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  The phantom coach : a connoisseur’s collection of Victorian ghost stories / Mystery PHA
Afshar, Tessa. In the field of grace : a novel / Rel. Fic AFS
Aguirre, Ann,author. Mortal danger / Y Fic AGU
Ahern, Cecelia,1981- Where rainbows end / Fic AHE
Aiken, Ginny,author. She shall be praised : a women of hope novel / Rel. Fic AIK
Anderson, Kevin J.,1962- author. Slimy underbelly / Sci. Fic AND
Atkins, Ace. The forsaken / Large Type FicATK
Atwood, Margaret,1939- Stone mattress : nine tales / Fic ATW
Baker, Stephen, 1955November 15- The boost / Sci. Fic BAK
Barclay, Linwood. No safe house / Mystery BAR
Bassoff, Leah,author. Lost girl found / Y Fic BAS
Beaton, M. C. The blood of an Englishman : an Agatha Raisin mystery / Mystery BEA
Bennett, RobertJackson, 1984- City of stairs : a novel / Sci. Fic BEN
Black, Holly,author. The iron trial / Y Fic BLA
Block, FrancescaLia. The island of excess love / Y Fic BLO
Bova, Ben, 1932- New frontiers : a collection of tales about the past, the present, and the future / Sci. Fic BOV
Bowers, Chad,author. Down. Set. Fight! / Graphic Fic BOW
Brendan, Maggie,1949- Perfectly matched : a novel / Rel. Fic BRE
Briggs, Patricia. Shifting shadows : stories from the world of Mercy Thompson / Sci. Fic BRI
Brouwer, Sigmund,1959- Thief of glory : a novel / Rel. Fic BRO
Brown, Teri J. Born of deception / Y Fic BRO
Brownley, Margaret. Four weddings and a kiss : a Western bride collection / Rel. Fic BRO
Brunstetter, WandaE. Goodbye to yesterday / Rel. Fic BRU
Brunstetter, WandaE. The hope of spring / Rel. Fic BRU
Brunstetter, WandaE. The pieces of summer / Rel. Fic BRU
Brunstetter, WandaE., author. The healing quilt / Large Type FicBRU
Bunn, T. Davis,1952- The sign painter : a novel / Rel. Fic BUN
Butler, Robert Olen,author. The empire of night : a Christopher Marlowe Cobb thriller / Mystery BUT
Cambron, Kristy. The butterfly and the violin : a hidden masterpiece novel / Rel. Fic CAM
Cantor, Jillian. Searching for Sky / Y Fic CAN
Carter, Stephen L.,1954- Back channel / Fic CAR
Chapman, Vannetta. Material witness / Rel. Fic CHA
Child, Lee. Personal : a Jack Reacher novel / Fic CHI
Childs, Laura. Gossamer ghost / Mystery CHI
Christie, Agatha,1890-1976. The monogram murders : the new Hercule Poirot mystery / Mystery CHR
Christie, Alix. Gutenberg’s apprentice : a novel / Fic CHR
Combs, Sarah,author. Breakfast served anytime / Y Fic COM
Connealy, Mary. Tried and true / Rel. Fic CON
Copeland, Lori,author. The healer’s touch / Large Type FicCOP
Coulter, Catherine. The lost key / Fic COU
Coulter, Catherine. The lost key / Fic COU
Croggon, Alison,1962- The singing / Y Fic CRO
Crouch, Blake. Pines : a novel / Fic CRO
Crouch, Blake. Wayward / Fic CRO
Dawn, Sasha. Oblivion / Y Fic DAW
DePree, Traci. Aprons on a clothesline : everyday moments can hold extraordinary surprises / Rel. Fic DEP
