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  An amish garden / Large Type FicAMI
Abbott, Megan E.,1971- author. The fever : a novel / Mystery ABB
Albom, Mitch, 1958- El guardian del tiempo / Spanish Lang. Fic ALB
Andersen, Laura. The Boleyn reckoning : a novel / Fic AND
Andrews, Donna. The good, the bad, and the emus : a Meg Langslow mystery / Mystery AND
Asher, Neal L.,1961- author. Jupiter war / Sci. Fic ASH
Asher, Neal L.,1961- author. Zero point / Sci. Fic ASH
Bach, Rachel. Heaven’s queen / Sci. Fic BAC
Backman, Fredrik,1981- A man called Ove : a novel / Fic BAC
Baggott, Julianna. Burn / Sci. Fic BAG
Baldacci, David,author. The target / Large Type FicBAL
Ball, Jesse 1978- Silence once begun / Fic BAL
Barbiere, Frank J. Five ghosts. [Volume 1 : the haunting of Fabian Gray / Graphic Fic BAR
Beauman, Sally. The visitors : a novel / Fic BEA
Bell, Ted. Warriors : [an Alex Hawke novel] / Fic BEL
Blake, James Carlos. The rules of Wolfe : a Border noir / Fic BLA
Bloom, Amy, 1953- Lucky us : a novel / Fic BLO
Bohjalian, Chris,1960- Close your eyes, hold hands : a novel / Fic BOH
Bond, Cynthia, 1961- Ruby : a novel / Fic BON
Bouman, Tom. Dry bones in the valley : a novel / Mystery BOU
Bowen, Rhys. Queen of hearts / Mystery BOW
Box, C. J. Shots fired : stories from Joe Pickett Country / Mystery BOX
Brennan, Allison. Notorious / Fic BRE
Brett, Simon. Blotto, Twinks and the bootlegger’s moll / Mystery BRE
Brown, Pierce, 1988- Red Rising / Sci. Fic BRO
Brown, Rita Mae. Nine lives to die : a Mrs. Murphy mystery / Large Type FicBRO
Burgess, Melvin,author. The hit / Y Fic BUR
Burgoine, ‘Nathan. Light / Sci. Fic BUR
Burke, James Lee,1936- Wayfaring Stranger : a novel / Fic BUR
Butler, Nickolas. Shotgun lovesongs / Large Type FicBUT
Cambias, James L. A Darkling Sea / Sci. Fic CAM
Campion, Alexander,author. Murder on the Mediterranean / Mystery CAM
Card, Orson Scott. Earth awakens : the First Formic War / Sci. Fic CAR
Carey, Mike, 1959-author. The girl with all the gifts / Sci. Fic CAR
Casey, Jane (JaneE.) The stranger you know / Mystery CAS
Cash, Wiley. This dark road to mercy / Fic CAS
Castillo, Linda. The dead will tell / Mystery CAS
Child, Lee. Without fail / Fic CHI
Clark, Marcia,author. The competition : a novel / Mystery CLA
Clark, Mindy Starns. The Amish blacksmith / Rel. Fic CLA
Clement, Blaize,author. The cat sitter’s cradle / Mystery CLE
Clement, Blaize. The cat sitter’s nine lives / Mystery CLE
Cornell, Paul. The severed streets / Sci. Fic COR
Cotton, Ralph W. Shadow River / Large Type FicCOT
Coulter, Catherine. Power play / Fic COU
Coulter, Catherine. Power play / Fic COU
Coulter, Catherine. Power play / Large Type FicCOU
Dailey, Janet,author. Texas true / Fic DAI
Dams, Jeanne M.,author. Day of vengeance / Mystery DAM
Davis, Lindsey,author. Enemies at home / Mystery DAV
De la Cruz, Melissa,1971- The ring & the crown / Y Fic DEL
Dekker, Ted, 1962- Eyes wide open : the Outlaw Chronicles, books 1-4 / Large Type FicDEK
Dobson, Melanie B. Love finds you in Liberty, Indiana / Rel. Fic DOB
Donoghue, Clare. Never look back / Mystery DON
Douglas, Kristina. Rebel / Sci. Fic DOU
Douglas, Kristina. Warrior / Sci. Fic DOU
Duyvis, Corinne. Otherbound / Y Fic DUY
Edelman, Gwen,author. The train to Warsaw : a novel / Fic EDE
Ellory, Roger Jon. Saints of New York / Mystery ELL
Eriksson, Kjell,1953- Black lies, red blood / Mystery ERI
Evanovich, Janet,author. Top secret twenty-one / Large Type FicEVA
Fantaskey, Beth. Buzz kill / Y Fic FAN
