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Nicoll, Leslie H,author. Kindle Paperwhite for dummies / 004.1675 NIC 2nd ed.
boyd, danah (danahmichele), 1977- It’s complicated : the social lives of networked teens / 004.678 BOY
Naughton, John (JohnJ.) From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg : disruptive innovation in the age of the Internet/ 004.678 NAU
Mikics, David, 1961- Slow reading in a hurried age / 028.8 MIK
Johnson, Susan M. Love sense : the revolutionary new science of romantic relationships / 152.41 JOH
Jones, Daniel, 1962- Love illuminated : exploring life’s most mystifying subject (with the help of 50,000 strangers) / 152.41 JON
Hanson, Rick(Psychologist) Hardwiring happiness : the new brain science of contentment, calm, and confidence / 152.42 HAN
DiSalvo, David,1970- Brain changer : how harnessing your brain’s power to adapt can change your life/ 153 DIS
Brown, Sunni. The doodle revolution : unlock the power to think differently / 153.4 BRO
Bantock, Nick,author. The trickster’s hat : a mischievous apprenticeship in creativity / 155.35 BAN
Cameron, Julia. The artist’s way for parents : raising creative children / 155.413 CAM
Dow, David R. Things I’ve learned from dying : a book about life / 155.937 DOW
Eisenstein, Charles,1967- The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible / 158 EIS
Jain, Sanjay (SanjayKumar), 1970- Optimal living 360 : smart decision making for a balanced life / 158 JAI
Arnold, Caroline L. Small move, big change : using microresolutions to transform your life permanently / 158.1 ARN
Horton, Tony(Anthony Sawyer),1958- The big picture : 11 laws that will change your life / 158.1 HOR
Sincero, Jen, 1965- You are a bad ass : how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life / 158.1 SIN
Winch, Guy. Emotional first aid : practical strategies for treating failure, rejection, guilt, and other everyday psychological injuries / 158.1 WIN
Epley, Nicholas. Mindwise : how we understand what others think, believe, feel, and want / 158.2 EPL
Lieberman, David J. Get anyone to do anything : never feel powerless again–with psychological secrets to control and influence every situation / 158.2 LIE
Browne, Sylvia. Sylvia Browne’s book of angels / 202.15 BRO
Moore, Thomas, 1940- A religion of one’s own : a guide to creating a personal spirituality in a secular world / 204.4 MOO
Smith, BrendanPowell. The brick Bible : the complete set / 220.95 SMI
Smith, BrendanPowell. The brick Bible : the complete set / 220.95 SMI
Lewis, C. S. (CliveStaples), 1898-1963. Mere Christianity / 230 LEW
  Chicken soup for the soul : miracles happen : 101 inspirational stories about hope, answered prayers, and divine intervention / 231.73 CHI
Aslan, Reza. Zealot : the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth / 232.9 ASL
Yancey, Philip. In the likeness of God : the Dr. Paul Brand tribute edition of Fearfully and wonderfully made and In His image / 233.5 YAN
Tchividjian,Tullian. One way love : inexhaustible grace for an exhausted world / 234 TCH
Wilson-Hartgrove,Jonathan, 1980- Strangers at my door : a true story of finding Jesus in unexpected guests / 241.671 WIL
Scandrette, Mark. Free : spending your time and money on what matters most / 241.68 SCA
Allen, Jennie,author. Restless : because you were made for more / 248.4 ALL
Cameron-Bure,Candace, 1976-author. Balancing it all : my story of juggling priorities and purpose / 248.843 CAM
Eldredge, Stasi. Becoming myself : embracing God’s dream of you / 248.843 ELD
Meyer, Joyce, 1943- The confident mom : guiding your family with God’s strength and wisdom / 248.8431 MEY
