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Child Abuse Prevention

Child Abuse Prevention

  • All God’s children: inside the dark and violent world of street families. Rene Denfeld. 364.1066 DEN
  • Breaking free: true stories of girls who escaped modern slavery. Abby Sher. Y 364.153 SHE
  • Child abuse362.76 CHI
  • Endangered: your child in a hostile world. Johann Christoph Arnold. 305.23 ARN
  • Family violence. Debra Goldentyer. 362.829 GOL
  • I speak for this child: true stories of a child advocate. Gay Courter. 362.76 COU
  • The legacy lives on: a home of pain or a home of power. Dan LeLaCheur. 248.4 LEL
  • The lost children of Wilder: the epic struggle to change foster care. Nina Bernstein. 362.733 BER
  • Preventing child sexual abuse: sharing the responsibility. Sandy K. Wurtele. 362.76 WUR
  • Protecting the gift: keeping children and teenagers safe (and parents sane). Gavin de Becker. 649.1 DEB
  • The sea is so wide and my boat is so small: charting a course for the next generation. Marian Wright Edelman. 179.2 DED
  • Sexual abuse in Christian homes and churches. Carolyn Holderread Heggen. 261.835 HEG
  • To catch a predator: protecting your kids from online enemies already in your home. Chris Hansen. 363.259 HAN
  • Understanding child abuse and neglect. Cynthia Crosson-Tower. 362.76 TOW
  • Wasted: the plight of America’s unwanted children. Patrick T. Murphy. 362.7 MUR


  • Beginning to heal. Ellen Bass. 362.76 BAS
  • Breaking the silence: a guide to help children with complicated grief– suicide, homicide, AIDS, violence, and abuse. Linda Goldman. 155.937 GOL
  • Broken children, grown-up pain. Paul Hegstrom. 261.8327 HEG
  • Hope Meadows. Wes Smith. 362.73 SMI
  • Mortal sins: sex, crime, and the era of Catholic scandal. Michael D’Antonio. 261.8327 DAN
  • My peace I give you: healing sexual wounds with the help of the saints. Dawn Eden. 248.86 EDE
  • The obsidian mirror: healing from childhood sexual abuse. Louise M. Wisechild. 306.877 WIS
  • Victims no longer. Mike Lew. 362.76 LEW
  • Wednesday’s children: adult survivors of abuse speak out. Suzanne Somers. 362.829 SOM
  • When your child has been molested: a parents’ guide to healing and recovery. Kathryn Brohl. 362.76 BRO
  • Your turn for care: surviving the aging and death of the adults who harmed you. Laura S. Brown. 362.8292 BRO


  • Against all odds: my life of hardship, fast breaks, and second chances. Scott Brown. B Brown
  • All that is bitter & sweet: a memoir. Ashley Judd. B Judd
  • Kindness for weakness. Shawn Goodman. Y Fic GOO
  • A brother’s journey. Richard B. Pelzer. B Pelzer
  • A child called “it”. Dave Pelzer. B Pelzer, Y 362.76 PEL, Spanish Lang. B Pelzer
  • Fingernail moon: the true story of a mother’s flight to protect her daughter. Janie Webster. 362.829 WEB
  • First person plural. Cameron West. 616.8523 WES
  • Geronimo’s bones. Nasdijj. B Nasdijj
  • Handbook for an unpredictable life: how I survived Sister Renata and my crazy mother, and still came out smiling (with great hair). Rosie Perez. B Perez
  • Pee-shy. Frank Spinelli. 362.76 SPI
  • A piece of cake. Cupcake Brown. B Brown
  • A private family matter: a memoir. Victor Rivas Rivers. 362.76 RIV, Spanish Lang. 362.76 RIV
  • The road of lost innocence. Somaly Mam. 306.745 MAM
  • The sky isn’t visible from here. Felicia C. Sullivan. B Sullivan
  • The source of all things: a memoir. Tracy Ross. B Ross
  • Stolen beauty: healing the scars of child abuse: one woman’s journey. Amy Madden. 362.76 MAD
  • Stolen life: the journey of a Cree woman. Rudy Wiebe and Yvonne Johnson. B Johnson
  • Tiger, tiger. Margaux Fragoso. B Fragoso
  • When Montana and I were young: a frontier childhood. Margaret Bell. 978.6 BEL
  • Why I killed Peter. Olivier Ka. Graphic B Ka


  • Because I am furniture. Thalia Chaltas. Y Fic CHA
  • Dawn. Kevin Brooks. Y Fic BRO
  • The death of Jayson Porter. Jamie Adoff. Y Fic ADO
  • Kindness for weakness. Shawn Goodman. Y Fic GOO
  • Lock and key. Sarah Dessen. Y Fic DES
  • Push. Sapphire. Fic SAP, Y Fic SAP, CD Fic SAP
  • A quiet belief in angels. R.J. Ellory. Large Type Fic ELL, CD Fic ELL
  • Racing the past. Sis Deans. Y Fic DEA
  • Ruby. Francesca Lia Block. Fic BLO
  • The rules of survival. Nancy Werlin. Y Fic WER
  • Singing songs. Meg Tilly. Fic TIL
  • The sound of us. Sarah Willis. Fic WIL
  • Split. Swati Avasthi. Y Fic AVA
  • Suckerpunch. David Hernandez. Y Fic HER
  • Touching snow. M. Sindy Felin. Y Fic FEL
  • You don’t know me. David Klass. Y Fic KLA


  • Child abuse and domestic violenceR 300.7 INF


  • Ellen FosterDVD Drama E


  • Eidi. Bodil Bredsdorff. J BRE
  • Following my own footsteps. Mary Downing Hahn. J HAH
  • Gossamer. Lois Lowry. J LOW, Large Type Fic LOW
  • Jumping the scratch. Sarah Weeks. J WEE
  • Laurie tells. Linda Lowery. J LOW
  • The maestro. Tim Wynne-Jones. J WYN
  • Our Gracie aunt. Jacqueline Woodson. Pic WOO
  • The right touch. Sandy Kleven. E KLE
  • What Jamie saw. Carolyn Coman. J COM
  • Whispers down the lane. Beverly Lewis. J LEW



  • Asunto de familia: memorias. Victor Rivas Rivers. Spanish Lang. 362.76 RIV
  • El niño sin nombre: la lucha de un niño por sobrevivir. Dave Pelzer. Spanish Lang. B Pelzer
  • La casita azul. Sandra Comino. Sp. Lang. J COM