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  Elementary : all-new tales of the Elemental Masters / Sci. Fic ELE
  Solaris rising 2 : the new Solaris book of science fiction / Sci. Fic SOL
Albert, SusanWittig. Widow’s tears / Mystery ALB
Alexander, Tamera. A beauty so rare / Rel. Fic ALE
Arakawa, Hiromu,1973- author,artist. Fullmetal alchemist. Volumes 19-20-21 / Y 741.5 ARA
Archer, Jeffrey,1940- Be careful what you wish for / Fic ARC
Azzarello, Brian. Before Watchmen : Comedian, Rorschach / Graphic Fic BEF
Ball, Donna. Double dog dare : a Raine Stockton dog mystery / Mystery BAL
Ball, Donna. High in trial / Mystery BAL
Ballantyne, Lisa. The guilty one / Mystery BAL
Balson, Ronald H. Once we were brothers / Large Type FicBAL
Barr, Nevada. Destroyer angel / Mystery BAR
Barr, Nevada. Destroyer angel / Mystery BAR
Barr, Nevada. Destroyer angel / Mystery BAR
Barr, Nevada. Destroyer angel / Mystery BAR
Baszile, Natalie. Queen sugar / Fic BAS
Bick, Ilsa J. Ashes / Y Fic BIC
Bick, Ilsa J. Shadows / Y Fic BIC
Black, Benjamin,1945- The black-eyed blonde : a Philip Marlowe novel / Mystery BLA
Blackstock, Terri,1957- Distortion / Rel. Fic BLA
Bledsoe, Alex. He drank, and saw the spider : an Eddie LaCrosse novel / Sci. Fic BLE
Bradbury, Jennifer. A moment comes / Y Fic BRA
Bradley, C. Alan,1938- The dead in their vaulted arches : a Flavia de Luce novel / Mystery BRA
Briggs, Patricia. Hunting ground / Sci. Fic BRI
Brunstetter, WandaE, author. Woman of courage / Rel. Fic BRU
Brunstetter, WandaE, author. Woman of courage / Rel. Fic BRU
Cane, Emma, author. A promise at Bluebell Hill / Fic CAN
Cannell, Dorothy,author. Murder at Mullings / Mystery CAN
Carlson, Melody. Lost in Las Vegas / Y Fic CAR
Carr, Robyn, author. The chance / Fic CAR
Chapman, Vannetta. Murder simply brewed : an Amish Village mystery / Rel. Fic CHA
Cheney, J. Kathleen. The Golden City / Sci. Fic CHE
Ciotta, Beth. His clockwork canary / Sci. Fic CIO
Clark, Mindy Starns. The Amish groom / Rel. Fic CLA
Coben, Harlan, 1962-author. Missing you / Mystery COB
Cohen, Harlan, 1973- The naked roommate : and 107 other issues you might run into in college / Y 378.198 COH 5th ed.
Condie, AllysonBraithwaite. Matched / Y Fic CON
Dalglish, David. A dance of mirrors / Sci. Fic DAL
Day, Sylvia. Afterburn : Aftershock / Fic DAY
De la Motte, Anders,1971- Buzz : a thriller / Mystery DEL
Donoghue, Emma,1969- Frog music : a novel / Fic DON
Duncan, Glen, 1965- By blood we live / Sci. Fic DUN
Durieux, Christian,1965- An Enchantment / Graphic Fic DUR
Eggers, Dave. The circle / Large Type FicEGG
Ellis, Mary, 1951- An Amish miracle / Large Type FicELL
Ellis, Mary, 1951- A plain man / Rel. Fic ELL
Elo, Elisabeth. North of Boston / Mystery ELO
Evanovich, Janet,author. The chase : a novel / Large Type FicEVA
Falls, Kat. Inhuman / Y Fic FAL
Fisher, SuzanneWoods. The calling : a novel / Rel. Fic FIS
Fortier, Anne, 1971- The lost sisterhood : a novel / Fic FOR
George, Elizabeth,1949- The edge of the water / Y Fic GEO
Graham, Heather,author. Waking the dead / Fic GRA
Graham, Heather. The Awakening / Fic GRA
Green, John, 1977- The fault in our stars / Y Fic GRE
Griffin, W. E. B. The hostage / Fic GRI
Griffiths, Elly. The outcast dead : a Ruth Galloway mystery / Mystery GRI
Grossman, Austin,1969- You : a novel / Sci. Fic GRO
Hale, Shannon. Enna burning / Y Fic HAL
Hale, Shannon. Enna burning / Y Fic HAL
Hale, Shannon. The goose girl / Y Fic HAL
Hale, Shannon. Princess Academy / Y Fic HAL
Haley, Patricia,author. Humbled / Rel. Fic HAL
Harris, Robert,1957- An officer and a spy / Fic HAR
Hatcher, Robin Lee. A promise kept / Rel. Fic HAT