Duarte, Gustavo,1977- Monsters! : & other stories / Graphic Fic DUA
Ellroy, James, 1955- Perfidia / Fic ELL
Enger, Lin. The high divide : a novel / Fic ENG
Feehan, Christine. Dark blood / Sci. Fic FEE
Feinstein, John. The walk on / Y Fic FEI
Fisher, SuzanneWoods. Christmas at Rose Hill Farm : an Amish love story / Rel. Fic FIS
Follett, Ken. Edge of eternity / Fic FOL
Follett, Ken. Edge of eternity / Fic FOL
Forman, Gayle. If I stay / Y Fic FOR
Forman, Gayle. If I stay / Y Fic FOR
Forman, Gayle. Where she went / Y Fic FOR
Frank, Lucy. Two girls staring at the ceiling / Y Fic FRA
Frantz, Laura. Love’s fortune : a novel / Rel. Fic FRA
French, Tana. The secret place / Mystery FRE
Gabaldon, Diana. The fiery cross / Fic GAB
Gagnon, Michelle,1971- Don’t let go / Y Fic GAG
Gaiman, Neil. The graveyard book. Volume 1 / Y 741.5 GAI v.1
Galbraith, Robert,author. The silkworm / Mystery GAL
Giltrow, Helen. The distance : a thriller / Mystery GIL
Goldberg, Tod. Gangsterland : a novel / Fic GOL
Goo, Maurene. Since you asked– / Y Fic GOO
Gracie, Anne. The autumn bride / Large Type FicGRA
Gray, ShelleyShepard. Joyful / Rel. Fic GRA
Gray, ShelleyShepard. Secrets of Sloane House / Rel. Fic GRA
Greaney, Mark. Support and defend : a Campus novel / Large Type FicCLA
Grecian, Alex. The devil’s workshop / Mystery GRE
Gregory, Philippa,author. The king’s curse / Fic GRE
Gulley, Philip. A place called Hope : a novel / Rel. Fic GUL
Haddam, Jane, 1951- Fighting chance : a Gregor Demarkian novel / Mystery HAD
Hannon, Irene. Deceived : a novel / Rel. Fic HAN
Harkness, DeborahE., 1965- author. The book of life / Large Type FicHAR
Harrison, Kim, 1966- The witch with no name / Sci. Fic HAR
Hart, Carolyn G. Ghost wanted / Mystery HAR
Hart, Ellen. The Old Deep and Dark / Mystery HAR
Hawkins, Rachel,1979- Rebel belle / Y Fic HAW
Hayder, Mo. Wolf / Large Type FicHAY
Haynes, Natalie,1974- The furies : a novel / Fic HAY
Helfand, Lewis,author. They changed the world : Edison-Tesla-Bell / Y 741.5 HEL
Hendrix, Grady,author. Horrorstor / Mystery HEN
Hiaasen, Carl. Skink no surrender / Y Fic HIA
Hill, Joe. Horns / Fic HIL
Hinton, S. E,author. Tex / Y Fic HIN
Hooper, Kay, author. Haunted / Fic HOO
Hopkins, Ellen. Rumble / Y Fic HOP
Hopkins, Ellen. Rumble / Y Fic HOP
Howe, Katherine. Conversion / Y Fic HOW
Howson, Imogen. Unravel / Y Fic HOW
Hunt, Laird, author. Neverhome / Fic HUN
Hunter, Erin. Eclipse / Y Fic HUN
Hunter, Stephen,1946- Sniper’s honor : a Bob Lee Swagger novel / Fic HUN
Itaranta, Emmi,author. Memory of water / Sci. Fic ITA
Jacka, Benedict,author. Hidden / Sci. Fic JAC
Jocelyn, Marthe,author. What we hide / Y Fic JOC
Johansen, Iris,author. The perfect witness / Fic JOH
Johansen, Iris,author. The perfect witness / Fic JOH
Karon, Jan, 1937-author. Somewhere safe with somebody good / Fic KAR
Kate, Lauren. La ultima lagrima / Spanish Lang. Fic KAT
