

1999: Günter Grass

  • Cat and mouse. Fic GRA
  • Dog years. Fic GRA
  • Headbirths, or, The Germans are dying out. Fic GRA
  • My century. Fic GRA
  • Of all that ends. 838 GRA
  • Peeling the onion. B Grass, CD B Grass
  • The rat. Fic GRA
  • The tin drum. Fic GRA, CD Fic GRA, DVD Foreign T
  • Katz und Maus: eine Novelle. 833 GRA

1998: José Saramago

  • All the names. Fic SAR, Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • Blindness. Fic SAR
  • Cain. Fic SAR, Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • The elephant’s journey. Fic SAR, Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • Raised from the ground. Fic SAR
  • La balsa de piedra. Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • La caverna. Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • Ensayo sobre la lucidez. Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • El evangelio segun Jesucristo. Spanish Lang. Fic
  • El hombre duplicado. Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • Las intermitencias de la muerte. Spanish Lang. Fic SAR
  • Jose Saramago en sus palabras. Spanish Lang. 869.8 SAR
  • Las pequeñas memorias. Spanish Lang. B Saramago
  • Enemy. DVD Mystery E

1997: Dario Fo

  • Accidental death of an anarchist. 852 FO

1996: Wislawa Szymborska

  • Map: collected and last poems. 891.85 SZY
  • Monologue of a dog: new poems. 891.85 SZY

1995: Seamus Heaney

  • Human chain. 821 HEA
  • North: [poems]. 821 HEA
  • The redress of poetry. 821.009 HEA
  • Seeing things. 821 HEA
  • Selected poems, 1966-1987. 821 HEA
  • Selected poems, 1988-2013. 821 HEA
  • The spirit level. 821 HEA

1994: Kenzaburo Oe

  • The changeling. Fic OE
  • Death by water. Fic OE
  • Somersault: a novel. Fic OE

1993: Toni Morrison

  • Beloved. Fic MOR, Large Type Fic MOR, Spanish Lang. Fic MOR, CD Fic MOR
  • The bluest eye. Fic MOR
  • Home. Fic MOR, CD Fic MOR
  • Jazz. Fic MOR
  • Love. Fic MOR
  • A mercy. Fic MOR, CD Fic MOR
  • The origin of others. 305.8 MOR
  • Paradise. Fic MOR, CD Fic MOR
  • Recitatif: a story. Fic MOR
  • Song of Solomon. Fic MOR
  • The source of self-regard: selected essays, speeches, and meditations. 818 MOR
  • Sula. Fic MOR, Large Type Fic MOR
  • Tar baby. Fic MOR
  • What moves at the margin: selected nonfiction. 818 MOR
  • Who’s got game?: Poppy or snake? J 398.24 MOR
  • Who’s got game?: the ant or the grasshopper? J 398.24 MOR
  • Who’s got game?: the lion or the mouse? J 398.24 MOR
  • Toni Morrison. Douglas Century. JB Morrison
  • Toni Morrison. Diane Patrick-Wexler. JB Morrison
  • Toni Morrison: the pieces I am. DVD B Morrison

1992: Derek Walcott

  • The poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013. 811 WAL
  • The prodigal. 811 WAL
  • White egrets: poems. 811 WAL

1991: Nadine Gordimer

  • Get a life. Fic GOR, Large Type Fic GOR, Spanish Lang. Fic GOR
  • A guest of honour. Fic GOR
  • The house gun. Fic GOR
  • July’s people. Fic GOR
  • Life times: stories, 1952-2007. Fic GOR
  • My son’s story. Fic GOR
  • None to accompany me. Fic GOR
  • The pickup. Fic GOR, Large Type Fic GOR
  • A sport of nature: a novel. Fic GOR
  • Telling times: writing and living, 1954-2008. 828 GOR

1990: Octavio Paz

  • The poems of Octavio Paz. 861 PAZ
  • El arco y la lira: el poema; la revelación poética; poesía e historia. Spanish Lang. 861 PAZ
  • El laberinto de la soledad. Spanish Lang. 917.2
  • Memorias y palabras: cartas a pere Gimferrer, 1966-1997. Spanish Lang. 866 PAZ
  • Vuelta: 1969-1975. Spanish Lang. 861 PAZ
  • Octavio Paz: las palabras del arbol. Elena Poniatowska. Spanish Lang. 861 PAZ

