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Cheshire, Jim,author. My Surface 2 / 004.1675 CHE
Pogue, David, 1963-author. iPhoto : the missing manual : the book that should have been in the box / 006.686 POG
Berman, Matt, 1964- JFK Jr., George, & me : a memoir / 070.92 BER
Rowlands, Mark,author. Running with the pack : thoughts from the road on meaning and mortality / 128 ROW
Panza, Christopher. Existentialism for dummies / 142.78 PAN
Stone, Douglas,1958- Thanks for the feedback : the science and art of receiving feedback well (even when it is off base, unfair, poorly delivered, andfrankly, you’re not in the mood) / 153.6 STO
Ouellette, Jennifer. Me, myself, and why : searching for the science of self / 155.2 OUE
Edwards, Allison. Why smart kids worry : and what parents can do to help / 155.412 EDW
Siegel, Daniel J.,1957- Brainstorm : the power and purpose of the teenage brain / 155.5 SIE
Sood, Amit, author. The Mayo Clinic guide to stress-free living / 155.9042 SOO
Lerner, Barron H. The good doctor : a father, a son, and the evolution of medical ethics / 174.2 LER
Tutu, Desmond. The book of forgiving : the fourfold path for healing ourselves and our world / 179.9 TUT
Walsch, NealeDonald. What God said : the 25 core messages of conversations with God that will changeyour life and the world / 202.112 WAL
Borg, Marcus J. Convictions : how I learned what matters most / 230 BOR
Tickle, Phyllis. The age of the spirit : how the ghost of an ancient controversy is shaping the church / 231.3 TIC
Wilson, Nathan D. Death by living / 234.23 WIL
Voskamp, Ann, 1973- The greatest gift : unwrapping the full love story of Christmas / 242.33 VOS
Wilhite, Jud, 1971- The God of yes : how faith makes all things new / 248.4 WIL
Eldredge, John,1960- Captivating : unveiling the mystery of a woman’s soul / 248.843 ELD Rev.ed.
  Talking taboo : American Christian women get frank about faith / 248.843 TAL
Meyer, Joyce, 1943- You can begin again : no matter what, it’s never too late / 248.86 MEY
Yancey, Philip. The question that never goes away : why / 248.86 YAN
Rodriguez, Richard,1944- Darling : a spiritual autobiography / 282.092 ROD
Eash, Irene, author. Plain faith : a true story of tragedy, loss, and leaving the Amish / 289.7092 EAS
Chodron, Pema. Living beautifully with uncertainty and change / 294.3444 CHO
Rinzler, Lodro. Walk like a Buddha : even if your boss sucks, your ex is torturing you, and you’re hungover again / 294.3444 RIN
Sherman, Charles S.,1945- The broken and the whole : discovering joy after heartbreak : lessons from a life of faith / 296.76 SHE
Sweeney, Julia. If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother / 306.8743 SWE
Greenwald, Glenn,author. No place to hide : Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. surveillance state / 327.1206 GRE
Mian, Atif, 1975-author. House of debt : how they (and you) caused the great recession, and how we can prevent it from happening again / 330.973 MIA
Ramsey, Dave. Smart money, smart kids : raising the next generation to win with money / 332.024 RAM
Piketty, Thomas,1971- Capital in the twenty-first century / 332.041 PIK
Townsend, Tim,author. Mission at Nuremberg : an American Army chaplain and the trial of the Nazis / 341.69 TOW
Becker, Jo, author. Forcing the spring : inside the fight for marriage equality / 346.016 BEC
Ruderman, Wendy. Busted : a tale of corruption and betrayal in the city of brotherly love / 364.1323 RUD
Stewart, Gary L,author. The most dangerous animal of all : searching for my father…and finding the Zodiac Killer / 364.1523 STE
Green, Sharon, 1939-author. Barron’s SAT / 378.166 SAT 2014
Green, Sharon, 1939-author. Barron’s SAT / 378.166 SAT 2014
Pasricha, Neil. The book of (holiday) awesome / 394.2 PAS
Clayton, Ewan,author. The golden thread : the story of writing / 411 CLA
  This explains everything : deep, beautiful, and elegant theories of how the world works / 500 THI
Zegarelli, Mark,author. Basic math & pre-algebra for dummies / 513.2 ZEG 2nd.ed.
Tekriwal, Gaurav,author. Speed math / 513.9 TEK
Ball, Philip, 1962- The ingredients : a guided tour of the elements / 546 BAL
More, David. The illustrated encyclopedia of trees / 582.16 MOR 2nd.ed.
