Book Clubs


While focusing on reading and related activities, the clubs build team spirit and camaraderie. The book clubs never have homework; instead, readers learn vocabulary, build reading comprehension, and increase listening skills without even realizing it! Book Club ultimately helps reluctant readers, leisure readers and accelerated readers work together as a team. Members encourage each other and help prompt other readers. They help one another explain vocabulary and book themes. Since readers are all reading at different levels, and are in different grades, book club runs much like the old one room schoolhouse, where those that don’t know are helped by those that do. Related crafts, activities and games are added for reading enhancement and enjoyment.

The Goshen Public Library Book Club began in the fall of 2008 for both boys and girls. Starting in 2009, the book club split into tow separate clubs, one for boys; No Girls AllowedBook Club and one for girls; No Boys Allowed Book Club!


Here’s how it works:

The book clubs run for two sessions, fall and spring, meeting once a week. The fall session starts in late September and runs until mid-November. During the fall session, readers are encouraged to read aloud. Readers take turns reading a page at a time. No reader is forced to read aloud if they are uncomfortable doing so. Reading aloud allows students to use both the visual learning style, as well as the auditory learning style. Audio books are used as an alternative reading method.

The fall session is the best way for students to prepare for the spring session, which is often referred to as “The Battle of the Books”. It is not necessary to have been in the fall book club to participate. Preparation for “The Battle of the Books” consists of two books being read from January to April. During the course of the reading, students are encouraged to remember content, character traits and events. The spring session ends in April with the two book clubs having their “battle”. Fifty questions from each book are asked of both teams. This event is open to parents and friends of team members, as well as to the public. It is great fun every year to see which team wins the special trophy, which remains all year in the display case in the Children’s Department…until the next “Battle of the Books”.