1989: Camilo José Cela

  • El color de la mañana. Spanish Lang. 868 CEL

1988: Naguib Mahfouz

  • The Cairo trilogy: Palace Walk, Palace of Desire, Sugar Street. Fic MAH

1987: Joseph Brodsky

  • Collected poems in English. 811 BRO
  • So forth: poems. 811 BRO

1986: Wole Soyinka

  • Of Africa. 960 SOY
  • The open sore of a continent: a personal narrative of the Nigerian crisis. 966.905 SOY

1985: Claude Simon

1984: Jaroslav Seifert

  • The poetry of Jaroslav Seifert. 891.861 SEI

1983: William Golding

  • Close quarters. Fic GOL
  • Fire down below. Fic GOL
  • Lord of the flies. Fic GOL, Y Fic GOL, CD Fic GOL, Y AUDIO CD GOL, Y AUDIO Playaway GOL, DVD Action Adv. L
  • The pyramid. Fic GOL
  • Rites of passage. Fic GOL

1982: Gabriel García Márquez

  • The autumn of the patriarch. Fic GAR
  • Clandestine in Chile: the adventures of Miguel Littin. 983.064 GAR
  • Collected novellas. Fic GAR
  • The general in his labyrinth. Fic GAR
  • Living to tell the tale. B Garcia
  • Love in the time of cholera. Fic GAR
  • Memories of my melancholy whores. Fic GAR, CD Fic GAR
  • Of love and other demons. Fic GAR
  • One hundred years of solitude. Fic GAR, Large Type Fic GAR
  • The story of a shipwrecked sailor: who drifted on a life raft for ten days without food or water, was proclaimed a national hero, kissed by beauty queens, made rich through publicity, and then spurned by the government and forgotten for all time. 910.45 GAR, Spanish Lang. 910.452 GAR
  • El amor en los tiempos del cólera. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • La aventura de Miguel Littin clandestino en Chile. Spanish Lang. 983.064 GAR
  • Cien años de soledad. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • El coronel no tiene quien le escriba. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • Crónica de una muerte anunciada. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • Cuentos; 1947-1992. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • Del amor y otros demonios. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • Doce cuentos peregrinos. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • Los funerales de la Mamá Grande. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • El general en su laberinto. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • La hojarasca. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • La increíble y triste historia de la cándida Eréndira y de su abuela desalmada. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • La mala hora. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • Me alquilo para soñar. Spanish Lang. 808.2 MEA
  • Memoria de mis putas tristes. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • Notas de prensa, 1980-1984. Spanish Lang. 864
  • Noticia de un secuestro. Spanish Lang. 364.154
  • Ojos de perro azul. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • El otoño del patriarca. Spanish Lang. Fic GAR
  • Vivir para contarla. Spanish Lang. B Garcia
  • Yo no vengo a decir un discurso. Spanish Lang. 865 GAR
  • Gabriel García Márquez: a life. Gerald Martin. B Garcia Marquez, Spanish Lang. B Garcia
  • Gabriel García Márquez: Gabito. Georgina Lázaro. Sp. Lang. J 861 LAZ
  • My name is Gabito: the life of Gabriel García Márquez = Me llamo Gabito: la vida de Gabriel García Márquez. Monica Brown. Sp. Lang. JB Garcia Marquez
  • García Márquez in 90 minutes. CD 863 GAR
  • Gabo: the creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. DVD 863.64

1981: Elias Canetti

1980: Czeslaw Milosz

  • New and collected poems 1931-2001. 891.85 MIL

1979: Odysseus Elytis

1978: Isaac Bashevis Singer

  • Collected stories. Fic SIN
  • The death of Methuselah and other stories. Fic SIN
  • Love and exile. B Singer
  • Old love. Fic SIN
  • The penitent. Fic SIN
  • Shadows on the Hudson. Fic SIN
  • Gimpel the fool and other stories. CD Fic SIN
  • Yentl. DVD Musical Y
  • Elijah the Slave. J 398.2 SIN
  • The fools of Chelm and their history. J SIN
  • The golem. J SIN
  • The power of light: eight stories for Hanukkah. J SIN Hanukkah
  • Stories for children. J SIN
  • When Shlemiel went to Warsaw. J SIN
  • Zlateh the goat, and other stories. J SIN

1977: Vicente Aleixandre

  • Los encuentros. Spanish Lang. 860 ALE

1976: Saul Bellow

  • The actual. Fic BEL
  • Henderson, the rain king; a novel. Fic BEL, CD Fic BEL
  • Herzog. Fic BEL
  • Humboldt’s gift. Fic BEL
  • Novels, 1944-1953. Fic BEL
  • Novels, 1956-1964. Fic BEL
  • Ravelstein. Fic BEL
  • Seize the day, with three short stories… Fic BEL
  • A theft. Fic BEL
  • he adventures of Augie March, a novel. CD Fic BEL