Arnold, JohannChristoph, 1940- Rich in years : finding peace and purpose in a long life / 248.85 ARN
Jeremiah, David,1941- What are you afraid of? : facing down your fears with faith / 248.86 JER
Lucado, Max. God will carry you through / 248.86 LUC
Miles, Sara, 1952-author. City of God : faith in the streets / 261.8325 MIL
Worthen, Molly. Apostles of reason : the crisis of authority in American evangelicalism / 262.8 WOR
Weigel, George,1951- Roman pilgrimage : the station churches / 263.042 WEI
Stephens, RandallJ., 1973- The anointed : evangelical truth in a secular age / 270.83 STE
Stoltzfus, Duane C.S., 1959- Pacifists in chains : the persecution of Hutterites during the Great War / 289.7 STO
Eckel, Sara. It’s not you : 27 (wrong) reasons you’re single / 302 ECK
DeSteno, David. The truth about trust : how it determines success in life, love, learning, and more / 302.14 DES
Anthony, La La. The love playbook : rules for love, sex, and happiness / 306.7 ANT
Krasnow, Iris. Sex after… : women share how intimacy changes as life changes / 306.7 KRA
Love, Loni. Love him or leave him : but don’t get stuck with the tab / 306.73 LOV
Montgomery, Charles,1968- Happy city : transforming our lives through urban design / 307.12 MON
Werth, Barry. The antidote : inside the world of new pharma / 338.4761 WER
Leonard,Christopher, 1975- The meat racket : the secret takeover of America’s food business / 338.763 LEO
  Nolo’s encyclopedia of everyday law : answers to your most frequently asked legal questions / 340 NOL 9th ed.
El-Hai, Jack. The Nazi and the psychiatrist : Hermann Goring, Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, and a fatal meeting of minds at the end of WWII / 341.69 ELH
Mancuso, Anthony. Form your own limited liability company / 346.066 MAN 8th ed.
Hampton, Dan. Viper pilot : a memoir of air combat / 358.409 HAM
Miller, Glen E.,1932- Living thoughtfully, dying well : a doctor explains how to make death a naturalpart of life / 362.175 MIL
Fox, Steve, 1964- Marijuana is safer : so why are we driving people to drink? / 362.295 FOX 2013 ed.
Antonetta, Susanne,1956- Make me a mother : a memoir / 362.734 ANT
Spinelli, Frank. Pee-shy / 362.76 SPI
Swidey, Neil. Trapped under the sea : one engineering marvel, five men, and a disaster ten miles into the darkness / 363.119 SWI
Mahaffey, James A, Atomic accidents : a history of nuclear meltdowns and disasters: from the OzarkMountains to Fukushima / 363.1799 MAH
Rayman, Graham. The NYPD tapes : the shocking story of cops, cover-ups, and courage / 363.209 RAY
Medsger, Betty. The burglary : the discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s secret FBI / 363.25 MED
Arkin, William M,author. American coup : how a terrified government is destroying the Constitution / 363.32 ARK
Robin, Vicki. Blessing the hands that feed us : what eating closer to home can teach us aboutfood, community, and our place on earth / 363.8 ROB
DeStefano, AnthonyM. Vinny Gorgeous : the ugly rise and fall of a New York mobster / 364.106 DES
Schechter, Harold. The mad sculptor : the maniac, the model, and the murder that shook the nation / 364.1523 SCH
Anderson, Nate. The internet police : how crime went online, and the cops followed / 364.168 AND
Owens, Stephen R. Set free : discover forgiveness amidst murder and betrayal / 364.374 OWE
Bauer, Shane. A sliver of light : three Americans imprisoned in Iran / 365.45 BAU
Fried, Katrina,author. American teacher : heroes in the classroom / 371.1 FRI
Lysiak, Matthew. Newtown : an American tragedy / 371.782 LYS
Demos, John. The Heathen School : a story of hope and betrayal in the age of the early republic / 371.829 DEM
