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  An Amish garden / Rel. Fic AMI
  Chiral mad 2 : anthology of psychological horror / Mystery CHI
  Dead man’s hand : an anthology of the weird west / Sci. Fic DEA
  Futuredaze : an anthology of YA science fiction / Y Fic FUT
  Starry-eyed : 16 stories that steal the spotlight / Y Fic STA
Aaronovitch, Ben,1964- author. Broken homes : a rivers of London novel / Sci. Fic AAR
Alexander, Kwame. The crossover / Y Fic ALE
Alexander, Victoria,author. The scandalous adventures of the sister of the bride / Fic ALE
Allan, Christa. Threads of hope / Rel. Fic ALL
Allende, Isabel. El juego de Ripper : [una novela] / Spanish Lang. Fic ALL
Allison, John, 1976-author, artist. Bad machinery : the case of the good boy / Y 741.5 ALL
Andrews, Mary Kay,1954- Save the date / Fic AND
Angell, Kate,author. No sunshine when she’s gone / Fic ANG
Aronson, Sarah. Believe / Y Fic ARO
Atwater-Rhodes,Amelia. Bloodwitch / Y Fic ATW
Banks, Anna, 1962- Of Poseidon / Y Fic BAN
Banks, Anna. Of Triton / Y Fic BAN
Barakiva, Michael. One man guy / Y Fic BAR
Bardugo, Leigh. Ruin and rising / Y Fic BAR
Barron, Laird,author. The beautiful thing that awaits us all and other stories / Fic BAR
Bates, Marni,author. Notable / Y Fic BAT
Beckstrand,Jennifer, author. Huckleberry Hill / Rel. Fic BEC
Beckstrand,Jennifer, author. Huckleberry summer / Rel. Fic BEC
Bein, Steve, author. Daughter of the sword : a novel of the fated blades / Sci. Fic BEI
Bein, Steve. Year of the demon : a novel of the fated blades / Sci. Fic BEI
Benton, Lori. Burning sky : a novel of the American frontier / Rel. Fic BEN
Benton, Lori. The pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn : a novel / Rel. Fic BEN
Berenson, Alex. The counterfeit agent / Mystery BER
Bergstrom, HeatherBrittain. Steal the north / Fic BER
Berry, Steve, 1955- The Lincoln myth : a novel / Fic BER
Berry, Steve, 1955- The Lincoln myth : a novel / Large Type FicBER
Binchy, Maeve. Chestnut Street / Large Type FicBIN
Black, Jenna. Replica / Y Fic BLA
Black, Jenna. Resistance / Y Fic BLA
Block, Lawrence,author. Catch and release : 17 stories / Mystery BLO
Bolton, S. J. A dark and twisted tide / Mystery BOL
Bostwick, Marie,author. Apart at the seams / Fic BOS
Breidenbach, Angela. A healing heart / Rel. Fic BRE
Britain, Kristen,author. Mirror sight / Sci. Fic BRI
Brown, Jennifer,1972- Torn away / Y Fic BRO
Brown, Rita Mae. Nine lives to die : a Mrs. Murphy mystery / Mystery BRO
Brown, Skila,author. Caminar / Y Fic BRO
Buckley, Fiona,author. A traitor’s tears / Mystery BUC
Burney, ClaudiaMair, 1964- author. Deadly charm / Mystery BUR
Burrows, Steve,author. A siege of bitterns : a birder murder mystery / Mystery BUR
Caine, Rachel. Prince of Shadows : a novel of Romeo and Juliet / Y Fic CAI
Calhoun, Kenneth. Black moon : a novel / Sci. Fic CAL
Camilleri, Andrea. Angelica’s smile / Mystery CAM
Cargill, C. Robert,1975- Queen of the dark things / Sci. Fic CAR
Carie, Jamie. A duke’s promise / Rel. Fic CAR
Carie, Jamie. Love’s first light : a novel / Rel. Fic CAR