1975: Eugenio Montale

  • Otherwise: last and first poems of Eugenio Montale. 851 MON

1974: Eyvind Johnson, Harry Martinson

1973: Patrick White

  • The eye of the storm. Fic WHI

1972: Heinrich Böll

  • The silent angel. Fic BOL
  • The Lost honor of Katharina Blum. DVD Foreign L

1971: Pablo Neruda

  • 100 love sonnets = cien sonetos de amor. 861.6 NER, Spanish Lang. 861 NER
  • All the odes. 861 NER
  • The essential Neruda: selected poems. 861 NER
  • Odes to common things. 861 NER
  • The poetry of Pablo Neruda. 861 NER
  • Then come back: the lost Neruda poems. 861 NER
  • Pablo Neruda: Nobel prize-winning poet. David Goodnough. JB Neruda
  • Antología general. Spanish Lang. 860 NER
  • Canción de gesta. Spanish Lang. 861 NER
  • Cien sonetos de amor. Spanish Lang. 861 NER
  • La espada encendida. Spanish Lang. 861 NER
  • Jardín de invierno. Spanish Lang. 861 NER
  • Plenos poderes. Spanish Lang. 861 NER
  • Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada. Spanish Lang. 861 NER
  • Fulgor y muerte de Pablo Neruda. Hernan Uribe O. Spanish Lang. B Neruda
  • Pablo Neruda: Nobel prize-winning poet. David Goodnough. JB Neruda
  • Pablo. Georgina Lazaro. Sp. Lang. EB Neruda
  • Pablo Neruda. VIDEO Spanish Lang.

1970: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  • Apricot jam, and other stories. Fic SOL
  • August 1914. Fic SOL
  • For the good of the cause. Fic SOL
  • The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: an experiment in literary investigation. 947.084 SOL
  • In the first circle. Fic SOL
  • Lenin in Zurich: chapters. Fic SOL
  • November 1916. Fic SOL
  • One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich. Fic SOL, CD Fic SOL

1969: Samuel Beckett

  • Samuel Beckett: the complete short prose, 1929-1989. Fic BEC
  • Waiting for Godot; tragicomedy in 2 acts. 842 BEC
  • En attendant Godot. 842 BEC
  • Beckett on film: 19 films x 19 directors. DVD Drama

1968: Yasunari Kawabata

  • First snow on Fuji. Fic KAW
  • Palm-of-the-hand stories. Fic KAW

1967: Miguel Angel Asturias

  • Men of maize. Fic AST

1966: Shmuel Agnon, Nelly Sachs

  • A simple story. Fic AGN

1965: Mikhail Sholokhov

  • And quiet flows the Don. Fic SHO
  • The Don flows home to the sea. Fic SHO
  • Tales of the Don. Fic SHO
  • The colt. DVD Drama C

1964: Jean-Paul Sartre

  • Being and nothingness: an essay on phenomenological ontology. 111 SAR
  • Existentialism and human emotions. 142.78 SAR
  • No exit (Huis clos) a play in one act, & The flies (Les mouches) a play in three acts. 842 SAR
  • Le Diable et le Bon Dieu. 842 SAR

1963: Giorgos Seferis

1962: John Steinbeck

  • America and Americans. 917.3 STE
  • Cannery Row. Fic STE, DVD Drama C
  • East of Eden. Fic STE, Large Type Fic STE, CD Fic STE, Audio Fic STE, DVD Drama E
  • The grapes of wrath. Fic STE, Y Fic STE, CD Fic STE, Audio Fic STE, DVD Drama G, Spanish Lang. Fic STE
  • The grapes of wrath and other writings, 1936-1941. Fic STE
  • In dubious battle. Fic STE
  • The moon is down, a novel. Fic STE
  • Novels, 1942-1952. Fic STE
  • Novels and stories, 1932-1937. Fic STE
  • Of mice and men. Fic STE, Y Fic STE, CD Fic STE, DVD Drama O
  • Once there was a war. 940.54 STE
  • The pearl. Y Fic STE, Y AUDIO CD STE
  • The portable Steinbeck. Fic STE
  • The red pony. Y Fic STE, DVD Drama R
  • The short novels of John Steinbeck. Fic STE
  • The short reign of Pippin IV: a fabrication. Fic STE
  • Tortilla Flat. Fic STE, Spanish Lang. Fic STE
  • Travels with Charley and later novels. Fic STE, CD 917.3 STE
  • The wayward bus. Fic STE
  • The winter of our discontent. Fic STE
  • John Steinbeck. 813 STE
  • John Steinbeck: a biography. Jay Parini. B Steinbeck
  • Steinbeck: a life in letters. B Steinbeck
  • John Steinbeck. Tom Ito. JB Steinbeck
  • Lifeboat. DVD Action Adv. L