Hiraide, Takashi,1950- author. The guest cat / Fic HIR
Hoffman, Alice. The Museum of Extraordinary Things : a novel / Fic HOF
Holland, L. Tam. The counterfeit family tree of Vee Crawford-Wong / Y Fic HOL
Hunter, Erin. The broken path / Y Fic HUN
Jackson, Lisa. Sinister / Fic JAC
James, Elliott. Charming / Sci. Fic JAM
Jansson, Anna, 1958- Killer’s island / Mystery JAN
Jeschke, Wolfgang. The Cusanus game / Sci. Fic JES
Johns, Geoff, 1973- Justice League. Volume 3, Throne of Atlantis / Graphic Fic JOH
Kellerman, Jonathan. Killer : an Alex Delaware novel / Large Type FicKEL
Kenyon, Sherrilyn,1965- Born of night / Sci. Fic KEN
Kenyon, Sherrilyn,1965- Dark bites / Sci. Fic KEN
Kindt, Matt. Red handed : the fine art of strange crimes / Graphic Fic KIN
King, Stephen, 1947- The dark tower. The gunslinger. The man in black / Graphic Fic KIN
Klein, Lisa, 1958- Love disguised / Y Fic KLE
Lawhon, Ariel. The wife, the maid, and the mistress / Mystery LAW
Lee, Patrick, 1976- Runner / Mystery LEE
Lewis, Beverly,1949- The last bride / Rel. Fic LEW
Lewis, Beverly,1949- The last bride / Rel. Fic LEW
Lewis, Beverly,1949- The last bride / Rel. Fic LEW
Lewis, Catherine. Thrice told tales / Y 808 LEW
Li, Yiyun, 1972- Kinder than solitude : a novel / Fic LI
Lippman, Laura,1959- After I’m gone / Mystery LIP
Locke, Kate, 1971- Long live the queen / Sci. Fic LOC
Locke, Kate, 1971- The queen is dead / Sci. Fic LOC
Macomber, Debbie. Blossom Street brides : a Blossom Street novel / Fic MACO
Macomber, Debbie. Blossom Street brides : a Blossom Street novel / Fic MACO
Mallery, Susan. Evening stars : a Blackberry Island novel / Large Type FicMAL
Matsumoto, Taiyo,1967- Sunny. 1 / Graphic Fic MAT
Matz. The killer. Omnibus, Volume One / Graphic Fic MAT
McCafferty, Keith. Dead man’s fancy : a Sean Stranahan mystery / Mystery MACC
McCall Smith,Alexander, 1948- The forever girl / Large Type FicMACC
McCrumb, Sharyn,1948- King’s mountain : a ballad novel / Large Type FicMACC
McDonald, Ian, 1960- Empress of the sun / Y Fic MACD
Michaels, Fern. Kiss and tell / Fic MIC
Miller, Judith,1944- A shining light / Rel. Fic MIL
Moore, Alan, 1953- Nemo : heart of ice / Graphic Fic MOO
Murphy, ShirleyRousseau, author. The cat, the devil, and Lee Fontana / Mystery MUR
Nelms, Joe. The last time I died / Fic NEL
Nelson, Marilyn,1946- How I discovered poetry / 811 NEL
Nesbit, TaraShea. The wives of Los Alamos : a novel / Fic NES
Nesbit, TaraShea. The wives of Los Alamos : a novel / Fic NES
Ness, Patrick, 1971- The crane wife : a novel / Fic NES
Newport, Olivia,author. Taken for English / Rel. Fic NEW
Oliver, Lauren,1982- Panic / Y Fic OLI
Olshan, Matthew. Marshlands / Fic OLS
Owuor, YvonneAdhiambo. Dust / Fic OWU
Oyeyemi, Helen. Boy, snow, bird : a novel / Fic OYE
Pancol, Katherine,1949- The yellow eyes of crocodiles / Fic PAN
Parrish, Christa. Stones for bread / Rel. Fic PAR
Patterson, James,1947- NYPD red 2 / Fic PAT
Patterson, James,1947- NYPD red 2 / Fic PAT
Patterson, James,1947- NYPD red 2 / Fic PAT
Patterson, James,1947- Private L.A. / Large Type FicPAT
Pavone, Chris. The accident : a novel / Mystery PAV
Pearce, Jackson. Cold spell / Y Fic PEA
Perry, Karen, 1974- The innocent sleep : a novel / Fic PER
Peterfreund, Diana. Across a star-swept sea / Y Fic PET
Petersheim, Jolina. The outcast / Rel. Fic PET
Peterson, Tracie. An unexpected love / Rel. Fic PET
Picoult, Jodi, 1966- Harvesting the heart / Fic PIC
Priest, Cherie. Boneshaker / Sci. Fic PRI
Rennison, Louise. The taming of the tights / Y Fic REN
Roberts, Nora. The MacGregors : Robert, Cybil / Fic ROB
Roberts, Nora. Shadow spell / Fic ROB
Roberts, Nora. Shadow spell / Fic ROB