Kellerman, Faye,author. Murder 101 : a Decker/Lazarus novel / Mystery KEL
Kellerman, Faye,author. Murder 101 : a Decker/Lazarus novel / Mystery KEL
Kellerman, Jonathan. The Golem of Hollywood / Mystery KEL
King, Laurie R. A darker place / Mystery KIN
King, Stephen, 1947-author. The dark tower. The gunslinger. Last shots / Graphic Fic KIN
Kingsbury, Karen. Angels walking / Rel. Fic KIN
Kingsbury, Karen. Angels walking / Rel. Fic KIN
Kingsbury, Karen. Angels walking / Rel. Fic KIN
Kingsbury, Kevin L. Infiltrator / Rel. Fic KIN
Kirkman, Robert. The walking dead. Book eight / Graphic Fic KIR
Kirkman, Robert. The walking dead. Book nine / Graphic Fic KIR
Kirkpatrick, Jane,1946- A light in the wilderness : a novel / Rel. Fic KIR
Klise, James, 1967- The art of secrets / Y Fic KLI
Knudsen, Michelle,author. Evil librarian / Y Fic KNU
Kuehn, Stephanie. Complicit / Y Fic KUE
La Seur, Carrie,author. The home place / Fic LAS
LaCour, Nina,author. Everything leads to you / Y Fic LAC
Laidlaw, S. J,author. The voice inside my head / Y Fic LAI
Lee, NaRae, author,artist. Maximum Ride : [the manga] 8 / Y 741.5 PAT
Lehane, Dennis. The drop / Mystery LEH
Lepp, Royden, 1980- Royden Lepp’s Rust. Visitor in the field. Y 741.5 LEP v.1
Leveen, Lois, 1968- Juliet’s nurse : a novel / Fic LEV
Loeb, Jeph. Batman : the long Halloween / Y 741.5 LOE
Maas, Sarah J. Heir of fire / Y Fic MAA
Maberry, Jonathan. Fall of night / Sci. Fic MAB
MacLaren, Sharlene,1948- Heart of mercy : a novel / Rel. Fic MACL
Macomber, Debbie. Love letters : a Rose Harbor novel / Large Type FicMACO
Maguire, Gregory,author. Egg & spoon / Y Fic MAG
Mandel, Emily St.John, 1979- Station eleven / Fic MAN
Marillier, Juliet. The caller / Y Fic MAR
Martin, Charles,1969- A life intercepted : a novel / Fic MAR
Martin, George R. R. A clash of kings / Sci. Fic MAR
Martin, George R. R. The hedge knight : the graphic novel / Graphic Fic MAR
Martin, George R. R. The Hedge knight. II, Sworn sword / Graphic Fic MAR
Mateer, Anne. Playing by heart / Rel. Fic MAT
McCarry, Sarah. Dirty wings / Y Fic MACC
McCrumb, Sharyn,1948- Nora Bonesteel’s Christmas past / Fic MACC
McEwan, Ian, author. The children act : a novel / Fic MACE
Mead, Richelle,author. Silver shadows / Y Fic MEA
Mead, Richelle. The fiery heart : a Bloodlines novel / Y Fic MEA
Meade, Glenn, 1957- The last witness : a thriller / Fic MEA
Meserve, Dete. Good Sam / Fic MES
Michaels, Fern,author. Eyes only / Fic MIC
Michaels, Fern. Vendetta / Fic MIC
Michaels, Fern. Weekend warriors / Fic MIC
Miller, Frank, 1957- Batman : the Dark Knight strikes again / Graphic Fic MIL
Miller, Frank, 1957- Batman, the Dark Knight returns / Graphic Fic MIL
Miller, JohnJackson, author. Star Wars omnibus : knights of the old republic. Volume 3. Y 741.5 STA
Miller, Judith,1944- author. A shining light / Large Type FicMIL
Miller, Karen, 1961-author. The falcon throne / Sci. Fic MIL
Mitchell, David(David Stephen) The bone clocks : a novel / Fic MIT