Carlson, Melody. Blind date / Y Fic CAR
Carr, Robyn, author. The promise / Fic CAR
Cass, Kiera, author. The one / Y Fic CAS
Cass, Kiera. The Elite / Y Fic CAS
Cass, Kiera. The Selection / Y Fic CAS
Chadwick, Frank. The Forever Engine / Sci. Fic CHA
Charbonneau, Joelle. Graduation day / Y Fic CHA
Charbonneau, Joelle. Graduation day / Y Fic CHA
Christopher, Lucy. The killing woods / Y Fic CHR
Christopher,Nicholas. The true adventures of Nicolo Zen : a novel / Y Fic CHR
Clare, Cassandra. Cazadores de sombras : los origenes. Princesa mecanica / Spanish Lang. Fic CLA
Clipston, Amy. A mother’s secret / Rel. Fic CLI
Coble, Colleen. Smitten book club / Large Type FicCOB
Coelho, Paulo,author. The alchemist / Large Type FicCOE
Cohen, Leah Hager. No book but the world / Fic COH
Colfer, Eoin. The hangman’s revolution / Y Fic COL
Connelly, Michael,1956- The gods of guilt : a novel / Mystery CON
Corey, James S. A. Cibola burn / Sci. Fic COR
Coutts, Alexandra. Tumble & fall / Y Fic COU
Cremer, Andrea R. The inventor’s secret / Y Fic CRE
D’Erasmo, Stacey. Wonderland / Fic DER
Dacus, Kaye, 1971- Ransome’s crossing / Rel. Fic DAC
Dacus, Kaye, 1971- Ransome’s honor / Rel. Fic DAC
Dailey, Janet,author. Christmas in cowboy country / Fic DAI
Davenport, Randi,1957- The end of always : a novel / Fic DAV
Davies, Jocelyn,1983- A fractured light / Y Fic DAV
Davies, Jocelyn,1983- A radiant sky / Y Fic DAV
Deaver, Jeffery. The skin collector : a Lincoln Rhyme novel / Large Type FicDEA
Delacourt, Gregoire. My wish list / Fic DEL
Demetrios, Heather. Something real / Y Fic DEM
Deveraux, Jude. For all time : a Nantucket brides novel / Fic DEV
Dicker, Joel, 1985-author. The truth about the Harry Quebert affair / Mystery DIC
Doerr, Anthony,1973- All the light we cannot see : a novel / Fic DOE
Durst, Sarah Beth,author. The lost / Fic DUR
Eicher, Jerry S. Seeing your face again / Rel. Fic EIC
Elkins, Kimberly. What is visible : a novel / Fic ELK
Evanovich, Janet. Top secret twenty-one : a Stephanie Plum novel / Mystery EVA
Evanovich, Janet. Top secret twenty-one : a Stephanie Plum novel / Mystery EVA
Evanovich, Janet. Top secret twenty-one : a Stephanie Plum novel / Mystery EVA
Fairstein, Linda A.,author. Terminal city : a novel / Fic FAI
Federle, Tim. Five, six, seven, Nate! / Y Fic FED
Ferris, Joshua,author. To rise again at a decent hour : a novel / Fic FER
Fisher, SuzanneWoods. The revealing : a novel / Rel. Fic FIS
Flitcroft, Ian. Journey by starlight : a time traveler’s guide to life, the universe, and everything / Y 741.5 FLI
Ford, Richard, 1944- Independence day / Fic FOR
Frank, DorotheaBenton, author. The hurricane sisters / Fic FRA
Freed, David, 1954- Voodoo Ridge / Mystery FRE
Gabaldon, Diana. Written in my own heart’s blood : a novel / Fic GAB
Galbraith, Robert,author. The silkworm / Mystery GAL
Gilman, Susan Jane. The ice cream queen of Orchard Street : a novel / Fic GIL
Glass, Bryan J. L. The Mice Templar. Volume three, A midwinter’s night dream / Y 741.5 GLA