Finder, Joseph. Suspicion / Large Type FicFIN
Fisher, SuzanneWoods. The revealing / Large Type FicFIS
Fishman, Boris,1979- A replacement life : a novel / Fic FIS
Flanagan, John (JohnAnthony) The hunters / Y Fic FLA
Flanagan, John (JohnAnthony) The invaders / Y Fic FLA
Flanagan, John (JohnAnthony) The outcasts / Y Fic FLA
Flanagan, John (JohnAnthony) The outcasts / Y Fic FLA
Flanagan, John (JohnAnthony) Slaves of Socorro / Y Fic FLA
Flanagan, John (JohnAnthony) Slaves of Socorro / Y Fic FLA
Flynn, Gillian,1971- Gone girl / Large Type FicFLY
Fortier, Anne, 1971- The lost sisterhood / Large Type FicFOR
Furst, Alan. Midnight in Europe : a novel / Fic FUR
Galbraith, Robert,author. The silkworm / Mystery GAL
Galbraith, Robert,author. The silkworm / Large Type FicGAL
Galbraith, Robert,author. The silkworm / Large Type FicGAL
Galchen, Rivka. American innovations / Fic GAL
Garlock, Dorothy. Take me home / Large Type FicGAR
Garwood, Julie. Fast track / Fic GAR
Giffin, Emily. The one & only / Large Type FicGIF
Go, Justin. The steady running of the hour / Fic GO
Goodwin, Daisy. The fortune hunter : a novel / Fic GOO
Granger, Ann. A restless evil Mystery GRA
Green, Simon R.,1955- Property of a lady faire : a secret histories novel / Sci. Fic GRE
Gregory, Daryl. Afterparty / Sci. Fic GRE
Griffin, W. E. B. Top secret : a clandestine operations novel / Fic GRI
Grossman, Lev. The magician’s land : a novel / Fic GRO
Gudenkauf, Heather. Little mercies / Large Type FicGUD
Hallinan, Timothy. Herbie’s game : a Junior Bender Mystery / Mystery HAL
Harkness, DeborahE., 1965- The book of life / Fic HAR
Harun, Adrianne. A man came out of a door in the mountain : a novel / Fic HAR
Hattemer, Kate. The vigilante poets of Selwyn Academy / Y Fic HAT
Haydon, Elizabeth. The Merchant Emperor / Sci. Fic HAY
Hayes, Terry, 1951- I am pilgrim : a thriller / Large Type FicHAY
Heller, Peter, 1959- The painter / Fic HEL
Hemmings, Kaui Hart. The possibilities / Large Type FicHEM
Henderson, Smith,author. Fourth of July Creek : a novel / Fic HEN
Henriquez, Cristina,1977- The book of unknown Americans / Fic HEN
Herge, 1907- Explorers on the moon / Y 741.5 HER
Herge, 1907-1983 The calculus affair / Y 741.5 HER
Herge, 1907-1983 Destination moon / Y 741.5 HER
Herge, 1907-1983. The Castafiore emerald Y 741.5 HER
Herge, 1907-1983. Land of black gold / Y 741.5 HER
Hiebert, Michael,author. Close to the broken hearted / Mystery HIE
Higson, Charles,1958- The fallen / Y Fic HIG
Hilderbrand, Elin,author. The matchmaker : a novel / Fic HIL
Hilderbrand, Elin. The matchmaker : a novel / Large Type FicHIL
Hill, Susan, 1942- The mist in the mirror : a novel / Fic HIL
Hill, Toni, 1966- The good suicides : a thriller / Mystery HIL
Howey, Hugh, author. Dust / Sci. Fic HOW
Howey, Hugh, author. The Shift omnibus / Sci. Fic HOW
Howorth, Lisa. Flying shoes : a novel / Fic HOW
Hubbell, Webb, 1948- When men betray : a novel / Mystery HUB
Hulick, Douglas,1965- Among thieves : a tale of the Kin / Sci. Fic HUL
Hulick, Douglas,1965- author. Sworn in steel : a tale of the kin / Sci. Fic HUL
Huxley, Aldous,1894-1963. Brave new world / Fic HUX
Jacob, Mira, 1973- The sleepwalker’s guide to dancing : a novel / Fic JAC
Jacobs, John Hornor. The Shibboleth / Y Fic JAC
Jacobs, John Hornor. The twelve-fingered boy / Y Fic JAC
Jaffarian, Sue Ann,1952- Secondhand stiff : an Odelia Grey mystery / Mystery JAF
Jance, Judith A. Remains of innocence / Mystery JAN
Jenkins, Paul, 1965- Fairy quest. Outlaws / Y 741.5 JEN
