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Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2005

Gone but not forgotten: Deaths in 2005

Will Eisner 3/6/1917–1/3/2005

  • The last knight: an introduction to Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes. J 741.5 EIS

Humphrey Carpenter 4/29/1946–1/4/2005

  • The Inklings. Audio 823.009 CAR
  • Tolkien: a biography. B Tolkien

Jay Schulberg 7/17/1939–1/12/2005

  • The milk mustache book: a behind-the-scenes look at America’s favorite advertising campaign. 659.19 SCH

Charlotte MacLeod (Alisa Craig) 11/12/1922–1/14/2005

  • The balloon man. Mystery MACL, Large Type Fic MACL
  • Exit the milkman. Mystery MACL
  • The Gladstone bag. Mystery MACL
  • The odd job. Mystery MACL
  • An owl too many. Mystery MACL
  • Something in the water. Mystery MACL
  • The wrong rite. Mystery MACL
  • More titles…

Johnny Carson 10/23/1925–1/23/2005

  • Carson: the unauthorized biography. Paul Corkery. B Carson
  • Here’s Johnny! Ed McMahon. B Carson
  • Johnny Carson: an authorized biography. Ronald L. Smith. B Carson
  • King of the night: the life of Johnny Carson. Laurence Leamer. B Carson

Ernst Mayr 7/5/1904–2/3/2005

  • This is biology: the science of the living world. 570 MAY

Ossie Davis 12/18/1917–2/4/2005

  • Escape to freedom: a play about young Frederick Douglass. J 812 DAV
  • Just like Martin. J DAV

Karl Haas 1914–2/6/2005

  • Inside music: how to understand, listen to, and enjoy good music. 780.1 HAA

Arthur Miller 10/17/1915–2/10/2005

  • Arthur Miller. 812 MIL
  • Arthur Miller: his life and work. Martin Gottfried. B Miller
  • Collected plays. 812 MIL
  • The creation of the world and other business; a play. 812 MIL
  • The crucible: a play in four acts. 812 MIL
  • Jane’s blanket. E MIL
  • Timebends: a life. B Miller

Jack L. Chalker 12/17/1944–2/11/2005

  • The cybernetic walrus. Sci. Fic CHA
  • Gods of the Well of Souls: a Well World novel. Sci. Fic CHA
  • Shadow of the well of souls: a Well World novel. Sci. Fic CHA

Hunter S. Thompson 7/18/1939–2/20/2005

  • Better than sex; confessions of a political junkie. 324.97 THO
  • Fear and loathing in Las Vegas and other American stories. 070.92 THO
  • Generation of swine: tales of shame and degradation in the ’80s. 814 THO
  • Hey Rube: blood sport, the Bush doctrine, and the downward spiral of dumbness: modern history from the sports desk. 796 THO

Sandra Dee


  • Dream lovers: the magnificent shattered lives of Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. Dodd Darin and Maxine Paetro. B Darin

Henry A. Grunwald 12/3/1922–2/26/2005

  • A saint, more or less: a novel. Fic GRU
  • Twilight: losing sight, gaining insight. 362.41 GRU

George Frost Kennan 2/16/1904–3/17/2005

  • Around the cragged hill: a personal and political philosophy. 320.01 KEN

Andre Norton 2/17/1912–3/17/2005

  • Atlantis endgame: a new time traders adventure. Sci. Fic NOR
  • A crown disowned. Sci. Fic NOR
  • Derelict for trade: a great new Solar Queen adventure. Sci. Fic NOR
  • Echoes in time: a new time traders adventure. Sci. Fic NOR
  • Elvenborn: book three of the Halfblood chronicles. Sci. Fic NOR
  • Scent of magic. Sci. Fic NOR
  • The shadow of Albion. Fic NOR
  • Wind in the stone. Sci. Fic NOR
  • More titles…