Glass, Bryan J. L.,author. The Mice Templar. Volume 4, Legend. Part one / Y 741.5 GLA
Goldenbaum, Sally. Murder in merino : a seaside knitters mystery / Mystery GOL
Graedon, Alena. The word exchange : a novel / Mystery GRA
Green, John, 1977- The fault in our stars / Y Fic GRE
Green, John, 1977- The fault in our stars / Y Fic GRE
Griffin, Laura,1973- Far gone / Fic GRI
Grimes, Martha. Vertigo 42 : a Richard Jury mystery / Mystery GRI
Groening, Matt Bart Simpson to the rescue! / Y 741.5 GRO
Gross, Andrew, 1952-author. Everything to lose / Fic GRO
Gutteridge, Rene. Just 18 summers / Large Type FicGUT
Haines, Carolyn. Booty bones / Mystery HAI
Hamilton, Laurell K. A shiver of light / Sci. Fic HAM
Harper, Tom, 1977-author. The Orpheus descent : a novel / Mystery HAR
Hashimi, Nadia. The pearl that broke its shell / Fic HAS
Hatcher, Robin Lee. The heart’s pursuit / Rel. Fic HAT
Hayes, Suzanne,author. Empire girls / Fic HAY
Hayes, Terry, 1951-author. I am Pilgrim : a thriller / Mystery HAY
Healey, Emma, 1985- Elizabeth is missing / Mystery HEA
Healey, Karen. While we run / Y Fic HEA
Hearne, Kevin. Shattered / Sci. Fic HEA
Hegamin, Tonya,author. Willow / Y Fic HEG
Henderson, Dee. Undetected / Large Type FicHEN
Hennessey, Jonathan,1971- The Gettysburg Address : a graphic adaptation / Y 741.5 HEN
Henriquez, Cristina,1977- The book of unknown Americans / Fic HEN
Henry, April. The girl who was supposed to die / Y Fic HEN
Hightower, Lynn S,author. Even in darkness / Mystery HIG
Hilderbrand, Elin,author. The matchmaker : a novel / Fic HIL
Hogan, Mary, 1957- Two sisters / Fic HOG
Hostetler, Bob,1958- author. Northkill / Rel. Fic HOS
Iden, Matthew. A reason to live / Mystery IDE
Ignatius, David,1950- The director : a novel / Fic IGN
Irvin, Kelly. A plain love song / Rel. Fic IRV
James, Nick, 1983- Skyship Academy : strikeforce / Y Fic JAM
Johansen, Iris. Live to see tomorrow / Large Type FicJOH
Johansson, J. R.,1978- Paranoia / Y Fic JOH
Johnson, Deborah,1958- The secret of magic / Large Type FicJOH
Jonasson, Jonas,1961- author. The girl who saved the King of Sweden / Fic JON
Jones, Patrick,1961- Side control / Y Fic JON
Jones, Patrick,1961- Triangle choke / Y Fic JON
Kendrick, Beth. Cure for the common breakup / Fic KEN
Kerouac, Jack,1922-1969, author. Big Sur / Fic KER
Kerr, Philip. Prayer / Fic KER
King, Lily. Euphoria : a novel / Fic KIN
King, Stephen, 1947- Different seasons / Y Fic KIN
King, Stephen, 1947- Mr. Mercedes : a novel / Fic KIN
King, Stephen, 1947- Mr. Mercedes : a novel / Fic KIN
Kirkman, Robert,author. The walking dead. Los muertos vivientes / Spanish Lang. Graphic Fic KIR
Koch, Herman, 1953- Summer house with swimming pool : a novel / Fic KOC
Koontz, Dean R.(Dean Ray), 1945- The city : a novel / Fic KOO
Koontz, Dean R.(Dean Ray), 1945- The city : a novel / Fic KOO
Krueger, WilliamKent. Ordinary grace : a novel / Fic KRU
Kuper, Peter, 1958- Spy vs spy : fight to the finish! / Y 741.5 KUP
Kupperberg, Paul. Kevin : a novel / Y Fic KUP
Kwok, Jean. Mambo in Chinatown / Fic KWO