Johansen, Iris. Sight unseen / Fic JOH
Johansen, Iris. Sight unseen / Fic JOH
Johnstone, WilliamW. The first mountain man : Preacher’s blood hunt / Large Type FicJOH
Jordan, Robert,1948-2007 The eye of the world / Sci. Fic JOR
Joyner, C. Courtney,1959- Shotgun / Large Type FicJOY
Keenan, Sheila. Dogs of war / Y 741.5 KEE
Kenyon, Sherrilyn,1965- Born of fury / Sci. Fic KEN
Kestin, Hesh,author. The lie : a novel / Mystery KES
King, Stephen, 1947- It / Fic KIN
King, Stephen, 1947- It / Fic KIN
King, Stephen, 1947- Mr. Mercedes / Large Type FicKIN
Kirkman, Robert. The walking dead compendium one / Graphic Fic KIR
Koryta, Michael,author. Those who wish me dead / Mystery KOR
Koslow, Sally,author The widow Waltz / Fic KOS
Krueger, WilliamKent. Ordinary grace / Large Type FicKRU
L’Amour, Louis,1908-1988. The collected short stories of Louis L’Amour. Volume 1, The frontier stories. Large Type FicLAM
Lackey, Mercedes,author. Blood red / Sci. Fic LAC
Lansdale, Joe R.,1951- The thicket / Fic LAN
Lansdale, Joe R.,1951- The thicket / Large Type FicLAN
Layman, John, 1967-author. Chew. Family recipes / Graphic Fic LAY
Lebbon, Tim, author. Coldbrook / Sci. Fic LEB
Levine, Daniel G. Hyde : a novel / Mystery LEV
Lindsey, Johanna. Stormy persuasion / Large Type FicLIN
Lowry, Lois. Gathering blue / Y Fic LOW
Lowry, Lois. The giver / Y Fic LOW
Lowry, Lois. Messenger / Y Fic LOW
Lowry, Lois. Son / Y Fic LOW
Lustbader, Eric. Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne ascendancy / Fic LUS
MacLean, Sarah. One good earl deserves a lover : the second rule of scoundrels / Large Type FicMACL
Makkai, Rebecca. The hundred-year house / Fic MAK
Mark, David John,1977- Sorrow bound / Mystery MAR
Martin, George R. R. A feast for crows / Sci. Fic MAR
May, Elizabeth,1987- author. The falconer. Book one / Y Fic MAY
McBride, Laura. We are called to rise / Fic MACB
McDermott, Andy,author. The shadow protocol / Fic MACD
McGrath, M. J.,1964- The bone seeker : an Edie Kiglatuk mystery / Mystery MACG
McGuire, Seanan,author. Sparrow Hill Road / Sci. Fic MACG
McKinty, Adrian,author. In the morning I’ll be gone : a Detective Sean Duffy novel / Mystery MACK
McNeal, Laura Lane. Dollbaby / Fic MACN
Meyer, Marissa. Cinder / Y Fic MEY
Meyer, Marissa. Cress / Y Fic MEY
Meyer, Marissa. Scarlet / Y Fic MEY
Mieville, China. Un Lun Dun / Sci. Fic MIE
Miller, JohnJackson, author. Star Wars omnibus : Knights of the Old Republic. Volume 2. Y 741.5 STA
Miller, JohnJackson. Star Wars omnibus : Knights of the Old Republic. Volume 1 / Y 741.5 STA
Mishani, Dror. A possibility of violence : a novel / Mystery MIS
Mizuki, Shigeru,1922-, author. Kitaro / Graphic Fic MIZ
Monroe, Mary Alice. The summer wind / Large Type FicMON
Moriarty, Liane,author. Big little lies / Fic MOR
Moyes, Jojo, 1969- One plus one / Fic MOY
Ng, Celeste. Everything I never told you / Fic NG
Niles, Steve,author. Breath of Bones : a tale of the golem / Graphic Fic NIL
Novgorodoff, Danica. The Undertaking of Lily Chen / Graphic Fic NOV
Nunn, Malla. Present darkness : a novel / Mystery NUN
Osborne, Lawrence,1958- The ballad of a small player / Fic OSB
Owen, Lauren, 1985- The quick : a novel / Fic OWE
Parker, Kate, 1949- The vanishing thief / Mystery PAR
Paton Walsh, Jill,1937- The late scholar : the new Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane mystery / Mystery PAT
Patterson, James,1947- Confessions of a murder suspect / Y Fic PAT
Patterson, James,1947- Invisible / Large Type FicPAT
