We will supply the goods if you supply the creativity.

Monday, January 25 4:30-6:30


Learn some basic sewing skills while making personalized mittens by old sweaters.
We’ll provide some materials, but you can also bring your own old sweaters and/or buttons to use. Any size sweater will work for this project.

Monday, February 29 4:30-6:30

Melted Crayon Art

Learn how to create this wild art using old crayons.

We’ll melt them down to make pretty pictures, experimenting with color, texture, and shape in this popular craft.


Monday, March 28 4:30-6:30 pm

Art “Hacks”Learn how to play with electricity by “hacking”  your favorite art and book cover prints with lights!

We’ll learn how to make simple circuitry for a unique project to light up our teen area.

Monday, April 25 4:30-6:30 pm

Flower Print Cards

Did you know you can use plants as stamps?
We’ll experiment with flower printing, a fun process that uses brute force to create pretty papers. You can even make a special lady in
your life a card for Mother’s Day.


Monday, May 23 4:30-6:30

T-Shirt Totes

Don’t throw those old t-shirts away!
Learn some simple sewing tricks and make those shirts into a bag you can use to carry your books, sports gear, or whatever.
Bring a t-shirt to hack, or choose one of ours.