Fotuhi, Majid. Boost your brain : the new art and science behind enhanced brain performance / 612.82 FOT
Agus, David, 1965- A short guide to a long life / 613 AGU
Freedhoff, Yoni,author. The diet fix : why diets fail and how to make yours work / 613.25 FRE
  The American Kennel Club’s meet the bulldog : the responsible dog owner’s handbook. 636.72 AME
  The American Kennel Club’s meet the golden : the responsible dog owner’s handbook. 636.7527 AME
  The American Kennel Club’s meet the beagle : the responsible dog owner’s handbook. 636.7537 AME
  The American Kennel Club’s meet the Chihuahua : the responsible dog owner’s handbook. 636.76 AME
  The big New Yorker book of cats / 636.8 BIG
Pellegrini, Georgia. Modern pioneering : more than 150 recipes, projects, and skills for a self-sufficient life / 640 PEL
Bittman, Mark. VB6 : eat vegan before 6:00 to lose weight and restore your health… for good : the flexible diet you can really stick to, withmore than 60 easy, delicious recipes / 641.5636 BIT
Fasano, Alessio,author. Gluten freedom : the nation’s leading expert offers the essential guide to a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle / 641.5638 FAS
  The business book / 650 BUS
  Arts & crafts of the Islamic lands : principles, materials, practice : with over 1,000 illustrations in colour and black and white / 700.961 ART
Mankoff, Robert. How about never–is never good for you? : my life in cartoons / 741.569 MAN
Carestio, Amanda. Never been stitched : 45 no-sew & low-sew projects / 746.04 CAR
  Crocheting clothes kids love : includes 28 fun-to-wear projects. 746.434 CRO
  A Charlie Brown Christmas 786.2 CHA
St. John, Allen. Newton’s football : the science behind America’s game / 796.332 SAI
Soto, Gary. What poets are like : up and down with the writing life / 808.1 SOT
  Poetry of the First World War : an anthology / 808.81 POE
Sutherland, John,1938- A little history of literature / 809 SUT
Ruefle, Mary, 1952- Madness, rack, and honey : collected lectures / 809.1 RUE
Tarnoff, Ben. The Bohemians : Mark Twain and the San Francisco writers who reinvented American literature / 810.9 TAR
Cairns, Scott. Compass of affection : poems, new and selected / 811 CAI
Merwin, W. S.(William Stanley),1927- The moon before morning / 811 MER
Carolla, Adam,author. President Me : the America that’s in my head / 818 CAR
Keegan, Marina,1989-2012. The opposite of loneliness : essays and stories / 818 KEE
Snyder, ChristopherA. (ChristopherAllen), 1966-author. The making of Middle-Earth : a new look inside the world of J.R.R. Tolkien / 823 TOL
Shaw, Prue, author. Reading Dante : from here to eternity / 851.1 DAN
Elliott,Christopher, 1968- How to be the world’s smartest traveler (and save time, money, and hassle) / 910.202 ELL
Confino, Alon,author. A world without Jews : the Nazi imagination from persecution to genocide / 940.5318 CON
Lineberry, Cate. The secret rescue : an untold story of American nurses and medics behind Nazi lines / 940.5475 LIN
Cooke, Julia. The other side of paradise : life in the new Cuba / 972.91 COO
Austin, Lynn N.,author. Pilgrimage : my journey to a deeper faith in the land where Jesus walked / B Austin
Bauman, Jeff. Stronger / B Bauman
Clarke, Caroline V. Postcards from Cookie : a memoir of motherhood, miracles, and a whole lot of mail / B Clarke
Clinton, HillaryRodham, author. Hard choices / B Clinton
DeGeneres, Ellen. Seriously– I’m kidding / B DeGeneres
Korda, Michael,1933- author. Clouds of glory : the life and legend of Robert E. Lee / B Lee
Resnick, Adam. Will not attend : lively stories of detachment and isolation / B Resnick
Robbins, Tom, 1932-author. Tibetan peach pie : a true account of an imaginative life / B Robbins
Robinson, Lisa(Music journalist) There goes gravity : a life in rock and roll / B Robinson
Brands, H. W.,author Traitor to his class : the privileged life and radical presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt / B Roosevelt
Stanley, Paul, 1952- Face the music : a life exposed / B Stanley