Robinson, KimStanley. Shaman / Fic ROB
Robson, Jennifer,1970- Somewhere in France / Fic ROB
Rose, Karen, 1964-author. Watch your back / Mystery ROS
Roth, Veronica,author. Divergente / Spanish Lang. Fic ROT
Roth, Veronica. Allegiant / Large Type FicROT
Roth, Veronica. Divergent / Large Type FicROT
Roth, Veronica. Insurgent / Large Type FicROT
Russo, Richard,1949- Mohawk / Fic RUS
Saintcrow, Lilith. The red plague affair / Sci. Fic SAI
Sansom, C. J. Dominion / Fic SAN
Schaffert, Timothy. The swan gondola / Fic SCH
Seeley, Tim. Revival. Volume one, You’re among friends / Graphic Fic SEE
Sendker,Jan-Philipp. A well-tempered heart : a novel / Fic SEN
Seymour, Gerald. The dealer and the dead / Fic SEY
Shaw, Dash. New school / Graphic Fic SHA
Shepherd, Megan. Her dark curiosity : a madman’s daughter novel / Y Fic SHE
Shimura, Takako,1973- Wandering son. Volume 3 / Y 741.5 SHI
Shimura, Takako,1973- Wandering son. Volume four / Y 741.5 SHI v.4
Shotwell, Vivien. Vienna nocturne / Large Type FicSHO
Shotwell, Vivien. Vienna nocturne : a novel / Fic SHO
Sigler, Scott. Pandemic : a novel / Fic SIG
Skillingstead, Jack,1955- Life on the preservation / Sci. Fic SKI
Smith, CynthiaLeitich. Feral curse / Y Fic SMI
Spencer, Scott. Endless love : a novel / Fic SPE
Steel, Danielle. Power play : a novel / Fic STE
Steel, Danielle. Power play : a novel / Fic STE
Stengl, AnneElisabeth. Shadow hand / Rel. Fic STE
Stevenson, D. E.(Dorothy Emily),1892-1973. Vittoria Cottage / Fic STE
Straczynski, J.Michael, 1954- Before Watchmen : Nite Owl, Dr. Manhattan, Moloch / Graphic Fic BEF
Straley, John, 1953- Cold Storage, Alaska / Mystery STR
Stutzman, Ervin R.,1953- Jacob’s choice / Rel. Fic STU
Suarez, Daniel,1964- Influx / Fic SUA
Subhiyah, Camaren. Agent Gates and the secret adventures of Devonton Abbey : (a parody) / Graphic Fic SUB
Sundin, Sarah. Blue skies tomorrow : a novel / Rel. Fic SUN
Sutton, Kelsey. Some quiet place / Y Fic SUT
Swinson, Kiki. Heist / Fic SWI
Swinson, Kiki. Most wanted / Fic SWI
Talbot, Bryan. Grandville : b^ete noire : a fantasy / Graphic Fic TAL
Tanpinar, AhmetHamdi. The Time Regulation Institute / Fic TAN
Temple, Peter, 1946- Shooting star / Mystery TEM
Terry, Chris L, Zero fade / Y Fic TER
Tharp, Tim, 1957- The spectacular now / Y Fic THA
Theroux, Marcel,1968- Strange bodies / Fic THE
Tofield, Simon. Simon’s cat vs. the world / Y 741.5 TOF
Turansky, Carrie. The governess of Highland Hall : a novel / Rel. Fic TUR
Turner, Nikki. The glamorous life 2 : all that glitters isn’t gold / Fic TUR
Turner, Nikki. The glamorous life : a novel / Fic TUR
Vaughan, Brian K.,author. Saga. Volume 2 / Graphic Fic VAU v.2
Vaughan, Brian K.,author. Saga. Volume 2 / Graphic Fic VAU v.2
Vidaurri, S. M. Iron, or, The war after : a graphic novel / Graphic Fic VID
Walker, Martin, 1947January 23- The resistance man : a Bruno, chief of police novel / Mystery WAL
Walls, Jeannette. The silver star / Large Type FicWAL
Weir, Andy. The Martian : a novel / Fic WEI
Wendig, Chuck. Under the Empyrean sky / Y Fic WEN
Westerfeld, Scott. Peeps : a novel / Y FIC WES
White, Randy Wayne. Dead of night / Mystery WHI
Whitehouse, Lucie,1975- author. Before we met : a novel / Fic WHI
Whitson, StephanieGrace. A captain for Laura Rose / Large Type FicWHI
Wiehl, Lis Snapshot / Large Type FicWIE
Wildgen, Michelle. Bread and Butter : a novel / Fic WIL
Wingate, Lisa. Wildwood Creek / Rel. Fic WIN
Witemeyer, Karen. A tailor-made bride / Rel. Fic WIT
Zevin, Gabrielle. Because it is my blood / Y Fic ZEV
Zevin, Gabrielle. In the age of love and chocolate / Y Fic ZEV
Zusak, Markus. The book thief / Large Type FicZUS