During our first program, "Fun with Gravity and Ezra Jack Keats", children received foam goggles and experienced the imaginary world of Keats. They listened to a simple explanation of gravity, heard "Peter's Chair" and saw a demonstration of falling blocks. We also read "The Snow Day". The science experiment, the "Spinning Ball", showed the children how to pick a ball up off a table, without touching it, or tipping the jar. After reading the story "Louie", we invited the children to join us in the "Balloon Challenge", trying to keep a balloon in the air by blowing through a straw. The story "Dreams" was read, then the children created shadow puppets and put on a shadow puppet play. They were invited to wear a groundhog hat and  crawl through "groundhog" tunnels.

"Looking at the imaginary world of Keats!"

Using his foam goggles, this little boy is able to see the imaginary world of Keats!

"Spinning Ball" experiment!

The "Balloon Challenge"

Crawling through the "groundhog" tunnel!

Shadow puppet play!