1961: Ivo Andric

1960: Saint-John Perse

1959: Salvatore Quasimodo

1958: Boris Pasternak

  • Doctor Zhivago. Fic PAS, Y Fic PAS, Large Type Fic PAS, DVD Drama D
  • Lara: the untold love story that inspired Doctor Zhivago. Anna Pasternak. B Pasternak
  • The Zhivago affair: the Kremlin, the CIA, and the battle over a forbidden book. Peter Finn, Petra Couvée. 891.73 PAS

1957: Albert Camus

  • Algerian chronicles. 965.04 CAM
  • Exile and the kingdom. Fic CAM
  • The first man. Fic CAM
  • The plague. Fic CAM
  • The stranger. Fic CAM
  • La chute. 843 CAM
  • Brave genius: a scientist, a philosopher, and their daring adventures from the French Resistance to the Nobel Prize. Sean B. Carroll. B Camus
  • Looking for The stranger: Albert Camus and the life of a literary classic. Alice Kaplan. 843.009 KAP
  • Albert Camus: the thinker, the artist, the man. Stephen Eric Bronner. JB Camus

1956: Juan Ramón Jiménez

  • Platero y yo = Platero and I. Sp. Lang. J 863 JIM

1955: Halldór Laxness

1954: Ernest Hemingway

  • Across the river and into the trees. Fic HEM, CD Fic HEM
  • By-line: Ernest Hemingway: selected articles and dispatches of four decades. 818 HEM
  • The complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway. Fic HEM
  • Death in the afternoon. 791.82 HEM
  • A farewell to arms. Fic HEM, Y Fic HEM, CD Fic HEM
  • For whom the bell tolls. Fic HEM, Audio Fic HEM, DVD Action Adv. F, VIDEO Action Adv.
  • The garden of Eden. Fic HEM
  • Green hills of Africa. 916 HEM
  • In our time; stories. Fic HEM
  • Islands in the stream. Audio Fic HEM
  • A moveable feast. 818 HEM, CD B Hemingway
  • The Nick Adams stories. Fic HEM
  • The old man and the sea. Fic HEM, Y Fic HEM, Spanish Lang. Fic HEM, CD Fic HEM, Y AUDIO CD HEM, DVD Drama O, VIDEO Drama
  • The snows of Kilimanjaro and other stories. Fic HEM, CD Fic HEM
  • The sun also rises. Fic HEM, CD Fic HEM
  • To have and have not. Fic HEM, CD Fic HEM, DVD Drama T
  • True at first light. Fic HEM
  • Ernest Hemingway. 813 HEM
  • Ernest Hemingway: a biography. Mary V. Dearborn. B Hemingway
  • Ernest Hemingway: the life and the legend. Richard B. Lyttle. JB Hemingway
  • Ernest Hemingway: wrestling with life. DVD B Hemingway

1953: Winston Churchill

  • Closing the ring. 940.53 CHU
  • The gathering storm. 940.53 CHU
  • The Grand Alliance. 940.53 CHU
  • The hinge of fate. 940.53 CHU
  • A history of the English-speaking peoples. 942 CHU
  • Never give in!: the best of Winston Churchill’s speeches. 941.082 CHU
  • Their finest hour. 940.53 CHU
  • Triumph and tragedy. 940.53 CHU
  • Winston Churchill. John Keegan. B Churchill
  • Winston Churchill: British soldier, writer, statesman. Brenda Haugen. JB Churchill
  • Churchill: soldier, adventurer, politician, author, legend. DVD B Churchill
  • Winston Churchill: the wilderness years, 1929-1939. DVD B Churchill

1952: François Mauriac

  • The woman of the Pharisees. Fic MAU

1950: Bertrand Russell

  • A history of western philosophy. 109 RUS
  • Philosophy. 104 RUS
  • Logicomix: an epic search for truth. Apostolos Doxiadis, Christos H. Papadiminitriou. Graphic B Russell