Mitchell, David(David Stephen) The bone clocks : a novel / Fic MIT
Moore, Alan, 1953-author. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Volume III, Century / Graphic Fic MOO v.3
Moore, Peter, 1963- V is for villain / Y Fic MOO
Morton, Brian, 1955- Florence Gordon / Fic MOR
Mosley, Walter,author. Rose Gold : an Easy Rawlins mystery / Fic MOS
Murakami, Haruki,1949- author. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage : a novel / Fic MUR
Myracle, Lauren,1969- Yolo / Y Fic MYR
Nelson, Blake, 1960- The prince of Venice Beach / Y Fic NEL
O’Malley, Bryan Lee,author, illustrator. Seconds / Graphic Fic OMA
Oates, Joyce Carol,1938- Lovely, dark, deep : stories / Fic OAT
Oliver, Lauren,1982- Requiem / Y Fic OLI
Palacio, R. J. Wonder / Y Fic PAL
Palmer, Diana,author. Invincible / Fic PAL
Parker, Robert B.,1932-2010. Robert B. Parker’s Blind spot / Mystery PAR
Parker, T.Jefferson. Full measure / Mystery PAR
Patterson, James,1947- author. Burn / Fic PAT
Patterson, James,1947- author. Burn / Fic PAT
Patterson, James,1947- author. Burn / Fic PAT
Perrine, Jane Myers. The wedding planners of Butternut Creek : a novel / Rel. Fic PER
Perry, Anne. Blood on the water : a William Monk novel / Mystery PER
Preston, Douglas J. Thunderhead / Fic PRE
Preston, Douglas J.,author. The lost island : a Gideon Crew novel / Large Type FicPRE
Price, Daniel, 1970- The flight of the silvers / Sci. Fic PRI
Priest, Cherie. Maplecroft : the Borden dispatches / Sci. Fic PRI
Rachman, Tom. The rise & fall of great powers : a novel / Fic RAC
Ramirez, David,1978- The forever watch / Sci. Fic RAM
Raney, Deborah. Home to Chicory Lane : a Chicory Inn novel / Rel. Fic RAN
Rayner, Sarah,author. The other half / Fic RAY
Reay, Katherine,1970- Dear Mr. Knightley : a novel / Rel. Fic REA
Reedy, Trent,author. If you’re reading this / Y Fic REE
Reichs, Kathy. Bones never lie : a novel / Mystery REI
Reichs, Kathy. Bones never lie : a novel / Mystery REI
Rendell, Ruth, 1930- The girl next door : a novel / Mystery REN
Rhodes, Pam, author. Casting the net / Rel. Fic RHO
Rhodes, Pam. Fisher of men / Rel. Fic RHO
Richards, Emilie,1948- author. No river too wide / Fic RIC
Riley, Andy. Dawn of the bunny suicides / Y 741.5 RIL
Robb, J. D., 1950- Festive in death / Mystery ROB
Robb, J. D., 1950- Festive in death / Mystery ROB
Roper, Gayle G. An unexpected match / Rel. Fic ROP
Rotert, Rebecca,1971- Last night at the Blue Angel / Fic ROT
Roux, Madeleine,1985- Sanctum / Y Fic ROU
Rucka, Greg, author. Lazarus. Volume 2, Lift / Graphic Fic RUC v.2
Sakey, Marcus,author. A better world / Fic SAK
Salvatore, R. A.,1959- author. Rise of the king / Sci. Fic SAL
Samson, Lisa, 1964-author. Runaway saint / Large Type FicSAM
Santopolo, Jill. Summer love / Y Fic SAN
Sarn, Amelie. I love I hate I miss my sister / Y Fic SAR
Sawyer, Kim Vogel. When mercy rains : a novel / Rel. Fic SAW