Lackey, Mercedes. Bastion / Large Type FicLAC
Lawhon, Ariel. The wife, the maid, and the mistress / Large Type FicLAW
Lawrence, Mark,1966- Prince of fools / Sci. Fic LAW
Laymon, Kiese. Long division : a novel / Y Fic LAY
Leigh, Stephen,author. Immortal muse / Sci. Fic LEI
Lescroart, John T. The keeper / Large Type FicLES
Lewis, David (DavidGerald) Child of mine / Large Type FicLEW
Lindsey, Johanna,author. Stormy persuasion / Fic LIN
Lockhart, E. We were liars / Y Fic LOC
Logan, Kylie,author. A tale of two biddies / Mystery LOG
Logan, Kylie. Mayhem at the Orient Express / Mystery LOG
London, Alex. Guardian / Y Fic LON
Lord, Karen, 1968-,author. The best of all possible worlds : a novel / Sci. Fic LOR
MacDonnell, Julia. Mimi Malloy, at last! : a novel / Fic MACD
MacNeal, Susan Elia,author. The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent : a Maggie Hope mystery / Mystery MACN
Malerman, Josh,author. Bird box / Fic MAL
Martinez, Michael The Enceladus crisis / Sci. Fic MAR
Maum, Courtney,1978- I am having so much fun here without you / Fic MAU
McMann, Lisa,author. Don’t close your eyes : Wake ; Fade ; Gone / Y Fic MACM
McMann, Lisa,author. Don’t close your eyes : Wake ; Fade ; Gone / Y Fic MACM
McMann, Lisa,author. Gasp / Y Fic MACM
McMurtry, Larry. The Last Kind Words Saloon : a novel / Fic MACM
McVoy, Terra Elan. Criminal / Y Fic MACV
Miller, JohnJackson. Star wars. Kenobi / Sci. Fic MIL
Miller, Lauren(Lauren McBrayer),1980- Parallel / Y Fic MIL
Miller, Sue, 1943- The arsonist / Fic MIL
Mirvis, Tova. Visible city / Fic MIR
Monroe, Mary Alice. The summer wind / Fic MON
Moore, Christopher,1957- The serpent of Venice / Fic MOO
Moore, Lorrie. Bark : stories / Large Type FicMOO
Muller, Marcia. The night searchers / Mystery MUL
Mutch, Barbara. The housemaid’s daughter / Fic MUT
Myers, Tamar,author. The death of pie / Mystery MYE
Nesbo, Jo, 1960- The son / Fic NES
Nesbo, Jo, 1960- The son / Large Type FicNES
O’Brian, Patrick,1914- Post captain Fic OBR
Paige, Danielle,author. Dorothy must die / Y Fic PAI
Palmer, Daniel,1969- author. Desperate / Fic PAL
Patterson, James,1947- Invisible / Fic PAT
Patterson, James,1947- Invisible / Fic PAT
Patterson, James,1947- Invisible / Fic PAT
Patterson, James,1947- author. Confessions of a murder suspect / Fic PAT
Patterson, James,1947- author. Unlucky 13 / Large Type FicPAT
Perry, Marta. Susanna’s dream / Rel. Fic PER
Peterson, Tracie. A moment in time / Rel. Fic PET
Phillips, Scott,1961- Hop Alley : a novel / Fic PHI
Powell, Gareth L. Ack-Ack Macaque / Sci. Fic POW
Powell, Gareth,author. Hive monkey / Sci. Fic POW
Pratchett, Terry. The Long Mars / Sci. Fic PRA
Price, Sarah, 1969- First impressions : an Amish tale of pride and prejudice / Rel. Fic PRI
Quick, Amanda. Otherwise engaged / Large Type FicQUI
Racculia, Kate. Bellweather rhapsody / Fic RAC
Radziwill, Carole. The widow’s guide to sex and dating : a novel / Fic RAD
Rivers, Francine,1947- Bridge to Haven / Large Type FicRIV
Rosnay, Tatiana de,1961- The other story / Large Type FicROS