1949: William Faulkner

  • Absalom, Absalom! Fic FAU
  • As I lay dying. Fic FAU
  • Big woods: the hunting stories. Fic FAU
  • A fable. Fic FAU
  • Flags in the dust. Fic FAU
  • Go down, Moses. Fic FAU
  • The hamlet. Fic FAU, CD Fic FAU
  • Intruder in the dust. Fic FAU
  • Light in August. Fic FAU, CD Fic FAU
  • The mansion. Fic FAU
  • Novels, 1926-1929. Fic FAU
  • Novels, 1930-1935. Fic FAU
  • Novels, 1936-1940. Fic FAU
  • Novels 1942-1954. Fic FAU
  • Novels, 1957-1962. Fic FAU
  • The reivers, a reminiscence. Fic FAU, CD Fic FAU, DVD Comedy R
  • Requiem for a nun. Fic FAU
  • Sanctuary. Fic FAU
  • The sound and the fury. Fic FAU, Y AUDIO CD FAU
  • Sartoris. Audio Fic FAU
  • The William Faulkner audio collection. CD Fic FAU
  • Barn burning. DVD Drama B
  • The long, hot summer. DVD Drama L
  • Tomorrow. DVD Drama T

1948: T.S. Eliot

  • The cocktail party, a comedy. 822 ELI
  • The complete plays. 822 ELI
  • The complete poems and plays, 1909-1950. 811 ELI
  • The confidential clerk: a play. 812 ELI
  • Murder in the cathedral. 822 ELI
  • T.S. Eliot: an imperfect life. Lyndall Gordon. B Eliot

1947: André Gide

1946: Hermann Hesse

  • Pictor’s metamorphoses, and other fantasies. Fic HES
  • Siddhartha. Fic HES, Y Fic HES, CD Fic HES
  • Steppenwolf. Fic HES, 833 HES

1945: Gabriela Mistral

  • En verso y prosa: antología. Spanish Lang. 861 MIS
  • Crickets and frogs = Grillos y ranas: a fable. Sp. Lang. E 398.24 MIS
  • My name is Gabriela: the life of Gabriela Mistral = Me llamo Gabriela: la vida de Gabriela Mistral. Monica Brown. Sp. Lang. EB Mistral

1944: Johannes V. Jensen

1939: Frans Eemil Sillanpää

1938: Pearl Buck

  • All under heaven; a novel. Fic BUC
  • The child who never grew. 136.7 BUC
  • Come, my beloved. Fic BUC
  • Command the morning. Fic BUC
  • Death in the castle, a novel. Fic BUC
  • Dragon seed. Fic BUC
  • East and West: stories. Large Type Fic BUC
  • The eternal wonder. Fic BUC
  • The exile. B Sydenstricker
  • Far and near; stories of Japan, China, and America. Fic BUC
  • For spacious skies; journey in dialogue. 818 BUC
  • Fourteen stories. Fic BUC
  • God’s men. Fic BUC
  • The good deed, and other stories of Asia. Fic BUC
  • The good earth. Fic BUC, Y Fic BUC, CD Fic BUC, DVD Drama G
  • The hidden flower. Fic BUC
  • Imperial woman; a novel. Fic BUC
  • Kinfolk. Fic BUC
  • Letter from Peking, a novel. Fic BUC
  • The living reed, a novel. Fic BUC
  • The lovers and other stories. Fic BUC
  • The mother. Fic BUC
  • The new year; a novel. Fic BUC
  • Once upon a Christmas. 818 BUC
  • The patriot. Fic BUC
  • Pavilion of women. Fic BUC, CD Fic BUC
  • Peony. Fic BUC
  • Portrait of a marriage. Fic BUC
  • Secrets of the heart: stories. Fic BUC
  • This proud heart. Fic BUC
  • The three daughters of Madame Liang. Fic BUC
  • The time is noon; a novel. Fic BUC
  • To my daughters, with love. 301.42 BUC
  • Today and forever, stories of China. Fic BUC
  • Twenty-seven stories. Fic BUC
  • The woman who was changed. Fic BUC
  • The big fight. J BUC
  • The big wave. J BUC
  • The Chinese story teller. J 398.2 BUC
  • The Christmas ghost. J BUC
  • The Christmas miniature. J BUC
  • A gift for the children. J BUC
  • Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. J BUC
  • Pearl Buck in China: journey to the good earth. Hilary Spurling. B Buck
  • Pearl S. Buck: a cultural biography. Peter Conn. B Buck