Mahoney, Rosemary. For the benefit of those who see : dispatches from the world of the blind / 371.911 MAH
  McGraw-Hill Education TASC : Test Assessing Secondary Completion / 373.126 TASC
  McGraw-Hill Education TASC : Test Assessing Secondary Completion / 373.126 TASC
Jager-Hyman, Joie. B+ grades, A+ college application : how to present your strongest self, write astand-out admissions essay, and get into the perfectschool for you / 378.161 JAG
Zoellner, Tom. Train : riding the rails that created the modern world–from the Trans-Siberianto the Southwest Chief / 385.09 ZOE
  Chicken soup for the soul : it’s Christmas! : 101 joyful stories about the love, fun, and wonder of the holidays / 394.2663 CHI
Bennett, Jeffrey O. What is relativity? : an intuitive introduction to Einstein’s ideas, and why they matter / 530.11 BEN
Smolin, Lee, 1955- Time reborn : from the crisis in physics to the future of the universe / 530.12 SMO
Cox, Trevor J. The sound book : the science of the sonic wonders of the world / 550.15 COX
Kolbert, Elizabeth. The sixth extinction : an unnatural history / 576.84 KOL
Fonda, Jane, 1937- Being a teen : everything teen girls and boys should know about relationships, sex, love, health, identity & more / 613.0433 FON
  7 years younger : the anti-aging breakthrough diet / 613.2 SEV
La Puma, John. Refuel : a 24-day eating plan to shed fat, boost testosterone, and pump up strength and stamina / 613.25 LAP
Tam, Michelle. Nom nom paleo : food for humans / 613.282 TAM
Cohen, Deborah(Deborah Ann) A big fat crisis : the hidden forces behind the obesity epidemic – and how we can end it / 616.398 COH
Meck, Su, author. I forgot to remember : a memoir of amnesia / 616.8523 MEC
  We seven / 629.45 WE
Wall, Carol, 1951- Mister Owita’s guide to gardening : how I learned the unexpected joy of a greenthumb and an open heart / 635 WAL
Milne, Emma, 1972- Tales from the tail end : the adventures of a vet in practice / 636.089 MIL
Schulte, Brigid,1962- Overwhelmed : work, love, and play when no one has the time / 640.43 SCH
Walker, Danielle,author. Against all grain : delectable paleo recipes to eat well & feel great : more than 150 gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-freerecipes for daily life / 641.5631 WAL
Warren, Richard,1954- The Daniel plan cookbook: healthy eating for life / 641.5637 WAR
Lagasse, Emeril. Emeril’s cooking with power : 100 delicious recipes starring your slow cooker, multi-cooker, pressure cooker, and deep fryer / 641.586 LAG
Chang, Joanne. Flour, too : indispensable recipes for the cafe’s most loved sweets & savories / 641.59 CHA
Orkin, Ivan. Ivan Ramen : love, obsession, and recipes from Tokyo’s most unlikely noodle joint / 641.5952 ORK
Bishara, Rawia. Olives, lemons & za’atar : the best Middle Eastern home cooking / 641.5956 BIS
Stuckey, Maggie. Soup night : recipes for creating community around a pot of soup / 641.813 STU
Better Homes andGardens SpecialInterestPublications. Kitchen and bath ideas / 643.3 BET
Divine, Mark. The way of the SEAL : think like an elite warrior to lead and succeed / 650.1 DIV
Williams, Joan,1952- What works for women at work : four patterns working women need to know / 650.13 WIL
Thompson, Matthew(Business writer) The small business start-up guide : a surefire blueprint to successfully launchyour own business / 658.11 THO 5thed.
  No-regrets remodeling : creating a comfortable, healthy home that saves energy / 696 NO 2nd ed.
Connelly, JoanBreton, 1954- The Parthenon enigma / 726.12 CON
Hall, Kass. Zentangle untangled : inspiration and prompts for meditative drawing / 741.2 HAL
Brown, Nancy, 1943- The crocheter’s companion / 746.434 BRO Rev. ed.