John DeLorean 1/6/1925–3/19/2005

  • DeLorean. B DeLorean

Bobby Short 9/15/1924–3/21/2005

  • Swing that music. Cass. MJ SHOR STM S-1793

Johnnie Cochran, Jr. 10/2/1937–3/29/2005

  • Journey to justice. B Cochran
  • A lawyer’s life. B Cochran

Pope John Paul II 5/18/1920–4/2/2005

  • Abba pater. CD C JOHN AP J-05
  • Blessings: a multilingual presentation. Audio 264.36 JOH
  • Crossing the threshold of hope. 282 JOH
  • The hidden Pope: the untold story of a lifelong friendship that is changing the relationship between Catholics and Jews: the personal journey of John Paul II and Jerzy Kluger. Darcy O’Brien. B John Paul II
  • His Holiness: John Paul II and the hidden history of our time. Carl Bernstein, Marco Politi. B John Paul II, Large Type B John Paul II
  • Life in the Vatican with John Paul II. Luigi Accattoli. 945.634 ACC
  • The place within: the poetry of Pope John Paul II. 891.85 JOH
  • Pope John Paul II: a tribute. Robert Sullivan. B John Paul II
  • Pope John Paul II: statesman of faith. VIDEO B John Paul II
  • Pope John Paul II.: the biography. Tad Szulc. B John Paul II
  • The private prayers of Pope John Paul II. The loving heart. 242.86 JOH

Saul Bellow 6/10/1915–4/5/2005

  • The actual. Fic BEL
  • The adventures of Augie March, a novel. Fic BEL
  • The bellarosa connection. Fic BEL
  • The dean’s December: a novel. Fic BEL
  • Henderson, the rain king; a novel. Fic BEL
  • Herzog. Fic BEL
  • Him with his foot in his mouth and other stories. Fic BEL
  • Humboldt’s gift. Fic BEL
  • Mr. Sammler’s planet. Fic BEL
  • Novels, 1944-1953. Fic BEL
  • Ravelstein. Fic BEL
  • Seize the day, with three short stories and a one-act play. Fic BEL
  • A theft. Fic BEL
  • To Jerusalem and back: a personal account. Large Type 915.694 BEL

Prince Rainier III 5/31/1923–4/6/2005

  • Once upon a time: behind the fairy tale of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier. J. Randy Taraborrelli. 929.7 TAR
  • The royal house of Monaco: dynasty of glamour, tragedy and scandal. John Glatt. B Grimaldi

Frank Conroy 1/15/1936–4/6/2005

  • Body & soul. Fic CON

Andrea Dworkin 9/26/1946–4/9/2005

  • Mercy. Fic DWO

Herbert Warren Wind 8/11/1916–5/30/2005

  • Following through. 796.352 WIN

Jack S. Kilby 11/8/1923–6/20/2005

  • The chip: how two Americans invented the microchip and launched a revolution. T.R. Reid. 621.381 REI

Larry Collins 9/14/1929–6/20/2005

  • Black eagles. Fic COL
  • Fall from grace: a novel. Fic COL, Large Type Fic COL
  • The fifth horseman: a novel. Fic COL
  • Freedom at midnight. 954.04 COL
  • Is Paris burning? 940.54 COL
  • Maze: a novel. Fic COL
  • O Jerusalem. 956.94 COL

Shana Alexander 10/6/1925–6/23/2005

  • Anyone’s daughter. 345.02 ALE
  • Nutcracker: money, madness, murder: a family album. 364.1523 ALE
  • Talking woman. 070.4 ALE
  • Very much a lady: the untold story of Jean Harris and Dr. Herman Tarnower. B Harris

Paul Winchell 12/21/1922–6/24/2005

  • Ventriloquism for fun and profit. 793.8 WIN

Shelby Foote 11/17/1916–6/27/2005

  • The Civil War, a narrative. 973.7 FOO
  • September, September. Fic FOO
  • Stars in their courses: the Gettysburg campaign, June-July 1863. 973.734 FOO

Luther Vandross 4/20/1951–7/1/2005

  • Dance with my father. CD MA VAND DWF V-52
  • I know. Cass. MR VAND IK V-89
  • Luther: the life and longing of Luther Vandross. Craig Seymour. 782.4216 SEY
  • Power of love. CD MR VAND-L PL V-89
  • This is Christmas. Cass. R VAND TIC V-95

Gaylord Nelson 6/4/1916–7/3/2005

  • Gaylord Nelson: a day for the earth. Jeffrey Shulman and Teresa Rogers. JB Nelson

James B. Stockdale 12/23/1923–7/5/2005

  • In love and war: the story of a family’s ordeal and sacrifice during the Vietnam years. 959.704 STO