Patterson, James,1947- Maximum Ride : the manga. #2 / Y 741.5 PAT
Patterson, James,1947- Maximum Ride : the manga. #3 / Y 741.5 PAT
Patterson, James,1947- author. Confessions : the private school murders / Y Fic PAT
Patterson, James. Maximum Ride : the manga. #1 / Y 741.5 PAT
Patterson, RichardNorth, author. Eden in winter / Fic PAT
Pearson, Ridley. The red room / Large Type FicPEA
Percy, Benjamin. Red moon : a novel / Sci. Fic PER
Petersheim, Jolina. The midwife / Rel. Fic PET
Pratchett, Terry. The science of Discworld / Sci. Fic PRA
Preston, Douglas J. The Lost Island : a Gideon Crew novel / Fic PRE
Quirk, Matthew,author. The directive : a novel / Fic QUI
Rader-Day, Lori,1973- The black hour : a novel / Mystery RAD
Rajaniemi, Hannu. The causal angel / Sci. Fic RAJ
Roth, Veronica,author. Four : a Divergent collection / Y Fic ROT
Roth, Veronica,author. Four : a Divergent collection / Y Fic ROT
Rotstein, Robert,1951- Reckless disregard : a Parker Stern novel / Mystery ROT
Rowell, Rainbow. Landline / Fic ROW
Rowland, Diana,1966- author. How the white trash zombie got her groove back / Sci. Fic ROW
Rucka, Greg, author. Lazarus. Volume one, Family / Graphic Fic RUC v.1
Rushford, PatriciaH. Deadfall / Rel. Fic RUS
Salvatore, R. A.,1959- The last threshold / Sci. Fic SAL
Scott, Melissa. Death by silver / Sci. Fic SCO
Sedgwick, Marcus. She is not invisible / Y Fic SED
See, Lisa, author. China dolls : a novel / Large Type FicSEE
See, Lisa, author. China dolls : a novel / Fic SEE
Sherman, Jory. Ralph Compton : the Cheyenne Trail / Large Type FicSHE
Shinn, Sharon. Royal airs / Sci. Fic SHI
Siddons, AnneRivers, author. The girls of August / Fic SID
Siddons, AnneRivers, author. The girls of August / Fic SID
Silva, Daniel, 1960-author. The heist : a novel / Fic SIL
Slaughter, Karin,1971- Cop Town : a novel / Fic SLA
Stedman, M. L. The light between oceans : a novel / Fic STE
Steel, Danielle. A perfect life : a novel / Fic STE
Steel, Danielle. A perfect life : a novel / Fic STE
Steel, Danielle. A perfect life : a novel / Large Type FicSTE
Sternbergh, Adam. Shovel ready : a novel / Mystry STE
Stevens, Chevy. That night / Large Type FicSTE
Stiefvater, Maggie,1981- author Sinner / Y Fic STI
Stross, Charles. The rhesus chart / Sci. Fic STR
Takahashi, Rumiko,1957- author,artist. Ranma 1/2 : 2-in-1 edition / Y 741.5 TAK v.1
Takeuchi, Naoko. Pretty guardian Sailor Moon. 11 / Y 741.5 TAK v.11
Takeuchi, Naoko. Pretty guardian Sailor Moon. 12 Y 741.5 TAK v.12
Thor, Brad, author. Act of war : a thriller / Fic THO
Tobin, Paul, 1965-author. Bandette : in Presto! / Y 741.5 TOB
Tolmie, Sarah The stone boatmen / Sci. Fic TOL
Trevayne, Emma. Coda / Y Fic TRE
Tucker, Neely, 1963- The ways of the dead / Mystery TUC
Venkatraman, Padma. A time to dance / Y Fic VEN
Walton, Jo. My real children / Sci. Fic WAL
Wark, Kirsty,author. The legacy of Elizabeth Pringle / Fic WAR
Westerfeld, Scott. Blue noon / Y Fic WES
Westerfeld, Scott. The secret hour / Y Fic WES
Westerfeld, Scott. Touching darkness / Y Fic WES
Williams, Beatriz. The secret life of Violet Grant / Fic WIL
Winters, Ben H. World of trouble / Mystery WIN
Wood, Jonathan,author. No hero / Sci. Fic WOO
Woods, Sherryl,author. Swan Point / Fic WOO
Woods, Stuart. Cut and thrust / Fic WOO
Woods, Stuart. Cut and thrust / Fic WOO
Yang, Gene Luen,author. The shadow hero / Y 741.5 YAN
Yrsa Sigurdardottir. I remember you : a ghost story / Mystery YRS
Zadoff, Allen. I am the mission / Y Fic ZAD
Zettel, Sarah,author. Bad luck girl / Y Fic ZET