Scalzi, John, 1969- Lock in / Sci. Fic SCA
Schenkel, AndreaMaria, author. The murder farm / Mystery SCH
Schmidt, Anna, 1943-author. Safe haven / Rel. Fic SCH
Schmidt, Tiffany. Bright before sunrise / Y Fic SCH
Schultz, Jamie,author. Premonitions / Sci. Fic SCH
Scott, Elizabeth,1972- author. Heartbeat / Y Fic SCO
Senft, Adina. Herb of grace : a healing grace novel / Rel. Fic SEN
Sharma, Akhil, 1971- Family life / Large Type FicSHA
Sharpe, Tess,author. Far from you / Y Fic SHA
Sheldon, CharlesMonroe, 1857-1946. In His steps : what would Jesus do? / Fic SHE
Sloan, HollyGoldberg, 1958- I’ll be there : a novel / Y Fic SLO
Sloan, HollyGoldberg, 1958- Just call my name / Y Fic SLO
Smith, Andrew(Andrew Anselmo),1959- 100 sideways miles / Y Fic SMI
Smith, Jake, 1974- Wish : a novel / Rel. Fic SMI
Spencer, LaVyrle. Bitter sweet / Fic SPE
Stark, Richard,1933-2008, author. The hunter / Mystery STA
Stewart, Carla. The hatmaker’s heart : a novel / Rel. Fic STE
Stine, R. L, author. A midsummer night’s scream / Y Fic STI
Sumner-Smith,Karina. Radiant / Sci. Fic SUM
Sundin, Sarah. In perfect time : a novel / Rel. Fic SUN
Sutton, Kelsey. Where silence gathers / Y Fic SUT
Sylvester, Natalia. Chasing the sun / Fic SYL
Takahashi, Rumiko,1957- author,artist. Ranma 1/2 : 2-in-1 edition / Y 741.5 TAK v.2
Tallis, Frank,author. The forbidden / Fic TAL
Thomas, Matthew,1975- We are not ourselves / Fic THO
Thomas, SarahLoudin. Miracle in a dry season / Rel. Fic THO
Thompson, Janice A. A bouquet of love : a novel / Rel. Fic THO
Thompson, Janice A. Picture perfect : a novel / Rel. Fic THO
Tregay, Sarah. Fan art / Y Fic TRE
Trevayne, Emma,author. Chorus / Y Fic TRE
Tyndall, M. L.,author. Elusive hope / Rel. Fic TYN
Van Eekhout, Greg. California bones / Sci. Fic VAN
Vaughan, Brian K. Saga. Volume 3 / Graphic Fic VAU v.3
Verday, Jessica. Of monsters and madness / Y Fic VER
Vollmann, William T. Last stories and other stories / Fic VOL
Vreeland, Susan. Lisette’s list : a novel / Fic VRE
Wallace, SandraNeil. Muckers / Y Fic WAL
Waters, Sarah, 1966- The paying guests / Fic WAT
Weeks, Brent. Beyond the shadows / Sci. Fic WEE
Wells, Jaye. Cursed moon / Sci. Fic WEL
Wells, Jaye. Dirty magic / Sci. Fic WEL
West, Kasie. On the fence / Y Fic WES
Whitaker, Alecia,author. Wildflower / Y Fic WHI
Whitlow, Robert,1954- The confession / Rel. Fic WHI
Will, Elaine M.,author. Look straight ahead : a graphic novel / Graphic Fic WIL
Wiseman, Beth, 1962- The promise / Rel. Fic WIS
Wood, Tom, 1978- No tomorrow / Fic WOO
Woods, Stuart. Cut and thrust / Large Type FicWOO
Woodsmall, Cindy. A love undone : an Amish novel of shattered dreams and God’s unfailing grace / Rel. Fic WOO
Wordley, Luke. The fight / Rel. Fic WOR
Yancey, Richard. The infinite sea / Y Fic YAN
Yates, ChristopherJ., author. Black chalk / Fic YAT
Yumi, Kiiro, author,illustrator. Library wars : love & war. 12. / Y 741.5 YUM v.12