1937: Roger Martin du Gard

1936: Eugene O’Neill

  • Ah, wilderness! 812 ONE
  • Complete plays. 812 ONE
  • Long day’s journey into night. 812 ONE, DVD Drama L
  • Desire under the elms. DVD Drama D
  • The iceman cometh. DVD Drama I
  • The long voyage home. DVD Action Adv. L
  • A moon for the misbegotten. DVD Drama M

1934: Luigi Pirandello

1933: Ivan Bunin

1932: John Galsworthy

  • The Forsyte saga. Fic GAL, DVD Drama F

1931: Erik Axel Karlfeldt

1930: Sinclair Lewis

  • Arrowsmith; Elmer Gantry; Dodsworth. Fic LEW
  • Babbitt. Fic LEW
  • Cass Timberlane, a novel of husbands and wives. Fic LEW
  • Dodsworth. Fic LEW, DVD Drama D
  • Elmer Gantry. Fic LEW, CD Fic LEW, DVD Drama E
  • Main Street. Fic LEW, CD Fic LEW

1929: Thomas Mann

  • Buddenbrooks. Fic MAN
  • Doctor Faustus; the life of the German composer, Adrian Leverkuhn, as told by a friend. Fic MAN
  • The magic mountain. Fic MAN
  • Stories of three decades. Fic MAN

1928: Sigrid Undset

  • Kristin Lavransdatter. Fic UND

1927: Henri Bergson

1926: Grazia Deledda

1925: George Bernard Shaw

  • The adventures of the black girl in her search for God. Fic SHA
  • Pygmalion. 822 SHA, DVD Drama, VIDEO Comedy
  • Seven plays, with prefaces and notes. 822 SHA
  • Shaw: an autobiography. B Shaw
  • Arms and the man. DVD Comedy A
  • The millionairess. DVD Comedy M
  • Mrs. Warren’s profession. DVD Drama M

1924: Wladyslaw Reymont

1923: William Butler Yeats

  • The autobiography of William Butler Yeats. B Yeats
  • The poems. 821 YEA, Audio 821 YEA
  • Under the moon: the unpublished early poetry. 821 YEA

1922: Jacinto Benavente

1921: Anatole France

1920: Knut Hamsun

  • Hunger. Fic HAM

1919: Carl Spitteler

1917: Karl Gjellerup, Henrik Pontoppidan

1916: Verner von Heidenstam

1915: Romain Rolland

1913: Rabindranath Tagore

  • Hungry stones and other stories. 891.4 TAG
  • The religion of man. 201 TAG
  • Sadhana; the realization of life. 181.4 TAG
  • Selected poems. 891.44 TAG
  • Show yourself to my soul: a new translation of Gitanjali. 891.44 TAG

1912: Gerhart Hauptmann

1911: Maurice Maeterlinck

  • The blue bird. DVD Children B

1910: Paul Heyse

1909: Selma Lagerlöf

  • The legend of the Christmas rose. J 398.2 GRE

1908: Rudolf Eucken

1907: Rudyard Kipling

  • Captains courageous. Fic KIP, J KIP, CD Fic KIP, DVD Action Adv. C, VIDEO Action Adv.
  • The jungle book(s). Y Fic KIP, J KIP, Audio Fic KIP, DVD Children J, VIDEO Action Adv. J
  • Kim. Fic KIP, DVD Action Adv. K
  • Kipling, a selection of his stories and poems. Fic KIP
  • Plain tales from the hills. Fic KIP
  • Rudyard Kipling: the complete verse. 821 KIP
  • All the Mowgli stories. J KIP
  • The beginning of the armadillos. J KIP
  • How the camel got his hump. Pic KIP
  • How the rhinoceros got his skin. Pic KIP
  • If: a father’s advice to his son. J 821 KIP
  • Just so stories. J KIP, CD Fic KIP, J AUDIO Cassette KIP
  • Puck of Pook’s Hill. J KIP
  • Rewards and fairies. J KIP
  • Rikki-tikki-tavi. J KIP, DVD Children R
  • The Elephant’s child from Just so stories. VIDEO Children
  • Gunga Din. DVD Action Adv. G
  • The man who would be king. DVD Action Adv. M, VIDEO Action Adv.
  • Rudyard Kipling’s The white seal. DVD Children W
  • Rudyard Kipling: author of The Jungle books. Carol Greene. EB Kipling

1906: Giosuè Carducci

1905: Henryk Sienkiewicz

  • Quo vadis. Fic SIE, CD Fic SIE, DVD Drama Q

1904: Frédéric Mistral, José Echegaray

1903: Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

1902: Theodor Mommsen

1901: Sully Prudhomme

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