Evan Hunter (Ed McBain) 10/15/1926–7/6/2005

  • The big bad city: a novel of the 87th Precinct. Mystery MACB
  • Criminal conversation. Fic HUN, Large Type Fic HUN
  • Driving lessons. Mystery MACB
  • Fat Ollie’s book: a novel of the 87th Precinct. Mystery MACB
  • Fiddlers: a novel of the 87th Precinct. Mystery MACB
  • The frumious bandersnatch: a novel of the 87th Precinct. Mystery MACB
  • Gladly the cross-eyed bear. Mystery MACB
  • Hark!: a novel of the 87th Precinct. Mystery MACB
  • Kiss: a novel of the 87th Precinct. Mystery MACB
  • The last best Hope. Mystery MACB, Large Type Fic MACB
  • The last dance: a novel of the 87th precinct. Mystery MACB
  • Mary, Mary. Mystery MACB
  • Mischief: a novel of the 87th Precinct. Mystery MACB
  • The moment she was gone. CD Fic HUN
  • Money, money, money: a novel of the 87th Precinct. Mystery MACB, CD Fic MACB
  • Nocturne: a novel of the 87th precinct. Mystery MACB
  • Privileged conversation. Fic HUN
  • Romance. Mystery MACB
  • There was a little girl. Mystery MACB
  • More titles…

Byron Preiss


  • Dragonworld. Sci. Fic PRE

William C. Westmoreland 3/26/1914–7/18/2005

  • A soldier reports. B Westmoreland

James Doohan 3/3/1920–7/20/2005

  • The rising. Sci. Fic DOO

Ibrahim Ferrer 2/20/1927–8/6/2005

  • Buena Vista Social Club presents Ibrahim Ferrer. Cass. MA FERR-I BVS F-32
  • Buenos hermanos. CD MA FERR BH F-02

Peter Jennings 7/29/1938–8/7/2005

  • The century. 909.82 JEN, VIDEO 973.9

John H. Johnson 1/19/1918–8/8/2005

  • John Johnson: media magnate. Keith E. Greenberg. JB Johnson
  • John H. Johnson: “the man from Ebony”. Lucille Falkof. JB Johnson
  • Succeeding against the odds. B Johnson

Judith Rossner 3/1/1935–8/9/2005

  • August. Fic ROS
  • Emmeline. Fic ROS
  • His little women: a novel. Fic ROS
  • Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Fic ROS
  • Nine months in the life of an old maid. Fic ROS
  • Olivia, or, The weight of the past. Fic ROS
  • Perfidia: a novel. Fic ROS

William H. Rehnquist 10/1/1924–9/3/2005

  • The Rehnquist Court 1986-1994. 347.7326 UNI

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown 4/18/1924–9/10/2005

  • The original Peacock recordings. CD MJ BROW OPR B-39

Gordon Gould 7/17/1920–9/16/2005

  • Gordon Gould: laser man. Scott McPartland. JB Gould

Simon Wiesenthal 12/31/1908–9/20/2005

  • Max and Helen. 940.53 WIE
  • The murderers among us; the Simon Wiesenthal memoirs. 341.4 WIE
  • The sunflower. 179.7 WIE

M. Scott Peck 5/22/1936–9/25/2005

  • A bed by the window: a novel of mystery and redemption. Fic PEC
  • Denial of the soul: spiritual and medical perspectives on euthanasia and mortality. 179.7 PEC
  • The different drum: community-making and peace. 307 PEC, Audio 307 PEC
  • Further along the road less traveled; the unending journey toward spiritual growth: the edited lectures. 158.1 PEC
  • Glimpses of the devil: a psychiatrist’s personal accounts of possession, exorcism, and redemption. 235.4 PEC
  • Golf and the spirit: lessons for the journey. 796.352 PEC
  • In heaven as on earth: a vision of the afterlife. Fic PEC
  • In search of stones: a pilgrimage of faith, reason, and discovery. B Peck
  • People of the lie: the hope for healing human evil. 616.89 PEC, Audio 216 PEC
  • The road less traveled: a new psychology of love, traditional values, and spiritual growth. 158.1 PEC, Large Type 158.1 PEC, Audio 158.1 PEC
  • The road less traveled and beyond: spiritual growth in an age of anxiety. 158 PEC, Large Type 158 PEC
  • A world waiting to be born: rediscovering civility. 174 PEC

August Wilson 4/27/1945–10/2/2005

  • Fences: a play. 812 WIL
  • The piano lesson. 812 WIL, VIDEO Drama

Shirley Horn 5/1/1934–10/20/2005

  • I remember Miles. CD MJ HORN IRM H-99
  • You won’t forget me. CD MJ HORN-S YWF H-22

Rosa Parks 2/4/1913–10/24/2005

  • Rosa Parks. Douglas Brinkley. B Parks
  • The Rosa Parks story. DVD 973.0496