Salvalaggio, Karin,author. Bone dust white / Mystery SAL
Sandford, John, 1944February 23- Field of prey / Large Type FicSAN
Scull, Luke. The Grim Company / Sci. Fic SCU
See, Lisa, author. China dolls : a novel / Fic SEE
Shaara, Jeff, 1952- The smoke at dawn : a novel of the Civil War / Fic SHA
Shirvington,Jessica. Empower / Y Fic SHI
Shorey, Ann Kirk,1941- Love’s sweet beginning : a novel / Rel. Fic SHO
Shorey, Ann Kirk,1941- Where wildflowers bloom : a novel / Rel. Fic SHO
Shriver, Beth. Healing Grace / Rel. Fic SHR
Shriver, Beth. Rumspringa’s hope / Rel. Fic SHR
Singer, Randy (RandyD.) The advocate / Large Type FicSIN
Slouka, Mark,author. Brewster : a novel / Y Fic SLO
Snelling, Lauraine. Heaven sent rain : a novel / Rel. Fic SNE
Spillane, Mickey,1918-2006, author. King of the weeds : a Mike Hammer novel / Mystery SPI
Spotswood, Jessica. Star cursed / Y Fic SPO
Springfield, Rick. Magnificent vibration / Fic SPR
St. James, Rebecca. Sarah’s choice : a novel / Rel. Fic SAI
St. James, Simone. The haunting of Maddy Clare / Fic SAI
Stasi, Linda,author. The sixth station / Mystery STA
Stevens, Chevy. That night / Fic STE
Stone, Jonathan. Moving Day : a thriller / Mystery STO
Straub, Emma. The vacationers / Fic STR
Straub, Emma. The vacationers / Fic STR
Sweeney, Alison,1976- Scared scriptless : a novel / Fic SWE
Takeuchi, Naoko. Pretty guardian Sailor Moon. 10 / Y 741.5 TAK v.10
Takeuchi, Naoko. Pretty guardian Sailor Moon. 6 / Y 741.5 TAK v.6
Takeuchi, Naoko. Pretty guardian Sailor Moon. 7 / Y 741.5 TAK v.7
Takeuchi, Naoko. Pretty guardian Sailor Moon. 8 Y 741.5 TAK v.8
Takeuchi, Naoko. Pretty guardian Sailor Moon. 9 / 741.5 TAK v.9
Taylor, Abbie. The stranger on the train : a novel / Mystery TAY
Thayer, Nancy, 1943-author. Nantucket sisters : a novel / Fic THA
Trenow, Liz, author. The forgotten seamstress / Fic TRE
Trollope, Anthony,1815-1882. The warden / Fic TRO
Turnbull, Peter,1950- Denial of murder / Mystery TUR
Underhill, Robert,1931- Strawberry moon / Mystery UND
Underhill, Robert. Cathead Bay / Mystery UND
Urquhart, Rachel. The visionist / Large Type FicURQ
Warren, Susan May,1966- It had to be you / Rel. Fic WAR
Warren, Tiffany L,author. The replacement wife / Rel. Fic WAR
Warren, Tracy Anne,author. The last man on earth / Fic WAR
Weiner, Jennifer. All fall down : a novel / Fic WEI
Weiner, Jennifer. All fall down : a novel / Fic WEI
Weiner, Jennifer. All fall down : a novel / Fic WEI
Weisgarber, Ann,author. The promise / Fic WEI
Westrick, Anne. Brotherhood / Y Fic WES
Wiggs, Susan,author. The Beekeeper’s Ball / Fic WIG
Williams, AmandaKyle, 1957- author. Don’t talk to strangers : a novel / Mystery WIL
Wilson, Daniel H.(Daniel Howard),1978- Robogenesis : a novel / Sci. Fic WIL
Winegardner, Mark,1961- The Godfather : the lost years / Fic WIN
Winspear,Jacqueline, 1955-author. The care and management of lies : a novel of the great war / Fic WIN
Witemeyer, Karen. Full steam ahead / Rel. Fic WIT
Woodsmall, Cindy. Seasons of tomorrow / Large Type FicWOO
Zane, Carolyn. Beyond the storm / Rel. Fic ZAN