The Boy on the Wooden Box MS LAURA RECOMMENDS:

The Boy on the Wooden Box By Leon Leyson

This book is excellent for people wanting to read about WWII.  Leyson describes growing up in Poland and what it was like before the war, during occupation by the Nazis, and how he survived being a Jew in Nazi held Poland. Leyson describes how he is rescued from work camps and the ghetto by Oskar Schindler and he was one of the youngest to appear on the famous ‘Schindler’s List’. “Not even the scariest of fairy tales could have prepared me for the monsters I would confront while just a boy of ten…or for the hero, disguised as a monster himself, who would save my life.”-Leyson

It is haunting to read the loss of childhood he experiences but how he never losses his belief that there is good in others. Because of the heavy subject matter, this book would be good to read with your child or before so an open discussion of the Holocaust can be made.

Grades 5th and up.