Porter, Carol C.,1948- Seaside quilts : quilting & sewing projects for beach-inspired decor / 746.46 POR
Watson, Roger(Museum curator) Capturing the light : the birth of photography, a true story of genius and rivalry / 770.9 WAT
I’Anson, Richard. Lonely Planet’s best ever photography tips / 771 IAN
Goodall, Howard. The story of music : from Babylon to the Beatles how music has shaped civilization / 780.9 GOO
Deardorff, Donald L. Bruce Springsteen : American poet and prophet / 782.4216 DEA
Will, George F. A nice little place on the North Side : Wrigley Field at one hundred / 796.357 WIL
Weber, Bruce, 1953- Life is a wheel : love, death, etc., and a bike ride across America / 796.609 WEB
Robinson, Robby. The International Marine book of sailing / 797.124 ROB
  Open the door : how to excite young people about poetry / 808.1 OPE
  Death poems : classic, contemporary, witty, serious, tear-jerking, wise, profound, angry, funny, spiritual, atheistic, uncertain,personal, political, mythic, earthy, and only occasionally morbid / 808.819 DEA
  Poetry of witness : the tradition in English, 1500-2001 / 808.819 POE
Jamison, AnneElizabeth, 1969- Fic : why fanfiction is taking over the world / 809.3 JAM
Laing, Olivia. The trip to Echo Spring : on writers and drinking / 810.9 LAI
Levertov, Denise,1923-1997. Collected poems / 811 LEV
Szybist, Mary, 1970- Incarnadine : poems / 811 SZY
Walton, Jo. What makes this book so great / 813.08 WAL
  The best American essays 2013 / 814.608 BES 2013
Handler, Chelsea. Uganda be kidding me / 818 HAN
McCall Smith,Alexander, 1948-author. What W.H. Auden can do for you / 821 AUD
  Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet : complete text + commentary + glossary / 822.33 SHA
Fo, Dario. Accidental death of an anarchist / 852 FO
Fink, Carole, 1940- Cold War : an international history / 909.825 FIN
Cheshire, Tom. The explorer gene : how three generations of one family went higher, deeper, and further than any before / 910.92 CHE
Jacobsen, Annie. Operation Paperclip : the secret intelligence program that brought Nazi scientists to America / 940.5486 JAC
Paul, T. V. The warrior state : Pakistan in the contemporary world / 954.9105 PAU
Danahar, Paul,author. The new Middle East : the world after the Arab Spring / 956.054 DAN
Brown, Helen, 1954- Cats & daughters : they don’t always come when called / B Brown
Call, Susan. A search for purple cows : a true story of hope / B Call
Cronin, Mary Eileen. Mermaid : a memoir of resilience / B Cronin
Cheever, Susan. E.E. Cummings : a life / B Cummings
Churchwell, SarahBartlett, 1970- Careless people : murder, mayhem, and the invention of The great Gatsby / B Fitzgerald
Cool, Michel. Francis, a new world pope / B Francis
Fu, Xiqiu. God’s double agent : the true story of a Chinese Christian’s fight for freedom / B Fu
Harris, Sam, 1961- Ham : slices of a life : essays & stories / B Harris
Luce, Hannah. Fields of grace : faith, friendship, and the day I nearly lost everything / B Luce
Mayes, Frances. Under magnolia : a Southern memoir / B Mayes
Johnson, Paul, 1928- Mozart / B Mozart
Strub, Sean O’Brien. Body counts : a memoir of politics, sex, AIDS, and survival / B Strub
Batchelor, John,1942- Tennyson : to strive, to seek, to find / B Tennyson
Theall, Michelle. Teaching the cat to sit : a memoir / B Theall
Wagner, Robert,1930- You must remember this : life and style in Hollywood’s golden age / B Wagner
Davis, Seth. Wooden : a coach’s life / B Wooden
Wilkie, David J.,1963- Radio Free Babylon presents Coffee with Jesus / Graphic 232 WIL
Wood, Monica. When we were the Kennedys : a memoir from Mexico, Maine / Large Type B Wood
  Oraciones con proposito para mujeres. Spanish Lang. 242.8 ORA
Earl, Esther,1994-2010, author. This star won’t go out : the life and words of Esther Grace Earl / Y 616.994 EAR
Kidd, Chip. Go : a Kidd’s guide to graphic design / Y 745.4 KID
Sandler, Martin W. Imprisoned : the betrayal of Japanese Americans during World War II / Y 940.5317 SAN