Stimson, Ellen,1962- Mud season / B Stimson
Koester, Nancy,1954- Harriet Beecher Stowe : a spiritual life / B Stowe
Begley, Adam. Updike / B Updike
Beck, Glenn. Being George Washington : the indispensable man, as you’ve never seen him / B Washington
Oliver, Mary, 1935- Dog songs : thirty-five dog songs and one essay / Large Type 811OLI
Lozano, Cesar. Destellos : reflexiones que daran mas luz a tu vida / Spanish Lang. 158.1 LOZ
Robinson, Ken, 1950- El elemento : descubrir tu pasion lo cambia todo / Spanish Lang. 158.1 ROB
Lozano, Cesar,author. El lado facil de la gente dificil : que la gente conflictiva no te amargue la vida / Spanish Lang. 158.2 LOZ
Meyer, Joyce, 1943- Dios no esta enojado contigo : experimenta el verdadero amor, la aceptacion y una vida libre de culpabilidad / Spanish Lang. 231.6 MEY
Graham, Billy,1918-, author. La razon de mi esperanza : salvacion / Spanish Lang. 234.25 GRA
Luna, Cash. Contigo, Espiritu Santo : devocional en honor al Espiritu Santo / Spanish Lang. 248.4 LUN
Meyer, Joyce, 1943-author. Madre segura de si misma : como guiar a su familia con la fortaleza y la sabiduria de Dios / Spanish Lang. 248.8431 MEY
Turansky, Scott,1957- author. Un manual para padres cristianos : 50 estrategias para todas las etapas de la vida de tu hijo / Spanish Lang. 248.845 TUR
  Chespirito : vida y magia del comediante mas popular de America. Spanish Lang. B Gomez Bolanos
Carlin, John, 1956- La sonrisa de Mandela / Spanish Lang. B Mandela
Valdes, Alexis. Con todo mi humor : [del comediante que ha hecho reir a millones de personas] / Spanish Lang. B Valdes
Yousafzai, Malala,1997- Yo soy Malala : la joven que defendio el derecho a la educacion y fue tiroteadapor los talibanes Spanish Lang. B Yousafzai
Kleon, Austin. Show your work! : 10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered / Y 153.35 KLE
Cornell, Betty,author. Betty Cornell’s teen-age popularity guide / Y 305.235 COR
King, Martin Luther,Jr., 1929-1968. A time to break silence : the essential works of Martin Luther King, Jr. for students / Y 323.092 KIN
Hall, Shyima. Hidden girl : the true story of a modern-day child slave / Y 362.77 HAL
Lapsley, Phil,author. Exploding the phone : the untold story of the teenagers and outlaws who hacked Ma Bell / Y 384 LAP
Chetwynd, Josh,1971- The book of nice : a nice book about nice things for nice people / Y 395 CHE
Rogak, Lisa, 1962- One big happy family : heartwarming stories of animals caring for one another / Y 591.5 ROG
Henderson,Elisabeth. 100 questions you’d never ask your parents : straight answers to teens’ questions about sex, sexuality, and health / Y 613.907 HEN
Gibson, Karen Bush. Women in space : 23 stories of first flights, scientific missions, and gravity-breaking adventures / Y 629.45 GIB
Lemire, Pascale. Dog shaming / Y 636.7 LEM
Humphrey, Theron. Maddie on things : a super serious project about dogs and physics / Y 636.753 HUM
Lamothe, Teeny. Teeny’s tour of pie, a cookbook : mastering the art of pie in 67 recipes / Y 641.86 LAM
Rodgers, Catherine. Totally cool nails : 50 fun and easy nail art designs for kids / Y 646.727 ROD
Card, Orson Scott,author. Laddertop. Books 1-2 / Y 741.5 CAR
Miyazaki, Hayao,1941- Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind / Y 741.5 MIY
Miyazaki, Hayao,1941- Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind / Y 741.5 MIY
Mockus, Steve. Stick Man’s really bad day / Y 741.5 MOC
Monsen, Avery. All my friends are dead / Y 741.5 MON
Shanower, Eric,author. The Emerald City of Oz / Y 741.5 SHA
Jocelyn, Marthe. Sneaky art : crafty surprises to hide in plain sight / Y 745.5 JOC
Kraft, Barry. Shakespeare insult generator : mix and match more than 150,000 insults in the bard’s own words / Y 822.33 KRA
Prins, Marcel, 1962-author. Hidden like Anne Frank : fourteen true stories of survival / Y 940.5318 PRI
Farrell, Mary Cronk. Pure grit : how American World War II nurses survived battle and prison camp in the Pacific / Y 940.5475 FAR